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Item#: 7357
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Lead Assigned Task Force
Site 157 Steve Mastus Abbi Tabernaq N/A

Special Containment Procedures: A 1 kg seed sample of SCP-7357 is to be contained within a sealed Tupperware container inside a secure locker at Site-157. Samples removed from the container are not to exceed 100 g. A detailed log must be kept of all SCP-7357 that is produced, complete with accurate records of what has been used to feed it and how much of the sample was subsequently destroyed via incineration.

All new SCP-7357-A instances are to be incinerated.

Description: SCP-7357 denotes a mixture most similar to "friendship cake" starter; a batter that can be "fed", then have portions of it split off to be cooked or shared for as long as people continue to "feed" it. While chemical analysis of the batter yields no exact details on its ingredients, the overall makeup remains constant regardless of the ingredients mixed in. Investigations into the extent of this property are ongoing.

SCP-7357-A denotes any cake produced using quantities of SCP-7357 as an ingredient.


The delivered SCP-7357-A instance.

Discovery: On 14/04/2010, Site-157 received an unmarked package containing the following:

  • An SCP-7357-A instance;1
  • A Tupperware container of SCP-7357;
  • A note reading: "Please Feed Herman".

Shortly after these objects were catalogued, they were transported to a secure locker for temporary storage. Upon arrival, it was found that a slice had been cut from SCP-7357-A. This slice has not been located, and the relevant security footage pertaining to this time period was found to have been misplaced. Investigations are underway to locate the individual responsible.

Experiment Log 7357-1:

Date: 15/04/2010
Subject: 50 grams of all-purpose flour.
Procedure: Mixed with 50 grams of SCP-7357.
Result: Identical to initial SCP-7357.
Note: 50 grams returned, excess incinerated. - Abbi

Video Log 7357-1

Foreword: The following footage was taken in the Site-157 break room shortly following the submission of Experiment Log 7357-1

<Begin Log>

The feed starts, showing Director Mastus alone in the break room eating lunch at a table. The door opens, and Researcher Tabernaq enters.

Mastus gives Tabernaq a small wave with one hand as he bites into his sandwich. Tabernaq returns the wave as she walks over to the refrigerator, takes out her own lunch, and joins him.

The two sit and eat in silence for 2 minutes.

Mastus: Y'know what Abbi?

She grunts what sounds like "what" through a mouthful of sandwich.

Mastus: With that new arrival on the mind, I've been thinking it'd be cool to do an office sourdough starter.

Tabernaq rolls her eyes, still chewing.

Mastus: We'd all pass it around -bring in bread- it'd be fun!

She shakes her head firmly.

Mastus: What?! I think it's a good-

Tabernaq raises her finger, stopping him, and swallows.

Tabernaq: No.

Mastus: Really? It would be great for bringing everyone together! Like a project-

Tabernaq: I've got enough projects.

Mastus: But-

Tabernaq: Enough sourdough projects, more specifically. One. Thanks for that, Steve.

Tabernaq takes another bite of her sandwich.

Mastus: Ah yes…

Mastus finishes off his own sandwich and stands, collects his garbage, and begins walking over to the trash can.

Mastus: 7… 357…

He walks back over to the table and leans toward Tabernaq.

Mastus: How's that going, by the way?

Tabernaq leans away from him.

Tabernaq: Woah, personal space, Steve! Just read the reports.

Mastus: Oh, but Abbi I'm so busy…

Tabernaq: Busy my ass. Still haven't found out who snuck the slice of that cake.

Mastus's expression drops.

Mastus: That's not my job.

Tabernaq raises her eyebrows.

Tabernaq: And your job is?

Mastus excited expression returns.

Mastus: Community building! So back to the-

Tabernaq: No.

Mastus lets out an artificially exasperated sigh and begins to walk towards the door.

Mastus: Well anyway. Don't come crying to me when you want in on the dough!

Tabernaq: I can assure you-

The door slams shut as Mastus exits.

Tabernaq: …I won't be.

She sighs as she takes another bite of her sandwich.

<End Log>

Experiment Log 7357-2:

Date: 16/04/2010
Subject: 50 grams of sliced tomatoes.
Procedure: Mixed with 50 grams of SCP-7357.
Result: Identical to initial SCP-7357.
Note: 50 grams returned, excess incinerated. - Abbi

Video Log 7357-2

Foreword: The following footage was taken in the Site-157 break room shortly following the submission of Experiment Log 7357-2

<Begin Log>

The feed starts, showing Tabernaq sitting at a table covered with notes. The door flies open, and Mastus struts in.

Mastus: Abbi, so great to see you!

Tabernaq looks up, gives a brief nod and smile, then returns her attention to her notes.

Mastus: I mean, it feels like it's been so long!

Tabernaq: It's been a day-

Mastus: And I've barely seen you at all!

Tabernaq releases a sharp exhale from her nose, and turns back to Mastus.

Tabernaq: Is there something you need, Steve?

Mastus puts his hand against his chest and makes a "have-I-done-something-to-make-you-upset" face.

Mastus: No no no… I was just going to extend another offer… See if you wanted to join the office starter?

Tabernaq turns to look at the opposite wall, shakes her head, and turns back to Mastus.

Mastus: So ye-

Tabernaq: No, Steve. It's still no.

Mastus: But we've got Markham, DeJoyce, Burterman, Herman…

Tabernaq: Herman? I don't know a Herman.

Mastus: Doctor Hernan? Did I say his name wrong?

Tabernaq: What? Yes, but… no… no! That's beside the point.

Mastus: So yes?

Tabernaq: No!

Mastus: No?

Tabernaq: Yes!

Mastus: Just one meeting? I think if you learned more, and maybe tried some of the-

Tabernaq: No. God! Steve.

She quickly gathers her things.

Tabernaq: Just stop bringing it up! I don't want to join your sourdough club!

She leaves.

<End Log>

Experiment Log 7357-3:

Date: 17/04/2010
Subject: Rattus norvegicus (deceased) weighing 750 grams.
Procedure: Portioned, then mixed with 50 grams of SCP-7357.
Result: Identical to initial SCP-7357.
Note: 50 grams returned, excess incinerated. I'm not doing that again. - Abbi

Video Log 7357-3

Foreword: The following footage was taken in the Site-157 break room shortly following the submission of Experiment Log 7357-3.

<Begin Log>

The feed starts, showing Mastus standing beside the door with a Cake on a tray.

The door opens, hiding Mastus from view, and Tabernaq walks in with a selection of files, books, and a laptop.

Mastus: Surprise!

Tabernaq jumps, dropping everything.

Mastus: I brought you some cake!

Tabernaq: Fuck! Steve. I don't have time for this right now!

She starts recollecting her pile.

Tabernaq: If this is another attempt to get me to join your club: it's not going to happen.

Mastus: Come on Abbi! If you tried some, I think you'd really come around!

She looks up.

Tabernaq: Well, I definitely can't do that while all my stuff is on the floor!

Mastus's face goes blank.

Mastus: Oh.

Tabernaq: Yeah.

Mastus: Do you need help-

Tabernaq: I'll be fine.

She finishes collecting her things, and heaves them towards the table. Mastus follows behind her and rests the tray on the table.

Tabernaq looks at the Cake on the tray. Her face goes blank.

She stares for a few seconds.

Mastus: Is there something wrong? Wait- no. Have you decided you want a slice? Just a second…

Mastus turns toward the kitchen. Tabernaq looks back and forth between him and the Cake.

Tabernaq: Fuck…

Mastus: Did you say something?

Tabernaq: Oh… uh. Yeah! Thing is, Steve, I'd actually really like a slice…

Mastus turns around. A kitchen knife slices through the air in his grip. His face is alight with glee.

Mastus: You'd like some?

He glides over, stops, then plunges the knife into the cake.

Tabernaq: I would love some, but…

Mastus stops cutting, grasp tight on the knife. His gaze fixes on Tabernaq.

Mastus: But what?

An exaggerated apologetic expression works its way onto her face.

Tabernaq: I have to come clean…

Mastus: Come clean?

Tabernaq: The real reason I've been refusing you…

Tabernaq's eyebrows scrunch up.

Tabernaq: Is that…

A heavy silence fills the room.

Tabernaq: It'll give me the shits.

Mastus: The shits?

Mastus's hand relaxes on the knife.

Tabernaq: Yeah! Diarrhea! The shits! An impeccable stool!

Mastus: Oh.

Mastus's hand falls off the knife and to his side.

Mastus: You could have just told me earli-

Tabernaq: Well, it slipped my mind.

Mastus: It-

Tabernaq: And you know what else slipped my mind? Dentist appointment. I gotta go.

Tabernaq gathers her things.

Mastus: Oh. Ok.

Tabernaq walks quickly out of the room.

Mastus watches her.

The door closes.

<End Log>

Experiment Log 7357-4:

Date: 18/04/2010
Subject: SCP-7357
Procedure: Incineration.
Result: TBD
Note: N/A

Video Log 7357-4

Foreword: The following footage was taken in the Site-157 disposal depot shortly following the submission of Experiment Log 7357-4

<Begin Log>

The feed starts. The disposal room is empty.

After a moment, the door creaks open, and Tabernaq enters holding both the container of SCP-7357 and the initial SCP-7357-A instance in her hands.

She walks toward the furnace, leaving the door to close itself.

It shuts with a deep thud.

She reaches the furnace and undoes the latch. The panel swings open, revealing a dark, empty hole.

The objects fall from her hands, landing in a clatter of plastic against metal against Cake.

After a pause, she closes the furnace door, and once more secures its latch.

She looks over her shoulder and sighs.

The room is silent.

She steps over to the furnace control panel, and after a few button presses, the furnace whirs to life.

A creak.

Tabernaq's head turns to the far door.

Mastus stands in the frame.

The furnace roars and pulses.

Tabernaq: Hey Steve.

Mastus's face falls into a frown.

Mastus: I checked your medical records, Abbi.

A pause.

Tabernaq: That's a gross-

Mastus raises his hand.

Mastus: I know.

He takes a step forward.

Mastus: It doesn't matter.

A pulse emanates from the furnace. Then a creak, bulging pressure from within that shortly fades.

Mastus: You lied to me, Abbi.

Tabernaq: I-

Mastus: You lied to Herman.

He's stepping closer now.

Tabernaq: Why are you doing this?

Mastus: That doesn't matter now, Abbi, does it?

Tabernaq: Why?

The two are face to face.

Mastus: You were never good with precise measurements.


Mastus puts his hand on Tabernaq's shoulder and smiles.

Mastus: But that's the past!

He leans in.

Mastus: Now Herman wants to meet you.

Mastus: Personally.

<End Log>

Experiment Log 7357-5:

Date: 18/04/2010
Subject: Head Researcher Abbi Tabernaq
Procedure: Introduced to Herman
Result: One with Herman
Note: N/A

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