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Item#: 7304
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Special Containment Procedures: Outpost-12-IRQ is established to occupy SCP-7304-2 and secure SCP-7304-1 items for transport to site-02-IRQ.

Description: SCP-7304 refers to the manifestation of items in SCP-7304-2, an ancient Sumerian temple located in the city of Ur. These items, designated SCP-7304-1, have been continuously appearing since their discovery in 1952, with a total of 392 393 instances recovered. The most technologically advanced SCP-7304-1 instances suggest their natural development occurring in the near-future (around the early 2100s), based on an exponential model of technological growth.

All SCP-7304-1 instances were found with significant amount of inert Scranton Radiation1 and a large quantity of Euchars2.

Most SCP-7304-1 instances were found deliberately damaged, exhibiting signs of being struck with a bladed weapon consistent with bronze-age technology.

Addendum-7304.1: The following is an incomplete list of SCP-7304-1 items recovered from SCP-7304-2.

SCP-7304-1-12 An incredibly small 10 TB empty USB with key-chain compatibility. Found broken in half.
SCP-7304-1-126 An advanced computer with labels indicating that its CPU regularly reaches speeds of 48 gHz and requires 32 Kilowatts. No compatible monitor is currently available. The gashes on the case were likely made with a ~60cm curved blade. An emblem engraved on the side resembles the logo of a Foundation-like entity, -BF/102 "Rogue Spies"3
SCP-7304-1-230 A smartphone. Incredibly thin at 2mm. Found deliberately broken in half. No charging port is found. Outer casing is scorched and emitted toxic amounts of gamma radiation at time of discovery.
SCP-7304-1-260 A laser printer with a sheet of paper in the printing compartment. The paper contains a crude, printed diagram of an unknown terrestrial creature. Small spots are highlighted to indicate the presumed vital spots of the creature. No ink was found in storage.
SCP-7304-1-327 A slab of modern concrete with dried blood splattered over a 2m2 area. Large claw-like scratches were found in this area as well. DNA analysis of the blood reveals it to be a mixture of human blood and blood from an unknown anomalous Cephalopoda-Felidae creature. The creature is designated as anomalous due to trace inactive amnestic compounds found in the blood.
SCP-7304-1-381 An automatic rifle superficially resembling an M60 machine gun. It is incredibly lightweight due to being constructed of graphene. Engraved middle-Sumerian writing on the barrel reads "Begone foul beasts!" Evidence of heavy use was found.

Addendum-7304.2: On 2033/4/3, SCP-7304-1-393 was recovered. Unlike others, it was a clay tablet consistent with bronze-age technology containing middle-sumerian writing. Below is a translation. A few lines were memetically highlighted in SCP-7304-1-393, represented below by italicization.

Atayah, King of Ur and Sumer, in accordance with the true word of Utu, did establish equity in the land; he banished violence, and strife, and set the monthly Temple expenses lower than previous. For 20 years did he rule in this way, and it was good. However, the citizens of Ur had demanded the banishment of one more aspect. They demanded that King Atayah banish the mighty mayors of Sutrah, Ceridu, and Peresad, who the citizens said make an affront to Utu with sorcery, and commune with the gods in order to gain power for themselves. When King Atayah refused to banish them, they tore their clothes.

The mayors, having many allies from the heavens who share their Foundation, were favored by the gods. Atayah, wise King of Ur and Sumer, knew this, and that they alone held back many evils. It was for this reason King Atayah did not banish them even though they grew powerful enough to challenge the King.

After Atayah had turned over the Kingship of Ur and Sumer to Enlil, he, in a foolish attempt to gain the people's favor and secure his new position, had the mayors of Sutrah, Ceridu, and Peresad slaughtered, and their belongings seized. Their largest temple, located in Sutrah who's dimensions were many, and in which the mayors communed with their heavenly allies, was converted into a temple for Utu. Of the seized belongings, those deemed unholy were banished at the new temple of Utu in Sutrah. Some were kept as loot.

Because of this foolishness, all of Sumer was cursed and great beasts of heaven shook the Earth. He ruled a mere 2 months, and chaos consumed the world.

Using the inter dimensional database available as a result of the Many Foundations Treaties4, it was found that a Foundation-like entity designated -BR/463 "Bronze Mayors" was a minor figure in inter-Foundation relations. Despite their interdimensional capabilities, their mundane development paralleled that of the bronze age. Their most recent communications indicated that their neutralization was imminent, and that a widespread TTK-Class "Tartarean-Intrusion" scenario would take place as a result. They requested support and equipment to prepare for an WC-class "War for Civilization" scenario.

No communication has been received from them since the 1950s, and Foundation-like entity -BR/463 is presumed neutralized. The status of humanity in -BR/463's dimension is unknown, but due to the freshness of Euchars on SCP-7304-1 instances, presumed not extinct.

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