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Item#: SCP-7269
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-7269's perimeter is to be secured by a joint task force of Foundation and CALMECAC1 operatives. This task force is to include MTF-Tau-32 "Chapulines Rojos"2, a regiment of the National Guard with counter-anomalous training, and a squad of GAFEA3.

Any individual or entity trying to breach the perimeter, either to enter or exit SCP-7269, should be detained, interrogated, and delivered to the pertinent authorities. Resistance to arrest is to be responded to with extreme prejudice if necessary.


SCP-7269 is the designation given to a space of 30x30x30 meters located 16 kilometers south of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. SCP-7269's anomalous properties begin to manifest as an individual walks into the area. Individuals entering the zone would experience a gradual shrinking in size relative to the environment. Said shrinking is proportional to the distance walked into the zone. At ten meters, an average human being would be between 1.5 and 2 millimeters tall. At this point, no further shrinking will occur. This effect also applies when trying to enter the zone vertically up to 15 meters either from above or below, for example by skydiving or digging a tunnel. Leaving SCP-7269's area will cause the shrinking effect to reverse.

SCP-7269 shrinking effect also to apply to clothes, materials, processed foods4, tools, technology, vehicles, and other man-made objects brought into it. Regarding living creatures it only affects vertebrates. Arthropods are able to enter and exit the area without any change. Wild animals appear to instinctively avoid SCP-7269, making arthropods SCP-7269's predominant wildlife.

SCP-7269-1 refers to an anomalous community currently residing inside SCP-7269. While to this day no hostile actions have been attributed to SCP-7269-1, its extremist political ideology makes it a top concern for Mexican Authorities and the Foundation. Update: See Addendums 43 and 685.

Discovery Log:

SCP-7269 was discovered by a National Guard squad during a routine patrol. Six National Guard operatives were driving on a rural road when one of them felt the urge to relieve physiological necessities. The request was granted and they proceed to walk into nearby bushes for privacy. In the beginning, the operative failed to notice SCP-7269's shrinking effects, however, they eventually became alarmed by an "unusually" large spider. The operative managed to evade the spider and return to their squad. The anomalous nature of the area was confirmed by team members and reported back to the National Guard command.

In response, Foundation and CALMECAC personnel were deployed to the area. Once it was determined the extent of the anomalous area, the site was cordoned off. Due to its specialization in the type of environment, MTF-Tau-32 "Chapulines Rojos" was called to conduct an exploration mission into SCP-7269.

Video Log 1 - MTF-Tau-32

NOTE: MTF-Tau-32 expedition into SCP-7269. Taken from Tau-32-A's body cam.


00:00:01: Footage starts with MTF-Tau-32 entering SCP-7269. As they walk in, the perspective of the size of the environment begins to enlarge. Small bushes and vegetation begin to enlarge, doubling the stature of the MTF members.

00:00:30: MTF-Tau-32's shrinking has plateaued. Grass now has roughly the size of trees. MTF-Tau-32 keeps advancing.

00:03:51: MTF-Tau-32 encounters a praying mantis. It is at least three times the size of the operatives. The mantis approaches them with seemingly hostile intent. Tau-32-A uses a flamethrower to scare the mantis away.

00:04:01: A stick bug is seen standing peacefully. MTF-Tau-32 proceeds to cautiously walk between its legs. The stick bug does not react.

00:04:01: MTF-Tau-32 encounters a column of ants. The ants are carrying various rocks, sticks, and leaves. At the front leading the column, there is a humanoid figure riding on one of the ants.

00:04:01: Undetected, MTF-Tau-32 continues following the ant column. Eventually, they reach what appears to be a settlement. The ants are bringing materials to a construction operation.

00:05:14: MTF-Tau-32 calls back to command for further instruction. They are ordered to return to base. A sign can be read in the background: "Bienvenidos a Ireta Sapi.6"

Aftermath: This expedition confirmed the presence of an anomalous community inside SCP-7269. This community was given the designation SCP-7269-1.


To avoid possible hostile interactions with SCP-7269-1, further explorations were conducted utilizing drones equipped with antimemetic camouflage7.

Video Log 2 - Drone Q7711.

NOTE: Aerial reconnaissance of SCP-7269-1. Taken from Drone Q7711.


00:00:11: Drone Q7711 hovers over SCP-7269-1. The settlement exhibits human activity. Q7711 approaches the local school. A teacher and a classroom of preadolescent students can be seen through the window.

Teacher: …And that is how Tupac Amaru II8 channeled the gifts of Huiracocha to protect the Quechua people…

Student A: So it was like our magic?

Teacher: Yes, it was like our magic. Similar but not exactly the same as we have here…

Student B: What happened to Tupac?

Teacher: …Well… that's a story for another day

Student A: Will we learn magic too?

Teacher: You will! (Opens a heavy book.) Now let's go to the math book page 58.

Student A: No! We want magic, not math!

Teacher: You do need math to do magic…

00:03:51: A bell rings and the students being to cheer and stand up from their desks.

Teacher: Don't forget he will have a quiz next week on Tupac's history!

00:03:51: Q7711 starts hovering away from the school as the students are leaving. It starts following student A as she runs across the town's street. She stops at a basketball court where people are playing. The scoreboard reads 64-71.

Student A: Brother! Brother! Today I learned about Tupac Amaru. He was big like you. And he used magic! I want to use magic when I grow up!

00:03:59: One of the players gives the time-out signal to the others and approaches Studen A. He gives her a hug.

Student A's Brother: I´m pretty sure you will, hormiguita9. Just like grandma. Though I got the feeling tata10 would also like you to take up the sciences, like him.

Student A: I can do both! I'm learning math! Gotta go to tell dad! See you later, brother.

00:04:21: Student A continues running across the town. She passes by a giant (relative to the people) corn cob that is been harvested by a large number of workers. The kernels are being picked apart and prepared for storage.

00:04:59: Q7711 keeps following Student A. She passes alongside a column of ant riders. The ants are carrying construction materials to what appears to be a dish antenna.

00:05:12: Student A approaches the structure. Two individuals, presumed to be engineers, are present.

Student A: Dad! Dad! Today I learned I want to do science like you and magic like grandma! (Hugs to one of the engineers.)

Engineer 1: (Hugging back.) Of course, you will! And I will be so proud of you.

Student A (To the other engineer.) Show me! What are you building?

Engineer 2: (Smiles, and gestures toward the dish infrastructure.) Once this "baby" is ready in a few weeks, we will be able to connect to the Net11. You could make friends from all over the world… and even beyond that. Would you like that?

Student A: (Jumping.) Yes!!!

Engineer 1: We will make a lot of new friends. What do you both think we should send them first?

Engineer 2: A Hello World?

Student A: A selfie? A meme?

Engineer 1: I was thinking "From Ireta Sapi, with Love - Las Hormigas."

Aftermath: It has been confirmed that SCP-7269-1 maintains communication with at least some sectors of the international Anomalous Community.


Recon revealed that SCP-7269-1 houses a permanent population of around 550 individuals, with temporary residents augmenting this number up to 1150. However, the permanent population is growing constantly from new arrivals. The main traveling method from and to SCP-7269-1 is thaumaturgical teleportation. Individuals and materials teleported into SCP-7269 will also exhibit the shrinking effect. Teleporting outside it would reverse it. It is estimated that 1/3 of SCP-7269-1's population is composed of type-blue thaumaturges or otherwise anomalous individuals. Ethnically, the population is constituted mostly of individuals of indigenous ancestry, though mestizos12, Afromexicans, Asian and White ethnicities are also present. Spanish and Purépecha seem to be the primary languages in SCP-7269-1. Maya K'iche, Nahuatl, Totonaca, Tztozil, Zapotec, and Raramúri have also been identified. English classes are taught in the local school.

Through what are believed to be thaumaturgical means, SCP-7269-1's seem to have domesticated ants and use them as beasts of burden and mounts. A female type-blue13 has been identified as the main mirmicomancer of the community14.

Video Log 3 - Drone Q541

NOTE: An unmanned drone was sent to gather intel on PoI-2929. The drone localized PoI-2929 in the outskirts of the settlement, tending to one of the ants.


00:00:03: Footage begins. The drone hovers at a safe distance. PoI-2929 is cleaning an ant, brushing its exoskeleton. She is wearing makeshift armor made of insect parts and carries a bow and a quiver on her back, also made of insect parts. Her helmet is made of an ant jaw. A young male individual, possibly 13 or 14 years old, approaches PoI-2929 carrying a bag of sugar.

Teenager: (Speaking nervously.) Hi… my grandpa wanted me to give you this sugar… for your ants. (Hands the bag to PoI-2929.)

00:00:05: PoI-2929 does not look at the teenager. She keeps cleaning the ant for half a minute before speaking.

PoI-2929: You can leave the sugar on the ground… (Pauses for a moment.) Tell your grandpa… thanks.

00:01:10: The teenager slowly puts the bag on the ground. (Starts leaving the frame, before turning around to PoI-2929.)

Teenager: Are you really one of them? One of the Siruki Pireni15 Warriors?

PoI-2929: (Remains silent.)

Teenager: My grandpa told me the stories. Are they true? Did you really fight the Aztecs and the Spanish? The French and the Conservatives? I thought you all were gone… Is it for real that you taught us the magic to build this place?

PoI-2929: (Still silent.)

Unidentified Teenager: I want to be a warrior like you. I want to take vengeance on the narcos and mineras16 that drove us from our home… Could you teach me to fight? (Waits a few moments before adding.) Could you teach me at least how to control ants?

PoI-2929: (Remain silent for a few seconds before speaking.) I don't control ants. I have just learned to speak their language and if I am convincing enough, they may decide to help me…

Teenager: Oh, I see…

PoI-2929: This is your first lesson, kid. Do you know what siruki means?

Teenager: …Ant?

PoI-2929: Yes, but it also means "prolongation" or community. Ants can only survive as a "prolongation" of each other. The same for us. That is the meaning of community. We are not so different from the ants.

Unidentified Teenager: I'm not sure if I'm following…

PoI-2929: Our "prolongation" extends vertically, from parents to sons and grandparents to grandsons. Just like your grandpa told you the stories of old, my grandpa also taught me a few things. This may look like a hierarchy but is not one of power but one of knowledge and care. The "prolongation" is also horizontal, between siblings and friends. This is the core of our strength: empathy and solidarity.

Unidentified Teenager: What does this have to do with being a warrior?

PoI-2929: Just like the warrior ants, a true warrior does not fight for vengeance, but to protect their "prolongation", their community. Always keep this in mind kid, or you may get lost on the road. Bad things happen when you fight while forgetting the real reason you are doing it. I know that from experience (Remains silent for while.) Now go, your grandpa must be worried!

00:05:02: The teenager makes a gesture of reverence and leaves running. The ant makes a clicking noise with its jaw.

PoI-2929: I'm not getting soft. Shut up!

Aftermath: According to the Mesoamerican Archeology Department, information from this record could associate PoI-2929 with the Siruki Pireni Order of the Purépecha Empire, believed to be defunct (See Addendum 92).


Addendum 92 - Historical report on Purépecha mirmicomancers.

The Siruki Pireni or Ant Singers were an elite order of warrior thaumaturges of the Purépecha Empire. Responding directly to the Irecha17, they specialized in size-altering thaumaturgy and mirmicomancy, the thaumaturgical alteration of ant trail pheromones to direct their actions.

Siruki Pireni played a role similar to modern-day spec-ops, conducting infiltration, spy, and assassination missions against the enemies of the Purépecha Empire. They played a crucial role during the Aztec-Purépecha conflict, where they constantly clashed with the therianthrope forces of the nahual branch of the Cuāuhocēlōtl.18

After Tangáxoan Tzíntzicha, the last Purépecha Emperor, was executed by the Spanish in 1530; they joined the resistance organized by princess Eréndira Ikikunari. Little is known about them after the fact. They are assumed to have disbanded at some point during the 16th century and their art forgotten, though there are some unconfirmed reports of mirmicomancy through later Mexican history.

The space surrounding SCP-7269-1 is protected from external kinetic threats by a thaumaturgic barrier. For example, when a branch of a nearby tree fell over SCP-7269-119, the thaumaturgic barrier activated and diverted the branch away from impacting SCP-7269-1. So far this defense does not appear to be activated by Foundation's drone expeditions.

Energy production is carried by a single, non-shrunk solar panel next to the town. The panels have been decorated with thaumaturgic runes associated with Curicaveri20, possibly to increase efficiency. The electrical output of this device is enough to power the entire town's consumption, including another non-shrunk structure: a satellite dish used for telecommunication21.

The main economic activity is agriculture and takes advantage of the relative size of the SCP-7269-1's inhabitants to normal vegetables and grains. A single corn cob can be enough to feed the entire town for a month; however, they also maintain production of other foods such as beans, rice, tomatoes, pumpkins, strawberry, avocados, etc. Land ownership seems to be communal in nature, in a matter reminiscent of the Mexican Ejido22. SCP-7269-1 possesses modern infrastructure and services, including housing blocks, recreational parks, soccer fields, basketball courts, plumbing, water supply through an underground well, garbage collection, internet access, a hospital with both modern and anomalous medicine, and a school district. Governance is conducted in a Casa Ejidal23 where SCP-7269-1 residents meet in an Asamble Ejidal24 to discuss current affairs.

Video Log 4 - Drone Q736

NOTE: A mission to record an Asamblea Ejidal meeting was authorized. The camouflage drone Q736, equipped with facial recognition technology, was dispatched.


00:00:01: Footage begins. The drone approaches the Casa Ejidal. It enters. Around two hundred people are in the meeting. At the front, an unidentified woman and PoI-2929 engage in debate.

Unidentified Woman: We can't stop working… not now… we need to ensure we have enough housing and services for every possible refuge that will come. Sin Nombre25 is getting more violent every day and neither the Foundation nor the government would do anything about it. As always, people are on their own and they need a safe haven. This is the only place in the Hot Lands where they can find it.

PoI-2929: Don't you think I know, Cristina? But you need to understand this: ants aren't your slaves. We can not overwork them or we may lose their support forever.

Unidentified Person: I think you should listen to her, Cristina. She is Ireri Siruki26 after all. And we owe her the knowledge to build this little piece of heaven.

00:02:59: The drone runs a facial recognition protocol. The unknown woman is identified as Cristina Cisneros, ex-Serpent's Hand and leader of the anomalous guerrilla group Las Víboras. The second person is identified as Guadalupe Ramírez, Foundation defector. There are no results for PoI-2929, presumably known as Ireri Siruki.

00:03:10: Suddenly, a tall man carrying a burlap sack enters the room. He walks into the two women, some creature twisting and cawing inside it. The facial recognition software identifies him as Gabriel Baruch, a nahual therianthrope and member of Las Víboras. He drops the sack into the ground.

Gabriel Baruch: This discussion can wait. We are being spied on! I found this hideous creature pecking around.

00:03:56: Baruch removes the sack to reveal a black humanoid avian creature with corvid features. Exclamations of surprise and repulsion can be heard coming from the audience.

Gabriel Baruch: This thing is so horrible! It can only be one of them. One of the valravns. They must be coming for us!

Cristina Cisneros: (Begins to laugh loudly.) ¡No mames, Baruch! That's not a valravn. (Continues laughing.) Are you okay pajarito?

Avian being: That's what I was trying to explain to you! I'm not a valravn! I´m the Fifth Wandsman of Elysium! I'm a friend of Cristina and had helped Las Víboras before.

Cristina Cisneros: It's alright everybody. They are journalists and they are on our side. (Laughs.) Did you forget your press badge, pajarito?

Fifth Wansdman of Elysium: I didn't… (Giving Baruch an angry look.) I was invited by Cristina to visit your experiment. I was hoping to make a column on this place… However, I'm afraid I will be the bird of ill omen! I discovered something terrible! The Foundation and the government had found this place. The army had cordoned off the area and is spying on you! I fear they will try the same treachery they did in Ireta K'eri.

Guadalupe Ramírez: We are sincerely thankful, pajarito. But we already knew. (Ramírez looks directly into the drone camera.) Level 2 antimemetic camouflage? Really? Did you really think that would be enough to fool us? That level is covered on Antimemetic Training 101, please.

00:04:52: Murmurs and surprise exclamations can be heard coming from the audience.

Cristina Cisneros: That's the reason I invited the press to bear witness to this meeting. (Looking at the camera.) Foundation and CALMECAC gentlemen! (Gestures towards the hall.) I hope you have enjoyed your free tour of our humble home. As you can see we are managing pretty much fine without your "security, containment, and protection."

00:05:33: The voices coming from the audience are becoming more intense and confused. Ireri Siruki gestures toward the audience and they begin to calm down. She steps towards the drone.

Ireri Siruki: Ireta Sapi does not desire war, but to be an oasis of peace in this punished land. We demand to be recognized as a Free Port. We have the same right to be a Free Port as Three Portlands, just like Ireta K'eri had before its cruel and pointless destruction. We are not greedy and do not ask more than what we need, for we only ask you for a little square of dirt on the immense country. But be warned that we will defend this square of dirt till our last breath. (The audience begins to cheer and clap.) I learned from my grandfather the art of turning people into the size of ants. Do you wish to discover if I can turn ants into the size of buildings?

Member of the audience:: ¡No nos vamos a rajar! ¡Viva Ireta Sapi!27

00:06:01 The audience is cheering: ¡Viva Ireta Sapi! ¡Muerte al mal gobierno!28

Cristina Cisneros: Because we all know the reason why Ireta K'eri was burned to the ground and Three Portlands still remains, right? Because Ireta K'eri committed the crime of demanding autonomy while non-white. But we have learned from history how not to repeat it. (Words of approval can be heard coming from the audience.) Ireta Sapi would not start a war nor break your so-called normalcy, but is ready to fight for the right to exist! Let the Wandsmen be witnesses of our intentions and claims! And let the entire Anomalous Community know that if an ill fate falls upon us, they will find the culprit in the Mexican Foundation and Authorities. End of the press release.

00:06:32: Cristina Cisneros makes a swift gesture with her hands and the camera goes black.

Aftermath: This incident prompted an emergency meeting between Foundation and Mexican authorities to discuss the SCP-7269-1 matter. Since this event, further drone expeditions equipped with enhanced antimemetic camouflage, have not been possible as SCP-7269-1's thaumaturgic barrier is now preventing the entrance of drones and other unmanned vehicles.


Addendum 43 - Foundation's preliminary posture.

After deliberation, the Foundation O5 decided to grant SCP-7269-1, a.k.a. Ireta Sapi, provisional Free Port status until the matter is further investigated.

Through Wandsmen reporting as well as diffusion in the Net, SCP-7269-1 has gathered plenty of support from the International Anomalous community. The Mana Charitable Foundation and Wilson's Wildlife Solutions have expressed sympathy and concern over SCP-7269-1's rights. Concurrently, citizens of Three-Portlands have been demonstrating in support of SCP-7269-1.

The matter will be further revised once the official positions of CALMECAC and PENTAGRAM are released. The Foundation is positive a peaceful solution could be achieved if all involved parties commit themselves to dialogue.

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