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SCP-7325 in disrepair.

Item #: SCP-7325

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-7325's isolated location, containment needs are simplified. A standard quarantine fence is to be constructed in a ten meter radius around the anomaly and routinely patrolled to prevent civilian interaction. All 7325-A instances are to remain in their display cases, until further notice.

Description: SCP-7325 is a derelict auditorium styled building located inside the Cleveland National Forest in Southern California. SCP-7325 is incapable of being damaged by any human means, instead only natural wear and tear can affect the stability of the structure. SCP-7325 contains 13 rooms, each housing a display cabinet, hereby designated SCP-7325-A. Each cabinet is adorned with a descriptive plaque, and contains one to three items each. The 13 rooms are organized in a U fashion with a central hallway with another plaque situated in the center of the hall. See Addendum 2 for transcript of the central plaque's message.

Ground piercing scans show a fourteenth room located underneath SCP-7325. This entrance to this final room has not been found. Thermal imaging indicates one living humanoid inside this room, seemingly sat at a table.

Addendum 1: SCP-7325-A Descriptions

SCP-7325-A1: Displayed are a lightly burnt fireman's jacket, a wooden baseball bat with metal spikes, and a gas mask. Plaque reads, "Creativity. Too much of the reality we live in stifles the creative mind, so wouldn't it be great if someone fought for creativity? My first attempt at bringing change to this world. Ausham, if you're out there, I hope you can find your belongings and fight again. For the creatives." Adorning any of the items displayed increases the wearers capacity for creative thinking, as well as artistic merit, most notably the writing of fiction. Of note, the room where A1 resides consistently has a faint smell of apple wood smoke.

SCP-7325-A2: Displayed are a red and black flannel robe, a walking cane designed to resemble a candy cane, and a typical Christmas cap, with black felt, silver fur rim and pom, and silver stars adorning the main body. Plaque reads, "Emotions. My most obvious work. Our world is bleak and dreary, so I hoped some festive cheer could brighten these dark days. Chanter, wherever you are, I hope you're still bringing some joy along with you." Adorning any of the items displayed grants the user a mild sedative sensation, followed by a "sense of well being"1 as well as the sudden manifestation of light snowfall regardless of location. Subjects inside the room where A2 is held report smelling cinnamon and hearing faint sleigh bells when the display is opened.

SCP-7325-A3: Displayed are a brown hooded robe, and a claymore sword. The sword resembles a quill, it's blade curved and etched to resemble a feather. Plaque reads, "Logic. I wanted to bring some stability to the chaos of life. My mistake was allowing my religious beliefs cloud my logic. I meant well with this, but ultimately my flawed logic did not make a big difference. I'm sorry Eclesius, you deserved better." Adorning any item displayed works as an instant relief to all anxiety disorders and has been shown to assist in logical reasoning skills. The room where A3 is held is reported to smell like old books.

SCP-7325-A4: Displayed are a tattered black leather jacket adorned with a variety of patches, and a mason jar full of white correction fluid2. Plaque reads, "Block3 Direction. I misunderstood you, I thought you were blocking my creativity and ideas, but I was wrong. You were directing me, leading me to things I can actually accomplish. I hurt you Parsure, I hope you'll forgive me one day." At current, no anomalous affects have been noted when wearing, or using the items displayed in A4. I'm sure these did something, I'll just fill this in later

SCP-7325-A5: Displayed is a single Roman Scutum4which will produce arcs of electricity throughout the display at random. Plaque reads, "Peace. My goal was to bring peace by bringing some neutrality. If we all agreed, we wouldn't fight. Shouldn't have been surprised that failed. Blake, you tried, I'll give you that." Wielding the shield allows the user to more easily manipulate and convince others into following instructions.

SCP-7325-A6: Displayed are a dusty and ripped Stetson hat, and an axe, topped with four heads, each blade rough and jagged. Plaque reads, "Passion. Nothing quite like controversy and rage to unite people together with passion. So I made a scapegoat, someone to channel all that rage into action. Cole, you bastard. You were supposed to unite people, not divide them. " Adorning any item from this display will result in humans5 to begin feeling anger and frustration for the user if in their presence.

SCP-7325-A7: Displayed is a single pair of sunglasses, with a black rim, one blue lens and one red lens. Plaque reads, "Wanderlust. We are taught at a young age that day dreaming is a waste of time and childish. That we must grow out of it. I disagree with that, we should let our mind wander every now and then, see where it goes. Dull, I don't know why I expected you to do more, you did what your nature required." No anomalous affects have been noted when wearing the glasses. What was I working on again?

SCP-7325-A8: Displayed are a pair of golden "shutter shade" style sunglasses, and a neon blue baseball cap. Plaque reads, "Encouragement. Ok I admit, all those 90's PSA's definitely shaped by ideas from time to time, but there's something so simply harmless and motivating about them. We all need a hype man sometimes. Glossy, this world doesn't deserve you. " Adorning any item from this display makes the user more compliant to directions.

SCP-7325-A9: Displayed are a pair of brown rimmed reading glasses, with chain, and a pair of bailing hooks. Plaque reads, "Nostalgia. The greatest struggle with nostalgia is being nostalgic for a time you've never been in. Summers in years you were never born in. Author, I doomed you from the start. I hope you are enjoying the lake at least. I hear the water feels nice. " [Description Redacted]

SCP-7325-A10: Displayed are a black suit jacket, the interior glowing with white neon light, and a matching white neon walking cane. Plaque reads, "Music. Music unites. It's fun, universal, and open. Buddy, I hope you're continuing the party wherever you are. " No anomalous affects have been reported by adorning the items displayed, however it has been noted that the room where A10 is held has been reported to faintly play whatever music is most favored by whomever is inside. Music is unique to each individual.

SCP-7325-A11: Displayed are a golden suit jacket and a golden caduceus staff, adorned with two roses in place of snakes. "Protection. Guardian angels have always been a fascination of mine, I hoped to make them tangible. Staliel, that was way too much pressure for one lone angel. Rest in peace." No anomalous affects have been reported by adorning the items displayed. Adorning the items displayed grant the user increased resistance to damage and harm.

SCP-7325-A12: Displayed is a faded brown bomber jacket, black ushanka hat, and a pair of customized pistols. Each pistol has eight barrels, etched with ocean waves, and dark oak handles. Plaque reads, "Adventure. There is so much to see in this world, but we are told it's impossible. Humans have lost the desire for adventure, and it's a tragedy. Or so I thought. Adventure gets people lost, and killed. Aloach, I know you are still on a journey, but come home soon." Displayed items have yet to be taken out of their display and tested. We've lost over 800 D-Class to these things. Every time one of them even touches the glass they disappear. Gone, lost. No information is even left behind about them, but I remember. I remember.

SCP-7325-A13: Displayed is a torn gray suit jacket and a sword. The blade of the sword is divided into two halves that can be split open. Display reads, "Abandoned. My final project, a summary of my failures, and my offer to let others dump their failures too. Failure weighs you down, keeps you from trying again, wouldn't it be great if someone could just take your failures? Abadon, thank you. " I'm sure you'll take this too

Addendum 2: Central Plaque Reading

"To whoever finds this place,


I've always had a hope that this world can be great, that we as people can be great. I've always desired to use what I can to bring change, to help others who need it. This place, this building you stand in, is a testament of my failures to do so.

I've left the items behind so that hopefully whoever comes across this place can use them to do what they can to make my life's mission a success! But, most likely this place will stay abandoned. If you are just some random person who stumbled upon my monument, I welcome you. Look around, take whatever catches your eye and save someone's life with it. If you're the kind of person who only looks for power, then I beckon you to please leave. I obviously cannot stop you, but I hope you listen. I've made these blessed objects to help people, not hurt people. If you are from a group that hides away power, then let me assure you that you won't have much work here. Keep them in their cases, lock this building up, and that's it. If what I have can help your mission then so by it, but I doubt it.

I've failed many times, and I will probably fail more. This place will eventually fall, but not by my hands, and not by yours. This, will be my last attempt to create something that lasts. If you so desire, please watch over it. If not, then I hope you enjoy seeing what I've attempted to do.

With a worn compassion, and a tired hand,
FL. "

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