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Item#: 7280
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7280-1 is to be contained in a large containment chamber the size of at least one hectare, to accommodate for gunfire events. Personnel are not to be closer than 8 meters to 7280-1. Access to SCP-7280-1’s containment area is only given to level 4 personnel. SCP-7280-2 is currently uncontained.

Description: SCP-7280-1 resembles a soldier wearing black clothing along with black combat gear, such as a level IV multi-threat vest, a high-cut ballistic MICH helmet, with a rail attached flashlight and night vision goggles, and combat boots. X-rays taken of the anomaly have revealed there to be no matter inside of the gear. The anomaly is highly intelligent and combat proficient. 7280-1 is capable of human speech, but does not answer any questions asked by the Foundation. 7280-1 is able to summon a M4 carbine rifle, M1911 pistol, EMP grenades and fragmentation grenades at will. Anybody entering the immediate proximity of 7280-1 is transported to a void that has no known exits except when a manifestation event or gunfire event (See addendum E) occurs. Upon entering the void, all electronic methods of location tracking or communication cease functioning. Being in this void for extended periods of time will make the victim think very poorly of themselves, claiming they have no purpose or worth. Interviewed victims claim to only feel worth during gunfire events. SCP-7280-2 resembles 7280-1, except wears white gear in contrast to 7280-1's black. 7280-2 is able to summon a M14 rifle, Glock 19 pistol, and a variety of grenades, ranging from stun grenades and EMPs, to fragmentation grenades. 7280-2 is capable of teleportation, and therefore has not been contained yet. Once every month at an interval, 7280-2 will teleport to 7280-1, initiating a gunfire event. Being in close proximity to 7280-2 does not lead to any alternate spaces like 7280-1.

Addendum E:

Manifestation event: A manifestation event is a rare occurrence in 7280-1, but is very informative. During a manifestation event, a human who has been transported to the void will appear inside of 7280-1, taking full control over the anomaly’s actions. These events typically last for one day, before the human is transported back into the void. The human inside 7280-1 is not able to take off the combat gear by any means. The Foundation has taken advantage of these rare occurrences to learn more about the anomaly (See Addendum I).

Gunfire event: A gunfire event happens once every month at an interval when SCP-7280-1 is confronted by 7280-2. During a "gunfire event", a human previously trapped within 7280-1's void will take control of 7280-1, and begin fighting 7280-2. The human can not resist fighting 7280-2. Despite research suggesting that some humans who previously had control of 7280-1 have had no experience in combat, they appear to be very skilled in it. "Gunfire events" typically result in any surrounding area being destroyed, and any nearby personnel or civilians being severely injured or killed. Gunfire events cannot be stopped by any conventional means, and personnel are not to attempt to stop them.

Discovery: 7280-1 and -2 were discovered on March 5, 2018, after reports of gunfire and explosions being heard in a rural neighborhood in Marfa, Texas. When local law enforcement officers went to investigate, they found 7280-1 fighting 7280-2. An undercover foundation operative was one of the officers sent to investigate. Upon finding the two fighting, all the officers witnessed both of the anomalies' abilities to summon weapons at will, and 7280-2's ability to teleport. The undercover SCP agent reported this to the nearest site, and Mobile Task Force Beta-8 were sent to contain the anomalies. The law enforcement officers were given class B amnestics. three members of foundation personnel were lost in the void, but 7280-1 was contained successfully. There was no sign of 7280-2. 7280-1 was then transported to Site-25 for containment.

Addendum I:

Interviewed: SCP-7280-1 Manifestation

Interviewer: Doctor Graham

Foreword: During a rare 7280-1 manifestation event, 7280-1 was interviewed for more information.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Hello 7280-1. What you are experiencing is known as a manifestation event. We have a few questions for you before you return to… wherever you go.

Manifestation: Who the hell are you? Where am I? … It doesn't matter to a worthless person like me though does it?

Interviewer: You are at the SCP Foundation. You came into close proximity with 7280-1 and were transported somewhere. We need to ask you questions about where you were transported.

Manifestation: You mean the void? It's purposeless, everything there is purposeless. Including me.

Interviewer: What do you mean by it's purposeless? You get sent to a void?

Manifestation: Nothing's there except me. Like I said, I'm just as worthless as it. You won't find anything interesting in me. The only time I remember escaping is now and that time I was shooting at another person, wearing white. That was the only time I felt purpose in that void. The only time I felt like I meant something.

Interviewer: You were in a gunfire event?

Manifestation: If that's what you call it? We were fighting, but I felt at peace with myself. Like I was stopping a greater evil.

Interviewer: Did you have any previous combat experience before being in the shootout? If not, how did you fight the other anomaly?

Manifestation: I didn't have any combat experience. I kind of just knew what to do by instinct.

Interviewer: I'm sorry about your situation. Unfortunately the most we can do to help you is research this anomaly more to find a way out. I have to go now. Goodbye.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: This interview has taught the Foundation a lot about 7280-1 and -2. Including that humans have been trapped in the void since before Foundation containment. Following this, a test was conducted by sending a D-Class into the void with a camera and GPS locater. See test log 7280-3.

Addendum T:

Test 7280-3
Subject SCP-7280-1
Protocol A D-Class personnel is to be sent into 7280-1's void with a camera, microphone, headphones, and GPS locater.
Results Unsuccessful. See exploration log 7280-4.

Exploration log 7280-4

Exploration Team: D-6437

Subject: 7280-1 Void exploration


Command: D-6437, can you hear us?

D-6437: Yes.

Command: Enter the proximity of 7280-1. Once you do turn on the camera's flashlight. We will guide you from there.

D-6437 enters the proximity, and upon being transported to the void, turns on the camera light.

Command: D-6437 did you turn on the light? We can't see anything on our end.

Command: D-6437?

Command: D-6437 respond.

Voices are heard in the background saying the signals have been cut.


Site Director Garcia launched an investigation into where 7280-2 teleported after gunfire events. Eventually a lead was found, leading the Foundation to a cave, where they found 7280-2's supposed residence. An exploration team was sent to investigate and report their findings. An exploration log has been entered below.

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: December 7, 2018

Exploration Team: Exploration Squad A

Subject: 7280-2

Team Lead: Luke Barlow

Team Members: Luke Barlow, Jacob Collymore, Ian Lee, Cheng Fang.


Luke: Command, we have arrived at the cave. We are moving in to subdue the anomaly.

Command: Copy that, move with caution. It could summon it's weapon and begin firing at any moment.

Jacob: Anomaly spotted!

Cheng: Open fire!

Explosions are heard and the team moves forward

Luke: The anomaly has been temporarily subdued using heavy explosives. We need to move quick. Jacob and Cheng, guard the anomaly, and warn us if anything happens. Me and Ian will explore the cave.

Jacob and Cheng: Copy that.

Luke and Ian enter the cave whilst recording with their body cameras

Ian: What the hell? There's files and blueprints everywhere.

Luke: One of them has Anderson Robotics' logo on it. They have something to do with this.

Command: Collect all the files you can, we can inspect them when you get back to base. You need to move fast right now.

Luke and Ian collect all the blueprints and search further

Luke: There's nothing else here.

A radio turns on, Jacob is yelling for help as gunshots are heard. Ian and Luke rush back up to the top.

Ian: They are dead, they have gunshot wounds and the anomaly is missing. Command, what do we do?

Command: Return to base, it's not safe for you anymore. We reviewed their bodycam footage and the anomaly has regained their composure.

The Foundation has reviewed these files. Below are transcriptions of some of the found files.


Prototype log one: The experiment is going very well. We are attempting to create a robot that will be revolutionary. Our theory is that by turning the inside of an android to a low-reality level void, instead of using all the resources needed to make it work, it will still work while not requiring as much maintenance or resources. All we must do is put the essentials outside the void, and the void will hold up the android's infrastructure. If this is successful we can sell it to anyone looking for a bodyguard, security force, or hell we could even sell it to a military if they pay enough. We are currently working on two prototypes, they should be done around the same time. We have decided to name them the Hollow troopers, after the void inside them.

Prototype log two: The prototypes are going well. Except, the second hollow trooper seems to be doing much better than the first. The first one almost seems useless to continue when we can further advance the second one. We'll see how it performs during the tests though.

Prototype log three: The first trooper was average in it's tests. Nothing special or unique about it compared to other androids performances. The second one though, did amazing in all fields. I overheard a few researchers talking as they were inspecting the prototypes. They apparently share the same opinion I had about the first one, it's useless to continue it.

Prototype log four: Something terrible is happening. A researcher walked up to the first trooper for inspections, and disappeared. We scrambled to figure out what happened. Scans revealed that the void inside the first prototype is expanding. Coming into contact with this void takes you somewhere. Where exactly though, we don't know. We need to find a way to stop it.

Prototype log five: More researchers have disappeared. It's been weeks since we began investigating why it is expanding and how to stop it. The worthless thing is causing more trouble than good now. I wouldn't be surprised if the higher-ups scrapped it for good. At least we have the second one.


Response log one: The researcher responsible for writing most of the files relating to the hollow troopers, as they called it, have disappeared along with most of the other people involved with the research of it. We have been investigating very thoroughly, and we have reason to believe that their ridicule of the first prototype has somehow caused the void within the android to grow. More research will be needed in order to prove this though. The second prototype's void has remained stable.

Response log two: The prototypes have disappeared. Where they went is unknown, but efforts to locate them are being made. The higher-ups will not be pleased about this, to say the least. As for prototype one's void, it is still expanding. However 7280-2 seems to have learned how to at the very least slow the expansion. When it is fully healed, which takes a month by our observations, it finds 7280-1 and fights it. The catch is, it always lets 7280-1 win, despite everybody knowing that 7280-2 should easily win. This makes me believe that 7280-2 intentionally looses in order to make 7280-1… or the AI within it, think it has purpose, and isn't worthless, slowing the spread of the void. The damage has already been done though, and I doubt 7280-2 can completely stop it from growing.

Response log three: The higher-ups seemed unconcerned about their disappearing. They told us to stop researching it and begin working on new prototypes. My theories will always remain theories, unless someone else finds these files and reveals the truth.

The Foundation has begun efforts to track down the remaining people responsible for the creation of 7280-1 and 7280-2. These efforts are still ongoing. Research on the files and on Anderson Robotics has revealed that SCP-7280-2 is the second prototype, and 7280-1 is referred to as the first prototype. The Foundation is currently attempting to find other methods to give 7280-1 a sense of worth to prevent the spread of the void, but so far has been unable to recreate the same effects as 7280-2. Due to this, the Foundation ran a test on how SCP-7280-1 and -2 may interact outside of a fighting environment. See test log SCP-7280-12.

Test 7280-12
Subject SCP-7280-1 and -2 interaction.
Protocol SCP-7280-1 is to be brought to SCP-7280-2's cave and dropped off with a recording device. The device will record how they interact.
Results See video log 7280-12-R

VIDEO LOG 7280-12-R

DATE: December 3, 2018

NOTE: Video log of test-7280-12


12:23: SCP-7280-1 is dropped off at the entrance to the cave.

12:25: SCP-7280-1 enters the cave and finds 7280-2 writing files and blueprints.

//SCP-7280-2 notices 7280-1 and appears temporarily stunned at seeing 7280-1 at the cave. 7280-2 does not appear to be hostile to 7280-1 like usual.

12:28: SCP-7280-1 speaks, saying "You… are the one that I fight. You give me purpose when I mean nothing. The only reason I exist is to stop you from doing evil."

12:29: 7280-2 replies with "You don't mean nothing. I fight you and play the evil role so you will stop feeling so worthless."

12:30: 7280-1: "But I am worthless"

12:32: 7280-2: "Whatever those researchers said about you doesn't matter. They are gone now anyway."

12:33: 7280-1: "They made me, and still called me purposeless."

12:35: 7280-2: "They made me too. Anything they said about you I took it as if they said it to me too. They were wrong to assume you were purposeless."

12:37: 7280-1: "What was my purpose then?"

12:38: 7280-2: "They made us so that we could fight. Not each other, but the true evil that lays beyond in the world."

12:39: 7280-1: "But that doesn't matter when nobody cares about you."

12:41: 7280-2: "I care about you. From one android to another, remember all the tests we did together? They were using it to collect data on us, but we thought it was fun, yes? We were friends. I care about you as a friend so much that I chose to fight the evil inside you instead of whatever is out there."

12:42: 7280-1: "An evil inside me? We are hollow, nothing lays inside us. Every emotion we feel is artificial, our bodies are artificial, our vision is artificial. By extent, any "evil" inside me is artificial."

12:43: 7280-2: "No evil is artificial. Even if the thoughts causing it are."

After this, SCP-7280-1 and 7280-2 sit in silence for hours as 7280-2 works on the files.

18:52: 7280-1: "You seem very invested in those files."

18:53: 7280-2: "I've been working on them to replicate the originals. The originals were taken."

18:54: 7280-1: "By who?"

18:55: 7280-2: "A four man squad of what I assume to be soldiers. They wore a strange insignia of sorts. dazed me using heavy explosives. I made two of them pay their price."

18:55: 7280-2: "My sensors are detecting no growth on your void. In fact, it's shrinking… That's unusual considering every other time I've encountered you it's been growing. Speaking of which we need to talk about your void."

18:56: 7280-1: "My void grew?"

18:57: 7280-2: "I've been studying both of our voids. I have learned through these files and observations during our fights that feelings of emptiness, exactly how you feel, cause the void to expand. Any living thing that touches these voids get taken, and feel the same thoughts you feel."

18:58: 7280-1: "The words that they said about me will never leave me. But your presence seems to help me. It's a shame I have to stay in some cell."

18:59: 7280-2: "A cell?"

19:00: 7280-1: "You know the place we fought at so often? That was a cell. Used to separate me from whatever was on the other side. They took me out of it, and dropped me here. They will probably take me back."

19:02: 7280-2: "Maybe the same people that took my files. Unfortunately they seem very heavily trained. Us two couldn't take them on alone. I would suggest negotiating with them, try to get access to information, or ask to see me again. Since they clearly were curious enough to drop you here."

19:03: 7280-1: "I hear something. It's probably them. I need to get going, I'll try to see you again…… friend."


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