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Item#: 7319
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7319-1 is to be kept in a small low-security containment chamber in Reliquary Site-39. SCP-7319-2 is to be kept in a small low-security containment chamber in Reliquary Site-12. To avoid damage to SCP-7319-1 and SCP-7319-2, the northeast corner of the Site-39 cell and the southwest corner of the Site-12 cell are to be padded with soft materials.
SCP-7319-1 and SCP-7319-2 are to be kept together in a low-security containment chamber located in Reliquary Site-39.

Addendum 31-10-2022: SCP-7319-3 is to be stored in a standard non-hazardous anomalous documents display in Reliquary Site-39. SCP-7319-3 is free to be studied by Site Personnel.

Description: SCP-7319 refers to two seperate suits of armor (SCP-7319-1 and SCP-7319-2) recovered near Bernau im Schwarzwald in what is currently Germany, approximately 20km from the German-Swiss border. The suits of armor were traced back to Burg Nanstein1, a castle located approximately 250km north of the recovery location.

Discovery: SCP-7319-1 and SCP-7319-2 were observed moving through the castle when put on display. The entities were noted to stop moving when they were relatively close to each other. The suits of armor were taken by the Foundation and brought to separate Reliquary sites for investigation and to utilize the available chambers. Efforts to incapacitate SCP-7319-1 and SCP-7319-2 were discontinued when deemed unnecessary due to their inability to escape containment.

SCP-7319-3 was discovered on 25-09-2022 in Burg Nanstein. The letter was initially overlooked as there was no initial connection to SCP-7319-1 or SCP-7319-2. A full report on the translation of SCP-7319-3 is provided below.

Addendum: 10-12-2022 As part of a planned test, SCP-7319-1 and SCP-7319-2 will be brought into the same containment cell on 27-01-2023.

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