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Item#: 7289
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Street view of SCP-7289-A.

Special Containment Procedures

Foundation agents embedded within American law enforcement agencies are to monitor internal reports for allegations of misconduct, corruption, or criminal activity perpetrated by law enforcement officers. Agents are to construct cover stories to explain these individuals' potential disappearance, up to and including reports of their death, and disseminate them in the event of an SCP-7289 manifestation.

Roads leading to SCP-7289-A are to be marked as out of service, and monitored by Foundation personnel for possible encroachment by unaffected civilians. Individuals affected by SCP-7289 are to be allowed entry, as interference has been shown to be both hazardous and ineffective.

Addendum A-7289.01, Effective 2 January, 2014

Continuous patrol of SCP-7289-A is to be conducted by MTF Sigma-12 ("The Dirty Dozen"). In the event that individuals affected by SCP-7289 threaten to breach the perimeter of SCP-7289-A, MTF Sigma-12 are authorized to use lethal force.


SCP-7289 is a delusional compulsion that manifests in members of American law enforcement agencies. Individuals affected by SCP-7289 have been observed to abruptly abandon their daily lives, workplaces, and families, with no warning or explanation, then travel to a small urban settlement in northern Indiana, hereafter classified as SCP-7289-A.

While residing within SCP-7289-A, affected individuals engage exclusively in organized criminal activity. Extensive observation has revealed that individuals affected by SCP-7289 believe they are acting as undercover law enforcement officers, attempting to infiltrate the criminal underworld of SCP-7289-A to bring its inhabitants to justice.

All identified individuals affected by SCP-7289 are recorded as having had investigations into official misconduct and/or disciplinary action taken against them by the agencies with which they were last employed. Allegations against them have most frequently included claims of excessive force or civil rights violations, but have also included official corruption, abuse of alcohol or narcotics, and sexual harassment and assault.

SCP-7289-A is shielded from discovery by a self-perpetuating antimemetic effect. Though the area it occupies is expansive, filling a space of about 64 km², it appears on no maps and in no public records, nor is there any demonstrated public awareness of it among residents of the surrounding area. Foundation staff were alerted to the existence of SCP-7289-A following the reports of a civilian who claimed to have deliberately followed an individual under the influence of SCP-7289 into its boundaries. Although SCP-7289-A is easily discoverable by those under the influence of SCP-7289, or those who are already aware of its existence, it remains hidden to members of the general public.

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