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Item#: 7402
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SCP-7402-1 as seen from DSP-1CDA "Alteco" on 4 Oct. 2019

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7402-1 is to be monitored by Foundation Deep Space Probe DSP-1CDA "Alteco". Should any alteration be observed, Dr. Jôwmang Bingis.Contact Information:
e-mail: ten.pcs|signibj#ten.pcs|signibj
Senior Researcher, Area-08-C
and Dr. Hans Kleber.Contact Information:
e-mail: ten.pcs|rebelkbsnah#ten.pcs|rebelkbsnah
Senior Researcher, Site-72
are to be notified promptly.

Foundation assets implanted in space agencies and astronomy laboratories worldwide are to guarantee SCP-7402-1 remains undiscovered. Images and other forms of data which may lead to external discovery of SCP-7402-1 are to be altered or expunged.

Known instances of objects that have been affected by SCP-7402 are to receive SCP-7402-X designation.

Investigation of extra-solar space.Region of space outside of the Solar system is to be conducted, seeking other objects that have suffered a WRITHE.See Supplementary Material 7402/1 event.

Objects affected by SCP-7402 are to remain unperturbed. No attempts are to be made to alter their orientation or course, and all physical contact is to be avoided.

Should a WRITHE event occur on or near Earth's surface, MTF Θ-90 ("Angle Grinders") is to be dispatched to the area. Θ-90 operatives are to assess the object's geometry and possible extra-dimensional interactions, securing the object against such.

Containment Update 7402/1 [1 Dec. 2019]: DSP-1CDA "Alteco" is to attempt to locate SCP-7402-1 through remote means, while remaining in its current position in interstellar space. Should SCP-7402-1 remanifest, previous contaiment procedures regarding SCP-7402-1 are to be resumed.

Description: SCP-7402 is an anomalous phenomenon capable of "swapping" an object's presence in a spatial dimension and the temporal dimension. Its cause is currently unknown, however, it is thought to arise from interaction with an unknown extra-temporal object. SCP-7402-1 is currently the only known object to have been affected by SCP-7402. Further explanation provided in Supplemental Material 7402/1.

Supplemental Material 7402/1: The following material was developed in order to present the current model for understanding SCP-7402.

Discovery: SCP-7402 was first observed at 08:07, 2 Mar. 2019, when Foundation staff at Area-08-C identified a data overload, caused by signals coming from Foundation Deep Space Probe.Foundation Deep Space Probes (DSPs) are part of recent Foundation effort assessment of deep space for undiscovered anomalies, as well as the monitoring of currently known anomalies. DSP-125D "Profundo", which was at the time located in interstellar space at a gravitational equilibrium position. Incoming messages had time signatures dating from the instant of the data surge, up until approximately 400 years in the future. This duration of time appears to be correlated with general operational expectancy of electrical systems on-board Foundation Deep Space Probes.

Visual of DSP-125D was established by DSP-1CDA "Alteco". Coinciding with DSP-125D's last reported location before the data surge, a long linear object.Neither extremity of the object was visible. The object appeared to extend indefinitely was identified, and designated as SCP-7402-1.

Further exploration of the anomaly was conducted by DSP-1CDA after migration and rendezvous, relocating it within 100 meters of SCP-7402-1. This allowed identification of SCP-7402-1 as an altered DSP-125D, and further understanding of SCP-7402.

Addendum 1/7402 [10 Sept. 2019]: Analysis of features seen on SCP-7402 through time indicates that its current "temporal length" after the WRITHE event is approximately that of a year. This suggests that SCP-7402-1 will be completely in the past after a period of roughly one year has elapsed since the WRITHE event. Investigation into possible causes of SCP-7402 is to be conducted within this time frame.

Addendum 2/7402 [1 Dec. 2019]: SCP-7402-1 has fully disappeared from view, no longer existing within the present. This event has occurred approximately 4 months before the predicted time. The cause of this is unknown, however an extra-dimensional interaction is theorized to have occurred at the time of the disappearance.

Note 7402/1:

We are uncertain as to the cause of -1's disappearance. Some propose it was transported somewhere. Others suggest it "moved through time". A third group thinks we simply overestimated its post-WRITHE temporal length. We're unsure what to think, and without -1 around for us to analyze, that is unlikely to change.

We may have developed a model that gives us a way of interpreting what we have seen, but in the end of the day that is all it is: a model. We don't see the truth directly, but rather, it is as if we see a sheet that we throw on top of the truth, and the shape it takes on. From that shape we affirm or deny things about reality. It is of little use, however, when little can be said about the shape of things.

The cause of SCP-7402 also remains uncertain. As of yet, nothing like -1 had been seen before, and nothing has been found since. Yet, of all possible events could have unfolded, we had the apparent good fortune of having WRITHE occur in a way we could easily discover it, and do so far from prying eyes.

Whichever the case, Alteco remains in place, and we continue watching, waiting for whatever or whoever caused SCP-7402 to do it again.

- Dr. Bingis

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