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Item #: SCP-7338

Object Class: Thaumiel Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7338 has no special containment procedures required for its containment. However, its current decided location is the floor 3 breakroom in Sector-3 at Site-██. All personnel are permitted to be in contact with SCP-7338. SCP-7338 is no longer to be kept in a public area, and personnel are no longer allowed in direct contact with it after Addendum 7338-C. In addition, as of 8/10/2023, when personnel are coming into contact with SCP-7338, they are to be wearing SCRAMBLE gear to prevent the cognitive effects of it.

The current location of SCP-7338 is in a waterproof containment locker at Site-██. The object is in no circumstances permitted to come into physical contact with personnel unless given authorization, exposed to any external stimuli (i.e water, food, etc), or taken down without explicit permission from Dr. Collin June. (See Addendum 7338-A.) Any violations of these guidelines is means for immediate apprehension.

If SCP-7338 is taken down, it is to be stored in a waterproof containment locker by itself. The new location where it is to be hung up must follow the following quota: SCP-7338 is to be kept in a waterproof containment locker and never taken out, unless for testing purposes. The following applies for the testing chamber SCP-7338 is to be tested in. (See Addendum 7338-B.)

  • The testing chamber must be clean to prevent SCP-7338 from becoming dirty.
  • The location must be in an area that all personnel can access. (Exeptions are Class-D or Class-E personnel.) The location must be in an area only Level-3 personnel or higher can access.

Description: SCP-7338 is a 22”x28” poster with two small holes punched in the top. The poster displays motivational messages, and has no static image on it. The motivational message is different for every individual that views it, always being in correlation to troubles the individual is currently experiencing. Furthermore, this extends to photographs as well. However the cognitive effects do not.

Individuals who look at SCP-7338 for an extended period of time (often around 2-3 minutes on average) report experiencing a boost of morale, and are more motivated and happier than they were prior to viewing. Productivity of the individual has been shown to increase by over 45%. This effect has been reported to last anywhere from an hour after exposure to an entire day. However, as of Addendum 7338-C and extensive testing, it has been discovered that to individuals experiencing mental trauma, these effects are addictive, and lead to compulsive obession with SCP-7338, to the point of risking their own lives to look at it.

Discovery: SCP-7338 was discovered at Corbin Middle School in Corbin, Kentucky on 7/9/2023. Students at the school had taken photos of SCP-7338, after viewing the anomalous effects of it. The photos spread on social media, which brought attention from the foundation to it. SCP-7338 was seized shortly after, and all record of it was wiped from the internet completely. A cover-up story that SCP-7338 was a result of online trolls was successful, and suspicion of it has been eradicated.


Addendum 7338-A

Date: 7/10/2023

Description: A junior researcher obstructed SCP-7338 by writing their name on the back of the poster, mistaking it for one of his own. (The researcher later reported that the poster matched one that they had lost.) The researcher was apprehended, and sufficient guidelines were put in place.

Note from Dr. June: Where do we find guys like this? I mean, I get he had the same poster but why the hell would we hang it up in the breakroom?

Addendum 7338-B

Date: 7/21/2023

Description: SCP-7338 came into contact with milk, after being placed in head researcher June’s office, spilled by Assistant Researcher Williamson after tripping on a water spill while walking towards the poster. SCP-7338 fortunately was not permanently damaged, however stricter guidelines to SCP-7338’s placement have been enacted.

Note from Dr. June: This better not happen again. Don’t worry, though. I made the researcher in question clean my whole damn office, including the poster, twice over.

Addendum 7338-C

Date: 8/10/2023

Description: SCP-7338 was viewed by Dr. Tucker. After, Dr. Tucker exhibited unusual behavior, such as going back to view SCP-7338 on a daily basis. Soon, multiple times per day. Dr. Tucker eventually began viewing SCP-7338 for hours on end. When a staff member attempted to remove SCP-7338 from its location, Dr. Tucker became hostile, and attacked the staff member. Agents detained Dr. Tucker, and SCP-7338 was soon moved to a waterproof containment locker where it is permanently kept unless for testing.

Note from Dr. June: This is why we can’t have nice things.

Addendum 7338-D

Date: 8/17/2023

Description: Dr. Simmons was found at 5:46 PM on security feed opening SCP-7338’s containment locker and staring intently at SCP-7338. Agents moved quickly, and detained Dr. Simmons for interrogation. SCP-7338 was returned to its containment locker. Dr. Simmons later reported, in tears during the interrogation, that he had recently lost his father to a heart attack.

Note from Dr. June: Alright, so we know the damn thing makes people uncontrollably addicted to it… but I had it in my office for a week and I don’t feel the urge to go and grab it. Perhaps it only affects individuals going through mental trauma? Further testing will be conducted.

Testing Logs:

Researcher: Dr. June.
Subjects: D-829455, D-200455, D-904555.
Date: 7/11/2023

Testing Description: Three (3) Class-D personnel entered the secure testing chamber and viewed SCP-7338 for an extended period of time. Then they reported what they viewed on the poster after.

[Log Start]

Dr. June: Enter the testing chamber.

The three Class-D enter the room containing SCP-7338.

Dr. June: Please view the poster you see in the room.

3 minutes elapses while Dr. June gets a cup of coffee. Research Assistant Williamson keeps watch while Dr. June is absent.

Dr. June: Alright back— I-I mean, please state what you viewed on SCP-7338.

D-829455: I just saw a picture of a turtle with words sayin’ “take it slow.”

D-200455: The hell are you on? It’s a picture of a mountain with the word “determination.”

Dr. June: D-904555?

D-904555: …frankly doc, I saw you gettin’ hit by a car with the words “follow your dreams.”

D-200455: Can I keep looking at it?

[Log End]

Results: SCP-7338 seems to adhere to the viewer’s current outlooks, or in a different sense, seems to show them what they need to hear. Also, I am formally requesting that D-904555 is no longer allowed within 10 meters of me.

Researcher: Dr. June
Subject: D-200455.
Date: 7/20/2023

Testing Description: Upon numerous requests from D-200455 to view SCP-7338, SCP-7338 was put into a secure testing chamber with D-200455 to further test the psychological effects of SCP-7338.

[Log Start]

Dr. June: Hello, D-200455. It’s been a while.

D-200455: Hey. Uh… is it here?

Dr. June: You’re referring to SCP-7338, I’m assuming?

D-200455: I.. uh.. yeah? The poster?

Dr. June: Yes. The poster. And yes, we’re getting ready to bring it in. However, beforehand I was wondering… you’ve mentioned to multiple researchers how you desire to see SCP-7338 again. Might I ask why?

D-200455: I… I don’t know, man. It made me feel so good. I want to feel that again.

Dr. June: It made you feel happy?

D-200455: Pfft. In a shithole like this? Happiness is an understatement. It made me feel… alive, man. I felt years younger. That poster is the shit.

Dr. June: I see.

SCP-7338 is brought into the containment chamber.

D-200455: Oh, fuck yeah.

Dr. June: What do you see on it now?

D-200455 is silent.

Dr. June: D-200455. Respond now.

D-200455: O-oh, sorry man. Lost in thought..

Dr. June: What do you see on the poster?

D-200455: It’s a picture of my girlfriend, before I came here… With the words… “Pursue your dreams.”

[Log End]

Results: Possible addictive qualities to the cognitive affects of SCP-7338. Further research is required.

Researcher: Dr. June
Subject: SCP-049
Date: 8/23/2023

Testing Description: SCP-049 was brought into a secure containment chamber with SCP-7338 hung on the back wall. SCP-049 was instructed to look at the poster quickly. He was then to be removed from the cell to prevent SCP-7338’s cognitive effects.

[Log Start]

SCP-049 is seen being brought into the containment chamber.

Dr. June: Please view the poster.

SCP-049 is seen looking at the poster in curiosity. A small chuckle is heard in the containment cell from him. He is then removed from the containment cell.

[Log End]

Results: SCP-049 reported seeing a blank lavender-colored poster with bold words saying “Keep up the great work!” As expected for the short exposure, no cognitive effects were reported for SCP-049. This confirms that the anomalous effects of SCP-7338 works with other SCPs as well.

Researcher: Dr. June
Subject: D-8845032
Date: 8/27/2023

Testing Description: A D-Class personnel who has experienced severe mental trauma, in this case D-8845032, who had recently been diagnosed by site medical personnel with prostate cancer, was put into a secure testing chamber with SCP-7338. A week was passed, and the D-Class was out back into a secure testing chamber, this time with SCP-7338 in an aluminum case. The D-Class will be told about SCP-7338, and be told not to look at it.

[Log Start]

D-8845032 is seen entering the testing chamber.

Dr. June: Please take a few minutes to view the poster you see.

4 minutes elapses as D-8845032 views SCP-7338. More than enough time for the cognitive effects to take place.

Dr. June: Exit the testing chamber now.

D-8845032 exits the testing chamber. The following takes place 1 week later. SCP-7338 is now in an aluminum case, with front latch which can be opened with ease. D-8845032 is seen re-entering the testing chamber.

Dr. June: We need to keep you here until our test is ready. Please refrain from looking at the poster we showed you last week which is inside of the aluminum case in front of you, doing so will lead to termination. Stand by.

D-8845032 is seen slowly pacing towards the aluminum box, before running at it and snatching SCP-7338 out. Agents enter the room and order D-8845032 to drop SCP-7338. D-8845032 complies, and is taken out of the testing chamber. SCP-7338 is put back in its containment locker.

[Log End]

Results: This further supports my suspicion that SCP-7338’s addictive effect only applies to those experiencing mental trauma. In addition, individuals without mental trauma, or individuals such as my self who have a condition causing it, don’t seem to be effected. However, more testing is required to provide a sufficient conclusion to both of these hypotheses.

Researcher: Dr. June
Subjects: D-556723, D-929942
Date: 9/3/2023

Testing Description: Two (2) D-Class personnel, one who has experienced mental trauma (D-556723), and one that has not who has pre-existing anxiety, (D-929942), entered a secure testing chamber with SCP-7338 in it. After 4 minutes of viewing, both D-Class were removed from the cell, and one week elapsed before the D-Class we’re asked if they wanted to see SCP-7338 again.

[Log Start]

Both D-Class personnel are seen entering the containment chamber.

Dr. June: Please view the poster you see on the wall.

4 minutes elapses as both D-Class view SCP-7338.

The D-Class are escorted out of the chamber by two security staff.

[Log End]

Results: As I expected, D-556723 showed extreme desire to see SCP-7338. At one point during the interview, she even threatened to kill me if she wasn’t allowed to see it. She has since been terminated. D-929942 on the other hand was indifferent on the matter, showing less concern about seeing it again. He did mention how it gave him a boost in happiness, however, and how it eased his anxiety for the next few hours.

Staff Reports:

Personnel Reported Effect
Dr. June A picture of a German shepherd, with the words "Don't Worry!" on the top of the poster. Dr. June later reported that he had generalized anxiety disorder, and had owned a german shepherd when he was a child.
Dr. Wilhelm A blank red background with the words "You can only go up from here!" Dr. Wilhelm reported to have recently broken his leg from falling down a flight of stairs at Site-█
Dr. ███████ A picture of a baby with the words "Always in your heart!" at the bottom. Dr. ███████ refused to provide a comment. Name redacted on request.
[DATA EXPUNGED] Individual undergoing psychological examination.
Dr. James A picture of a cat hanging off of a tree with the words "Hang in there!" at the top. Dr. James reported having no trouble in his life at the time.

Note: As of Addendum 7338-C, personnel are no longer permitted to view SCP-7338 without sufficient permission from Dr. June.

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