Item #: SCP-7292

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: To ensure that respective SCP-7292 hosts do not lose their Thaumiel properties, it is imperative that they are not informed of their anomalous nature. However, to ensure their operation continues, Foundation assets should not interfere with hosts themselves, instead focusing solely on containing any Veil-breaking phenomena they may produce.

Due to the recent rapid and intentional weakening of the Veil as well as the agreement between the O5 Council and PoI-386-Prime, the Foundation should under no circumstance interfere with any SCP-7292 host operations, instead aiming to aid them where possible.

Description: SCP-7292 is a poorly understood global phenomenon that affects every single selfless or kind act a conscious being is capable of undertaking. Whenever any sentient or sapient entity willingly acts out of pure altruism instead of any other gain-focused motives, through an accidental chain of relation, they inadvertently cause the weakening of hostile beings that feed upon any form of human suffering.

SCP-7292 is capable of having its own hosts, which take the form of individuals1 that are the primary heralds of selfless values in their respective time period. It is unknown how many such hosts have existed throughout history, but current estimates place it at a number between 10 000 and 50 000.

It is believed that SCP-7292 acted as mankind's primary and most effective defense mechanism against hostile deific entities prior to the formation of normalcy-guarding organizations for over 300 000 years.

Addendum 7292-1: Abridged List of SCP-7292 Hosts

Period of Operation Name Description Notes
~ 300 000-240 000 BCE PoI-001-B ("The Inventor") An ancient Fae goddess, sister and enemy to PoI-001-C ("Queen Mab").2 Heavily implied to be the "good" counterpart to Mab's rule over the Fae Empire, focusing her actions on aiding her people and improving their lives despite her sister's tyrannical rule. Died during the First Diaspora, the event that eventually led to Queen Mab's death and the fall of the Fae Empire. Singlehandedly allowed for the event to even occur, sacrificing herself for the cause of freedom.
~ 1800-1200 BCE GoI-691-ARC ("The Freemen") A rogue sect of Sarkicism that isolated itself from the faith's main current, believing that its actions following the rebellion that freed it from under the Deava Empire to be heavily unethical. Propagated cooperation between Mekhanites and Sarkites, attempting to aid those that chose working together over violence. Perished during the First Occult War while attempting to stop the conflict from occurring. Despite its failure at its primary goals, it is responsible for preventing significant portions of the damage and deaths the war would cause without their intervention. In the present day, the knowledge of GoI-691 is heavily censured by most Neo-Sarkic groups and individuals.
~ 270-343 Saint Nicolas A Catholic (GoI-194) and Eastern Orthodoxy (GoI-206) saint, primarily known for significantly helping those in need near him and around the world. Despite his death of natural causes in 343, the legacy of Saint Nicolas' character, Name, and values are still maintained to this day, and are often imitated by various organizations and individuals, both paranormal and nonanomalous.
1864-1868 GoI-491-ARC ("Peacewalkers") A humanitarian movement born at the beginning of the Sixth Occult War. Aided all wounded by the conflict, taking no part in the chaos that ensued because of the war, remaining a neutral party. Perished during the final battle of the War. Previous to its disappearance, however, it prevented as much as 56% of wounded as a result of the conflict from dying.
Operating since at least 1870; ending threshold unknown "Kindness" An extremely poorly understood person, entity, metaphysical construct, or literary being, responsible for bringing several people around the world "the best end to their respective stories." The reports of "Kindness" and its actions have led several Foundation personnel to part their ways with the organization and join other Groups of Interest; interestingly, however, none of them pursued any violent operations against the Foundation or any other normalcy organizations, instead aiming to focus their lives on upholding the legacy of "Kindness."
1909-present day GoI-386 ("Dr. Wondertainment") A group of anomalous toymakers focused on bringing joy and magic into the otherwise sad and dull lives of children, passing down the title of Dr. Wondertainment to the successors of its founder, Chester Williams. Due to the ongoing degradation of the natural environment, current political systems around the world, and the Veil protocol as a whole and in spite of the Foundation's promise to stop intervening with its operations, it is continuously losing its magic, instead focusing on producing mundane products. N/A — See below.

Addendum 7292-2 PoI-386-Prime-4 Interview

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