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Item#: 7369
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7369 is to be surrounded by an electric fence two miles outside SCP-7369, which must be patrolled by security personnel. Security personnel are to prevent SCP-7369-A1 instances from leaving. Cover stories about why SCP-7369-A instances cannot leave, such as viral outbreaks and road repair, can be found in Document 7369-C, provided to all SCP-7369 security personnel. A checkpoint will be placed on the main road leading out of SCP-7369. It must be manned by security personnel at all times. All communication out of SCP-7369 is to be intercepted and blocked.

If any SCP-7369-A instances are located trying to leave SCP-7369, they are to be detained, interrogated, amnestised and returned to SCP-7369.

Only staff with Level-3 Clearance and above are permitted entry into SCP-7369.

Description: SCP-7369 is the town of Portsden, Ohio. SCP-7369 has a population of 42,000, all resembling baseline Homo sapiens. SCP-7369 possesses infrastructure typical of a town of its size, including but not limited to: local fast food establishments, a hospital, a high school, an 'upper class' district and a police station. No records of a town named Portsden in the region have been found. SCP-7369 is subjected to cyclical anomalous events, henceforth referred to as 'cycles'. A typical cycle in SCP-7369 begins at 9 am UTC, when all inhabitants of SCP-7369 will awaken, and lasts exactly 24 hours. After that time has passed, the cycle will 'reset' SCP-7369. Any damage sustained to either infrastructure within SCP-7369, or the inhabitants of SCP-7369 will be repaired instantly. Any supplies, including food, fuel and luxuries, will instantly reappear at the beginning of each cycle. Further details on these cycles' specifics can be found in this document.

The inhabitants of SCP-73692 can be divided into secondary and primary entities.

Secondary entities consist of 41,995 of the 42,000 SCP-7369-A instances. The majority of these SCP-7369-A instances are largely automated humanoids. Despite their close resemblance to Homo sapiens, these SCP-7369-A instances are only capable of basic human social interactions and behaviour, such as walking, holding down employment, driving and purchasing items from stores. However, when observation of several SCP-7369-A instances was maintained throughout a full day, they were noted as largely only walking in circles, up and down the same street multiple times and repeatedly entering and exiting buildings without any clear purpose. Several instances were observed to go without food, water or blinking for a full day. When talking to other SCP-7369-A instances, they only communicate via unintelligible murmurs but can speak fluent English if approached, but most instances will avoid long conversations. Most of the personalities of SCP-7369-A instances noticeably lack advanced social skills and the ability to express significant emotions.

Amongst these secondary entities, several 'higher functioning' instances are shown to be more advanced in behaviour. These SCP-7369-A instances notably possess advanced social skills and the ability to express sympathy and empathy. These instances have consistently performed duties that lower functioning instances could not do. Each of these higher functional instances fulfils key roles within SCP-7369. Examples of these instances include but are not limited to: all emergency services, the mayor of SCP-7369, the proprietor of the local fast-food chain, the local news anchor and the head physician at the hospital located in SCP-7369.

Despite being more socially and emotionally intelligent than other SCP-7369-A instances, these higher-functioning instances have been observed to possess exaggerated behavioural patterns. Including but not limited to: paranoia, sexual deviancy, greed, and politeness. Many of these instances have also been observed to play major roles in the inciting incident and the subsequent sequence of events of a cycle, with more than a few of these incidents being a direct result of the actions of these instances.

The primary entities comprise the town's remaining population, specifically the five members of the 'Hayes' family. The Hayes family consists of Alfred5 and Ruby Hayes6, the mother and father, and their three children, Ellie7, Ray8 and Sara.9 Aged 38, 40, 14, 10 and 1, respectively. Within the household, these instances perform the following roles: SCP-7369-1 is the provider for the other instances, SCP-7369-2 is a housewife, and SCP-7369-3 through 5 are their children.

Unlike other SCP-7369-A instances, SCP-7369-1 through 5 are shown to require the same nutritional standards and possess the same behavioural patterns as baseline Homo sapiens. Furthermore, their personalities are fully developed instead of the limited or singular personalities of other SCP-7369-A instances. As of 2021, no SCP-7369-A instances have been observed to age, though occasionally, birthdays have been celebrated.

As mentioned earlier, SCP-7369 undergoes 24-hour long cycles. The events of these cycles exclusively revolve around SCP-7369-1 through 5 instances. Their nature as the focal point of these cycles has them classified as primary anomalies. Within four hours of the beginning of a new cycle, an inciting incident will occur, usually around SCP-7369-1 through 5. The nature of the incident and the proceeding events vary from cycle to cycle. Examples of inciting incidents include but are not limited to SCP-7369-4 being caught shoplifting, SCP-7369-1 getting fired from their employment at a local hardware store, and SCP-7369-2 being late for a PTA meeting. This inciting incident will eventually snowball into a larger event, such as an SCP-7369-1 through 5 instance(s) being declared a town hero or large-scale court hearings.10 Near the end of a cycle, the affected SCP-7369-1 through 5 instance(s) will promise to learn from these events and improve.

Though events of previous cycles can be recalled perfectly by SCP-7369-A instances, no lasting behavioural changes have occurred save for in SCP-7369-1. Despite this level of stagnation, technology and pop culture within SCP-7369 remain consistent with the outside world, even though all communication with the outside world has been severed. Furthermore, changes have occurred within SCP-7369's population, the most notable being the birth of SCP-7369-5, the only successful childbirth recorded.

On the 3rd of April 2018, while observing SCP-7369-A behavioural patterns, Agent Clarke was approached by SCP-7369-1. After a brief interview, it was discovered that SCP-7369-1 is the only SCP-7369-A instance aware of the town's anomalous effects.11 The reason for this is unknown.

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