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Item#: 7273
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-72 Carla Malatesta Dario Chen MTF Gamma-6


A singular instance of SCP-7273, unknowingly photographed by a tourist off the coast of Civitavecchia, Italy.

Special Containment Procedures: As of 2023/07/14, SCP-7273 has yet to be successfully contained.

MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") along with other units specializing in the tracking, capture and transport of anomalous oceanic life is currently engaged to that end. If successful, SCP-7273 is to be transported to the Department of Parazoology at Site-72 on Isola de Montecristo, Italy.

Due to the high-profile nature of SCP-7273's apparent targets and the conflicting interests of the Global Occult Coalition, all containment operations are to be given the highest organizational priority by order of O5 Command.

Description: SCP-7273 is a large swarm of Carybdea marsupialis, a venomous species of box jellyfish native to the Mediterranean Sea. The exact number of box jellyfish in the swarm is unknown.

The physical differences between instances of SCP-7273 and baseline C. marsupialis box jellyfish include:

  • reddish coloration, with an opaque rather than translucent bell;
  • a more powerful and painful venom;
  • an anomalous effect on memory and perception;
  • the ability to conjoin together to form large shapes such as tentacles or spheroids;
  • sensory organs that can detect, record and transmit sound and radio waves.

Through presently unclear methods, SCP-7273 is able to determine the location of its targeted prey, (hereafter designated as SCP-7273-A), make their way to their location, and do everything in their power to obtain and consume them.

In order to be targeted as prey, SCP-7273-A instances must possess the following qualities:

  • be presently in or on water craft currently located in the Mediterranean Sea;1
  • have a net worth, legally declared or otherwise, exceeding $1 billion USD;
  • have obtained that wealth through the exploitation of natural resources, either inherited or directly.2

Individuals present that are disqualified from being SCP-7273-A instances survive the attack unharmed and have no memory of the event.


Superyacht Aurelius, after its seizure by the Foundation.

Discovery: On 2023/07/12, Foundation assets within the Italian government reported a large amount of speculation on the whereabouts of billionaire oil tycoon and former politician Aurelio Strabiconi. After a brief investigation, it was determined that Strabiconi was last seen aboard his superyacht, the Aurelius, which had departed Civitavecchia on a week-long cruise of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

However, the Aurelius had since returned to port on schedule, and no crew or passengers apart from Strabiconi himself were missing. Upon interrogation, the superyacht's crew were unable to remember specific details. Security footage on board was obtained and examined, and SCP-7273 was subsequently identified and given classification.3

Following the investigation, the crew and passengers of the Aurelius were administered amnestics, and the media and government were given the cover story that Strabiconi died of cardiac arrest in his bed shortly after returning from the trip.

Given the nature of the anomaly, the Department of Parazoology at Site-72 requested the assistance of MTF Gamma-6 to assist in tracking and containment, and they were deployed to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Efforts to contain SCP-7273 are ongoing.

Addendum 7273.1: Aurelius Security Footage Transcript

Aurelius aft jacuzzi deck security camera

[SCP-7273-A14 is relaxing in the jacuzzi, his back to the yacht's stern and the railing. His eyes are closed, hidden underneath dark sunglasses. A yacht crew steward places a large glass of champagne on the edge of the jacuzzi step. SCP-7273-A1 opens his eyes.]

SCP-7273-A1: Finalmente, cazzo. (About fucking time.)

Steward: Ci scusiamo per l'attesa, signore. (Sorry for the wait, sir.)

[SCP-7273-A1 raises a finger, face turning red. Just then, another voice, speaking English, is heard just off the ship's stern, slightly garbled and distorted.]

Unknown Voice5: People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing.

[The yacht steward nods her head in a slight bow, appearing to not have heard the other voice. She turns around, as if to leave.]

SCP-7273-A1: Che cosa? Mi consenta- (What? Excuse me-)

Unknown Voice: We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money-

[SCP-7273-A1 turns around, just in time to see SCP-7273 rising above the edge of the stern, coalesced together into a tentacle made of hundreds of box jellyfish, their stingers exposed.]

SCP-7273-A1: Che cazzo!? (What the fuck!?)

Unknown Voice: -and fairytales of eternal economic growth.

[The SCP-7273 tentacle wraps around SCP-7273-A1 and lifts him into the air. One of his thrashing legs kicks over the champagne glass, which smashes on the deck flooring. The steward turns around and sees the broken glass.]

Steward: Non si preoccupi, ripulirò io per lei, signore. (Don't worry, I'll clean that up for you, sir.)

SCP-7273-A1: (incoherent screaming)

Unknown Voice: How dare you!

[SCP-7273-A1 is completely subsumed into the tentacle, still thrashing. SCP-7273 withdraws the tentacle from the deck, and splashing can be heard as it returns to the water. After several seconds, a red mass can be seen swimming away to port. The steward returns soon after with a dustpan and brush to clean up the glass, and appears to have taken no notice.]

Steward: (under her breath) Sempre a ripulire dopo di lei, signore. (Always cleaning up after you, sir.)

Addendum 7273.1: SCP-7273 Containment Status Logs

2023/07/13, 0730 CEST:
Superyacht Mode 7 returned to Saint-Tropez, France and was boarded by MTF Gamma-6. Missing passengers investigated and classified as SCP-7273-A2 through SCP-7273-A6.6

2023/07/13, 0930 CEST:
The Department of Financial Esoterica, in conjunction with insurers Goldbaker-Reinz, informed Foundation administration that any further disappearances of this type could have a detrimental effect on the global economy. O5 Command escalated containment priority of SCP-7273 and assigned four more task forces to assist MTF Gamma-6.

2023/07/13, 1130 CEST:
MTF Gamma-6 located superyacht 150 Acres Per Minute anchored off the coast of Málaga, Spain, under attack by SCP-7273. Containment was unsuccessful, and the half-digested remains of SCP-7273-A77 were identified and classified.

2023/07/13, 1630 CEST:
Foundation assets were made aware that the Global Occult Coalition had begun deploying PHYSICS Strike Teams at the direct request of three GOC member organizations.8

2023/07/13, 2130 CEST:
MTF Gamma-6 reports a near-firefight with a PHYSICS Strike Team who had already arrived at an attack site near Rhodes, Greece; situation was defused but crew of the vessel in question were forcibly detained and interrogated by the Strike Team.

2023/07/14, 0700 CEST:
MTF Gamma-6 and associated task forces, outfitted with new equipment by Parazoology on Site-72, narrowly fail to contain SCP-7273 near Civitavecchia, Italy. Identification and classification of SCP-7273-A instances in progress.

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