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Item#: 7274
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Special Containment Procedures: A D-class infected with SCP-72741 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber, fitted with sprinklers and CO2 fire suppression systems in both the chamber itself and surrounding hallways. D-class selected to be SCP-7274-1 are under no circumstances to have a history of pyromania or a habit of smoking, and ideally picked from D-Class with pyrophobia or an aversion to fire to decrease the risk of SCP-7274 outbreaks.

Creation of an SCP-7274-1 instance is performed via ingestion or transfusion of SCP-7274 infected blood, all blood taken from an SCP-7274-1 instance after 1 week of infection is classed as infected blood and should be handled carefully. Blood taken from an SCP-7274-1 instance is no longer considered infected after a month, even when frozen, the same goes for dead instances of SCP-7274.
Any breakout events of SCP-7274 are to be contained by a joint task force of MTF-Epsilon 9 ("fire eaters") and either MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") or MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") depending on the location of the outbreak. With any injured by an instance of SCP-7274 taken in as SCP-7274-1 for experimentation or execution, with appropriate cover stories for their disappearance to be given as necessary.

Under no circumstance is an SCP-7274-1 instance to be brought into contact with any open flame, or any object hot enough to deliver second-degree burns or worse, this extends to corpses of SCP-7274-1 instances who have not undergone a breakout event, in order to prevent such a breakout event occurring.

Description: SCP-7274 is a bloodborne parasite, which upon infecting a host, begins to eat and functionally replace cardiovascular tissue. SCP-7274 appears functionally identical to the original tissue, to the point of being undetectable outside of a breakout event. SCP-7274 has small barbed teeth at the end of each of its appendages, which enables it to keep in contact with the veins and arteries as it consumes them. This allows for uninterrupted blood flow as the host's veins, capillaries, and arteries are replaced.

SCP-7274 has no known sensory organs, however, it reacts violently to heat, and appears able to seek out humans and other living organisms. When the host is burned, SCP-7274 tears through their skin, and aggressively attacks everything in its vicinity, killing and harming those around it in what is known as a breakout event. No other method has been found to cause a "breakout event" in SCP-7274-1 instances.

During a breakout event, SCP-7274's mass of capillaries, veins, and arteries are of a strength comparative to steel cables. After removing itself from the hosts body, it then rampages in this state until it expires. SCP-7274 instances are able to dismember people easily and damage most buildings and structures with the strength and speed of their tendrils.

Infection of SCP-7274 can occur from any blood contact from SCP-7274-1; testing shows it takes on average 1 week to replace a limb's worth of vascular tissue, and after a month is able to replace up to half of the host's cardiovascular system. Fully replacing the veins, heart, capillaries, and arteries within two months, at which point the SCP-7274 instance is fully grown, and remains dormant for the rest of the host's lifespan unless a breakout event occurs. In which case the SCP-7274 instance can remain active for up to 24 hours before expiring.

Discovery: SCP-7274 was first discovered on 23.05.21 after an SCP-7274-1 instance from Quebec was cremated, inciting a breakout event, killing 19 people attending the funeral before expiring. Three weeks later, a sealed underground research facility was discovered in the South of England when Foundation staff investigated rumours of anomalous research being conducted in the area.

When searched by SCP personnel, 20 dead instances of SCP-7274 were found along many of the corridors, amongst many more human corpses. The site appeared to have gone into a lockdown preventing exit or external communications. Upon further investigation, it was found the site computer had kept records of various emails, data logs, and security footage from both before and after the lockdown.

The recovered data indicated the facility to be the origin of SCP-7274, upon this discovery the SCP-7274 file was updated and efforts to locate and contain potential SCP-7274-1 instances are currently ongoing. A record of the related documents recovered from this "digital black box" has been attached below:


Upon investigation of these documents, Dr. Xanders mentioned in the initial email logs was located and upon questioning, found to have administered a dose of the SCP-7274 "cure" to their mother, who was reportedly suffering from a life-threatening case of fibromuscular dysplasia. Xanders reported they did it in this way due to their mother's short life expectancy, her doctors only expecting her to live another week at most.

The cure solved their mother's Fibromuscular dysplasia and other various illnesses, and Xanders cut all contact with the facility in order to avoid repercussions. Since then their mother has shown no related health issues, however, she has donated blood several times before Foundation involvement, tracking of the infected blood and its recipients is deemed a high priority to contain SCP-7274.

Dr. Xanders is to be transferred to Foundation custody, as either a doctor working on the SCP-7274 containment project due to their experience working alongside anomalous technologies and their involvement in the development of SCP-7274 or D-class personnel pending O5 approval.

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