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Clearance Level 2: Clearance
Containment Class: Keter
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/vlam
Risk Class: #/notice


Special Containment Procedures: Foundation AI are to alert Mobile Task Force (MTF) Phi-1 "City Slickers" agents in São Paulo1 of mentions of SCP-7398 or of SCP-7398-1 instances on the internet. Said mentions are then to be erased by Foundation AI. MTF Phi-1 is to amnestize all individuals with memory of SCP-7398 or SCP-7398-1. Vehicles used by SCP-7398-1 instances are to be confiscated using cover story Lambda-5 "Safety Recall".

In accordance with the agreement with between the Foundation and GOI-1430, SCP-7398-1A has been released.

Description: SCP-7398 manifests itself as an application for mobile devices when an individual within São Paulo with a BAC greater than 0.02%2 attempts to use a ride-sharing application, such as Uber or 99, to return home following an event with 4 or more participants. SCP-7398 will open itself on the user's device and display "Cabbybara" as well as an updating wait time. Wait times on average are much shorter than those of non-anomalous ride-sharing services.

Upon reaching zero, the wait time indicator is replaced with a message saying "OK, I'm pulling up!" The user's own land vehicle3 piloted by an SCP-7398-1 instance will then manifest into view of the user. SCP-7398-1 is an adult Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, or Capybara. It is unknown how SCP-7398-1 is able to operate the vehicle.

If the user enters the vehicle, fastens their seatbelt, and closes the door, SCP-7398-1 will begin to pilot the vehicle toward the user's current residence. It is unknown how SCP-7398-1 is aware of the location of the user's residence. The user and any other passengers will then begin to be overcome with sudden lethargy and fall asleep within 60 seconds. All passengers will awaken simultaneously when the vehicle is within 30 seconds of reaching its destination. SCP-7398-1 will attempt to park the vehicle, typically using the user's driveway or street near their residence. SCP-7398-1 will then fully lower the driver-side window and exit the vehicle. SCP-7398-1's behavior from this point is indistinguishable from a baseline Capybara suffering from mild dehydration.

Addendum 7398-1: Attempted Containment


SCP-7398-1A in its enclosure

Following testing to determine the situations in which SCP-7398 manifests, it was theorized that SCP-7398-1 was a single entity and that its capture would prevent further manifestations of SCP-7398. D-4142 was provided with 110-proof vodka, which they consumed until they reached the target BAC, triggering the manifestation of SCP-7398. D-4142 was then instructed to retrieve SCP-7398-1. Upon SCP-7398-1's arrival in a damaged grey 2008 Volkswagen Beetle, D-4142 ran and opened the driver-side door. Following two failed attempts at capturing SCP-7398-1, D-4142 stood up, raised SCP-7398-1 into the air, and proclaimed "I got the dog!" SCP-7398-1 was then taken and placed in an enclosure, and SCP-7398-1's vehicle was subsequently searched and placed into Foundation Vehicle Storage until it could be determined whether it was anomalous.

2 hours following SCP-7398-1's capture, Foundation AI reported that SCP-7398 had manifested. Due to the realization that the housed SCP-7398-1 instance was not unique, it was classified as SCP-7398-1A.

Addendum 7398-2: GOI-1430 Contact

13 hours following SCP-7398-1A's capture, Lead Researcher Batista received following the e-mail:

Attached to Barles Barkley's4 e-mail was a file containing a contract stating that if the SCP Foundation releases the capybara they have in their custody5, and agrees to not interfere with the operations of the Bara Business Bureau (BBB)6, the BBB will provide the Foundation with information regarding how the BBB functions as well as information regarding a business venture planned for the near future.

It was ruled that, as SCP-7398-1A appeared to be non-anomalous or would remain so until they came into contact with GOI-1430, their transfer would be useful in maintaining relations. 13 minutes following the sending of a signed copy of the contract to GOI-1430, Lead Researcher Batista received the following e-mail:

Attached was a detailed file7 detailing GOI-1430's command structure, including the location of their headquarters at the Staten Island Zoo8. It notes that "As Cabbybara is affiliated with the BBB, it is extended legal protections, such as protection from kidnapping of employees. This is not an uncommon practice, as capybaras are considered by their clients to be 'cute' and 'friend-shaped'."

Addendum 7398-3: SCP-7398-1A's Release


POI-7412's car approaching Area 49

Security Officers Silva and Carlos, the former holding SCP-7398-1A in a kennel, exited Area 49 at 19:27:02 and waited for the appearance of a vehicle. At exactly 19:28:07, a rally car of unknown make and model with a license plate reading "BAR KLEY" appeared from out of view. The vehicle performed advanced drifting maneuvers with greater precision than the Foundation's own expert drivers. The vehicle, while performing a 180o turn, came to a complete stop. This was likely done to position the passenger-side door near Officer Silva. Officer Silva opened the passenger-side door, revealing an adult capybara9 in the driver's seat. Additionally, several of Jack Daniel's whiskey fell out when opening the door. Officer Silva unlocked the kennel, after which SCP-7398-1A quickly exited the kennel and sat in the passenger seat. Officer Silva then looked to the capybara in the driver's seat and said "Drive safe," to which the capybara responded "Youse too," as Officer Silva closed the passenger-side door, surprised.

The vehicle proceeded to exit view, performing similar driving maneuvers to those done during its approach. In total, 13 empty bottles of Jack Daniel's whiskey fell from the vehicle, with Officer Carlos reportedly having seen more in the rear of the vehicle. Along with the whiskey were several hairs belonging to a single capybara. As a BAC of .4% is likely to cause death in humans, it is currently unknown how a capybara could survive with a BAC of greater than 8%.

Researcher Note: Given POI-7412's driving prowess and alcohol consumption as well as the mild dehydration suffered by SCP-7398-1 instances, it is currently theorized that all SCP-7398-1 instances are under the effects of alcohol and that their aptitude for driving increases with BAC. Further testing is required.

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