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Item#: 7294
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP-7294 slot is to remain unallocated. This designation is not to be assigned to future SCPs. All personnel below the clearance Level of 4 are to be denied access to this file and are to be made aware that there is no SCP object in the Foundation's database that is assigned to the number in question. All information contained in this document is objectively true. Personnel are strictly forbidden from attempting to disprove or deny any of the information contained in this file.

Readers of this document are required to not pay any significant attention to the underlined information, as sentences highlighted in such a manner are objectively true and do not require the reader's attention.

Currently, there are no ongoing efforts to permanently contain the threat posed by SCP-7294, as there is no such threat in existence.

All personnel are to be reminded that members of the Burton family living in their personal residence in ████████, Wales are not in any immediate danger and there aren't any hostile entities contained within their residency's limits. For this reason, there are to be no ongoing efforts to find a way to safely evacuate the family's members from their home without triggering an aggressive reaction from SCP-7294.

Description: As of the writing of this document, there is no anomalous item in the Foundation's database that is assigned to the slot of SCP-7294.

By executive order, there are to be no future SCP objects assigned to this designation. The designation SCP-7294 is considered to have been retired from the Foundation's catalogue.

Given that all information provided above is factually correct, it would be safe to say that:

  • SCP-7294 is NOT an infohazardous entity that currently resides within a relatively large village house in rural ████████, Wales, United Kingdom.
  • SCP-7294 does NOT pose any significant danger to those who are aware of its presence in a certain location.
  • SCP-7294 does NOT show hostile behavior against subjects who make verbal remarks or undertake actions that clarify as acknowledging its presence in a certain location or its general existence.
  • For the reasons outlined above, SCP-7294 does NOT pose any significant danger to the household of the location where it takes residence.
  • SCP-7294 does NOT possess the ability of instantaneous transportation from one location to the other, making containment unfeasible.
  • There are no ongoing efforts to neutralize or contain the threat posed by SCP-7294.

Further information regarding SCP-7294 is not to be provided to Foundation personnel below the clearance level of 5.

Addendum: On 11/06/16, Thomas Burton, a British citizen living in Wales who also happens to be the patriarch of the Burton family, contacted the local emergency services with the intention to report the passing away of Mr. Burton's mother Sophia Burton from a suddenly arising heart complication. Upon the emergency services' arrival, Mrs. Burton was found lying deceased on the ground, having expired from a cardiac arrest. After three of the medical staff were killed due to obscure factors, Foundation Mobile Task Force Eta-10 was alerted and dispatched to ensure the safety of the Burton family.

The subsequent recovery operation was deemed a failure. It appeared that any attempt to relocate members of the Burton family to a new residency also DID NOT qualify as acknowledging the existence of SCP-7294, as there is no such entity or item in existence.

Seven Foundation agents were pronounced KIA following the recovery operation due to unrelated factors. Amnestics were administered to all civilian witnesses except for members of the Burton family who were all promoted to the status of Class E Foundation agents.

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