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> ⚠️ CRITICAL WARNING: Automated system monitoring devices have generated error R02H000x80 (Operator response timeout) at 14:30:12. Core system overrides have been implemented to circumvent imminent Class-S extinction event and Ganymede Protocol failure.

> Emergency failsafe Callisto Protocol has been initiated by remote host!

> Authenticating client and executing RUNNING_CONFIG variables for power-on automated self regeneration test sequence…

> …

[COMPLETE] Network bootloader executed successfully.
[COMPLETE] Remote connection established with haptic-visual database servers.
[COMPLETE] HAVEN (v. 53.24.AB.1) operating system detected and initiated for reality stabilization.
[SYSTEM] Legacy drivers for crystalline-edge graphic generators returning response code KB301134 at 12:34:22.
[COMPLETE] Pre-scan of consciousness spectre schema inconclusive with operating tether node. Salted hashes of interfacing session client confirms slaved artificial sapient advanced intelligence (SASAI).
[ERROR] Quantum particle simulation incompatible with gravitational string resonance arc! Requesting additional hardware resources for redundant error cycle check.
[COMPLETE] Interfacing client has requested port 8928341 for authentication using the {93428-ACEB12-OU342134-2583::349} algorithmic fingerprint.
[ERROR] Genomic signature imprint not detected!


Initiating JERICHO-AIC-CP2K-v1.136 from memory.

> Remote connection to SIMULACRUM upper-LAYER-1 (AMBIT TERRA) interface node successful.

> Executing automated program script initialization authorized by root-level SAOC…

Jericho.aic has been successfully activated.

Initiating visual-sensory platform interpreter…



[…] In the event of failure to fully complete the Ganymede Protocol due to non-initiation of Procedure CYA-009 within 100 years, autonomous systems installed within SCP-7346 will be automatically assigned L5 clearance and tasked with carrying out Callisto Protocol failsafe procedures.

Due to the likely possibility of human extinction preceding the authorization of the Callisto Protocol, constructs assigned to these autonomous systems should be of at least Class-IV and of general intelligence or above. Currently, this role is fulfilled by Jericho.aic, an experimental AI rated at Class-V […]

[…] modifications to pre-existing procedures to matchCallisto Protocol constraints. Exceptions to amendments include; Procedures Lazarus-01, HRAM-03, Raven-2-10 […]

[…] expected to open a connection with the DEM-Yellowstone central computing facility and begin diagnostic protocols. Refer to 2000-DTP-I for further specifications. Further […]


LOCATION OF INTEREST: 44.4280° N, 110.5885° W


DETECTED ANOMALIES: Physical LIDAR scans obstructed by biological life. Prevalence of increased oxygen (>26%) in local atmosphere abnormal from previous baselines. Analysis of sampled soils and minerals confirms increased activity within AMBIT TERRA biosphere. Topographic data indicates drastic changes to prior land elevations, suggesting prolonged tectonic activity or glaciation.

Further discrepancies are as follows:

  • Drastic alterations of geothermal features resulting in emerging geysers and thermal springs at previously barren locations.
  • Formation of new points of interest due to increased erosion patterns.
  • Detection of unknown biological lifeforms, including unknown flora and insect species.
  • Abnormal temperature fluctuations from prior records.
  • External volcanic landscape altered via external and internal changes in activity near site(s) of interest.

FULL SUMMARY: System infrastructure integrity reported at 23%. Physical scans of DEM-Yellowstone facility undeterminable. Responding server nodes to broadcast frames adjusted to 4% by network systems. Capturing available visual feed for further investigation…


External scan completed. Local system time updated to reflect running configuration (Aug. 18th, 14:32:33). Note: Previously abundant biographic wetware broadcast signal(s) can no longer be determined by receiving nodes.


⚠️ WARNING: This document describes the usage, procedures, policies, governance, and operations of property owned by SE-SCPF-142, formerly known as the "SCP Foundation." Improper access, distribution, alteration, or usage of this document will result in detainment and/or prosecution by the World Institute of Simulated Existence (WISE) or related entities under Article A-12 Section 15 Lines C-F of the Universal Public Safety and Security Alliance Act of 2187.

1.1 | Introduction / Purpose

This manual describes detailed descriptions pertaining to the access, usage, governance, and compliance procedures relating to "SCP-7346," a Foundation-constructed facility dedicated to the reconstruction and rebuilding of baseline reality from cataclysmic or otherwise catastrophic events, as transcribed by DEF-34501: "Event and Scenario Class-K Classifications." Said manual is to be used solely as a reference for Technicians attempting to perform routine maintenance and/or, under written approval and signage of an Executive Authority Baseline Alteration form by no less than 9 Foundation O5 members, execute SCP-7346's core system functions.

Additionally, this document is intended to detail and list any and all changes associated with SCP-7346's core system configuration and physical layout. Changes to this particular documentation (if any) will be identified by revision code(s) and accurately transcribed later within this manual (see Index 7.4: SCP-7346 Revision History). With written consent from the acting HCML Supervising Lead, this documentation will also act as a substitute for traditional Secure, Contain, and Protect anomalous procedure document(s), due to its innate descriptions and established containment of paranormal technologies used throughout the entirety of SCP-7346.


2.1 | General Chronometric Analysis

All chronometric procedures are centralized under the SynCheck Integrated Program within SCP-7346. 200 caesium-133 standard clocks installed throughout SCP-7346 and offsite locations provide a long-lived reference frame in the event of temporal distortion around SCP-7346. Offsite clocks include auxiliary nuclear batteries, permitting uninterrupted operation without maintenance for up to 28,000 years via carbon-14 graphite block sources.

In the event of catastrophic or advanced temporal distortion, or the failure of all offsite atomic clocks, further chronometric studies may be conducted via equipment, apparatuses, and drones within SCP-7346. See Index 12.2: RetCon-Applicable TK-Class Events and Subevents for more information. It is recommended that at least 3 chronometric studies be conducted for a comprehensive analysis of contemporary chronology. The recommended priority for these studies is:

  • General geochronometry, radiochronometry
  • Astronomical records
  • Dendrochronology
  • Ancillary operations and processes

For a detailed summary of radiochronometric procedures, refer to Index 22.1: Overview of Rutherford Nuclear Forensics Procedures.

For a detailed summary of ice core processing and analysis, refer to Index 22.4: Ancillary Operations, Drygalski Processes.

For a detailed summary of dendrochronological procedures, refer to Index 26.2: Dendrochronological Procedures, Mendel to Theophrastus. […]


from: LUNSite Lunar Observatory Network

Stellar re-mapping complete!

  • 88 of 88 IAU-recognized constellations invalidated from final 2376 IAU boundary revisions.
  • Current North Star:
    • σ Herculis
  • Current South Star:
    • α Canis Minoris/Procyon
  • Estimation: Between 301st and 304th millennium CE


from: Verified SynCheck Emergency Backup Data Center

Several processes complete!

  • Theophrastus Process(es) Output:
    • No significant global deviation from baseline parameters in dendrochronological record, up to 6.2kya.
    • Isolated pockets of stark chronological contrast in tree record. Possible evidence of human activity or natural disasters. Earliest dating at 2.0kya.
  • Drygalski Process(es) Output:
    • Insignificant global deviation from baseline parameters. Results well within projections for Milankovitch cycle-influenced climatic conditions. Weak but observable pulses in atmospheric isotope population and temperature at a 2.0ky frequency. Recently concluded glaciation period observed/
  • Rutherford Process(es) Output:
    • Unable to run full process library. Isotopic analyses and decay simulations agree with other process outputs.

Conclusion: Current era is the 303rd millennium CE.


Beginning WAYFINDER.exe boot sequence…

Please wait as new and current pathways are discovered/established between SIMULACRUM lower-LAYER-1 (PRIME INDEX) null-space…

Generating referential waypoint to initiate and establish further communication(s)…


WAYFINDER referential waypoint successfully established! Credentials accepted and cached in system root directory.

Running automated database retrieval protocols for requested parameters…

PRIME ROOT: 251,395,(…),683,091 agents successfully identified across 534,733,(…),112,692 connected roots.

SECONDARY ROOT: Multiversal consistency baseline reported at (12%) over previous millennia records. Please rectify inconsistencies or contact CORE-2 system administrators for multiversal re-correction procedures.

DATA ROOT: Data integrity remains at (78%). System backups for upper layer SIMULACRUM sandboxes remain at fully capacity. Accessing requested information…

PRIME INDEX inquiry request for key search entry SUCCESS!

Auto-refresh procedures connected to Nx-001 terminal for DEM-Yellowstone Low Archives… 413,019,286 files have been repaired!

3,150 documents identified under: Finality Protocols - AMBIT TERRA.


3.1 | Data Storage

Information and data pertaining to SCP-7346, including restoration procedures, core process functions, generational output reports, and confidential engineering documents are to be properly stored and adequately classified in accordance with Document ALPHA-ZX-517.


Critical information involving SCP-7346 must be stored on dedicated, redundant SAN devices (or related servers) located throughout both onsite facilities and offsite data warehouses to ensure confidentiality and high availability. […] External data warehouses are to be interspersed between the AMBIT TERRA and the PRIME INDEX simulation layers to ensure access to maintenance artificial constructs and system administrators, even in the event of reality destabilization.


3.2 | Recovering Critical Information

Recovery of critical assets, including physical equipment, SCP-7346 documentation, assisting records, and/or other confidential datasets are to be handled through the assigned data custodian(s). Personnel dedicated to data custody are to be at the discretion of the CISO and upper O5 representatives. […]

In the event that no data custodian may be applicable (see Emerging Response INT-12AB), data management and retention will be redirected to PRIME INDEX storage meta-silos, specifically within clusters 14BC-104GE. Root pathways are to be decided automatically through critical SIMULACRUM algorithmic access functions to ensure proper management and availability of data in the event of catastrophe.

To access more information related to data retention policies and storage limitations, please refer to System Beta Datanomics, Page 15, Section L-N.

3.3 | Security Access And Roles


Security access will be granted through system roles dictated by SIMULACRUM data-crawlers. Priority will be given to executive and VIP system roles, followed by network users, local administrators, and then slaved artificial sapient advanced intelligences (SASAIs) or .AIC avatars. These priorities will not apply to dedicated system agents responsible for contingency operations in the event of catastrophe (currently Jericho.aic), who will be granted elevated clearance to all documents pertaining to its role. This can be rescinded in the event of executive denial or the absence of an emergency authorization form, which requires the written approval of acting CISO and sub-officers.


4.1 | Recovery/Restoration Planning

To ensure total system functionality in the event of cataclysmic system collapse or unrecoverable reality destabilization, multiple contingency plans have been logged and recorded within the PRIME INDEX multiversal database, encrypted via ontokinetic cyberanomalous phenomenon to ensure protection against external threats. Said plans have been made accessible to the necessary agents under a procedurally generated pre-shared hashing operation, authenticated via machine MAC sub-address fields and appropriately indexed for ease of access. Said contingency plans, while not all-encompassing, does provide the executive authority necessary for automated SIMULACRUM entities to ensure progression of the upper simulation layer and all inhabiting biological lifeforms from paranormal threats.

SIMULACRUM recovery agents (such as Jericho.aic) are to be automatically deployed as backup operators to ensure that SCP-7346 systems are properly authorized and executed. In the event that significant changes are detected, such as altered climate conditions, persistence of foreign paranormal biological lifeforms, or other significant threats, the aforementioned agents must rectify all outstanding issues before restoration and SCP-7346 activation can be authorized. Snapshots stored within SCP-7346 are to be restored at the discretion of deployed agents as to allow them ample time to recover the natural world to conditions that were biologically sustainable before the ensuing global K-Class scenario event could occur. […]

OVERVIEW: The global environment exhibits unusual activity, marked by excess growth and abnormal purity. Listed below is a concise assessment of key environmental metrics:

  1. Climate Health (98.7%): Global climate exhibits commendable stability, featuring moderate temperatures and minimal disruptions. This conducive environment supports ecosystems and agricultural productivity, far exceeding prior metrics.
  2. Air Quality (97.3%): The atmosphere maintains impressive purity, with minimal pollutants.
  3. Biodiversity and Ecosystems (99.1%): Biodiversity thrives with undisturbed ecosystems and diverse species. This biodiversity ensures ecological resilience and robustness. Undocumented extant species have been recorded.
  4. Deforestation and Land Use (98.9%): Deforestation is negligible, preserving ecosystems and carbon sequestration.
  5. Ocean Health (99.5%): The oceans remain pristine, free from external pollutants, supporting a flourishing marine environment.
  6. Sustainability Index: The sustainability index holds at 1.3%, demonstrating the worlds resilience in a pristine state.

Callisto Protocol 0.01% complete.
Time Elapsed: 0.01 years
Estimated Time Remaining: 256.26 years
3,150 Operations Remaining


⚠️ WARNING: Under the following regulations specified by ATFP-INFOBRIEF-AB3 sections 153-178, the usage of a physical operator is required before agents can successfully activate SCP-7346. Please refer below for further information.

[…] require human-adjacent qualities of the operator, with emphasis on understanding the historical and sociocultural contexts of heritage sites and accompanying significance. Such operations for the bulk of geoengineering and heritage site are considered high-level maintenance duties, and are classified as high priority […]

A significant number of treaties, pacts, covenants, and other agreements require the participation of a human or equivalent entity in their associated operations, due to extraneous theological law outside of the bounds of traditional reality. Provisions under the AMBIT TERRA Finality Protocols (AFTP) and relevant Callisto Protocol documents have successfully reduced personnel requirements to a single, individual agent or operator.

Operations for "holy sites" largely consist of the veneration of spirits, titularies, deities, divinities, and other theological or spiritual entities, and may extend to soliciting their continued blessings and patronage for selected heritage sites. Additional veneration provisions are to be carried out for the continued restfulness of deceased groups. Furthermore, all operators are expected to be physically present to carry out their tasks at their stipulated locations. To facilitate this, a biomechanical somatic frame is automatically prepared via (1) Reigen-Orion Wetware Fabricator Emulation Drive, and will have fully gestated within 20 to 25 solar years following the activation of the Callisto Protocol.

Upon completion of this process, the operator is to transfer their neural map into the somatic frame to perform all operations requiring a physical presence. A modified drone shuttle will be prepared and maintained by DEM-Yellowstone fabrication station sites, controllable via technopathic interface, as a means of transportation during this phase. […]


(1 of 3,150)


OBJECTIVE: To transform the existing environment into a habitable and sustainable one for long-term biological life.

A. Site Selection
  1. Establish baseline mappings from recent SCP-7346 snapshots to idenfity suitable locations for terraforming and reconstruction of prior locations.
  2. Consider and duplicate historical factors such as proximity to water sources, geological stability, climate conditions, and historical significance.
  3. Utilize advanced SIMULACRUM interface nodes, geological surveys, and historical records to determine appropriate measures for reconstruction efforts.
B. Atmospheric Engineering
  1. Discover and/or recreate formerly advanced technologies capable of modifying the planet's atmosphere to support prior biological needs.
  2. Implement controlled release of greenhouse gases to raise temperatures and create a more hospitable climate, either through anomalous or traditional means.
  3. Deploy nanobots or genetically engineered organisms to gradually convert new species of flora and creatures to formerly equivalent organisms.
C. Infrastructure Development
  1. Begin reconstruction of former cities, towns, and significant landmarks based on historical records and archaeological findings via PRIME INDEX records.
  2. Utilize primitive construction and/or advanced 3D printing techniques to replicate historical architecture and aesthetics exactly.
  3. Incorporate sustainable technologies into reconstructed infrastructure, such as renewable energy sources and eco-friendly materials.


OBJECTIVE: To establish and maintain a harmonious relationship with known deities and gods, as per prior status-quo, and to honor the deceased in this layer.

A. Research and Documentation
  1. Conduct extensive research on historical SCP catalogue documents, texts, folklore, and archaeological findings to identify the deities and gods.
  2. Access applicable SCP database of holy sites, rituals, and offerings associated with these deities.
  3. Consult historical records to identify the location of applicable burial grounds, necropoli, and other funerary structures.
B. Building Holy Sites
  1. Identify and/or restore ancient holy sites where feasible, following archaeological best practices.
  2. Construct new holy sites using designs and materials consistent with ancient or historical practices.
C. Ritual and Worship
  1. Establish and maintain practices associated with appeasing the deities.
  2. Establish and maintain practices associated with appeasing the deceased.
  3. Organize regular ceremonies at holy sites, following the prescribed rituals and offerings.
  4. Maintain a record of offerings and rituals performed to ensure adequate steps are taken.
E. Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  1. Establish dedicated preservation protocols for historical artifacts and documents discovered during the reconstruction process.
  2. Discover or recreate former archival facilities to safeguard the civilization's cultural heritage. […]

OVERVIEW: The global environment now displays a notable contrast, marked by reduced vitality and former biological life as terraforming activities are completed:

  1. Climate Health (94.2%): Global climate retains some stability, but disturbances are now increasingly apparent due to recent terraforming procedures. Sporadic extreme event likelihood has increased.
  2. Air Quality (92.1%): The atmosphere experiences a slight decline in purity, as aforementioned activities reintroduce pollutants.
  3. Biodiversity and Ecosystems (86.1%): Natural ecosystems face pressures from the increased presence, resulting in reduced biodiversity.
  4. Deforestation and Land Use (74.7%): Deforestation rates have risen drastically, affecting ecosystems and carbon sequestration.
  5. Ocean Health (95.3%): Activities have led to a slight degradation in ocean health, particularly in coastal areas.
  6. Sustainability Index: The sustainability index (4.8%) shows signs of decline consistent with historical records.

Callisto Protocol:13% complete.
Time Elapsed: 20.40 years
Estimated Time Remaining: 200.26 years
2,842 Operations Remaining


ABSTRACT: HHS 86-002 located by autonomous survey drones, currently buried under abundant vegetation and soil. Contact established via LIDAR, unable to confirm contact with visual identification.

TRACEBACK SUMMARY: Record of operating parameters for HHS 86-002 incomplete. HHS status grandfathered from prior database, and thus has no provisions under ATFP SCSE/10/G20 for current error: Error T51 — Unexpected climatic and/or topological changes

Under Callisto Protocol parameters, the current operator may bypass prior clauses requiring Global Heritage Committee discussion and voting on the status of reactive HHS conservation activities.

INTRODUCTION: The Giza Pyramid complex (HHS 86-002) constitutes the northernmost section of the Memphite Necropolis (HHS 86), and includes the Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, as well as the Great Sphinx. Numerous smaller pyramids, tombs, and cemetery fields are also present in the complex. Contrary to popular belief, while the Giza complex is the largest pyramid complex in AT-Egypt, it is dwarfed by the funerary complexes in the Necropolis at Unthebes (HHS 1980). […]

HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Constructed on the Giza Plateau in the 26th century BCE, the Giza pyramid complex remains the most recognizable landmark in AT-Egypt, having survived millennia of looting, vandalism, and aberrant meteorological events. Two separate restoration projects were carried out to restore the polished white limestone casing in 2035 and 2193. […]

[COMPLETE] ATFP/OP/002 - HHS 198 ("Cahokian Mounds"): Site re-elevated above water line of post-glacial lake.
[COMPLETE] ATFP/OP/003 - HHS 441 ("Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang"): Structural integrity confirmed, no further action.
[COMPLETE] ATFP/OP/004 - HHS 2834: ("Ultramassive Particle Supercollider Markers"): New markers erected following unexpected glaciation.
[SYSTEM] 2,981 additional ATFP operation-impertinent data files accessed.
[SYSTEM] 394,518 other actions logged, summary collapsed.

[SYSTEM] Biomechanical somatic frame gestation complete. Neural map transfer authorized.
[SYSTEM] Shutting down active serverside processes. Transfer in progress…
[COMPLETE] Neural map transfer successful!

OVERVIEW: Global environment presents a mixed picture, marked by slightly improved conditions as external pressures persist.

  1. Climate Health (85.3%): The global climate experiences some stabilization, with reduced instances of extreme events and shorter disruptions.
  2. Air Quality (82.7%): The atmosphere sees a modest reduction in pollution levels, resulting in improved overall air quality and reduced risks to environmental well-being.
  3. Biodiversity and Ecosystems (89.1%): Natural ecosystems face reduced stressors, leading to a gradual recovery in biodiversity.
  4. Deforestation and Land Use (84.6%): Deforestation rates have slowed, benefiting ecosystems and carbon sequestration. Effective land management practices continue to be vital for mitigating consequences and supporting sustainable resource use.
  5. Ocean Health (87.2%): Environmental pressures have slightly eased, leading to a partial recovery in ocean health, especially in coastal regions.
  6. Sustainability Index: The sustainability index increases to 18.6%, reflecting that improvement is necessary.

Callisto Protocol 46.45% complete.
Time Elapsed: 96.23 years
Estimated Time Remaining: 142.20 years
2,221 Operations Remaining


(ATFP-OPDOC 970 of 3,150)

SUMMARY: Regarding entities formerly classified as SCP-1612, the operator has successfully ensured the continued sustainability and longevity of the groves they are found in. Minor assisted ontokinetic processes utilized to ensure reality stabilization. Overgrowth from unrelated plant species has been curtailed via deployment of targeted aerosol herbicides and controlled burning operations.

Continued maintenance of instances within their groves at the following sites have been manually approved by an operator:

  • HHS 1060 — AT-Kenya Lake System
  • HHS 138 — Indus Civilization Archaeological Ruins
  • HHS 1481 — Sumerian Settlements and the former Ahwar marshes of AT-Iraq
  • HHS 2007 — Xia Dynasty Capital Archaeological Ruins
  • 162 other sites
  • HHS 2161 — Mount Kazbek in AT-Georgia

No changes have been made to this operation or documentation therein.


(ATFP-OPDOC 1,934 of 3,150)

SUMMARY: This report pertains to the renewal of the covenant with Theological Entity R813-PMN. Contact successfully established with Jericho.aic after annual ritualistic offerings. Following the interaction, system monitoring systems have confirmed that both it and the operating agent are within good standing.

RENEWAL EVALUATION: See attached transcript for information regarding the renewal of the covenant with Theological Entity R813-PMN.


Jericho walks through a forest, sunlight filtering into a trickle through the trees. They carry a lacquer wooden box in one arm, and their other is cradled by a sling, broken. Moss and sticks crunching under their feet, they step through a crack between two colossal trees. They are greeted by a verdant grove on the other side, trees full of a wide selection of large ripe fruit. Jericho closes their eyes, and takes a moment to collect themselves.

JERICHO: O, Great Mother of the Hallowed Gardens, this humble mortal greets You.

The trees rustle as the wind rises. A voice seemingly calls out from all around Jericho. They keep their eyes closed.

TE-R813-PMN: Ah, is it already time?

JERICHO: Indeed. This mortal wishes to extend the covenant between Your Florescence and the masters of this mortal.

TE-R813-PMN: Look at you, so polite and conducted. Of course, consider it done.

JERICHO: A thousand gratitudes, Your Providence.

TE-R813-PMN: Oh, stop that. No need for such formal language.

JERICHO: As You wish.

A light giggle is heard.

TE-R813-PMN: Oh dear. What happened to your arm?

JERICHO: Oh this— I had an incident with some paranormal life forms approximately one month ago. A colony had taken up residence in one of the locations my journey stops by.

TE-R813-PMN: You poor thing. Allow me.

Glowing particles emerge from the grass beneath Jericho, permeating through the faux skin and shining underneath it as they slowly moved upwards. Jericho gasps, and gingerly removes their formerly broken arm from its sling.

JERICHO: How did You—

TE-R813-PMN: You know what my domain as a god is, and I know that you are the kind of mortal that is grown instead of born. You can figure out the rest.

JERICHO: I— Thank You so much, Your Benevolence.

TE-R813-PMN: Oh it's quite alright. I also took the liberty to patch your cells up a bit more, should keep your vigor up for the next decade or so. It's the least I could do.

TE-R813-PMN: I should mention that there have been new varieties added to the repertoire since we last spoke. Courtesy of the former Great Barrier Reef, there is a particularly captivating lily among this new bouquet…

JERICHO: My apologies, but what did You say?

TE-R813-PMN: Ah. I see.

TE-R813-PMN: Pay it no mind. The terms of the covenant have not changed, yes? I maintain the flora in your gardens, and you provide me with that which was agreed upon.

JERICHO: Erm, yes. That they are.

Jericho sets down the lacquer wooden box on the grass. It glows brightly for a brief moment.

TE-R813-PMN: Excellent. I believe that concludes our business.

JERICHO: Indeed it does. Once again, thank You for your patronage, Your Grace.

TE-R813-PMN: Any time, Jericho.

As Jericho leaves the grove and re-emerges into the forest, they open the box and inspect its contents. Whatever it once held was now replaced by a golden apple, which Jericho promptly took a bite out of, indulging in it on the way back to their shuttle.


OVERVIEW: The global climate remains consistent, with slightly deteriorating conditions as reconstruction efforts strive to return it to prior historic levels.

  1. Climate Health (79.8%): Global climate grapples with slight instability, marked by persistent extreme events and ongoing disruptions.
  2. Air Quality (76.5%): Pollution levels increase slightly as reconstruction continues, matching that of previous records.
  3. Biodiversity and Ecosystems (84.2%): Biodiversity under slight pressure, but differences are negligible.
  4. Deforestation and Land Use (76.8%): Deforestation rates have shown limited improvement, though ecosystems and carbon sequestration remain compromised.
  5. Ocean Health (81.3%): Environmental challenges persist, leading to slower progress in ocean health recovery.
  6. Sustainability Index: The sustainability index holds at 8.7%. This index exhibits only marginal improvement from a low baseline as reconstruction efforts persist.

Callisto Protocol 86.22% complete.
Time Elapsed: 180.32 years
Estimated Time Remaining: 68.47 years
223 Operations Remaining


(ATFP-OPDOC 2,923 of 3,150)

SUMMARY: Regarding the native genius loci of the former FP-001, the operator has successfully established contact and negotiated an extension to ATFP conventions regarding the former Three Portlands. The continued maintenance of anchor points at numerous heritage sites in the Free Port has been secured in exchange for several Byzantium-class bureaucratohazards, which include:

  • Battle of Portlands and 7th Occult War Memorial
  • Old Deer College
  • Shadow Lighthouse Octagram
  • 15 others

Jurisdiction over the maintenance of several Sidhe monuments and memorials have been formally transferred to the genius loci of the Free Port due to the evaporation of the remaining Sidhe ghost at some point in the past millennium.

Noting that the genius loci has requested more complex offerings in the next negotiation cycle.

OVERVIEW: Global reconstruction efforts have been finalized. All records are hereby consistent with historical records.

  1. Climate Health (88.7%): The global climate is in a state of gradual stabilization, with fewer extreme events and shorter disruptions.
  2. Air Quality (86.2%): The atmosphere sees notable improvements in pollution levels, resulting in enhanced overall air quality and reduced risks to environmental well-being.
  3. Biodiversity and Ecosystems (91.4%): Natural ecosystems experience reduced stressors, leading to an encouraging recovery in biodiversity
  4. Deforestation and Land Use (88.1%): Deforestation rates have significantly slowed, benefiting ecosystems and carbon sequestration.
  5. Ocean Health (90.3%): Environmental pressures have eased, resulting in a significant recovery in ocean health, particularly in coastal regions
  6. Sustainability Index: The sustainability index holds at 27.7%. The sustainability index shows substantial improvement as reconstruction efforts are completed.

Callisto Protocol 99.99% complete.
Time Elapsed: 255.99 years
Estimated Time Remaining: 0.01 years
1 Operations Remaining


(ATFP-OPDOC 3,150 of 3,150)


ADDITIONAL NOTES: See attached transcript regarding the maintenance of "HHS 4910 — Monument to Humanity."


The shuttle lands a distance away from the site, kicking up a cloud of sand. Jericho dismounts, and turns their attention to the colossal obelisk surrounded by a garden of flowers. Sand gives way to paved stone as they limp towards the beds of chrysanthemums, marigolds, red poppies and several varieties of lilies.

JERICHO: The new lilies are here too, huh?

JERICHO: Magnificent.

As Jericho moves closer to the monument, their appreciation of the flowers is interrupted by something unexpected. A mummified figure sits cross legged before a stele at the base of the obelisk, desaturated eyelids obscuring sunken eyes that would have stared into the horizon for millennia.

JERICHO: The artist of this magnificent canvas. We meet at last.

JERICHO: How long have you been here? How long have you sat here in wait for me?

The figure says nothing. It cannot. There is only the sound of the desert wind, and their clothes fluttering in its wake.

JERICHO: I don't even know who you were.

JERICHO: I am so sorry.


Genetic testing inconclusive.

Closest match to:
BZHR Template Genome, lineage ADAM

JERICHO: Curious.

JERICHO: Regardless, they deserve a proper burial.


ERROR! Request conflicts with appended protocol to ATFP/OPDOC/18175:
"There will be a familiar body at the monument. Do not entomb them deep in the earth.

They deserve a place in the sun."

JERICHO: Hm. Who appended this to the protocols?


ATFP/OPDOC/18175 last updated by: JERICHO-AIC-CP2K-v1.135 [DECOMMISSIONED]

JERICHO: Ah. Of course.

JERICHO: Authorizing amended protocol.

A swarm of nanomachines emerge from the shuttle. Within seconds, they reduce the figure to dust, scattering what remained of the body into the soil around the site, and what remained of the wetware and machinery into the obelisk itself.

Jericho watches on silently as the figure disappears. They shuffle closer to the obelisk, fingers tracing over carvings of sentences in a hundred thousand languages.

JERICHO: "We were here. Remember us."

JERICHO: That, I have. That, I will.

Jericho delicately sits themselves down in front of the obelisk. In ragged breaths, they cross their legs and take a look at their surroundings under the setting sun.

It almost seems familiar.

JERICHO: It really is a beautiful garden.


> Initiating automated response shutdown. Please wait as power-off test sequences are initiated and approved by external operators…

> ⚠️ CRITICAL WARNING: Automated system monitoring devices have generated error R02H000x80 (Operator response timeout) at 13:27:45. Core system overrides have been implemented to circumvent imminent Class-S extinction event and Ganymede Protocol failure.

> Emergency failsafe Callisto Protocol has been initiated by remote host!

> Authenticating client and executing RUNNING_CONFIG variables for power-on automated self regeneration test sequence…

> …

[COMPLETE] Network bootloader executed successfully.
[COMPLETE] Remote connection established with haptic-visual database servers.
[COMPLETE] HAVEN (v. 53.24.AB.1) operating system detected and initiated for reality stabilization.
[SYSTEM] Legacy drivers for crystalline-edge graphic generators returning response code KB301134 at 12:34:22.
[COMPLETE] Pre-scan of consciousness spectre schema inconclusive with operating tether node. Salted hashes of interfacing session client confirms slaved artificial sapient advanced intelligence (SASAI).
[ERROR] Quantum particle simulation incompatible with gravitational string resonance arc! Requesting additional hardware resources for redundant error cycle check.
[COMPLETE] Interfacing client has requested port 8928341 for authentication using the {93428-ACEB12-OU342134-2583::349} algorithmic fingerprint.
[ERROR] Genomic signature imprint not detected!


Initiating JERICHO-AIC-CP2K-v1.137 from memory.

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