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SCP-7409. Close-up captured by Phoenix.

Item #: SCP-7409

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7409 is to remain in its location of discovery. Due to the remoteness of this location, further containment is unnecessary.

Description: SCP-7409 is a single white lily (lilium candidum).

SCP-7409 bears visual resemblance to domesticated lilium candidum found on Earth; however, the object is located approximately 700 million light years from Earth. This location is notable for being at the approximate center of the Boötes Void1.

SCP-7409 was discovered during a routine patrol of its surrounding area by unmanned Foundation drone Phoenix. Once Phoenix encountered SCP-7409, it switched itself to manual control mode and awaited further instructions from ground control. Upon seeing the object, ground control noted a desire to "leave it alone", which they identified as a minor compulsion effect. Despite this, the team instructed Phoenix to attempt to retrieve a sample of SCP-7409.

When the drone came within 1 kilometer from SCP-7409, its propulsion jets abruptly lost power. Phoenix's momentum was still able to carry it to the object. However, the drone was unable to collect it or retrieve samples from it; indeed, SCP-7409 appeared to have been "anchored" to its location by an undetectable force. Phoenix's jets returned to normal functionality after photos of the object were taken, and ground control directed it back towards its routine patrol.

The area surrounding SCP-7409 contains several large clouds of small particles, later identified as lilium candidum pollen. The volume of these clouds is consistent with 16.2 billion years of pollen production.

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