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OBJECT CLASS: Pending (see Addendum 7331.2)

CONTAINMENT PROTOCOL: Instances of SCP-7331 are to immediately be cordoned off and reported to the Metaphysics Department. Data regarding manifestations is to be collected as swiftly as possible in order to alleviate issues regarding the construction of the BOTRUS Engine. Individual instances of SCP-7331-1 are to also be located and transferred to the nearest Foundation facility to utilize in research efforts.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7331 is a series of localized universal null zones in which portions of baseline reality are temporarily replaced with absolute, raw nihility. This takes the appearance of an area that is obscured by the presence of a large, obstructive pitch black object or obstacle.

SCP-7331-1 was a Russian-Italian man in its late 20s for which SCP-7331 instances often manifested around or nearby. SCP-7331 instances typically demanifested approx. 20 minutes after SCP-7331-1 left the immediate area. SCP-7331 instances manifested at a minimum of once per three days, and at maximum of five per day. SCP-7331 typically manifested when SCP-7331-1 was present in a non-isolationist environment, though the exact mechanisms that cause this to occur are currently under research.

SCP-7331-1 had previously never interacted with SCP-7331 beyond taking photographs from a distance. Prior to the following, SCP-7331-1 had never approached an SCP-7331 instance due to anxiety.

ADDENDUM 7331.1: Clusterbubble Incident

On 4 May 2026, Foundation researchers were conducting standard testing regarding SCP-7331 and SCP-7331-1. Due to the difficulty of manifesting SCP-7331 instances in controlled environments, a portion of a civilian area was evacuated in order to allow SCP-7331-1 to freely roam under Foundation surveillance. SCP-7331-1 was equipped with the standard earpiece microphone and camera unit.

LOCATION: Meehawken, South Carolina, USA

TIME: 13:22

CONCEPT: To greater understand the criteria behind SCP-7331's manifestation.

PREMISE: Allow SCP-7331-1 to loiter in a public area and record the number and circumstances of various SCP-7331 manifestations.

(SCP-7331-1 roams around an empty suburban street, looking down at its feet as it kicks a small pebble down its path.)

CONTROL: SCP-7331-1, please relay your current mood.

(SCP-7331-1 sighs.)

SCP-7331-1: Zero out of 5 on the pain scale, 1 out of 5 on the happiness scale, 0 out of 5 on the somber scale, and 30 out of 5 on the boredom scale.

CONTROL: We don't have a boredom scale, SCP-7331-1.

SCP-7331-1: …yeah. I know.

CONTROL: Please avoid using facetious language during diagnostics, SCP-7331-1 - it can lead to inconsistencies in data.

(SCP-7331-1 stops walking and begins grinding the toe of its shoe into the asphalt. SCP-7331-1 grumbles something indistinctly under its breath.)

CONTROL: Come again?

SCP-7331-1: Nothing. I'm fine.

(The camera view shifts as SCP-7331-1 looks up from the ground, revealing the empty street. SCP-7331-1 continues walking.)

SCP-7331-1: At least it's a nice day outside.

CONTROL: That, it is.


(SCP-7331-1 has travelled into the center of town, taking in Main Street and walking past a number of shopfronts. It attempts to enter one of the stores, pushing the door's handle. The entrance is locked.)

(SCP-7331-1 takes a few steps back before turning to the right. There is a small staircase that ends in an instance of SCP-7331. It engulfs the path immediately after the bottom step, approx. ~7.6m long and ~7.6m wide, reaching up into the sky to an unknown height. The entirety of the "mass" is matte black.)

SCP-7331-1: And there it is.

CONTROL: Indeed. Please approach it, SCP-7331-1.

(SCP-7331-1 hesitates before doing so, stopping ~1m before SCP-7331's threshold.)

SCP-7331-1: What now?

CONTROL: Momentarily - we're collecting data regarding the size of the instance.

(SCP-7331-1 continues standing still, turning to examine various points of the SCP-7331 instance by the guidance of Control.)


(Shot displays SCP-7331-1 from behind as it examines SCP-7331 in accordance to Control's commands. At this angle, SCP-7331-1 can be seen picking at its fingers behind its back.)

(SCP-7331-1 turns around.)

CONTROL: Is there a problem, SCP-7331-1?1

SCP-7331-1: No, not r… I just felt like I was being watched.

(SCP-7331-1 turns back towards SCP-7331. There is a pause.)

CONTROL: Noted. Please proceed.

(SCP-7331-1 turns around to make its way back up the stairs.)

(From the far left, a figure rushes into frame, sprinting in the direction of SCP-7331-1. SCP-7331-1 looks up from the steps at the figure.)

SCP-7331-1: Wait wait wait, what the fu-

(The figure launches itself down the steps at SCP-7331-1, spreading its arms out to tackle it. Here, it can be momentarily seen that the figure is all black except for its face.)

(Contact is made and the momentum of the figure throws both subjects backwards into SCP-7331. Both subjects plummet out of view as SCP-7331-1 begins screaming.)

Immediately following this, SCP-7331-1's camera was able to record 4.3 seconds of it free falling inside of SCP-7331. The exact details of the figure clinging onto SCP-7331-1 remain obscured before the footage cuts out.

Foundation servers then received a large cache of corrupted video data sent from SCP-7331-1's camera. While initially believed to be completely unsalvageable, various members in Control were able to separate various video segments that appeared to be overlaid over each other.

CLIP 7331.02:

SCP-7331-1 sits at a desk in a college lecture hall. The professor is explaining abnormal psychological behaviors in regards to mental disorders. SCP-7331-1 is diligently listening as the lecture begins to shift topics into various mental illnesses. There is a loud crashing off to the right, SCP-7331-1 turning to see a student frantically running into the room, the door having slammed behind her.

There is a muffled rumbling as SCP-7331-1 turns more to see the back wall of the lecture hall begin to fracture, cracks running along the entire face. The wall then buckles before exploding outwards, away from the individuals inside. Beyond the wall is what appears to be a small singularity that pulls in the debris and detritus. All present begin attempting to flee though most are consumed by the singularity, including SCP-7331-1.

CLIP 7331.04:

Multiple large bodies moving around in an unknown substance. Structures on the masses are similar to that of bacteria, with one being successfully identified as a strain of Bifidobacterium. SCP-7331-1 appears to stay silent.2

CLIP 7331.07:

SCP-7331-1 is seated behind a man on a tandem bicycle as they both ride down a long strip of highway. Strands of long, straightened hair intermittently obscure the camera's view. Both riders are surrounded by fields of agriculture. The man occasionally looks back to see SCP-7331-1, smiling and laughing at it as it struggles to pedal along. There is a quick, hard cut of SCP-7331-1 as it continues falling inside of SCP-7331. The scene immediately returns and SCP-7331-1 chastises the other subject, sarcastically calling him an incompetent brother and that it doesn't understand why he even bought the vehicle. Of note is that SCP-7331-1's voice is higher-pitched and more feminine within the context of this instance.

CLIP 7331.08:

Multiple flashing faces (currently counted as upwards of 122) against a white background, all individuals between the ages of 15 and 18. All subjects were high school classmates of SCP-7331-1.

CLIP 7331.11:

The camera shifts to third person point of view, displaying a monochromatic kitchen set styled similarly to a 1950's sitcom. SCP-7331-1 enters stage right dressed in a pair of striped pajamas. It stretches exaggeratedly and yawns as it walks to the counter, taking items out of cabinets in order to prepare a cup of coffee.

Another man enters stage right in a suit, dress pants, and finely shined leather shoes. He greets SCP-7331-1 warmly before embracing it from behind. SCP-7331-1 smiles as it says good morning, handing the man a cup of coffee before reaching into a cabinet to grab another mug for itself.

Both subjects engage in conversation with the man playfully chiding SCP-7331-1 for not being an early bird. SCP-7331-1 laughs and responds, saying that was one of the traits that made the man fall in love in the first place. A studio audience coos with endearment. Both subjects chuckle and SCP-7331-1 stares directly at the camera. Its joyful expression has dropped and it appears confused. There is a burst of static preceding a clip of distorted screaming.

CLIP 7331.15:

The camera lays lopsided on the floor of a hallway. At the end is a corner that turns right. The sound of footsteps grows louder as something approaches from that corner. SCP-7331-1 runs into view, spotting the camera and quickly picking it up as it sprints by. It attempts to speak into the camera as it records, saying that it doesn't understand how it got here, that it's constantly being harassed. There is a screeching sound as something large can be heard following behind SCP-7331-1. SCP-7331-1 attempts to aim the camera behind it, revealing a large and mutated humanoid mass rendered in complete silhouette except for its face.

CLIP 7331.17:

The lens appears to be blocked by multiple moving objects. There are occasionally flashes of deep red that shift in and out of the scene. There is a muffled noise, possibly SCP-7331-1 attempting to speak. After ~20 seconds, the objects obscuring the lens move outwards away from it, and a large white crack forms. Opening up, it is shown to be the sun shining onto the scene, revealing the items obscuring the lens to be countless interwoven hands and arms, distorted to elongated proportions. SCP-7331-1 gasps for breath as it attempts to climb the array of limbs towards the open sky.

CLIP 7331.37:

SCP-7331-1 claws at a brick wall, appearing to be at the bottom of a tunnel or well. SCP-7331-1 calls for help multiple times, receiving no answer. SCP-7331-1 turns to see [REDACTED].

CLIP 7331.60:3

SCP-7331-1 is laying on the ground of a lightless expanse. Despite the lack of a light source, it is able to see itself. It sits up and looks at its hands, breathing shakily as it stumbles to its feet. It calls out and nothing answers. It begins shouting and screaming in anger, grabbing the camera, ripping it off the harness and throwing it to the ground. It points at the viewfinder, falling to its knees to scream into the lens, calling it useless and deriding the Foundation for throwing it into the fire. As it continuously raves, an echoing gurgle can be heard.

SCP-7331-1 ceases its tirade before it turns around, seeing the warped silhouette of the figure that initially knocked it over. The figure is ~2.4m, shrouded entirely in what appears to be crude oil. Its face is clean and human, with fully black eyes. It says that it is happy to see SCP-7331-1, addressing it by name. SCP-7331-1 asks what the figure is doing there, calling it "Mark." The figure responds, saying it had been waiting for SCP-7331-1 to "return home." SCP-7331-1 refuses, saying that "this isn't home," and that it does not understand what is happening. The figure approaches, arms open, embracing SCP-7331-1 as it shakes in fear. The gurgling sound returns as the figure pulls away from SCP-7331-1, placing its hands on the subject's shoulders. The figure says that it can't wait to show SCP-7331-1 everything its been missing. The ground then liquifies and both subjects plummet into the ichor along with the camera. The final image captured is of SCP-7331-1 as it struggles to break the surface. All transmissions then cease.

ADDENDUM 7331.2: Concluding Results

Though SCP-7331-1 has not been recovered, Foundation scientists have been able to track and identify the various lesser sub-realities that were formed upon its initial entry. Despite SCP-7331 seemingly being an individual-specific phenomenon, Foundation engineers are confident that their reverse engineering tactics combined with the newly-introduced BOTRUS Engine will facilitate cutting-edge research into timeline production and manufacturing within the next five years.

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