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Item#: 7328
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7328-A's remains are in cryogenic storage at Bio-Research Area-12, and may be accessed for study upon request.

SCP-7328-B is in standard Anomalous Item storage. Recordings of all communications it received while active, and translations thereof, are available upon request.

Description: SCP-7328 is an immense interstellar spacecraft of unknown origin, currently located an estimated 2.5 astronomical units from Earth. The object's distance and low reflectivity have made the details of its size and appearance difficult to ascertain, but initial observations determined that SCP-7328 was decelerating along a brachistochrone trajectory that would place it in low earth orbit by [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-7328-A was a cephalopod-like extraterrestrial organism assumed to originate from SCP-7328. See Necropsy Report 7328-A-1 for further details on its biology.

SCP-7328-A was discovered when RAISA received a notification that a secure terminal at Site-01 had been accessed with O5-1's credentials while O5-1 was known to be elsewhere.1 When Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") arrived at the terminal, they discovered SCP-7328-A's remains. The organism had apparently been terminated by the Berryman-Langford memetic kill agent when attempting to access the SCP-001 document; however, terminal records indicated that it had successfully accessed ████ other SCP documents beforehand.

SCP-7328-B is a cylindrical, metallic communication device extracted from SCP-7328-A's corpse. It is likely that, via this transmitter, SCP-7328-A relayed some or all of the classified information it accessed back to SCP-7328. The operation of this device is not well understood, nor is the means by which messages are transmitted between it and SCP-7328. SCP-7328-B continued receiving transmissions after SCP-7328-A expired, possibly indicating that the same messages were being sent to multiple SCP-7328-A instances.

43 minutes after SCP-7328-A's death, SCP-7328 abruptly changed course and began accelerating out of the solar system. SCP-7328-B stopped receiving messages at this time, and its power source failed soon thereafter.

After eleven months of work with both anomalous and non-anomalous methods, SCP-7328's final message was finally translated.

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