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Special Containment Procedures:


A traditional pack of 'Silly Bandz'

SCP-7395 is permanently affixed to Dr. Reese Embers and cannot be removed without significant risk. Dr. Embers is assigned to Site-731. His work is considered suitable given SCP-7395's nature.

Dr. Embers must undergo regular psychological evaluations to assess any mental health changes potentially linked to SCP-7395. In cases where travel outside Site-73 is necessary, he will be escorted by Mobile Task Force Kappa-7 ("The Cowboys") to ensure his safety and the containment of SCP-7395. In the event of any change in SCP-7395's anomalous properties, Dr. Embers is to be placed in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-73 for assessment and containment. All activations of SCP-7395's properties or significant behavioral changes in Dr. Embers must be immediately reported to the Director of Site-73 and the SCP-7395 research team.

These procedures are subject to revision as new information about SCP-7395 is gathered, with a focus on maintaining the safety of Dr. Embers and the security of the Foundation.


SCP-7395 is a collection of seven rubber bands, each shaped to resemble different objects and creatures, commonly known as "Silly Bandz2." These bands are affixed to the right forearm of Dr. Reese Embers. The individual bands are described as follows:

  • Dragon: Multicolored with hues of red, orange, and yellow.
  • Phoenix: A vibrant yellow.
  • Wolf: White and exhibits luminescence in low light conditions (glow-in-the-dark).
  • Christmas Tree: A combination of red, green, and white.
  • Shark: Monochromatic blue.
  • Airplane: Solid black.
  • Drumset: Predominantly blue.

Dr. Embers found that the bands adhered to his skin and could not be removed. Attempts to cut, burn, or otherwise destroy SCP-7395 have proven futile, indicating its indestructible nature.
(See Addendum 7395.2)

The primary anomalous property of SCP-7395 manifests when the wearer experiences a state of genuine fear or perceives imminent danger. In such instances, the wearer is instantaneously transported to a location subconsciously identified as their 'safe space'. This location varies per individual and is influenced by their past experiences and psychological state.

Following the cessation of the perceived threat or fear, an entity designated as SCP-7395-1 materializes. SCP-7395-1 takes the form of an individual whom the wearer deeply trusts and feels comfortable with, providing reassurance and offering the choice to return to their original location or remain in the safe space. Should the wearer choose to stay, SCP-7395-1 will reappear twice at intervals of ten minutes to offer the same choice. If the wearer declines to return after these intervals, SCP-7395-2 is summoned. SCP-7395-2 manifests as a person whom the wearer deeply fears or feels uncomfortable around. This entity demands the wearer to leave the safe space, often resulting in the wearer agreeing to return to their original location due to a heightened state of fear.

In the case of Dr. Embers, SCP-7395's effects have been thoroughly documented and continue to be monitored under the guidelines established in the Special Containment Procedures.

Addendum 7395.1: Discovery and Initial Investigation


On 09/12/23, Dr. Reese Embers discovered SCP-7395 on his desk at Site-73. Accompanying the bands was a note, stating, "To protect a kind soul." The handwriting on the note was later analyzed and found to bear a strong resemblance to that of Dr. Embers' mother.

Initial Investigation:

Given the resemblance of the handwriting to his mother's, Dr. Embers contacted her via text message, maintaining operational secrecy. The exchange was as follows:

Following this exchange, no further leads on the origin of SCP-7395 were found.

Journal Entry by Dr. Embers:

Addendum 7395.2: Experiment Logs

Note: All procedures were preformed with the safety of Dr. Embers being top priority. Dr. Embers was provided with all necessary PPE to conduct the following procedures.

Experiment Log 1 - Indestructibility


To assess the indestructibility of SCP-7395.


SCP-7395 underwent a series of tests including: Mechanical cutting with industrial-grade tools. High-temperature exposure using a controlled flame exceeding 1500°C. An industrial grade high intensity laser.


SCP-7395 resisted all forms of mechanical and thermal stress. No signs of damage, deformation, or change in properties were observed.


SCP-7395 is confirmed to be indestructible by conventional means, demonstrating extraordinary resilience to physical and thermal stress.

Experiment Log 2 - Removal Attempt


To explore safe methods for removing SCP-7395 from Dr. Embers' arm.


A series of non-invasive removal attempts were conducted, including: Application of various chemical solvents and oils known to weaken adhesive substances. Utilization of ultrasonic vibration to disrupt potential molecular adhesion. Experimentation with extreme cold using liquid nitrogen to test for brittleness.


None of the methods succeeded in detaching SCP-7395. The bands remained firmly adhered to Dr. Embers' skin without causing irritation or harm.


SCP-7395 is immune to non-invasive removal techniques, maintaining a permanent bond with the wearer's skin.

Experiment Log 3 - Post-Incident 7395-A Teleportation Test

(See Addendum 7395.3)


To validate SCP-7395's teleportation ability to a 'safe space' in response to high stress.


Dr. Embers was placed in a controlled environment simulating a high-stress scenario using: Virtual reality simulations of various high-threat environments. Psychologically tailored stress triggers based on Dr. Embers' personal fears.


When stress levels peaked, Dr. Embers was instantaneously teleported to his designated 'safe space'. The return was triggered by a decrease in stress levels and interaction with SCP-7395-1.


SCP-7395's ability to teleport the wearer to a perceived safe space under extreme stress is confirmed. This function appears to be a protective response mechanism.

Addendum 7395.3: Incident Report 7395-A

Incident Overview:

On 09/19/23, during a containment breach at Site-19, Dr. Reese Embers experienced a direct activation of SCP-7395's anomalous properties. Dr. Embers was at Site-19 to discuss the transfer of SCP-████ remains to Site-73.

Events Leading to the Incident:

While touring the facility and visiting various containment chambers, Dr. Embers was near SCP-173's containment chamber during the onset of a containment breach. The sounds and movements associated with SCP-173 triggered a panic response in Dr. Embers.

Activation of SCP-7395:

In a state of intense fear, Dr. Embers was instantaneously transported to his designated 'safe space', as per SCP-7395's properties.

Containment Breach Resolution:

The containment breach was eventually secured by MTF Nine-Tailed Fox. Dr. Embers was found at the same location he had disappeared from, appearing disoriented but physically unharmed.

Journal Entry by Dr. Embers:

Addendum 7395.4: Therapy Session Audio Log

Addendum 7395.5: Incident Report 7395-B and Associated Audio Log

Incident Overview:

On 10/01/23, Dr. Reese Embers engaged in a high-risk behavior by ascending to the roof of Site-73 and standing on the edge, deliberately inducing fear to activate SCP-7395's teleportation ability.

Detailed Incident Description:

Dr. Embers accessed the rooftop of Site-73, bypassing several security protocols. Surveillance footage shows him standing perilously close to the edge, visibly agitated and displaying signs of distress. This behavior was in direct violation of SCP-7395 containment protocols and posed a significant safety risk.

Activation of SCP-7395:

In this heightened state of fear, Dr. Embers was instantaneously transported to his designated 'safe space'.

Post-Incident Consequences:

Upon return, Dr. Embers was immediately reprimanded for his actions. He was mandated to attend additional therapy sessions with Dr. Helen Wilkins and placed under closer observation.

Attached Audio Log from Dr. Embers' experience within SCP-7395:

Addendum 7395.6: Final Therapy Session Audio Log:

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