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by CowscantgoMoo

Item#: 7415
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-115 Director K. Vittnner Sr. Researcher Steele Pi-76 ("Time's Arrow")


Darrell High School, circa 1999

Special Containment Procedures: Darrell County is under the direct purview of Site-115. All settlements within ten miles of SCP-7415's outermost perimeter of effect must be evacuated by 2030, using pro-urban life propaganda, economic decay for the surrounding area, and the creation of a false crisis to raise the urgency to move.

The perimeter of SCP-7415 must be surrounded by Scranton Reality Anchors (SRA), spaced twenty feet from one another. Outpost-7415 is responsible for monitoring SCP-7415 and SCP-7415-LAUREN. No further action is required.

SCP-7415-STEPHEN is on the Foundation Watchlist. Interviews with SCP-7415-STEPHEN are to be conducted annually to assess their mental health.

Description: SCP-7415 is a reality-altering area centered around Darrell High School and surrounding Darrell, Texas. SCP-7415 qualifies as a Class-B episodic time loop, where subjects within SCP-7415 are disconnected from their continuity, constantly reverting to their initial physical state when a change occurs.1 SCP-7415's episodic loop is centered around the period of time from June 1975 to May 1976. Residents of SCP-7415 are unaware of this phenomenon, assuming SCP-7415 is a component of baseline reality.

When a subject enters SCP-7415, they will experience a cognitohazardous effect that will mentally regress them to their late teens. Subjects that have gone through secondary school will integrate themselves into SCP-7415, reporting feelings of nostalgia and regret. These effects dissipate once the subject is removed from SCP-7415.

SCP-7415 is maintained through two Type-Green reality-benders, designated as SCP-7415-STEPHEN and SCP-7415-LAUREN. All reality-benders are seniors at Darrell High School and seem to be aware of their influence on SCP-7415.

Discovery: SCP-7415 was discovered in 1998 when the U.S. Department of Education noticed records from Darrell High School indicating that no changes in the student population had occurred since the 1975-1976 school year. After multiple attempts to contact the school failed, a representative was sent to Darrell, Texas. Foundation forces intervened after the representative had been missing for two months.

Addendum 7415.1: Observation Logs

Upon Foundation intervention, Outpost-7415 was constructed to monitor SCP-7415 on the outskirts of Darrell, Texas. Video surveillance footage of Darrell High School was rerouted to Outpost-7415 for observation. Notable excerpts have been logged below:


Date: September 5th, 1989, 8:53 AM
Location: Entrance
Context: First day of school after the 1989 summer break. Students converse.


(Students stand by the entrance to the school next to a row of lockers. Idle conversations are made regarding their class and schedules.)


Still frame from Observation Log 1, [00:23]

(SCP-7415-STEPHEN walks into the building, followed by SCP-7415-LAUREN. They walk down the hallway and stop by their lockers.)

Lauren: We’re sharing all of our classes again! Let’s go snag some seats in the back before they’re taken. I brought extra paper to pass notes with.

(SCP-7415-STEPHEN glances down at his schedule. The ceiling slowly lowers, decreasing the hallway's height. Camera experiences mild visual distortion.)

Stephen: Again? Shouldn’t we try some other classes?

Lauren: And leave everyone we know? No, you’re staying with me. Come on, it’ll be fine.

Stephen: If you say so. (pause) But-

(SCP-7415-LAUREN waves at another student and motions them to come over.)

Lauren: Oh, Jenna! Over here!

(A student, presumably Jenna, turns around and approaches SCP-7415-LAUREN)

Jenna: Lauren! How was your summer break? I haven't seen you in so long! You look so different, I could never!

Lauren: Aww, thank you! Honestly, I didn't even try today! I was too busy re-reading my catalog.

(The conversation continues with unnotable discussion. Another student approaches SCP-7415-STEPHEN, who has been standing idly.)

Student: Hey Stephen, what classes do you have?

(Student looks over SCP-7415-STEPHEN's shoulder and reads his schedule.)

Student: Ugh, you got Mr. Bobrick and Mrs. Taylor?! Good luck passing those classes man. If I were you, I'd be heading to class. Knowing them, they'd make you write an entire goddamn essay on the first day.

(SCP-7415-STEPHEN slowly turns to the student. His face comes into the camera's view, looking dispirited.)

Stephen: So? It's not like I’ll need a good grade anyways.

(School bell rings. Students clear the hallways. The ceiling stops moving at a height of approximately six feet. SCP-7415-LAUREN coils herself on SCP-7415-STEPHEN’s right arm.)

Lauren: Come on, we’ve got to go!

(SCP-7415-LAUREN grins as her face enters the camera frame. SCP-7415-STEPHEN slowly follows along, looking slightly agitated. SCP-7415-LAUREN drags SCP-7415-STEPHEN into a classroom.)


Notes: SCP-7415 is prone to frequent local reality distortions. Future exploration will require portable Scranton Reality Anchors.


Date: June 2nd, 1991
Location: Gymnasium
Context: SCP-7415-LAUREN is giving a speech at a graduation ceremony.2 The interior of the gym was transformed into an expansive garden venue. SCP-7415-STEPHEN is standing behind her.3


(Sounds of birds chirping.)

Lauren: We always seem to find ourselves back here. It's been a great year, a great season, and a great time.

There's something haunting about sitting in these chairs, knowing that another year is behind us. But it's also beautiful.

It's beautiful that we get to try again. For those of you, that failed your classes, your friendships, and your relationships, you get another chance. For those of you who've had a fantastic year, you get to live through it all over again! Over and over, making new memories and cherishing our old ones.

(SCP-7415-LAUREN pauses. Students seem visibly bored and uninterested.)

Lauren: When I was younger, and I mean really young, I'd listen to the record player. I mean, I still do, but not nearly as much as I used to. I'd listen to the same songs repeatedly. For hours at a time, I was singing the same melody, and I never tired of it. Now, in my first senior year, I was listening to one vinyl, "Remember the Rain."

(SCP-7415-LAUREN appears to be lost in thought. After about five seconds, she speaks.)

Lauren: When I listened to it, I was overwhelmed. I realized how lucky I am to be in the position I'm in now. I have a loving boyfriend, amazing friends, and wonderful parents, and in a couple of months, I would be leaving all that behind. Y'all showed me kindness when I thought no one else could.

I'm- We are surrounded by the most wonderful people we may ever meet. They've stuck with us through all these years. There is no one that knows us better than the people in this room, no one else that would accept us.

(An unidentifiable melody begins playing over the P.A. system. There is significant auditory distortion.)

Lauren: I'm so glad I get to spend this time with you.

(The camera experiences heavy visual distortion.)

Lauren: Thanks for coming. I'll see you all next year.

(Sounds of cheering and applause. All students remain seated and unmoving.)


Notes: Analysis of cognitohazardous material within the log bears similarities with other documented anomalies. Containment protocols have been updated to prevent hindrances in research and exploration. A CRV (Cognitive Resistance Value) above 16 is recommended.

Addendum 7415.2: Exploration Preparations

Members of MTF Pi-76 were screened for their potential resistance to SCP-7415. Agent Miranda Martinez was chosen as the final candidate. The following briefing was conducted to finalize these results:


Date: October 4th, 1999
Interviewer: Sr. Researcher Stacy Steele
Subject: Agent Miranda Martinez


Steele: Alright, I've read through the briefings, but I wanted to hear what you had to say.

Martinez: Am I the one going?

Steele: You are. Your CRV is pretty high, you hated school, I just want to hear the specifics. Whenever you're ready.

Martinez: Well, my mom worked in the military and was moving around. My dad and I followed her around until around the middle of my freshman year. I'd already been hit with the pain of making and losing friends in elementary and middle school, so I didn't really make friends when I arrived.

There wasn't really one notable event, it was just a lot of constant little things that added up. The food, the teachers, the people. It was just annoying, all of it. Add that to the fact that my mom wasn't present for most of it, and it becomes my own personal hellhole.

Steele: Sorry to hear that. Was there anyone in particular that was close to you? Anyone you might remember?

Martinez: Yeah, there was this one girl, Selena. She was the only person I could tolerate. She was in most of my classes, the only one that tried to talk to me when I moved in. The other kids ragged on her a lot through the years, made her the "weird kid."

One time they started hiding her things. Anytime she was gone, they'd take her pens, her water bottle, she had this necklace she loved, last gift from her mother, and they hid it. When she couldn't find them, she just went to the bathroom and cried. That's when I knew that they were irredeemable.

Steele: That's awful.

Martinez: It's not even that, it's that these kids were the "popular" ones. They weren't popular, they were just flashy and we knew their names! When I found out what happened, I went and gave them flat tires. All of them. Fuckers deserved it. Worst years of my life.

Steele: What happened to her after you graduated? Do you keep in touch?

Martinez: No, we got into a fight near the end of it and didn't makeup. I don't know what happened to her. I don't even remember what the fight was about. I just regret losing my only friend.

Steele: Okay, I think you're fit to go in. Your CRV will make up for any nostalgia you still have. Keep a sharp mind and check in with us regularly. I'll be on the other end.

Martinez: Do I just go in there and do surveillance?

Steele: No, we have a plan.


Notes: Agent Martinez's negative experience with secondary school and high CRV (Cognitive Resistance Value) allows for a greater chance of resistance to SCP-7415's cognitohazardous effects.

Agent Martinez has been tasked with going into SCP-7415 and attempting to extract SCP-7415-STEPHEN and SCP-7415-LAUREN. Due to the low rate of success associated with extracting reality-benders, Martinez will also place Reality Anchors at focal points4 of SCP-7415, diminishing its effect, and allowing for more standard containment protocols.

Agent Martinez has been equipped with a handheld Hume reader and a portable Scranton Reality Anchor.

Addendum 7415.3: Interviews

After establishing herself within SCP-7415, Agent Martinez isolated 7415-STEPHEN and SCP-7415-LAUREN to convince them into containment under the pretense of college preparations.


Date: October 9th, 1999
Interviewer: Agent Martinez
Subject: Stephen Rainer (SCP-7415-STEPHEN)


Martinez: Good afternoon Stephen. Take a seat.

(SCP-7415-STEPHEN sits down. He looks around the room and then back at Martinez.)

Stephen: Oh, did it happen again?

Martinez: Did what happen again?

Stephen: You’re just here to talk right? You’ve never been here before and you want to talk.

Martinez: Yes, I want to talk about your future aspirations. Where do you see yourself in five years?

(Stephen stares blankly at Martinez. He then stands and begins pacing around the room.)

Stephen: I can only do so much. If you’ve got any ideas for what to do next, I’m open to it, but otherwise, I don’t see how this’ll help.

Martinez: Have you considered leaving Darrell altogether? If you’re bored, then it’s time to get out and stop this.

Stephen: (pauses) No, I'm a good boyfriend. I’d never leave Lauren like that. Besides, as long as we have each other….

(SCP-7415-STEPHEN trails off. He begins mumbling to himself.)

Martinez: You might as well do it.

(SCP-7415-STEPHEN looks up. Small tears swell up in his eyes.)

Martinez: Talk with her when you can. You can still be together after graduation. If you don’t try, you’ll be stuck doing the same thing every year.

Stephen: But what if-

Martinez: Listen. There’s nothing for you here. Everything loses its shine if you linger. You said you were bored, right?

Stephen: Yeah?

Martinez Well, you’ll only going to get more bored. Rip the band-aid off now before it’s too late.

Stephen: (sighs) Well, thanks for being here.

(Martinez watches SCP-7415-STEPHEN as he gets up and opens the door.)

Stephen: Even if I made you up.

(SCP-7415-STEPHEN leaves the room.)



Date: October 9th, 1999
Interviewer: Agent Martinez
Subject: Lauren Campbell (SCP-7415-LAUREN)


Martinez: Hello, Lauren. Have a seat.

(SCP-7415-LAUREN nervously takes a seat. Her eyebrows furrow as she looks at Agent Martinez.)

Martinez: I've noticed that you haven't filled out any applications for college, so I just wanted to ask why.

Lauren: (stiffly) Ask why I haven't applied?

Martinez: Yes, what's holding you back? The school's been wondering why you haven't done any planning.

Lauren Why do I need to? Everything's fine here. I don't have to go.

Martinez: (sighs) Look, you can't-

Lauren: I can't just leave everybody behind! I tried so hard to get here, I'm not losing it because some stuffy official comes over and tells me to leave it!

Martinez: If that's the issue, then we can arrange-

Lauren: (ranting) Don't you remember being a senior? How much fun you had? If you had the chance, I bet you'd want to be a teenager again. Just because I have that chance doesn't mean you can take it away from me!

(SCP-7415-LAUREN quickly gets up from her chair and leans over the desk, pointing at Agent Martinez.)

Lauren: I don't know where you people are coming from, but you need to stay in your lane. I'll tell you what I told that other guy: Don't fuck with me. I can do things you wouldn't believe.

(SCP-7415-LAUREN angrily leaves the room and slams the door. The walls shake from the impact. Several seconds pass.)

Martinez: (sighs) 'Course it didn't work, you can't convince benders.

(Martinez pulls out her handheld Hume detector.)

Martinez: Time for Plan B.


Addendum 7415.4: Exploration Logs

Outpost-7415 has identified three focal points of SCP-7415. Agent Martinez is tasked with verifying these focal points and placing reality anchors to effectively contain SCP-7415. The logs have been transcribed separately, as a result of cutting extraneous footage.


Date: October 9th, 1999
Involved Personnel: Agent Martinez, Sr. Researcher Steele (as Command)
Mission: Identify SCP-7415's focal points and place reality anchors


(Martinez roams the hallway, refers to her handheld Hume detector, and turns left. She continues down the corridor and makes several turns.)

Martinez: Command, do we know how many focal points there are?

Command: Three have been identified. Hume levels are decreasing, so tread carefully.

(As Martinez moves through the corridor, the interior progressively falls into disrepair. Light fixtures flicker before failing. Paint peels off of the walls and broken floor tiles are strewn across the floor.)

(The Hume detector beeps faster as she approaches a door labeled "Roof Access." As she ascends, its beeps speed up.)

Martinez: Command, I’m approaching a focal point. Stand by.

(Martinez continues going up the staircase. After several flights, she stops for a break. The Hume detector continues to beep aggressively.)

Martinez: (breathing heavily) Command, can you see where I'm at? I've got to be stories up in the sky by now.

Command: (distortion) You should- (static) it's getting- (static) you.

Martinez: Hello? Steele? Command, do you copy?

(She checks her headgear for any physical damage and finds no issue. She pauses and continues.)

Martinez: I see a light. I think this is it.


Rooftop, not corresponding to the time of day

(Martinez accesses the school roof. The sky is pitch black, with clouds covering the sky. Two humanoid figures, bearing resemblance to SCP-7415-STEPHEN and SCP-7415-LAUREN lie on their back, facing the sky. The humanoids, designated as SCP-7415-Sα and SCP-7415-Lα respectively, have no facial features, with their faces being composed of rubber-like, unbroken skin.)

(Over the next several minutes, they glance at each other and the sky. A full moon can be seen shining through the clouds. Soft whispers can be heard from the humanoid figures. The only phrases that could be made out are, "Remember," "I love you," and "I wish.")

(Martinez finishes setting up the anchor and activates it. Reality begins to stabilize and the rooftop disappears, being replaced with the previous staircase. The top of the stairs leads to another corridor instead of the roof.)


Staircase to the roof, replaced with corridors

Command: Marrinez? Martinez, are you there?

Martinez: Yes, I hear you loud and clear. The first anchor has been dropped off, two more left to go.

Command: Were there any issues while comms were cut?

Martinez: The same couple from before was there, only they were faceless and didn't notice me. Nothing dangerous at present.

Command: Nice to know you're okay. Your video feed has since been re-established.

Martinez: Affirmative.

(Martinez descends down the stairs, consulting her Hume detector. Extraneous footage has been cut.)



Date: October 9th, 1999
Involved Personnel: Agent Martinez, Sr. Researcher Steele (as Command)
Mission: Secure the second focal point of SCP-7415


(Martinez approaches two double doors labeled "Gymnasium". The Hume detector flashes and beeps wildly.)

Martinez: Command, I've located the next focal point in the gymnasium.

Command: Copy that. You may proceed.

(Martinez enters the gym. The two faceless figures, SCP-7415-Sα and SCP-7415-Lα, are slow-dancing together in the center. All other attendees to the dance are completely motionless and featureless. They are all facing SCP-7415-Lα and SCP-7415-Sα. Slow orchestral music is being played from an unknown source.)5

Martinez: Command, I'm getting high Hume readings in this room. You getting the video?

Command: Yes, place the SRA in the center of the room.

(SCP-7415-Lα and SCP-7415-Sα continue dancing as the music plays. Martinez stands still and watches.)

Command: Hello, Miranda? Can you hear me? Place the anchor and get out of there.

(The couple continues dancing. Martinez remains unresponsive.)

Command: We're suspecting that the cognitohazard was stronger than your CRV. Screening an auditorial counter meme.

(Countermeme-2417 is played through Martinez's headphones. Martinez regains awareness.)

Martinez: (groans) God, my head. Command? You there?

Command: Yes, place down the anchor and activate it. Find the last location and get out.

Martinez: Roger that.

(Martinez places and activates the reality anchor. Once activated, all figures within the gym dematerialize and the gymnasium is left empty. The anchor beeps twice.)

Martinez: Who would ever want to stay in a place like this?



Date: October 9th, 1999
Involved Personnel: Agent Martinez, Sr. Researcher Steele (as Command)
Mission: Secure the third and final focal point of SCP-7415


(Martinez walks through a dimly lit hallway. No other doors are present. She walks for several minutes before coming across a single door, which she opens and goes through.)


Dimly lit corridor within SCP-7415

(Martinez enters the classroom, filled with approximately 20 students, all of whom lack facial features, with SCP-7415-Sα and SCP-7415-Lα seated at the front. A faceless figure addresses the class as the teacher. “FUTURE PLANS” is written on the chalkboard.)

Teacher: (mid-lecture) Well, it’s part of growing up. Y’know, I remember what it was like when I was your age. I remember living my senior year like it was my last. This is the last time you’ll have the freedom to do what you want without any of the major responsibilities.

Look around at the people in this class with you. There’s a high chance that you’ll never see these people again after you graduate. You’ll move away, you’ll get a job somewhere else, and you’ll start a new life. And you’ll look back on these days fondly because you were young.

(Martinez prepares the reality anchor in the back of the class, unnoticed by the figures.)

Teacher: Enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy it while it lasts.

(The teacher continues to repeat the phrase until Martinez activates the anchor. The figures disappear, leaving the classroom empty. Martinez gets up and leaves the room. She walks down the hallway, retracing her steps.)

Martinez: That's it?! That's all they were scared about? No family issues, no present danger, they're just some kids that don't want to grow up?!

It makes no sense. Why would anyone want to do this to themselves? Just live out the worst four years of their life.6

Command: Focus on the mission, Miranda — one more left.

Martinez: (scoffs) You can’t tell me what to do. Nobody can. Who do they think they are, forcing everything through this because they’re babies about it?

Command: Martinez, are you okay? We’re sending another counter meme, just in case.

(Martinez groans in frustration and shuts the receiving end of her headphones. Command is still able to hear Martinez.)

Martinez: (screaming) And I put up these anchors and what? They can just continue living their fantasy because they're too scared to get out of their own selfish, fucking heads! Is that it?! Are they just going to float around in their senior year and avoid growing up, while everyone else has to suffer because of them?

(scoffs) I’m dragging them out of here, and I'll give them a piece of my mind.



Date: October 9th, 1999
Involved Personnel: Agent Martinez
Mission: Exit SCP-7415


(Martinez reaches the front entrance. Heavy rain hits the front windows with an occasional clap of thunder. A crowd of students blocks the entrance. SCP-7415-LAUREN and SCP-7415-STEPHEN stand at the front, facing Agent Martinez. SCP-7415-LAUREN is visibly agitated.)

Lauren: Well, there you are! What have you been doing, sneaking around like that?

Martinez: Both of you, turn it off. We’re leaving.

Lauren: Turn it off? Turn it off?!

(SCP-7415-LAUREN stomps her foot, causing the floor to shift to a sharp incline. Agent Martinez loses her balance and falls toward the crowd, who immediately swarm her.)

Lauren: (yelling) I am not letting another nosy outsider mess with this!

(The crowd grabs at Agent Martinez’s limbs, holding her down. All members of the crowd are faceless, with their rubber skin sinking into their orifices. Martinez is unable to overpower them.)

Lauren: I only wanted this to last! Don’t you remember being a kid? Why would you want to take that away?!

(Orchestral music is played from an indiscernible source. SCP-7415-LAUREN approaches Martinez and makes eye contact. The floor levels.)

Lauren: (shaking) You have to remember don’t you? Don’t you remember your mom dropping you off at school? All your friends that you’ve known all your life? Your boyfriend treating you to ice cream after a rough test? The football games, the school dances? Remember the smell of the damp carpet after a thunderstorm knocks out power in the middle of class? Can’t you remember the rain?!

(Tears begin forming in SCP-7415-LAUREN’s eyes. Agent Martinez struggles for a minute, then spits in SCP-7415-LAUREN’s general direction.)

Martinez: Oh, grow up.

(SCP-7415-LAUREN’s eyes widen. She clenches her hands into fists and glares at Martinez, mumbling to herself.)

Stephen: Uh, Lauren?

(SCP-7415-LAUREN turns to face SCP-7415-STEPHEN. Her demeanor visibly relaxes. She gives a slight smile.)

Lauren: Stephen! Sorry you have to see this side of me, but I’m doing this for… for us! We just need to-

Stephen: Lauren, I don’t know how to say this, but I think the lady is right. We need a break from all this.

(SCP-7415-LAUREN smile drops immediately. She takes a step backward.)

Lauren: You… you want to leave?

Stephen: No, of course not! I’m just saying we can leave together! It’s just gotten a little boring, and-

Lauren: Boring?! I’m too boring for you?

(SCP-7415-LAUREN takes several steps backward, stepping on one of the crowd member’s arm. It shrieks and lets go of Martinez’s right arm, allowing her to pull out an emergency reality anchor and set it down.)

(The crowd members release Martinez and enter a dazed state. They begin to claw at their faces in shock and panic. SCP-7415-LAUREN turns around and notices the member’s autonomy.)

Lauren: (panicked) Calm down guys! It’s only temporary, so just, uhm…

(Martinez attempts to leave the building but is interrupted by SCP-7415-STEPHEN.)

Stephen: (softly) Are you leaving the school?

(Martinez glances at the door and then at SCP-7415-LAUREN, who is trying to calm the crowd members. She looks back at SCP-7415-STEPHEN and nods.)

Stephen: Then can you….

(SCP-7415-STEPHEN looks longingly at SCP-7415-LAUREN.)

Stephen: Take me with you.

(Martinez nods again, grabs SCP-7415-STEPHEN's hand, and begins moving towards the exit. SCP-7415-LAUREN notices and attempts to move toward them, tripping on wailing crowd members laying on the floor.)

Lauren: STEPHEN! No, don’t go! We can- agh!

(SCP-7415-LAUREN trips and falls. She reaches out her hand, tears running down her cheeks.)

Lauren: (softly) Please don’t go.

(Agent Martinez and SCP-7415-STEPHEN exit the school and approach Outpost-7415. As they distance themselves from SCP-7415’s center, the weather begins to clear and the rain stops.)


Addendum 7415.5: Relocation

SCP-7415-STEPHEN has since entered Foundation custody. He has been screened for potential issues and given Class-A amnestics. SCP-7415-STEPHEN has demonstrated a lack of reality-bending abilities and has been transferred to a non-anomalous public school to finish their senior year.

On June 4th, 2000, a day after SCP-7415-STEPHEN's graduation, Outpost-7415 received a message from SCP-7415:

please come back

it's not the same without you

i'm sorry

Following this, SCP-7415 experienced a temporary, but significant dip in Hume levels. No action was taken.

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