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Item #: SCP-7355

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the recent discovery of SCP-7355, the following containment procedures are incomplete and are to be updated as more data on the anomaly is discovered.

The Donovan Heller Memorial Hospital is to be purchased by a Foundation front company, with two security guards stationed outside the entrance of SCP-7355. SCP-7355 is to be locked, and individuals attempting to enter are to be redirected. All individuals involved in Dr. Fyodor Andrich's surgery are to be amnesticized.

A search for Dr. Andrich is ongoing.

Description: SCP-7355 is Room 305 of the Donovan Heller Memorial Hospital and the center of many poorly understood anomalous phenomena. The Donovan Heller Memorial Hospital was founded in 1989 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, by businessman Jacob Heller. Heller founded the hospital after his son, Donovan, died in a car crash.

SCP-7355 was discovered on 5/11/2023, when Dr. Andrich was transported to the Donovan Heller Memorial Hospital after being hit by a car. Dr. Andrich was in critical condition and narrowly avoided breaking his neck in the incident with only minor damage to his cervical vertebrae. He then received care in Room 305 of the hospital. It is worth noting that prior to the incident, the Donovan Heller Memorial Hospital did not have a Room 305.

Although the anomalous properties of SCP-7355 are disparate and poorly understood as of this time, its primary abnormality is its extremely high density of Akiva Radiation. There is approximately 870 times more Akiva Radiation within SCP-7355 than any other room in the hospital. The amount of radiation has been increasing since SCP-7355's discovery. Current radiation levels are characteristic of divine intervention. See Addendum 7355.03 for more details.

Addendum 7355.01: Appendix of Observed Anomalies

The following is a list of known anomalous phenomena that occurred during Dr. Andrich's stay within the Donovan Heller Memorial Hospital. Further research is ongoing.

  • During Dr. Andrich's surgery, several of the doctors moved more precisely than what should have been possible. In a later interview, Dr. Rudolf Watkins described an overpowering, painful force grabbing his hand and moving it for him. Several of the doctors were found to have injuries, bruises, and mild bone fractures on their arms.
  • Dr. Andrich's lung had collapsed and was punctured by several ribs, necessitating a lung transplant. During the event, the organs of several Foundation personnel at Site-██ spontaneously demanifested, causing them to require urgent medical care. Several of them claimed to be happy that they had lost their organs, stating that "God wants someone else to have them". These organs were later found within the organ locker at the Donovan Heller Memorial Hospital.
  • Halfway through the surgery, the sound of distorted trumpets mixed with children crying was heard from an unknown source for approximately seven minutes. The Akiva Radiation levels within SCP-7355 nearly doubled during this period.
  • Throughout the surgery, a liquid consisting of 33% human blood, 15% holy water, and 52% morphine formed on the surface of Dr. Andrich's skin. The liquid appeared to anomalously cause Dr. Andrich's body to regenerate.

It is believed that had these events not occurred during the operation, Dr. Andrich would have died.

Addendum 7355.02: Recovered Document

On 6/20/2023, Dr. Andrich, although not yet discharged from the hospital, had improved in condition enough to be able to use a wheelchair and speak. It was decided to inform him of the anomaly and instruct him to remain alert for any other anomalous phenomena. Dr. Andrich later wrote the following document while in the hospital.

I can only assume that God wants me to live.

I mean, knowing that He saved my life, with that hospital room as his agent is something incredible to me. The fact that an anomaly could exist just for me, of all people, is something really amazing. And then the fact that it's religious, I mean, we have the numbers, the data that proves God is involved. Even if it wasn't, it still IS something made just to save my life. A gift from God. A break in existence so that I could survive.

And then I realized something. I had an epiphany. This isn't the first time God has saved my life. My existence has been fraught with events that should have killed me. When I was born, I was shriveled, yellow, and weak. I honestly would have died if my mother waited. On the advice of her doctor, she would have waited. If she hadn't changed doctors, I wouldn't have survived. A train of inexplicable events all leading to me. My life.

And even beyond that, there's the time I almost drowned when I was three. When I cut my wrists at 17. When I was 9 and fell off the roof. When I cancelled my flight and then later learned that the plane had crashed. God had to have been with me in all those moments so I could have lived. The coincidences are stacking up, but there has to be a meaning to all of this. A meaning for why people died and I live. Why children become corpses, but the child I was didn't.

So, I have concluded from the evidence that that room is God and He wants me to survive for some purpose. Am I to be a prophet, a messenger, an agent of His will? I genuinely don't know, but my survival has to have a reason for it. That room. 305. The thing He built for me and only me. It's where God is. Where I'll find Him. So, I am going to it. Back to the central anomaly. The center of God's will. The place of meaning and where I put my life in His hands. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me. Enlightenment is a scalpel and painkillers. [ILLEGIBLE]

Addendum 7355.03: Exploration Log

The following is the only footage of an unapproved exploration into SCP-7355 by Dr. Andrich.


Andrich, using a wheelchair, enters SCP-7355. The room has become stretched and distorted, making it difficult to make progress. It takes him five minutes to roll towards the light switch and turn it on.

The light is blinding, much more than it should be. It reveals that instead of the bed and medical equipment that should be within SCP-7355, there is a massive pile of corpses of children. Some are still bleeding while others are in a state of decay. Their ages vary from 3 to 10. All are dead.

Andrich's wheelchair collapses and he is thrust upon the ground. Marshalling his strength, he crawls towards the pile of corpses. While doing so he cries and whispers a prayer. The light grows steadily brighter and there is a powerful buzzing noise.

Andrich coughs up blood from what is believed to be organ failure. The stitches on his left arm break and he cries out in pain, still crawling towards the light. Blood and the crushed bodies of aborted fetuses cover the floor, making it difficult to continue. Andrich still crawls.

While before the room was stretched out, making it difficult to move, now it is collapsing, causing Andrich to reach the top of the body pile at an impossible speed. The further he gets, the more his condition deteriorates until he appears to be falling like an improperly made doll. The light and buzzing sound increase to painful degrees as Andrich reaches the top of the pile and looks at its peak. Only the image of an operating table can be made out.

Andrich: What the… this isn't what you were…

Andrich falls to the ground, sobbing as the light becomes blinding and the buzz becomes earsplitting.


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