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Item#: 7281
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SCP-7281 before Containment.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-7281 is contained within Aquatic Reserve/Timor1 - Pool 3 (Width: 25m, Length: 40m, Depth: 12m). This environment is designed to include various flora and fauna and other items to replicate an aquatic environment to the best of our ability. Side A of Pool 3 is an artificial beach (Width: 25m, Length: 4m) with a large rock placed 4m from the shoreline, both of which SCP-7281 frequently uses as a place to rest, observe its surroundings and engage in recreational activity.

SCP-7281 is to be fed 1KG of chum2 per day.

SCP-7281 has been granted access to the following items:

  • 1 Hand Mirror
  • 1 Comb (replaced if broken)
  • A supply of string3

The observation chambers of Pool 3 are to be soundproofed. Personnel are reminded that when entering the immediate vicinity of Pool 3, an HPD is a requirement unless specified otherwise by Containment Specialist Dr. David Sterk. Unauthorized disuse of an HPD will result in disciplinary action.


Layout of SCP-7281 Containment Area/Pool 3


SCP-7281 is an aquatic organism with a human-like upper body and a 4.5-meter-long, fish-like tail from the waist down4 In most circumstances (See Below), the humanoid portion of SCP-7281 broadly resembles a typical human female, although lacking breasts or an umbilicus and its skin is similar in appearance to that of Pandea Rubra (Red paper lantern jellyfish) but is more durable than human flesh.

The slight transparency of SCP-7281’s skin allows us to make out the vague internal structure of SCP-7281. SCP-7281 has a set of fangs, similar to the Angler Fish. The Object also has three hearts located throughout the upper torso. SCP-7281 does not appear to have any bones, and instead has slightly denser muscle tissue to give its body structure. Despite this, SCP-7281 possesses enough strength to effortlessly tear the tissue and extremities off of its victims. A surgical examination is currently pending.

SCP-7281 shows equal intelligence to that of a typical human. SCP-7281 is also capable of human speech and has spoken multiple languages to various personnel. When pressed on how it knows said languages, SCP-7281 will claim to 'not understand the question,' which it has done in four languages thus far.

Thus far SCP-7281 has not attempted to escape containment.

SCP-7281 has shown interest in a small number of its containment team, particularly SCP-7281 Containment Specialist Dr. David Sterk. Dr. Sterk has since interviewed SCP-7281. (See Below) Individuals of SCP-7281‘s interest will frequently be asked questions about themselves, what they are currently doing and if they enjoy swimming. Staff are asked to withhold classified information, or personal information such as their home, relatives etc. EDIT: Personel are also reminded not to accept SCP-7281 offer for a swim.

Many on the SCP-7281 Containment Team have received hand-crafted jewellery from SCP-7281 made from supplied string and various bits of dead fish, shells and rocks. These items show no abnormal qualities but are asked to be kept on-site regardless.5 Staff are recommended to wear any received gifts when interacting with SCP-7281 as the object is noted to be more engaged with those who do so. The reasons for this are likely simple: SCP-7281 is flattered.

Within the water, SCP-7281 occupies itself by eating, pilling up rocks and half-eaten fishbone and examining its reflection using the One-Way Mirror used to visually observe SCP-7281 whilst it is underwater. While SCP-7281 spends the majority of its time underwater, it is capable of breathing oxygen. It routinely perches itself on the rock by the shore and the beach for varying lengths of time.

While positioned out of the water, SCP-7281 routinely:

  • Combs its hair
  • Splashes water onto its tail to keep it wet
  • Throws smaller rocks, shells or chum towards Foundation personnel (seemingly as a joke)
  • Sing (SEE BELOW)

Discovery and Containment:

On 13/12/2019, the Foundation Submarine 'Propagate' was analysing unrelated DNA samples before SCP-7281 was observed on observation devices. The footage was immediately transmitted to the Foundation Systems. Two hours later, at 14:09, the Foundation received another transmission.

The Foundation lost contact with the Propagate shortly after. The remains of the submarine and its crew were recovered on 16/12/2019.

Along with Dr. Wang's message was a set of coordinates. Foundation teams armed with HPDs investigated the area and discovered SCP-7281 decorating a cavern with bones presumably removed from the ‘Propagate.’ A standard Aquatic Capture Unit (colloquially known as a ‘Lobster Trap’) was placed at the cave entrance and surrounded by three separate and armed Foundation submarines. A container of fish and human flesh was placed inside via drones. After three days, SCP-7281 entered the cage of its own accord and was secured.

Vocal Abilities:

SCP-7281 has the unique ability to attract subjects towards it via singing. SCP-7281‘s song has been described by those who hear it as 'beautiful,' and it made them satisfied on a level they could not describe. Various individuals have described the singing as calming, warm, erotic, mysterious and more. Seemingly, victims of SCP-7281’s singing described the song as whatever sensation resonates closest to them.

Displayed below is a recorded example of SCP-7281 hunting a human subject, and is typical of its strategies:

Through observation, SCP-7281 seemingly enjoys toying with its food before proceeding to kill it. It typically has the means to simply attract its prey via its hypnotic voice, yet instead takes its time to lure and sedate its victims through other means for no clear reason aside from pleasure.

It became clear through these observations that SCP-7281 has metamorphic abilities, capable of altering its appearance to suit whatever form would best subdue its prey.

Over its containment, SCP-7281 has grown increasingly enamoured with Dr. Sterk. Out of any personnel on SCP-7281’s containment team, Dr. Sterk has received the most gifts. Dr. Sterk has developed a routine with SCP-7281 and has developed a portfolio of information gathered from SCP-7281.

Thus far it has been ‘vigorous’ and ‘passionate’ discussions of aquatic biota.

Interview Log:

On 14/01/2022, Dr. Sterk began his fourth interview with SCP-7281 for the week.

Dr. Sterk worked late in his office that evening. He was awoken by a co-worker the next morning at his desk, who found to their embarrassment that Dr. Sterk had been watching footage of SCP-7281’s containment area.

Dr. Sterk's usage of female pronouns (using 'she' to refer to the object) was privately noted by Dr. Plark.

On 18/01/2022, Dr. Sterk entered SCP-7281‘s containment area with a small gift box tucked under their lab coat.

A finger was located within Pool 3 which after DNA testing was confirmed to belong to Dr. David Sterk (Presumed Deceased.)

SCP-7281 is currently undergoing reclassification to ‘Uncontained.’ A possible reclassification to ‘Keter’ class is also in discussion.

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