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Item #: SCP-7351

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Further development of the ACPS project is currently suspended. All project resources are to be focused on ensuring the continued survival of SCP-7351-1, for the purpose of determining the extent of SCP-7351's capabilities. A psychiatrist is to check in with SCP-7351-1 on a daily basis, followed by a detailed report on its mental state. Recommendations may be made by the psychiatrist regarding changes to containment, which will be taken into consideration by Site leadership.

SCP-7351-1 is to remain inside Site-16 at all times. SCP-7351-1 is to be provided modest living quarters, with reasonable furnishings provided at its request. A small library of films may also be provided, rotating monthly. When not undergoing examination, SCP-7351-1 should be allowed to wander Site-16 accompanied by a facility guard.

Description: SCP-7351 is the Augmented Closed-System Protective Suit (ACPS), an experimental Hazardous Materials Suit developed by the SCP Foundation. The purpose of the ACPS project was to create personal protective equipment that would enable the user to remain inside indefinitely. The project employed several forms of anomalous technology to ensure the near-indestructability of the suit and the ability for the user to survive without hydration, sustenance, or sleep for extended periods. Additionally, SCP-7351 was outfitted with an artificial intelligence, which would rapidly respond to various stimuli in order to protect the user.

SCP-7351-1 is former Agent Rachel Schneider, who is the current user of SCP-7351. After preliminary testing, SCP-7351was deemed safe for field use. SCP-7351-1 was selected to test the effectiveness of SCP-7351 in a Mobile Task Force setting. On 15/5/2022, while assisting in the raid of a Maxwellist cell of the Church of the Broken God, SCP-7351's onboard artificial intelligence was compromised. The exact manner of the artificial intelligence's malfunction is unknown, but has resulted in a complete inablity to remove SCP-7351-1 from the inside of SCP-7351.

SCP-7351-1 remains in ostensibly excellent physical health, though a complete evaluation is currently impossible. However, SCP-7351-1's mental health has steadily declined since the malfunction of SCP-7351.

Addendum 7351-1-A (Selected Psychiatric Reports):


NAME: Rachel Sabrina Schneider
DATE OF BIRTH: 7/8/1992

DATE OF REPORT: 29/5/2022
SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Joan Lantry

Rachel has adjusted remarkably well to containment, due in large part to the degree of freedom she has been granted compared to many other SCPs onsite. She seems willing and ready to cooperate with the Foundation in their testing, but has also expressed concern about the future; in particular, she is worried about having to stay in containment for an extended period of time.

I strongly recommend that Rachel be treated like any other individual at Site-16. Obviously, I understand that she cannot simply return to work, but referring to her by name would go a long way towards staving off depersonalization and helping her adjust to her circumstances easily.

(NOTE: Policy regarding SCP-7351-1 was updated. Though it will still be referred to as SCP-7351-1 both during testing and in formal reports, others may refer to it by name in casual interactions.)


NAME: Rachel Sabrina Schneider
DATE OF BIRTH: 7/8/1992

DATE OF REPORT: 12/6/2022
SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Joan Lantry

Rachel has described the feeling that she is an outsider, or—in her own words—a "camera with legs." She has explained that, even when she is talking with agents and researchers whom she has known for several years, she can't help but feel like she is less real than they are.

She has also expressed an urge to simply lock herself in her quarters. She stated that, since SCP-7351 takes care of all of her essential processes, she has mostly felt profoundly bored and disinterested.

I recommend that Rachel be given an emotional support animal of her choosing, which will remain in her quarters. This way, even if she does choose to isolate, she will still have some form of companionship. It may also help if she has something external to care for.

(NOTE: SCP-7351-1 was given ownership of a bearded dragon, which it named "Merlin.")


NAME: Rachel Sabrina Schneider
DATE OF BIRTH: 7/8/1992

DATE OF REPORT: 3/7/2022
SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Joan Lantry

Rachel has become discouraged by the lack of progress in testing. She increasingly discusses worst-case scenarios, particularly the possibility that she will be stuck inside SCP-7351 forever. She also expresses fear at the idea that the suit would keep her alive "no matter what."

She seems more upbeat when discussing Merlin, for whom she seems to have a lot of affection. She also explains that has had never had a pet before, and that the experience of caring for one is very novel.

I recommend that Rachel be kept informed about the realistic outcomes of testing, including the "worst-case scenarios." She will be able to handle bad outcomes a lot more easily if she is not blindsided by them.

(NOTE: SCP-7351-1 was briefed in detail about the possible outcomes of experiments, and goals were shifted solely from getting it out of SCP-7351 to helping it come to terms with potentially undesirable situations.)


NAME: Rachel Sabrina Schneider
DATE OF BIRTH: 7/8/1992

DATE OF REPORT: 17/7/2022
SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Joan Lantry

Rachel is overwhelmed by the idea that she may not get out of SCP-7351 at all; she seems all but certain that this will be the case. She has explained feeling like she will never again get anywhere close to feeling "normal," and that her life as she knew it is over. She described feeling like a zombie, simply going through the motions but never actually feeling awake or alive.

I told her to keep in mind that these are not beliefs, only thoughts. I acknowledged that, perhaps, her life will not be the same, but that does not have to mean that she cannot find joy in her new circumstances. I also emphasized that her feelings about her circumstances are entirely valid, and that nobody could be expected to handle it all with a brave face. I hope that these words at least marginally improved her state of mind.

I strongly recommend that Rachel be encouraged to pursue hobbies. She has previously expressed interest in both painting and sewing; perhaps these will give her an outlet for her emotions.

(NOTE: SCP-7351-1 is now provided a supply of acrylic paint, brushes, 5 canvases (100 by 81 cm), thread, sewing needles, and a sewing machine, with depleted supplies restocked monthly.)


NAME: Rachel Sabrina Schneider
DATE OF BIRTH: 7/8/1992

DATE OF REPORT: 31/7/2022
SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Joan Lantry

Rachel's mood has vastly improved in just a few days since she were allowed to paint and sew. The gloves of SCP-7351 were stained with all manner of colors. She brought one of her paintings, an abstract piece with bold reds and blacks, to the session; she was so proud of it that she wanted to show it to me. However, she expressed disappointment that no one will get to appreciate her work other than me and Merlin.

She also explained that she is still distraught by the reality of her circumstances, but that she is trying to find things to hold on to. She seems, more than before, to really want to feel better. She knows that she is unhappy, but I think she simply does not know how to go about dealing with it.

I recommend, given that Rachel's birthday is fast approaching, that the Site hold her a party. This would allow her to reconnect with her fellow personnel and maybe start to realize that they really do care for her.

(NOTE: Site-16 began organizing a surprise birthday party for SCP-7351-1.)


NAME: Rachel Sabrina Schneider
DATE OF BIRTH: 7/8/1992

DATE OF REPORT: 14/8/2022
SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Joan Lantry

Rachel came into my office smiling, which was a first. She described her birthday party as "beautiful," and explained that she never thought anyone would think to do that. She also said that she got to show some of her paintings to some of the other personnel, and that they liked them so well that they wanted to take them home. She told me that she is now working on a series of abstract paintings for some of the other field agents.

She acknowledged that it has been a daily struggle to get herself out of bed, but that she is finding more and more things that keep her grounded. She admitted that it is sometimes difficult grieving what she lost. She seems more at peace, however, and I think she is a lot more optimistic that she is going to be alright, even if things will not necessarily be the same as they were before.

No recommendations this week.

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