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Item #: SCP-7370

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation facial recognition software has been planted into the broadcasting networks of all major sports leagues. In the event that the software recognizes SCP-7370, the broadcast is to be immediately terminated and all physical attendees of the sporting event amnesticized.

A wrestling ring has been installed in Site-19. Once every two weeks, an assigned number of male D-Class personnel, with an exact number to be determined on an individual basis by Level-3 Researcher Michael Jensen, member of the Department of Sports and Athletics, is to enter the ring wearing professional wrestling attire consistent with styles of popular American, Mexican or Japanese promotions. When SCP-7370 manifests, the D-class assigned to this procedure are to attempt to combat SCP-7370. D-Class should preferably have backgrounds in combat sports and display above-average athleticism.

SCP-7370 has been given a custom wrestling belt with a tracking device inserted into it.1 In the event that SCP-7370 breaches containment, local Mobile Task Force operatives are to be dispatched to the belt's location to subdue and re-contain the entity with a carfentanyl-based tranquilizer.

Description: SCP-7370 appears as a heavily muscled blue-skinned human male. It stands at 2.34 m and weighs 178 kg. It sports attire in the styles of professional wrestling and will regularly wear purple shutter glasses and short trunks. It carries a black and blue title belt with the phrase "The Champ" engraved across its front.

SCP-7370 will refer to itself as "Mr. Blue." It possesses a highly exaggerated personality similar to those of professional wrestlers in scripted "promo"2 segments. It has a strong desire to fight other humanoid males, particularly those regarded as champions in their respective sports. It will primarily attack titleholding professional wrestlers at televised events; however, it has been known to target members of independent wrestling circuits or other sports leagues when it runs out of targets in the most widely viewed promotions.

SCP-7370 possesses the ability to instantaneously translocate itself. It primarily uses this ability to manifest in and demanifest from professional wrestling promotions. Whether it possesses an additional anomalous property that allows it to know where and when an event is taking place or if it knows where to find its targets through other means is unknown.

SCP-7370 will assault its victims with heavily exaggerated wrestling maneuvers as well as boxing and street fighting techniques. It will often weaponize inanimate objects from its immediate surroundings. When SCP-7370 has sufficiently incapacitated its victims, it will then use its professed "signature move," which it refers to as the "Blue Bomb." This technique resembles a sit-out powerbomb.3

SCP-7370 possesses physical strength and stamina far greater than those of nonanomalous humans, including trained athletes. However, it refrains from mortally wounding its targets by deliberately lessening its attacks in line with kayfabe4 tactics common to professional wrestling.

When SCP-7370 incapacitates its victims, it will pin them to the ground for three seconds. Immediately afterwards, it will steal whatever object denotes their status as a champion and demanifest from the scene.

Addendum 7370.1: Discovery

SCP-7370 was first observed on November 29, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Michael Mizanin, known by his stage name, "The Miz," made his first appearance at a Monday Night Raw promotion since becoming the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) champion the previous week.

As Mizanin was in the center of the wrestling ring delivering a promo to the crowd, SCP-7370 manifested at the top of the entrance ramp bearing a microphone. The following transcript was recorded:

Oh, lemme tell you something, Miz. You're not a champ 'til you've fought the Big Blue. You've been ducking and running from day one, but'cha can't outrun an ass-kicking train with no brakes. And look-ey that! Clickety-clack, here comes Mr. Blue down the track!

SCP-7370 then proceeded to dance down the entrance ramp to the ring while nearby fans began chanting "Mr. Blue!"

As Mizanin leaned over the rope to communicate with security staff, SCP-7370 proceeded to strike him in the back with a steel folding chair. SCP-7370 continued assaulting Mizanin before delivering a Blue Bomb and pinning him for three seconds. SCP-7370 then stole the WWE championship belt and demanifested.

Mizanin suffered a concussion and two broken ribs, but made a full recovery. As the Foundation was unable to amnesticize the crowd in attendance, a cover story was produced that SCP-7370 was a nonanomalous professional wrestler who was released from WWE following the incident. Mizanin and all showrunners present were treated with Class-A amnestics.

Following this incident, the Foundation began installing amnestic payloads into the sprinkler systems of all indoor sports arenas with seating capacities of fifteen thousand and over for future use in the event that large crowds therein are exposed to anomalous activity.

SCP-7370 appeared at three more WWE events between Jaunary, 2011 and October, 2012, assaulting the promotions' various champions each time. These instances invariably led to the hospitalization of SCP-7370's victims and the mass amnesticization of attending audiences.

After SCP-7370 stole the WWE championship, World Heavyweight championship, Intercontinental championship, United States Championship, and NXT championship belts, it began to manifest at alternative wrestling promotions.

On July 17 and August 3, 2013, SCP-7370 assaulted the reigning All Elite Wrestling (AEW) World Champion and All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, respectively. Over the next three months, SCP-7370 went on to assault the reigning champions of four separate independent wrestling promotions.

As SCP-7370 accumulated more wrestling belts, its behavior began to shift to target other sporting promotions. SCP-7370 manifested at the 2014 Golf Masters Tournament on April 13.

SCP-7370 manifested at the 2014 White Marlin Open on August 8.

SCP-7370 manifested at the 2014 World Chess Tournament on November 23.

Addendum 7370.2: Containment

SCP-7370 was first encountered by the Foundation on February 24, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. MTF-Pi-1 ("City Slickers") responded to a civilian police report of a "large blue man" squatting in an abandoned professional wrestling gym.

SCP-7370 was found unconscious on a La-Z-Boy recliner inside the gym. It was sedated without incident via several rounds of a carfentanyl-based tranquilizer. Inspection revealed that SCP-7370 had been using the gym as its primary residence, and had been subsisting on a diet of creatine powder, Mountain Dew and Slim Jims. The interior was heavily decorated in myriad professional wrestling paraphernalia, with several cardboard cutouts of Randy "Macho Man" Savage in a corner of the room which SCP-7370 had apparently converted into a weightlifting area. All known stolen championship belts, trophies and other paraphernalia were discovered in a single pile in a utility closet, along with numerous other belts and placards as well as a little league baseball trophy and high school regional spelling bee certificate.

SCP-7370 was brought to Site-19 for temporary containment, where it was placed inside of a steel containment cell before regaining consciousness. Researchers Jensen and Ryan stood behind a bulletproof glass pane in an observation room. The following transcript was recorded:

DATE: 02/25/2015


Interviewers: Researchers Michael Jensen and Stanford Ryan
Interviewee: SCP-7370


7370: Ugh, killer hangover. Where am I?

Jensen: SCP-7370, you are in the custody of the SCP Foundation. We are an institution that seeks to secure, contain and protect anomalous individuals such as your–

7370: Now hold your horses buster. I may not know how to count, but I'm pretty sure my name ain't 7370. It's numero uno!

Ryan: SCP-7370, if you would please–

7370: Now you, the doctors of destruction, might be the biggest kids in the schoolyard, but if you think you can take the champ in a steel cage match, you got another thing comin'! [SCP-7370 breaks free of its restraints and walks towards the glass]

Ryan: SCP-7370, you misunderstand, if you would just– SCP-7370, stop, stop that. Security!


At this point in the interview, SCP-7370 broke through the panel to the observation room. It proceeded to bodyslam Researcher Ryan through a wooden table in the center of the room, and deliver a "Blue Bomb" to Researcher Jensen on top of him.

SCP-7370 then ran through Site-19, celebrating, before reaching the offices of Researchers Jensen and Ryan, where it proceeded to steal Jensen's PhD certificate from the University of Texas and Ryan's Master's certificate from Connecticut College.

SCP-7370 then demanifested from Site-19 before Site security could tranquilize it.

Both researchers suffered concussions and small fractures, but made full recoveries.

Addendum 7370.3: Re-Containment


DATE: 02/26/2015

NOTE: Personal Log of Level 3 Researcher Michael Jensen

1030: Okay, that brute is harder to contain than we first thought. Ow. Since the muscle relaxants and tranquilizers had little effect, there is a strong likelihood that SCP-7370's ability to demanifest is psionic in nature. We'll have to get a bit more creative with our next attempt.

Containment Specialist Johnathan Hooke was consulted by the SCP-7370 research team. After reviewing past incident logs and all available data on the entity, Hooke offered the following analysis:


DATE: 02/27/2015

NOTE: Personal Log of Containment Specialist Johnathan Hooke

1420: A physical means of containment seems risky. We certainly have the firepower to incapacitate SCP-7370, but no way to permanently shut off its ability to demanifest from any cell we lock it in. I'm going to recommend a more psychological approach. What does this thing want really? All available evidence points to some good old-fashioned, honest competition. So when this thing has every available title, it has nowhere to go but down the totem pole in search of a good fight. Why don't we give it something a bit more exciting?

On 02/30/2015, Specialist Hooke put in a request to manufacture a custom professional wrestling championship belt to be held under surveillance by security personnel. The director of Site-19 further approved Hooke's request to set up a professional wrestling ring in the center of the Site-19 gymnasium.

Hooke requested the aid of eight D-Class personnel whom he described as being "highly athletic" and having "violent personalities." The eight D-Class were assigned "ring names" and outfitted with professional wrestling attire. A collection of folding chairs, tables and ladders acquired from the Site utility closet and other storage facilities were strewn across the gymnasium. The belt was displayed on a podium by the entrance to the room.

On 03/03/2015, SCP-7370 manifested in Site-19. Specialist Hooke greeted the entity with a microphone, standing alongside Researcher Ryan and protected by four security personnel armed with tranquilizers. Researcher Jensen, wearing a striped referee's uniform, was positioned inside the ring.


DATE: 03/03/2015


NOTE: Recontainment Attempt by Specialist Johnathan Hooke and Researchers Michael Jensen and Stanford Ryan


7370: Finally, the champ is back in… wherever the hell I am right now! That's a perdy belt you geeks and dweebs got, now who does Mr. Blue gotta tear apart to get to it? Are those yellow-bellied doctors of destruction ready for a rematch?

Researcher Ryan: [To Hooke] If this doesn't work, I swear to God I'm transferring to Site-17. None of this shit happens there.

Hooke: Ladies and gentlemen! It's time for the main event! Now this man calls himself "the champ," but is he champ enough to take home the gold?

7370: [Agitated] Champ enough? Champ enough!? I'll show you a real champ, let me at 'em!

Hooke: Tonight we've got nine competitors raring to go, but at the end of the night, only one can walk out the undisputed champion of the Foundation Wrestling Federation!

D-4920: [Muffled, due to wearing a tight-fitting luchador mask] Hold on, we're fighting that thing? You can't make us, no way man!

7370: Uh… what did he say?

Hooke: He called you a bitch.

7370: Oh it's on!


Over a period of approximately forty-three minutes, SCP-7370 proceeded to physically assault the D-Class personnel, periodically pausing to showboat for the empty bleachers along the gymnasium walls. After having delivered a "Blue Bomb" to each D-Class individually and beating them to the point of unconsciousness, as well as breaking every folding chair and table displayed in the gymnasium, SCP-7370 laid each D-Class in a large pile at the center of the ring and climbed on top of it.

Researcher Jensen counted to three and declared SCP-7370 the winner as Researcher Ryan, still standing near the entrance, rang a gong bell.



7370: [Parading around the ring] Oh yeah! No one's man enough to take down the champ! Now hand her here, nerds!

Hooke: [Handing the belt to SCP-7370] What a thrilling match folks! Friendships were made, hearts were broken, and spleens were shattered! And we're just getting started, so tune in next time for the champ's first title defense!

7370: Title de-what now?

Hooke: Title defense. You know, when one or more lucky contestants take a shot at the gold?

7370: But… I won. Isn't that it?

Hooke: Oh come on, you do know what "reigning champ" means, right? You gotta put some skin in the game, take on some fresh talent, entertain your adoring fans! [Specialist Hooke gestures to the empty bleachers]

7370: Mr. Blue came, he saw, and he conquered! Now I don't think the ragdolls here are up to snuff, and if that's all you've got, then I think the champ's about to go Free Willy and jump this small pond!

Hooke: Mike, how many D-Class personnel are registered at the Foundation?

Jensen: Seven thousand, six hundred and forty-three. Give or take.

Hooke: Thank you Mike. That's right 7370, you came, saw and conquered squat. We've got a locker room the size of a Home Depot ready to take you on. Unless… the champ's running scared?

7370: That's Mr. Blue to you! You'll be counting stars the next time you call me that! The champ ain't running nowhere! In fact, you'll have to drag him out in handcuffs before he beats the pulp out of each and every competitor who wants a piece!


After this incident, SCP-7370 willingly entered containment. The director of Site-19 granted the entity's request to bring all of its wrestling paraphernalia and stolen accolades from its abode in Los Angeles, California to its containment cell, where they were organized in glass display cases.

Beginning July 4, 2018, Foundation personnel were permitted to view SCP-7370's bouts as a morale booster at Specialist Hooke's request.

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