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Clearance Level 2: Clearance
Containment Class: esoteric
Secondary Class: draugr
Disruption Class: #/ekhi
Risk Class: #/danger

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
N/D N/A Alex Y. Bushed N/A

Special Containment Procedures: All Monitoring Systems, along with Observing Personnel, should be familiarized with the current definition of SCP-7312-β objects’ characteristics. If such an object is noticed, personnel are required to immediately inform the nearest Foundation or sister organization site about its location and noted characteristics.

These facilities are required to send a team or a group of drones to the location, to determine the exact characteristics and features of the subject, as well as the general threat posed by it. Subsequently, per the relevant guidelines of the Yam protocol1 as well as containment procedures appropriate for the anomaly of -beta object, it needed to be secured and its documentation and label prepared.

The Bureau of Disinformation and the Department of Public History are obligated to conduct extensive Veil-patching operations, as well as attempts to recreate as much as possible of historical knowledge damaged by SCP-7312's occurrence.

Designated interdepartmental analysis teams were chosen to determine the cause of SCP-7312's occurrence, along with the development of new methods of detection and prompt containment of -beta subjects through the Yam protocol.

Description: SCP-7312 was a worldwide event of a fully unknown nature, which took place on May 18th, 2020. Currently, it is believed that the main consequence of the aforementioned event is the complete obliteration of noosphere-residing memeplex, designated as SCP-7312-α or referred to as “-alpha," from baseline reality. Due to that, the conceptualization of the whole subject of said memeplex became impossible for every sentient being on Earth.

Despite the complete disappearance of -alpha, the physical or informational nonnoospherical pieces of evidence of its existence persisted. Unfortunately, after the occurrence of SCP-7312, all of the evidence became heavily distorted from its primary form. Most of the said objects also gained diverse anomalous properties. This led to officially determining them as instances of SCP-7312-β.

Ongoing research on previous noosphere localisation of SCP-7312-α allowed the discovery of residual information2 not directly connected to eradicate -plex, due to their connection with other memeplexes.

Analysis of those residuals and -beta objects allowed researchers to determine some information that could be parts of -alpha, before its disappearance. Some of them are:

  • -alpha was the memeplex of a physically existing subject;
  • the said subject was a person;
  • said person was an important historical figure;
  • was born in Poland in May of 1920, day undetermined;
  • was closely related to the Catholic Church;
  • held an administrative position;
  • was subject of the cult, presumably canonized or viewed as a saint without official recognition;
  • died between 1990 and 2010;
  • for reasons unclear some of the Polish people ridiculed and satirized them after their death, mostly on the internet.

Overview report on the SCP-7312 incident
and following investigation.

October 13, 2021 Dr Alex Y. Bushed, et al.

On May 18, 2020, between 11 a.m. and 12 a.m. UTC, Foundation's Monitoring Systems and Observing Personnel began to simultaneously report the occurrence of an undefined but significant number of paranormal phenomena or anomalous objects discoveries, throughout the planet.

Due to the seriousness of the situation and its difficult-to-control development, official requests for cooperative help in tackling the situation were sent to the GOC and local sister GoIs. The vast majority of these organizations agreed to the offer without making any additional requests. The rest of them agreed to cooperate after negotiations.

This allowed the majority of physical objects to be contained and a significant part of the anomaly to be secured within the first 6 hours of the incident. From that moment on, cybersphere anomalies, the number of which significantly exceeded the worst estimates, became the most problematic case.

Because of this, the Foundation has started negotiations for cooperation with anomalous hacker organizations, branches of the Maxwellism Church collectives as well as non-aggressive digital beings and hives. Talks were completed within half an hour, with the success of receiving support from more than half of mentioned institutions and beings.

As a result, the main wave of the crisis was resolved less than 24 hours after its start. And it allowed for the initiation of the Veil-patching operations, and the analysis of events and objects acquired by the Foundation and other GoI.

Summarizes have shown that approximately 21 million people died as a result of the incident. And the number of missing, injured or other victims is difficult to determine unequivocally due to the involvement of anomalous factors. The most specific and difficult events include:

  • sudden increase in size and acquisition of motor skills by the statue located on the grounds of the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland, which then began to ram the city's buildings, throw and roll a boulder that was previously part of the installation; after its destruction remains of the statue were searched, and any possibly still anomalous parts were secured and contained for research;
  • death of about 37 thousand people in the prayer square on the outskirts of Częstochowa, Poland; the cause of death was impossible to establish, and research indicated that it occurred simultaneously; at the same time, at the scene, especially among the personal belongings of the deceased, a large number of anomalies caused by SCP-7312 were found;
  • the airport near Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel, Azores, Portugal, lifted off the ground and began to levitate a few kilometres above sea level;
  • the disappearance of the street with its structures and people on it, in Yonkers, NYC, USA;
  • the acquisition of the properties of non-Euclidean space and temporal anomalies by one of the parts of the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy;
  • the spread of a highly viral, life-threatening and mind-altering, but at the same time deeply self-antialternating and limited to one form of manifestation, a meme that quickly transmitted across the European and Asian internet; this meme took the form of a video recording of a portrait picture of a man in white clothes, with distorted characteristics, animated in the way resembling a run or a dance, accompanied by specific synthetic music with a rhythm matching the movements of the animation; all infected devices and servers have been shut down and wiped, a copy of the memetic agent has been secured for analysis, the exposed persons were put in a pharmacological coma and are awaiting amnestisation;
  • the simultaneous acquisition of motor and verbal communication skills through two monuments, in Chicago City, USA, and Krakow, Poland; both monuments began to move at a considerable pace through the large area, breaching the door of local houses and apartments, asking in the language of its inhabitants "Do you want to talk about the God?" [sic]; the memorial in the USA managed to visit about a quarter of its denizens before neutralization, and the memorial from Poland visited the residents of the voivodeships of Małopolska and Upper Silesia, and some inhabitants of the northern regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia before it was secured.

Eight days after its initiation, the main incident was considered resolved and preliminary documentation was prepared, classifying it as SCP-7312. A proper investigation was launched with the appropriate teams and resources in place. Monitoring of the world situation and securing previously unnoticed objects were continued. At the same time, a campaign to cover up the incident was launched.

According to the data collected thanks to following investigations, all the objects seemed to be in a key way related to each other, but they have been distorted or damaged to a degree that makes it impossible to clearly define the common element. These objects often referred to specific documentation, which also turned out to be distorted or damaged.

In addition, the Department of History reported that many of the damaged documents were concerned with historical events from the 1920s to the present day. It was also noted that all staff members, including Parabiological Databases personnel, were unable to recall certain details of the specific events and facts. Surveys conducted among the global community of historians and civilians proved a clear inability to recall the same information — apart from deviations resulting from the functioning of the brain.

Based on this, the main committee team hypothesized that SCP-7312 was a collective consciousness restructuring event. The effect of which must have been complete removal or isolation of at least one memeplex from baseline reality.

Therefore, a special interdisciplinary team was appointed to analyze the results of the investigation, and the Semio- and Noosphere to prove or contradict the hypothesis.

Due to a major component failure of TETS3 on May 18, a pinpoint procedure using a non-anomalous totemic object warped due to the occurrence of SCP-7312 has been delayed.

On September 11, 2020, the team began the first scans of the local Infosphere covering the area associated with the planet Earth. The first map after the SCP-7312 event was fully completed five days later. For comparative purposes, maps of the local Infosphere from 2010-2019 were pulled out from the Deepwell Archives of the adequate Sites.

After three months, the team and TETS were unable to discover any remains of the decomposition or isolation of memeplexes matching the conceptual data borne by the incident. Because of this, hypothesis that SCP-7312 is a failed reality restructuring event was proposed.

However, on January 9, 2021, an unidentified information hole in the compaction of the Noosphere was found. At first, linking it to the incident proved to be extremely difficult. Mostly due to the lack of data about such a thing.

Additionally, the existence of the aforementioned hole was not consistent with the maps obtained from Deepwell Archives, which indicated that there was no information or a hole in the given coordinates in previous years. This would indicate a spontaneous creation of a memetic vacuum, which did not interfere with the Noosphere in any way or collapse under its influence.

The suggestion was then made for possible damage to the Deepwell Archives maps by SCP-7312. Despite that some considered it to be impossible, the maps were re-scanned by the CIM-SHRIMS.4

The scans showed the presence of antimemeticaly-affected memeplexes in the coordinates where a void was found in the new maps. This fact suggested that the SCP-7312 event used an unidentified aspect of reality to wipe out memeplex, SCP-7312-α, and in some way alter all objects directly connected to it on a conceptual level. Including subjects secured against any threats and forces known to the Foundation.

Scans of the remaining maps were carried out, revealing in some of the oldest the presence of highly lethal factors. When an examination was conducted to verify if anyone might have accessed them before this discovery, no lack of personnel was noticed.

However, in one of Site-184's Deepwell Archive terminal rooms, the corpse of an unidentified male was found, carrying a Foundation scientist's ID with an assignment to a team analyzing SCP-7312's connection to the Noosphere.

After a Deepwell Archive backup of the Site’s employee database was accessed, it was confirmed that the man was indeed a member of the team. Terminal's search history in the room where the body was found showed that the scientist had been exposed to a lethal factor present on the 1989 map.

After the above discoveries, all maps were properly doctored and additional security procedures were introduced for Deepwell Archives. No further unexpected events were recorded, and research into SCP-7312 proceeded smoothly.

By focusing on the information hole, researchers were able to gather more evidence consolidating the hypothesis of the complete erasure of SCP-7312-α from the Noosphere. Including information that were parts of non-alpha memeplexes, but showed a state of temporary destabilization due to their certain connection with -alpha before the event of SCP-7312.

Due to the risk of a scenario similar to Incident Ø-E5/B, extensive scans were commissioned to verify the possible existence of an alpha residue beyond the standard Semio- and Noosphere, or other beyond-human-comprehension space. However, all the analyzes made contradicted this possibility.

Effective August 19, 2021, this research phase was completed and the current version of SCP-7312's documentation was prepared. From then on, the analytical team focused on a more detailed analysis of all events, the location of the information hole, and the alpha residuals.

ESC#21 event summary.

May 9, 2022 Isimud.aic, Interplanetary Affairs Bureau
of Foundation's Department of Paraastronomy

On the date of July 3rd, 2021, the twenty-first event of the Exosolar Contact with seven inhuman, extrasolar civilizations or other beings began. These civilisations made contact with the Foundation through various, not necessarily pre-established, communication channels. The end of the event was considered to be the date of the last contact, October 1, 2021, when no other extrasolar civilization established open communication with the Foundation after four consecutive months.

These civilizations as the main reason for their interest in Earth gave the fact of noticing a non-collapsing memetic vacuum in the local Infosphere of the universe. However, the general motives for making contact turned out to be different or were difficult to establish unequivocally.

The brief descriptions of each contact are presented below:

ID #: ESC#21-1

08:09 AM, July 3 2021
— 07:16 PM, July 5 2021

CoI:5 Mapele

Contact method:
Micro Space-Time Wormhole Stabilization Anchor Pod

Synopsis: Contact started by sending a query via satellite to the Foundation Early Communication Systems, about the state of human civilization and planet Earth. After a short time needed for identification, the system sent a response to the planet Nebt — the main centre of the Mapele civilization — providing basic info about the proper functioning of the terrestrial civilization. Immediately afterwards, the information about a signal from Nebt was sent to IPAB, which took the initiative and launched an official conference with Mapelen.

The Mapeleans, it turned out, were concerned about the sudden sighting of an unusual phenomenon in the Earth's Noosphere. They expressed concern about the possibility of serious harm to human civilization, leading to its eventual extinction. Proposals were made to help the evacuation of a group of people to their home planet Nebt, where they promised to build a separate and properly terraformed district. All because of the fear of loneliness - a memetically induced species trait of Mapelean.6

The representatives of the Foundation managed to calm Mapelean's proxies and ensured that humanity is not currently critically endangered. Upon authorisation from their superiors, IPAB briefly reported to them the incident of SCP-7312 and stated that an investigation into its cause and possible dangers is still ongoing.

After gaining this information, the Mapeleans, clearly reassured, used the remaining stability time of the wormhole to continue negotiations of the knowledge needed for Earth's space colonization projects that are under development.

ID #: ESC#21-2

11:00 AM, July 18, 2021
— 09:17 AM, July 19, 2021

CoI: Swarm 37

Contact method:
Proxies of one of the swarm's combat fleets.

Synopsis: Swarm's Spacecraft Fleet7 arrived in the asteroid belt area, then dispatched 17 small scout units into the orbit of the Earth.

Some broke into satellite systems of the largest organizations and countries in the world, and the Internet. Three units made contact with the Foundation, UN (GOC) and Gaia. They demanded an immediate explanation of the memetic void in our Infosphere area, as well as the transmission of all information obtained about it, focusing primarily on its general threat to existence.8

After receiving a response and verifying its truthfulness, the fleet departed from the Solar System, leaving behind a xenobiomechanical, autonomous ship to monitor the further activities of humanity and the effects of the SCP-7312 event.

ID #: ESC#21-3

01:58 PM, July 31 2021
— 03:31 AM, September 13 2021

CoI: S’aveng Hive

Contact method:
Tachyon Exotic Transmitter

Synopsis: The Foundation's Time Afterimage Observatory Systems recorded the tachyon afterimage signal. The signal location pointed to the star VVV-WIT-07, 1300 ly9 distant from Earth. Thanks to this, the sender was identified as a robotic Hive of S'aveng who, for unknown reasons, expresses great interest in the colonization of star systems whose civilizations have become extinct.

As predicted, the hive asked if humanity was dying out because it had noticed a hole in the Earth's Noosphere. At the same time, they stated that no response within half of our planet's cycle would be taken as an affirmative answer. In this case, autoreplicators would be sent to Earth, which could reach it within 40 years and start building another hive.

A reply negating such assumptions was sent, along with a deliberately fragmented explanation of the situation, omitting information that might be too dangerous to convey to this hive.

Then a message about accepting the answer was received.

ID #: ESC#21-4

07:13 AM, August 13, 2021
— 01:13 PM, September 17, 2021

CoI: Smertnesti

Contact method:
Tachyon Exotic Transmitter

Synopsis: The tachyon afterimage was observed again, but this time from a planetary system located in the constellation of Lynx.

The signal was decoded as a threatening inquiry. Briefly, the Smertnestians were asking if humans had created a new "killer of worlds" weapon, referring to the Infospheric hole in space associated with the Earth.10

Following the appropriate contact procedures, an appropriately contoured confirmation message was sent back, the form of which allowed for the subconscious implications that mankind had not developed any such weapons.

This was followed by an answer that laughed at the stupidity and military weakness of Terrestrial civilization and glorified Smertnesti's military power.

In line with the official policy, no further contact was made.

ID #: ESC#21-5

03:34 PM, August 20, 2021
— 02:18 PM, September 11, 2021

CoI: Cal Compre

Contact method:
Trans-Space Interference Projector

Synopsis: In the office of the chief director of the Department of Paraastronomy, a holographic image of the Virtual Interspecies Contact Assistant of Cal Compre civilization has appeared. Like previous civilizations, they decided to contact us to verify what happened to the human Noosphere.

Due to the standard transmission delay resulting from a distance,11 it took such a considerable amount of time to clarify the situation, with a shortened form of explanation, and to discuss its issues.

Finally, the Virtual Assistant expressed their understanding of the situation, and Cal Comprean's interest in the event of SCP-7312, after which contact was ended.

ID #: ESC#21-6

12:45 AM, September 23, 2021
— 00:27 PM, September 29, 2021

CoI: Put’e

Contact method:
Tachyon Exotic Transmitter

Synopsis: Another observation of tachyon afterimages has been reported. This time it was established that they came from the planet Wano, distant from Earth by about 450 ly.

The message contained the typical call to conversion to faith in the "Great Oool Unn" (literal translation) and excerpts from the holy books and psalms of the Put'e culture and an invitation to discuss the deity of that culture. Throughout the entire message, information about the hole in our Noosphere, which the discussed civilization used as an excuse to send this message, appeared many times, in various forms.

In response, the message 5HU7-7H3-FVK-U9 was re-sent.12

As expected, no reply was received after that.

ID #: ESC#21-7

04:57 PM, October 1, 2021
— 05:02 PM, October 1, 2021

CoI: Not Determined / Unknown

Contact method:
Powerful psionic impulses

Synopsis: An unidentified, possibly previously unknown to Foundation, entity sent strong psionic impulses toward Earth, targeting all persons whose work was directly related to SCP-7312. The sense of the psionic message was presented by all those affected as a question "What happened?", which, according to witnesses, was also supposed to convey the image of a hole in mass consciousness.

From that moment on, all of them, along with all the psionically sensitive persons on the planet, felt the presence of an unidentified force. This force covered the entire planet for a few minutes, overwhelming each of the aforementioned people. After that, the presence sent another message that was translated as "Now we understand" and backed off. Affected persons described this presence as ancient.

The Psionic Stability Surveillance Systems of Planet Earth recorded the readings, which when transcribed into clear data, confirmed all the information provided by witnesses. At the same time, these systems pointed the outer space, more than 33 billion light-years from Earth, as the location of the psionic signal.

In April 2022, it was confirmed that this signal came from an area where two highly redshifted galaxies, HD1 and HD2 — one of the oldest known to mankind — were discovered.

Proposal for sending a request
to the RCT-Δt to inform other TLs about SCP-7312

July 24, 2022 TL-Overseeing Office

Based on recent reports and analysis of SCP-7312's effects, it has been determined that approximately 17 anomalies have arisen as a result, which, if not contained, would have led to some end of the world. In addition, it was noted that the anomalies generated during the event took on features randomly, and similarities were only noted between the severity of the properties and how conceptually related the distorted objects were with -alpha.

Therefore, it is clear that only a quick reaction and winning the probabilistic lottery took the view of the end of life as we know it away from us, giving us at least a few more days of peace.

Yet another major problem with the -alpha disappearance was the twenty-first ESC event, during which at least two to four of the seven contacts established posed some serious risk to the survival of Earth and its life, and humanity.

Considering the above facts, TL-Os O is officially requesting an alert to be sent as soon as possible, via RCT-Δt, to other TLs regarding the threat posed by SCP-7312.

TL-Os O estimates that if the cause of SCP-7312 has not been determined by the end of 2025, urgent consideration should be given to requesting a warning without giving clear info about the cause of the anomaly.

This is due to the observation of the current state of our TL, now referred to as TL-7312-0, which indicates that the Relative Warning Window has been limited to a given date.

Review of the SCP-7312's impact
on the present world

August 31, 2022 Dr Julia Alea, Dr Petra Okolova
and Dr Claus Wolf

Although the title of this study seems clear, the isolation of cultural data and events arising from the occurrence of SCP-7312 is not necessarily so.

While some can be taken with a high degree of certainty as such, others are variously questionable. This is in many cases due to the influence of SCP-7312 (or at least such assumptions seem correct in most cases), which makes it unclear what exactly we should be observing. We don't know what to look for because all clues are gone. Which of the more or less drastic changes in the world should we take into account?

Nevertheless, we can clearly explain most of the information obtained.

On a global scale, many changes are the result of -beta entities and cover-up actions. A great example of this is the tightening of anti-terrorist laws in many countries and rapid (supported by the Foundation and the GOC) modification of the global Internet Network.

As for the overall effects, apart from the aforementioned ones, there is a certain historical crisis resulting from the necessity to modify many historical facts about the -alpha subject. For this reason, we observe the emergence of certain scientific studies and conspiracy theories, the latter often referring to the so-called Mandela Effect.

Such scientific works and theories often focus on trying to decipher some of the uncertainties arising from the impossibility of -alpha conceptualization. Most often they fail to discover any key information. Sometimes, however, some of them are still able to reach certain conclusions, which has already helped the Department of History several times to develop and introduce into the public consciousness the probable courses of these historical events — the closest to their expected form.

At the same time, the mass distribution of some amnestics introduced a certain apathy to the gaps in history in the academic community, which helped to prevent a major scandal on a global scale.

One can also point to the temporary consternation of some communities and individuals about the object considered to be one of the main or the main reasons for the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. But the credit for leading to this event was quickly distributed among more easily identifiable entities.

Other significant effects of SCP-7312 are heavily associated with the Catholic Church and other religions. As an example, giving a momentary and unexpected deterioration of the relationship between the institution of the Roman Catholic Church and other Abrahamic faiths, especially Islam. While this crisis has been dealt with, it nevertheless leaves a somewhat unpleasant chance for a future sudden escalation.

Further, there is a slight decrease in self-committed believers in highly religious regions and communities.

Or problems with identifying a person from the Roman Catholic faith, associated with certain controversies, which led to the final, more intense, direct and impersonal accusations of Church institutions of various scandals or critical events.

It was also impossible to determine who assumed the position of the Pope after the death of John Paul the first. This fact turned out to be particularly demanding in terms of fabricating evidence from fragmented knowledge and distracting historians and the public from it.

In addition, it seems that the overall culture and nationality of the people living in the Republic of Poland suffered the most.

Here, as a result of huge losses (one of the largest in the world), we could observe quite drastic changes in the law and manifestations of citizens who were for the changes, as well as against them or their elements.

It also appears that the influence of the Roman Catholic Church in this country has weakened particularly strongly due to SCP-7312. At the same time, a slightly larger increase in the degree of secularization of the society has been observed at present, although the overall acceleration of the trend seems to be a bit slower than in the previous years.

Additionally, some parties and institutions closely associated with the Church seem to lose their authority to a noticeable degree. It is possible that this and several other factors contributed to a slight social depolarization in the country.

Another event that followed, but quickly faded out, was the two-month long, nationwide pro-Russian and pro-USSR socialism media campaign, which appealed to nostalgia and longing for the times of the Polish People's Republic. It received no special attention other than satirical and cynical comments from some columnists and commentators.

It is also worth noting the impact of SCP-7312 on Polish culture, especially the Internet. It was possible to observe some non-anomalous memes here that were related in some way to -alpha but have now been permanently taken out of context, becoming cultural artefacts. An example here is the various uses of the number 2137 frequently appearing on the Internet or various puns using the word “kremówka” (fondant) — a popular cream cake.

When you look at all of this from a broad perspective, it is difficult to judge clearly how much SCP-7312 has changed the course of events. The only thing that is almost certain at the moment is that many of these changes are rather barely noticeable in the short term and that in the long term their impact will slowly dissipate and mix with reality in a less and less noticeable way.

New documentation discussing recent discoveries about SCP-7312 is available.

Click here to access new file.

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