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Item#: SCP-7297
Containment Class:
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SCP-7297, without collar.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7297 is housed within a containment pen in the Psychology and Parapsychology Section of Site-48, under the care of its current head researcher, Dr. Tiyara Benjamin. Between 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, SCP-7297 is allowed to roam the secure zones of Site-48 with accompanying personnel, for exercising and recreation purposes.

Kibble feed, rubber toys, cat litter, and other resources necessary to maintain the physical and mental health of SCP-7297 are to be provided by Habitation and Sustenance staff.

Description: SCP-7297 is the designation given to a female Felis catus (or domestic cat), possessing whiteish-orange tabby markings. At the time of its discovery, SCP-7297 had already been neutered, and was wearing a pink collar with the word "Betty" engraved upon it.

Any individual directly perceiving and/or having skin contact with SCP-7297 will be overcome with an extreme sense of calmness and contentment, combined with the immediate and spontaneous inhibition of violent emotions and intent.

Addendum 7297-1, Discovery: SCP-7297 was recovered on the 5th of August, 2022, when a Foundation operative embedded within the National Police Corps reported an unusual occurrence involving a recent gunfight incident between police officers and a group of store burglars in the city of Lelystad.

The operative, Agent Yasuo Feghoot, explained that the burglars in question were surrounded, and proceeded to exchange gunfire with officers when suddenly, both parties cease fire upon laying eyes on an orange cat (SCP-7297). The burglars proceeded to drop their weapons and surrender to law enforcement, expressing regret and contrition over their actions. By identifying its collar, Agent Feghoot was able to locate and get a hold of the cat, whom he discovered scavenging for food in a dumpster near where the gunfight incident occurred.

A small containment team was dispatched, and they were able to successfully apprehend the cat and transport it to Site-48.

Addendum 7297-2, Experiment Results: Through several types of testing conducted by the Psychology and Parapsychology Section, it is revealed that SCP-7297 is capable of the following:

  • Affecting non-human subjects who maintain contact or perceive it, including entities known to be "cat-chasers", such as non-domesticated dogs and venomous snakes.
  • Affecting a large number of individuals at a single time, with the only observable limit being around ~50 subjects.
  • Still affecting individuals despite being under extreme distress, though researchers have noted that the effects were notably subsided than normal. (Per orders from Dr. Benjamin, these types of experiments are to be avoided if possible, as they could permanently affect SCP-7297's mental health.)

It is important to note that whilst testing, workplace productivity and overall morale of Psychology and Parapsychology research personnel have been noted to be significantly increased, especially during periods where individuals were able to take part in leisure time with SCP-7297.

Addendum 7297-3, Containment Updates: From the 17th and 27th of September, 2022, Foundation operatives stationed near and around Flevoland province where SCP-7297 was initially discovered were able to recover twenty-two domestic cats of varying ages that possess similar anomalous properties to SCP-7297. Containment teams were able to transport the cats to Site-48, where they have been designated as instances of SCP-7297-1 to -34.

DNA analysis of the instances reveals that they have a positive genetic match with SCP-7297 itself, implying that they may possess a biological relationship with each other. Similar experiments outlined in Addendum 7297-2 yielded more or less indistinguishable results. Furthermore, offspring produced by these instances have been shown to still retain anomalous properties.

In light of this, SCP-7297's containment pen has been expanded to properly accommodate its biological relatives. Additionally, the supply of various resources belonging to the Habitation and Sustenance Section has increased accordingly to maintain SCP-7297-1 to -34's health.

Addendum 7297-4, Integration Proposal:

Integration Proposal (2022) — Dr. Tiyara Benjamin

Chair, Psychology and Parapsychology Section, Site-48


If it wasn't obvious, SCP-7297 herself and SCP-7297-1 to -34 have been proven to be extremely useful and effective in elevating and maintaining morale within Foundation staff, both due to their anomalous properties and their appearance as mere harmless cats.

To my knowledge as an on-site Section Chair, Site-48 only houses Safe- and Euclid-class anomalies, the majority of which possess no known means of utilizing and/or harming SCP-7297 in any way. Though I doubt that would be a problem, as I've already conducted prior psych-evaluations on each contained sentient anomaly, and none of them express violent intentions to SCP-7297 (or to cats in general).

I propose that SCP-7297 and its various instances be made available to all Foundation personnel, with permission to let trusted individuals take care of a single instance themselves. The proper enactment of this proposal could most definitely promote optimism and efficiency whilst also reducing workplace stress and anxiety, and factoring in the risks involved (in which there are none), this could be a positively successful endeavor.

On the 3rd of October, 2022, the Reintegration Committee decided to officially approve the above proposal, with Dr. Benjamin herself being assigned to primarily maintain its effectiveness.

The following notice has been disseminated to every known network within the SCiP.Net database.

Attention to all staff,

As of November 2022, the majority of the Overseer Council (along with the Ethics Committee, the Directors' Command, the High Court, and the Administrator's Office) has officially commissioned a Foundation-manned operation known as the EVERSOR Initiative.

The Initiative will be primarily headed by the Decommissioning Department, and will be focused on neutralizing or otherwise nullifying the effects of low-level anomalous objects directly contained by the Foundation. The purpose of the Initiative is to hopefully lower the monetary costs relating to the Foundation's current budget (a memo explaining the circumstances of Incident 6004-MONGOOSE has been attached to this notice).

A Site-01 liaison has been transferred and assigned to each individual Foundation facility to ensure that the proper personnel maintains the preservation of the EVERSOR Initiative. Keep in mind that the Initiative has been classed as a Class-V Priority in the SCP Foundation Dogma.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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