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Item #: SCP-7348

Object Class: Anomalous1

Special Containment Procedures: As of 10/12/03, the SCP-7348 file is currently under the care of Junior Researcher William Humphrey, who has also written it. This is all that is required.

Description: SCP-7348 is a dimensional and possibly innately memetic2 entity which apparently feeds off of the spread of the idea that it is important3. In other words, the more people that think it's important, the bigger more dangerous more intelligent they didn't tell me what happens more powerful it becomes4. Everything else about it is not important because i don't know anything else about it.

Addendum 04/24/07: Late Evaluation Notice
This file has gone one thousand two hundred ninety days (1,290) days without being sent to any superior for evaluation. This file has thus been locked from further editing and has been sent to the inbox of the last superior in charge of evaluating the SCP-7348 file: Dr. William Humphrey, Level 3.

Addendum 04/24/07-1: Evaluation Status
Looks good. - Dr. Humphrey

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