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Item#: SCP-7301
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7301 is currently stored in a Standard Anomalous Item Locker located in Site-301. Direct visual contact with SCP-7301 is strictly forbidden. Foundation personnel violating this policy will be detained and amneticized. Investigations regarding widespread SCP-7301 exposure among Foundation personnel are currently underway.

This document is maintained and edited by the Site-301 Administrative Team exclusively.

Description: SCP-7301 is a handwritten document drafted on 3 pages of non-anomalous A4 paper. SCP-7301's primary anomalous effect is a TYPE-B memetic compulsion triggered upon 72.89% of individuals after reading the entirety of SCP-7301's contents. Said individuals are collectively designated as SCP-7301-A. Foundation employees described as "compassionate", "empathetic", and "kind" appear to be seemingly more vulnerable to SCP-7301's effects, while D-class personnel from violent backgrounds seem to be the least affected.

SCP-7301-A instances express a strong compulsion to convince Foundation personnel unaffected by SCP-7301 phenomena into reading SCP-7301. When questioned about SCP-7301's contents or reasons for reading it, SCP-7301-A responses vary; most avoid the prompt or fail to justify a response with sufficient reasoning. Nevertheless, due to the potential confirmed exposure of several high-ranking Foundation personnel to SCP-7301 and the resources available to them, it is currently believed that 2.6% 7.9% 16.2% 44.5% of all Foundation personnel have been exposed to SCP-7301.

SCP-7301's second anomalous effect renders SCP-7301-A instances completely inoculated against all methods of memory removal or alteration known to the Foundation. This effect is present in 100% of observed SCP-7301 instances. Potential implications of this effect are poorly understood.

Addenda 7301.1—SCP-7301 Excerpts:

Addenda 7301.2—Discovery and Additional Information: SCP-7301 manifested in Site-301's meeting room on █/1/2023 during a scheduled Administrative Staff meeting, somewhat resembling an official Foundation Summary Memo distributed annually amongst site administrative teams providing updates and statistics regarding the Foundation and its operations. Colloquial vocabulary is used as opposed to the clinical tone used in almost all official Foundation documents. According to information provided by SCP-7301, the document was written by the "SCP Foundation Ethics Committee". No such department has ever been established in the Foundation. The "Ethics Committee", for all intents and purposes, does not exist.

Site-301 Administrative Staff identified the anomaly and current containment procedures were designed and implemented successfully..This statement has been flagged for potential memetic corruption.

No further action is necessary.

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