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Item#: 7407
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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SCP-7407-1 instances on SCP-7407 with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Special Containment Procedures: The following procedures are no longer considered applicable or effective to the referenced anomaly. On 10/24/2022, SCP-7407 was neutralized by SCP-7407-2-15A with no aid or authorization from the Decommissioning Department. Any attempts to recover SCP-7407 have been unsuccessful. No communication with previous SCP-7407-15-B subjects1, specifically SCP-7407-15B, should be conducted.

Due to SCP-7407's immobile nature, a small security (Σ-01) and research outpost (Σ-02) were constructed <1km from SCP-7407. Due to its effects, SCP-7407 was not to be contained and was able to be approached and interacted with by the public. Direct interaction with SCP-7407 was permitted only for the purpose approved by on-duty administration; personal use for gain was never authorized. The area was to be monitored by security staff, and any authorized individual who engaged in research and/or interaction with SCP-7407 was fitted with a remote-controlled transmitting device that could be activated from Outpost Σ-01.

MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") was provided Clearance Level 2/7407 for the purpose of successfully retrieving and terminating any SCP-7407-2 subjects.

Description: SCP-7407 was a rusted metal fence located in the Battery Spencer overlook in Sausalito, California. It exhibited no visual anomalous properties and showed signs of oxidation and decay. Furthermore, previous attempts at damaging or cutting the links of SCP-7407 proved successful. Attempts to relocate or damage SCP-7407 caused extreme guilt and anxiety in affected subjects, followed by death, as shown by neurological activity in the prefrontal cortex with the addition of takotsubo cardiomyopathy ("Broken Heart Syndrome") found through autopsy. On it, several padlocks (designated as SCP-7407-1 instances) were attached to its metal links.

Once a padlock, then designated SCP-7407-1, would attach itself to one of the links, it would become insusceptible to damage. When an individual placed an ordinary padlock onto one of SCP-7407's links, with their and another individual's initials carved into the side, a series of events would transpire that depended on the relationship between the two people (designated as SCP-7407-2-XA and SCP-7407-2-XB). If the two individuals both expressed feelings of affection towards each other, there would be no rupture to the relationship. In the event a person (-B) did not possess genuine affection for the other individual (-A), the SCP-7407-2-B subject would've slowly begun to fall in love with the SCP-7407-2-A instance, eventually leading to psychopathic behavior. SCP-7407-2-B would also exhibit anomalous behaviors (in certain circumstances), such as inhuman speeds, reflexes, strength, and flight.

Removing the link(s) that SCP-7407-1 was attached to did not remove SCP-7407's abilities on the SCP-7407-2 subjects, thus, the only way to reverse its abilities would be to find the key and unlock SCP-7407-1. Attempts to pick the lock or use other conventional methods also proved unsuccessful.

SCP-7407 Addendums

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