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Room 322, photographed while SCP-7322 is not in session.

Item #: SCP-7322

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The location affected by SCP-7322 is to be placed under special supervision. At least three designated spectators are to be present at all times, and are tasked with monitoring the trial and reporting any unusual occurrences or developments. Foundation-affliated members of the legal system are to ensure that no regular trials are ever scheduled to take place within the courtroom currently containing SCP-7322.

Potential witnesses are to be permitted access to SCP-7322. After testifying, witnesses are to be interviewed, amnesticized, and released.

Description: SCP-7322 refers to a series of ongoing legal proceedings currently taking place in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

SCP-7322 manifests as a hallucination affecting individuals who enter Room 322 of the Adam M. Duncan Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse. Afflicted subjects report the sensation of being a spectator to a civil trial. While the specific details of the trial slightly differ based on the subject, the central participants appear consistent in every interpretation.

Four characters featured in SCP-7322 have been designated as particularly noteworthy, given their importance to the trial and unusually consistent appearance when compared to their peers.

Designation Name Description
SCP-7322-1 “The Plaintiff” Male, in his early twenties. Appears to lack a surname.
SCP-7322-2 “The Associate” Female, in her early twenties. Appears to be in a romantic relationship with the plaintiff. Rarely speaks. Appears to lack a surname.
SCP-7322-3 "The Judge" Appearance unable to be discerned.
SCP-7322-4 "The Defendant" Usually described as a bearded elderly man. Lacks ethnicity.

SCP-7322 has been observed since 04/23/2000. Since then, the anomaly has been active from 09:00 to 14:00 every day (barring Saturdays), which exceeds the usual length of a civil trial in the United States by multiple orders of magnitude.

Establishing the initial complaint of the plaintiff has proven difficult. Courtroom procedures appear to be irregular and erratic. Topics of discussion frequently change, and the subjects discussed appear to hold nearly no relation to each other. Investigations have proven mostly unsuccessful so far, with their results being limited to "the complaint appears to be related to some kind of eviction" and "the plaintiff demands some kind of readmission to a place or property".

Approximately twice per week, the court will attempt to call a witness to the stand. Those witnesses are contacted through either telephone or mail, and will receive a subpoena on a particular subject, along with means of transportation1 to access SCP-7322 if they lack any.

Attempts to prevent witnesses from accessing SCP-7322 have proven unsuccessful. In case that the witness passes away before they are able to attend the trial, spectators will still report them giving testimony at the trial within a week of their passing. While their appearance is virtually indistinguishable from living human beings, it should be noted that they do not leave the courtroom afterwards, with their physical corpse failing to show any anomalous behavior.
Reports indicate that those witnesses appear to be unusually happy or content.

An (incomplete) list of some witnesses considered to be especially noteworthy is provided below.

Name Description Testimony
Sangita Kanwar Seamstress currently living in Vadodare, India. Married to Avyaan Kanwar since 2006. Has three children. Her mother, a seamstress herself, introduced her to sewing at the age of four. Asked how she feels about her profession, her arranged marriage, and her general outlook on life. Asked on whether it was her own choice to become a seamstress, or if she was forced into the profession. Stated that she plans to introduce her youngest daughter to sewing as well.
Vosgi Sarkissian Resident of the Republic of Armenia. Experiencing heroin use disorder since 2019. Sought by law enforcement for alleged involvement in the murder of Rafayel Panossian, who had been a known associate of Sarkissian since at least 2005.2 Questioned on his early life, his relationship with his mother, and his experiences in secondary school. Asked to recount the events and choices that led to his heroin dependency. Questioned on his motive regarding the murder of Rafayel Panossian, with Sarkissian being unable to provide one.
Dr. Tymon Pietek Member of the Shepard Corps of the Horizon Initiative. Known to hold a doctorate in history. Speculated to use anomalous means to further his knowledge of theological events, especially those related to Christian mythology. [DATA EXPUNGED]
Zheng Lo Software developer currently living in Chengdu, China. Employed at Qingquan Entertainment, a video game developer and publisher specializing in gacha free-to-play mobile games. Zheng is an UI designer, primarily working on front-end interfaces for in-game microtransaction stores. Asked to explain her workflow, and what methods she uses to achieve the best results. Asked to explain the concept of “dark patterns”, and how the implantation of them affected the revenue of Qingquan Entertainment. Questioned on the methods Qingquan Entertainment uses to target “whales”3. Questioned on the methods Qingquan Entertainment uses to predict purchases by those users, and how effective these methods are. Asked if she ever chose to directly target individual users.
Jesús Castillo Catholic priest currently living in San Pedro, Mexico. Known for his anti-cartel engagement, which made him the target of several assassination attempts. Questioned on his religious beliefs and his social engagement. Asked if he thinks that his actions made a substantial difference. Questioned on the factors that may lead an individual to choose to commit criminal acts, and if it was a fundamental part of human nature or a conscious decision. Asked if "another six thousand years would be enough to get the job done".4
Dr. Johnathan King Mathematician currently employed by the SCP Foundation. Specializes in noncommutative and projective geometry. Known for his work on SCP-4314. Asked to describe the size, tactile feel, and visual appeal of an average apple. Asked on whether he would accept one if he was offered one. The testimony went on for a total of eleven hours, being by far the longest out of all testimonies observed so far.
Markos Angelis Professor of Zoology at the University of Athens. Published several influential papers on serpentology. Questioned on the dexterity and intelligence of Dolichophis jugularis5. Asked if members of that species are capable of actions resembling deception or fraud. Asked if members of that species are capable of plucking an apple and presenting it to another person.

UPDATE 04/17/2022: Foundation observers report that the trial is drawing to a close, with both the plaintiff and the defendant beginning to conclude their arguments. Intel indicates that the trial is likely to be decided in favor of the plaintiff.

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