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Item #: SCP-7366

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7366 is contained in a low-risk containment locker at Site-18. Personnel are to exercise caution when handling SCP-7366 to prevent incurring further damage to the anomaly. SCP-7366 is to be stored within a hard shell eyeglasses case when not utilized in testing.

Update: As of time of writing, testing with SCP-7366 has been put on hold indefinitely.

Description: SCP-7366 is a pair of spectacles constructed from green plastic. SCP-7366's left side is significantly damaged: the left lens has sustained a bullet hole, causing the glass to be severely cracked, the hinges are bent, and specks of dried blood are present on the eye rim; the right side of SCP-7366 is not damaged. Most photographic, videographic, and artistic depictions involving SCP-7366's appearance are anomalously affected upon creation, appearing fully-intact rather than broken. Direct observation and footage taken by camcorders produced before 01/01/2001 are the only known methods of bypassing this effect.

Periodically, SCP-7366 will exhibit visual phenomena (SCP-7366-A) in the form of translucent images manifesting within the left lens. SCP-7366-A's contents range widely, with images including but not limited to food items, animals, objects, body parts, plants, and architecture. So far, no discernable pattern has been found in SCP-7366-A. These images are confined inside individual segments of the glass, never touching or intersecting with the cracks. Additionally, it appears that SCP-7366-A can only manifest when a human subject is wearing it.

Addendum-01, Testing (Abridged): It is theorized that the viewing of certain objects can deliberately trigger SCP-7366-A. In hopes of finding the parameters of the anomaly, Dr. Lowe authorized a series of tests. These tests involved instructing D-Class Personnel to wear SCP-7366 and view a PowerPoint presentation of images varying widely in content. Below is the abridged testing log.

Addendum-02, Background and Incident-7366: SCP-7366 first came to the Foundation's attention following the aftermath of a crime that had occurred on 01/01/2001. Melissa Lamberd, an eighty-three year old retiree living in Irvine, California, was fatally shot inside her residence; several valuables belonging to her were subsequently found missing. SCP-7366 originally belonged to Mrs. Lamberd. The Foundation confiscated the anomaly after its effects were recognized by investigators, necessitating their amnesticization.

Jared Lamberd, Melissa Lamberd's grandson, was at one point considered a suspect in the investigation but the suspicion, as well as the entire case, was dropped as a result of a lack of evidence. Following Mrs. Lamberd's death, Jared Lamberd obtained her inheritance. Two years later, he had expended his inheritance through a combination of luxurious purchases and gambling debts. Lamberd was later convicted with major drug-related offenses and had been coincidentally acquired by the Foundation through standard D-Class protocol, now designated as D-09929.

Feeling skeptical and desirous of proving a definite connection between SCP-7366 and D-09929, Dr. Lowe authorized him to be tested with the anomaly. The entire event had been recorded via camcorder.

Date: 07/06/2003


[D-09929 enters the testing chamber, accompanied by Dr. Lowe and two armed guards, and another researcher holding the camcorder. D-09929 expresses boredom and disinterest until he spots SCP-7366 resting on the table. He freezes and questions Dr. Lowe on how he obtained the object. Dr. Lowe ignores him and orders D-9929 to wear SCP-7366.]

[D-09929 attempts to excuse himself, stating that the eye affected by sectoral heterochromia was inexplicably hurting. Dr. Lowe again ignores him and orders D-09929 to wear SCP-7366. D-09929 opens his mouth to protest when one of the guards presses the gun's muzzle against his back. D-09929 shivers, nods his head, and wears SCP-7366.]

[D-09929's breath is shaky but stable. Dr. Lowe inquires D-09929 on how he is feeling. D-09929 states he is feeling 'just peachy' and that 'nothing is happening.' Just when D-09929 tries to convince Dr. Lowe to allow him to take SCP-7366 off, SCP-7366-A manifests. This manifestation takes the appearance of a bloodshot eye affected by cataracts. D-09929, confused, claims that the SCP-7366-A instance is following the direction of his pupils and that it is shaking rapidly.]

[Just then, the cracks begin to spontaneously form on the right lens. D-09929 is panicking and attempts to remove SCP-7366. Before he can do so, a loud crack emanates throughout the testing chamber and D-09929 falls limply on the ground.]

[Shocked, the group convenes around D-09929. His right eyeball has been violently perforated and he is not breathing. The right lens of SCP-7366 is as equally damaged as the left lens. At that moment, SCP-7366 manifests in the right lens.]

[Dr. Lowe picks up SCP-7366 and examines it. The SCP-7366-A manifestation takes the form of an eyeball affected by sectoral heterochromia. The eyeball shakes in place and rotates its pupil widely until it abruptly stops, contracts its pupil, and looks towards the left lens.]

[The same cataracted eyeball manifests in the left lens, alongside smaller other SCP-7366-A phenomena, taking the form of a elderly fist, a crowbar, a roll of paper torn in two, and the artistic depiction of a red semi-anthropomorphic 1930's cartoon work whistle. The veins on the cataracted eye grow to the point of seemingly almost bursting and its pupil enlarges as well. The elderly fist uncurls and performs the 'come here ' motion.]

[The heterochromic eye trembles and flies out of viewing range. The cataracted eye quickly follows it, traveling through the left lens, into the right lens, and finally out of viewing range.]

[Another loud crack is heard and SCP-7366 is suddenly flung out of Dr. Lowe's grip and back onto the table. Dr. Lowe goes to reach for SCP-7366 until he notices the right side of the object vibrating. Additional cracks form on the right lens — the entire right side of the object slowly shifts from green to red. SCP-7366 is vibrating so violently it almost bounces off the table, prompting the researcher to hold it down.]

[The camcorder focuses on the right lens. SCP-7366-A manifestations show a bloody elderly fist, a crowbar breaking rows of teeth, a cartoon work whistle expelling fire, large golden gates situated on clouds with the general prohibition sign superimposed on it, and both the heterochromic eye and the cataracted eye. Both eyes are pressing against each other.]

[The heterochromic eye appears bruised and sunken while the cataracted eye appears large and firmer. The latter's pupil seemingly overtakes the entire sclera until another crack obscures the manifestation.]


Following the last test SCP-7366 continuously vibrates, slowly shifting to a red color, and its right lens has cracked autonomously. For its safety it has been physically restrained to its container and observed via video monitoring. Dr. Lowe halted testing for the time being, hoping that this new behavior would eventually subside.

Addendum-03, Update: As of 07/28/2023, SCP-7366 is still continuing this behavioral pattern and the right lens has been rendered completely useless for sight as a consequence of the many cracks inflicted on it. Although it was assumed no further damage would occur to SCP-7366, it was discovered that the right lens was now cracking at a microscopic level. Proposals on how to alleviate this behavior are still ongoing.

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