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Item#: 7261
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-78 Leah Richter Maria Johnston Omega-45 ("Street Samurai")

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-7261-1 are to be kept in standard containment cells within Site-78. These containment cells are not to contain any metal furnishings. SCP-7261-1 instances are to be given plastic implements for eating and personal grooming. Once a month, a juvenile pig1 is to be given to each SCP-7261-1 instance. Personnel interacting with SCP-7261-1 instances are to wear metal accessories for protection such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or chokers. As an added precaution, SCP-7261 staff must consume garlic cloves or onions at least 24 hours before interacting with the entity.

Foundation personnel operating in the Tlaxcala region are to monitor families with children under the age of four and ensure they are not being watched by any SCP-7261-1 or agents of GoI-4586. Once an instance of SCP-7261-1 has been identified, MTF-Omega 45 ("Street Samurai") are to capture the instance and if necessary engage with any aligned thaumaturges.

Description: SCP-7261 is a thaumaturgic curse affecting certain female Homo sapiens native to the Tlaxcala region of Mexico. Entities affected by SCP-7261 are referred to as SCP-7261-1 instances. SCP-7261-1 instances are believed to be the inspiration for the mythological creature known as a Tlahuelpuchi2. SCP-7261-1 refers to themselves as such and locals identify this creature as the cause of SCP-7261-A events.

SCP-7261 can manifest in human females through two different means. The first is purely random. It is currently estimated that 1 in 10,000 females born in the Tlaxcala region will be affected by SCP-7261 but do not show anomalous abilities until puberty.

The second method occurs if the death of an instance of SCP-7261-1 is caused by a family member that shares a coefficient of relatedness value of 12.5%3 or higher. A few days after the termination of the instance, SCP-7261’s effects will transfer and that family member will become an SCP-7261-1.

SCP-7261-1 instances exert a memetic effect over their blood-related family members, the strength of which is determined by their coefficient of relatedness. This memetic effect compels a SCP-7261-1's family member to hide the instance's anomalous nature and shield them from harm. It does not completely remove the affected person's ability to feel remorse about their actions, and the effect may be resisted with significant willpower.

Once SCP-7261 has manifested in a teenage female, she begins exhibiting attributes that exceed normal human abilities. These include low-light vision, a natural thaumaturgic affinity, enhanced strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. SCP-7261-1 instances appear to be biologically immortal, not suffering from the effects of age. They can, however, be killed through means such as decapitation and exsanguination, amongst other conditions that would be fatal to baseline humans.

In addition, SCP-7261-1 instances gain the ability to transform into various animals and can exist in a state of partial transformation to augment their bodies with animal features. However, to do so, they thaumaturgically bisect themselves at the L5 vertebra. A transformed SCP-7261-1 can be identified by the faint white glow surrounding its animal body.

Furthermore, SCP-7261-1's biology differs from baseline humans in their diet. They are also facultative hemovores, meaning that they can consume normal food alongside their preference for blood. Their salivary glands produce anticoagulant compounds that prevent their meals from clotting, and their digestive systems can anomalously draw more calories from the consumed blood. Despite a preference for it, SCP-7261-1 does not need to consume blood except in an SCP-7261-A event.

SCP-7261-A is the monthly requirement that an SCP-7261-1 consumes the blood of an infant between ages 0 and 4. If SCP-7261-A is not performed, SCP-7261 will begin to decay and eventually perish. Foundation research has been unable to satisfy the SCP-7261-A requirement with juvenile animal blood or synthetics. It merely extends the instance's life, but it will continuously get weaker until expiring.

In regards to containment several weaknesses have been identified in SCP-7261-1 instances. Firstly, SCP-7261-1 anomalously cannot enter privately owned domiciles without the help of an outside thaumaturge, who must perform a ritual to allow the instance to enter the house. Secondly, SCP-7261-1 instances are allergic to onions and garlic. Skin contact with these vegetables causes the entity to break out in rashes and hives. Their heightened sense of smell can also pick up the scent of onions or garlic in someone's sweat or breath, which is enough to dissuade them from approaching a potential victim.

Thirdly, the entities are vulnerable to prolonged contact with metal weaponry, restraints, accessories, etc. which causes their tissues to violently bubble and dissolve.

Due to SCP-7261's method of spread, it is unknown to the Foundation if it could ever be completely contained, and no cure exists for SCP-7261-1 instances other than neutralization.

Discovery: Foundation agents in Tlaxcala, Mexico were investigating a series of strange juvenile murders that went unsolved by the local police department. Seemingly once a month, an infant would be found drained of its blood in the family home, and in some cases, a relative would be found dead as well.

SCP-MX agents discovered that around the time of the killings, members of GoI-4586 were seen in the vicinity of the houses of the victims as well as following them in their daily life.

GoI-4586 known as the “Sepulchrum” is a religious organization dedicated to the worship of the undead. Not much is known of their activities and structure as up until this moment, they were not known to have anomalous leanings.

Interviews given by locals in the area claimed that members of GoI-4856 were consorting with "glowing creatures". These creatures, called Tlahuelpuchi, were blamed for the murders. Suspected members of GoI-4856 were reported to be acting as "shamans" to let the Tlahuelpuchi into the houses proper.

Due to the low funding of the SCP-MX branch, a request was sent to the US branch of the Foundation to supplement the investigation. Site-78 interest in the region led to them sending MTF Omega-45 due to their combat experience against humanoid anomalies and anomalous weaponry. Researcher Maria Johnston was made project lead due to her assignment to MTF Omega-45 and her four years of work in the field of Parabiology.

Addendum 7261.01: Capture of an instance of SCP-7261-1
On March 10th, 2022, Foundation agents picked up Thaumaturgic activity outside of the Diaz residence, and three members of MTF-Omega 45 were sent to investigate at 18:00 hours.

In the aftermath of the incident, two civilian casualties were confirmed. Julio Diaz (4) and Guadalupe Avalos (24) expired from piercing trauma and exsanguination.

Foundation parabiologists ran a DNA analysis on the captured anomaly and found traces of human DNA belonging to a Social Worker named Michaela Avalerra. Avalerra's home was promptly searched by MTF-Omega 45 who discovered her severed legs in her living room.

Omega-45 retrieved the legs and brought them back for study. According to the legend of the Tlahuelpuchi, reuniting it with its legs would undo the transformation. Once the legs were reintroduced within a two-meter radius of the anomaly, the fly transformed back into Michaela Avalerra who was subsequently detained and classified as an instance of SCP-7261-1.

Addendum 7261.02: Interview #1 with SCP-7261-1

The following was recorded a few hours after SCP-7261-1 had been properly cataloged and processed by Site-78.

[Begin Recording]

Johnston: (In Spanish) Stating my name for the record. Researcher Maria Johnston performing an introductory interview with SCP-7261-1, real name Michaela Avalerra. Age 24, Social worker from Tlaxcala. Is this correct,-7261-1? I would also ask what language you prefer doing these interviews in. My Spanish is admittedly not great.

SCP-7261-1: (scoffs), It's funny the first thing the gringo does after imprisoning me is give me some kind of number.

[SCP-7261-1 switches to speaking English, Johnston does the same for the rest of the interview.]

SCP-7261-1: I can do English just fine, I’d rather not hear you butcher my language. As for the name… yeah that’s my name but I feel like you aren't going to use it.

Johnston: If it would make you more comfortable I could use it, but the procedure says I call you -7261-1 at the least.

SCP-7261-1: What you can do to make me more comfortable is brush your teeth. God damn your breath stinks!

Johnston: Apologies but it's a precaution. Trust me, having me smell like onions is a lot preferable than me slapping on some restraints that would eat through your wrists.

SCP-7261-1: Fair enough. This is the SCP Foundation, isn't it?

Johnston: You've heard of us?

SCP-7261-1: The Sepulchrum told me a little. "The Foundation is one of the Great Adversaries in the fight against Life and Death." You seek to uphold the balance between Life and Death, is that correct?

Johnston: Well, we are protectors of normalcy; I will say that. We wouldn't be doing our jobs if everyone had just up and died or became a zombie.

SCP-7261-1: And I'm one of the abnormalities you need to protect the world from, correct?

Johnston: I'm the one asking the questions here, -7261-1.

SCP-7261-1: Right. Why don't you just kill me? That'll keep everyone safe.

Johnston: We don't neutralize, we contain. I'm trying to look into a cure for your condition, especially your specific dietary requirements.

SCP-7261-1: I don't want to be cured. Put a bullet in my head or lock me up and throw away the key. I only need to go a month without… doing that and then I'm gone.

Johnston: -7261-1, I understand you may have remorse over your actions but you are under my care. We'll figure out a way to keep you alive without resorting to sacrificing lives.

SCP-7261-1: …Fine. I'm not really in the mood for any more questions.

Johnston: I understand. We can continue this another time.

[End Recording]

Addendum 7261.03: Interview #2 with SCP-7261-1.

A month after the previous interview, Researcher Johnston's team discovered that a juvenile pig's blood could substitute for a human infant for quelling an SCP-7261-A event. SCP-7261-1 did not perish afterward but the subject displayed an increased level of fatigue from baseline.

[Begin Recording]

[Johnston is seated in front of the SCP-7261-1 in their containment cell. SCP-7261-1 is currently drinking a blood-based cocktail.]

Johnston: How has our Site been treating you -7261-1?

SCP-7261-1: Well being that you all aren't fawning over me and showering me in compliments…. I'd say you guys are better than the Sepulchrum.

Johnston: They worshiped you?

SCP-7261-1: I wouldn't put it like that, more like idolization. They acted like I was some pinnacle of what they could become, a true "undead". (Laughs) I'm not even dead, correct?

Johnston: Your heart still beats and from the tissue samples you let us take, your cells are still metabolizing. From a biologist's perspective, you're still alive.

SCP-7261-1: Heh. Dumb cultists.

Johnston: I didn't come here to talk about them, we can save that topic for another session. I wanted to ask how you became an SCP-7261-1.

SCP-7261-1: A Tlahuelpuchi you mean?

Johnston: They are the same.

SCP-7261-1: Well I wasn't born this way, so if you know the legend…

Johnston: You killed a family member that was an SCP-7261-1. Who were they?

SCP-7261-1: The son of a bitch was my cousin. Mira Avalerra.

Johnston: I can tell by your tone that you weren't a fan of this, Mira. How did you find out she was an SCP-7261-1?

SCP-7261-1: I saw her and her group of freaks out doing a ritual, funnily enough, it was so she could enter my apartment.

Johnston: Members of the Sepulchrum?

SCP-7261-1: Yes. She ran with them because they offered to do the house-entering rituals. Anyway, she told me after that and I… it was so weird at first. I was horrified. My Abuela would tell us the stories when we were younger and I wanted to tell someone but I couldn't. The thoughts would be in my head and I'd move my lips but nothing would come out.

Johnston: I can't imagine the frustration, especially with… what happens at the end of every month.

SCP-7261-1: I begged her not to do it, that there had to be another way. She didn't want to listen though. I guess she liked the taste or something, maybe her urges got the better of her. There was a breaking point for me, however.

Johnston: What was it?

SCP-7261-1: We had a deal that she wouldn't touch my new little brother, that she would stay away from our family. Well, I came home one day and….

[SCP-7261-1 is visibly distressed, her free fist is clenched.]

SCP-7261-1: That smug bitch was sitting there picking him out of her teeth. I don't know what came over me, I'm not an angry person usually. My muscles were screaming at me as I made my way out to the shed to get the ax, but I just ignored my body and mind telling me not to do it.

Johnston: Did you know what would happen if you did?

[SCP-7261-1 nods]

SCP-7261-1: I approached her with the ax and she started gloating. Talking about how I couldn't hurt her even if I wanted to, give it my best shot. Stuff like that. So I did, I swung the ax.

Johnston: What happened?

SCP-7261-1: I wasn't that strong before this so I wasn't expecting much but that steel just completely cleaved through her collarbone and down maybe a few inches. She dropped to her knees and I'll never forget the fear in her eyes, coupled with the sizzling of her flesh. I removed the ax from her melting wound and I struck again. I took her head clean off in one swipe.

Johnston: I'm sorry you had to do that, especially to your family.

SCP-7261-1: Don't call that monster my family! She got the last laugh in the end. After we buried my brother, I started turning into this… thing. It started benign at first, the strength and the speed and what not. Then I woke up screaming in the middle of the night because my fillings were melting my teeth. You can probably figure out the rest, I couldn't enter privately owned homes, suddenly could cast spells… oh and just being able to pop my legs off because you know who doesn't want to be able to do that!

Anything else you want to know?

Johnston: I think that's it for now. I may have dredged up more than I should.

[SCP-7261-1 slurps their drink loudly.]

SCP-7261-1: You think?

Johnston: I'll talk to you later SCP-7261-1.

[End Recording]

Addendum 7261.04: Interview #3 with SCP-7261-1.

[Begin Recording]

[SCP-7261-1 appears to be eating noodles soaked in pig's blood. Researcher Johnston takes her seat in front of her.]

Johnston: Hello, -7261-1. How are you today?

SCP-7261-1: Bit of a headache. I haven't felt like myself since I had that baby pig instead of, uh, yeah.

Johnston: Had you never tried substituting a human child for an animal? I'm not trying to be condescending.

SCP-7261-1: Well, it's hard to think when I have my… hahaha. [SCP-7261-1 grabs a napkin to wipe their mouth and stifle their laughter.] Time of the month. You just um, get tunnel vision, and it's really hard to fight. I don't realize what I did until afterward after I come down from it.

Johnston: It's like an addict and their craving.

SCP-7261-1: Exactly, only you usually don't want to end your life afterward.

Johnston: Why didn't you? You said it yourself, you could just let time lapse.

SCP-7261-1: Johnston, why don't you just end your life? What's stopping you? Take one of those fancy guns, which hurt like hell by the way; and end things.

Johnston: All living things have a self-preservation instinct, I don't think I could pull that trigger even if I desperately wanted to.

SCP-7261-1: Well think of that anti-suicidal feeling driven to x10. My body WANTS to consume that child's blood. It won't let me just sit idly by while my body starts falling apart. Plus, my body is fairly tough. Throwing myself out a window is a minor inconvenience.

Johnston: Noted. I would also like to know how many times you've had to indulge in SCP-7261-A, your…. compulsion.

SCP-7261-1: I don't want to talk about it.

Johnston: -7261-1, this is a give and take. You answer questions and I try and make your confinement a little more comfortable.

SCP-7261-1: ….I turned into a Tlahuelpuchi two years ago in April. You can do the math from there.

Johnston: Oh that's…

SCP-7261-1: I know. I'm a monster, you don't have to keep rubbing it in.

Johnston: I'm not here to make you feel bad, -7261-1. Just trying to do my research. Today I wanted to talk about The Sepulchrum, how did you get involved with them?

SCP-7261-1: They approached me after I'd fully turned. I figured they had to have been monitoring me the whole time. The cult offered to provide their shamanistic services in exchange that I do certain things for them.

Johnston: What do you mean?

SCP-7261-1: Spying and intimidation mostly. I turn into a fly and spy on rival groups, politicians, gang members, and whoever else can further their agendas. A few of the Sepulchrum's members belong to the Sin Nombre Cartel, so sometimes I'm brought along as an enforcer of sorts. Usually, people are more inclined to not screw them over when there is a bear involved.

Johnston: Sin Nombre, huh? That's some bad company to keep. Moving on though, you mentioned before that they worshipped the concept of "undeath." Could you elaborate a little more on that?

SCP-7261-1: The Cult believes that the perfect lifeforms are those that are "undead", in the purgatory of life and death. Life is fleeting and chaotic, while death is permanent and stagnant. In a state of undeath, they believe you exist between both worlds, where everything is in balance. And thus, they idolize creatures like me. The ghosts, the ghouls, and the things that go bump in the night.

Johnston: Is the Sepulchrum a local cult?

SCP-7261-1: I don't know where it started exactly, but I heard about them around the time the Cult of the Pale Lady showed up. The Sepulchrum isn't a fan of hers.

Johnston: What do they want, ultimately? If they are trying to build an intelligence network, then, it can't be just for regular worship.

SCP-7261-1: Beats me, they can have their zombies and whatnot. Just as long as I have no part in it.

Johnston: I see. Well, I think that concludes my line of questioning for tod-

SCP-7261-1: One second. You come in here every few weeks or so and ask questions and leave. I think it's time I ask a question. You owe me that at least.

Johnston: I have the time. What do you want to know?

SCP-7261-1: How long do I have?

Johnston: What are you referring to?

SCP-7261-1: You haven't been able to figure out how to satisfy that -A event. It's been two months and I only keep getting worse. How much longer before I pass?

Johnston: -7261-1, we're doing everything we can-

SCP-7261-1: I want an answer, Doctor!

Johnston: Michaela. I am trying my best to find something for your condition. But ultimately, we don't understand the magic surrounding your curse. My best guess is that you may have a year at most. I'm sorry.

SCP-7261-1: Don't feel sorry for me. You're just prolonging the inevitable. Why won't you just let me die?

Johnston: Because I know, despite everything you may have done, that you aren't a monster. Michaela.

SCP-7261-1: No, I see you judging me. I'm SCP-7261-1 just another one of your monsters to lock away. I could tear your head off before one of your soldiers got in here. Would that be enough to put me down?

[Johnston stands up suddenly from the table.]

Johnston: ENOUGH! Michaela! I'm sorry all of this happened to you, I really am. You're not just a number to me. Th-this interview is over.

[Johnston starts walking to the camera but stops as SCP-7261-1 speaks.]

SCP-7261-1: Wait… Maria. There's one last thing I remembered about the Sepulchrum. You asked how they planned to complete their goal.

Johnston: What is it?

SCP-7261-1: "When the Nine of Nine is found, its pages will lead us to purgatory."

Johnston: Wait a minute, Nine of Nine?

[Johnston sighs and slumps her shoulders.]

Johnston: Not another damn book.

[End Recording]

Addendum 7261.05: Infiltration of GoI-4586 meeting.

After consulting with Site Director Leah Richter about the connection between GoI-4586 and the Set of Nine, an undercover operation was greenlit. Foundation agents in Tlaxcala came across public advertising that showed GoI-4586 would be giving a sermon at the "Our Lady of the Assumption" Cathedral in the city. SCP-7261-1 would be sent to gather information on the "Nine of Nine."

To prevent SCP-7261-1 from potentially informing GoI-4586 of the Foundation's whereabouts or attempting to escape, flowers made from SCP-6952-derived plastic explosive were placed in her hair as a part of her outfit. These flowers were equipped with a remote control trigger. SCP-7261-1 was not informed of this so as to not influence her behavior.

[Begin recording]

[SCP-7261-1 fixes her body camera in the bathroom mirror and takes a deep breath.]

Johnston: We have visual now, Michaela. Can you hear me?

SCP-7261-1: I can… w-wait. You called me by my name. Are the days of -7261-1 over?

[SCP-7261-1 is smiling in the mirror]

Johnston: I think you've earned it, you're a field agent for today at least.

Avalerra: Thanks, Maria.

Johnston: So, what have we got?

Avalerra: This place is packed, several hundred people at least. Their movement is growing here in Tlaxcala.

Johnston: This is just like the Pale Lady incident all over again. Alright, Michaela go out there and see if you can't get ahold of one of their scriptures.

Avalerra: Roger that.

[Avalerra leaves the Church bathroom and into the main hall. Amongst the crowd of people, members of GoI-4586 are seen wearing black cloaks and Calavera-style makeup. A variety of anomalies with skeletal and rotted appearances can be seen talking with what appears to be normal civilians.]

Johnston: Do they not realize how weird it is to be talking to a skeleton man?

Avalerra: He's a lich, Maria. These cult members treat the undead as celebrities. Where normal people would freak out and faint, these weirdos get excited and start fanboying over you. They even ask for autographs and pictures. Fucking annoying.

[Avalerra takes a seat as the sermon is about to begin. A male cultist speaks to the audience for twenty minutes on a variety of topics (cut for brevity) before a cloaked woman walks onto the stage and opens a tome in front of her.]

Johnston: Do you recognize that woman? Who is she?

Avalerra: I forgot to mention her. That's Lady Samsara, leader of the Sepulchrum.

Samsara: (In Spanish) Greetings, members on either side of the life cycle. If you are new here, I am Lady Samsara, your shepherd to a whole new world.

Are you tired of the shackles of life? Being made to toil endlessly with the only reward being the sustenance of the same cycle of misery?

Or perhaps you are merely afraid of Death? Afraid of the eternal abyss of Oblivion? Or fearful that some so-called God might force you to live a neverending existence in their domain as their pet.

I was once like you. Trapped between the sadistic choice between Life and Death. But one day… I realized there was a third path. And I chose it. I chose Sepulchrum. And I'm here to offer it to you.

[Samsara points to the audience.]

You all have decided that neither is acceptable. You realized there is more to our existence than living and dying, being trapped in the same loop over and over again!

Undeath is the true Life!

[Avalerra parrots Samsara with the cheering crowd.]

But some wish to take our dream away from us. Shadowy government agents who
would have us locked away to be experimented on.

Churchgoer: I ain't letting no Fed take me in!

Samsara: Exactly and we won't let them! We won't let those colonialists at the U.N tell us that Undeath is unnatural!

Churchgoer: Fuck the Gocks!

[Avalerra drops to the ground and grabs a Grimoire from the churchgoer next to her and slides it into her bag.]

Samsara: The serpents in the grass surround us and the ravens come to pick our flesh. Do not get me started on those religions with their broken gods and flesh worship. Those abominable Horizon fellows already tried to corrupt us. But we won't stand for it!

Churchgoer: Say no to the lies of the colonizer!

Samsara: Our salvation is coming, my flock. The universe has blessed us with nine books that shape the course of our world. When brought together they will open the doorway to purgatory, and in the pages of the Nine of Nine, we will find apotheosis!

Churchgoer: Undeath is the true life! Undeath is the true life!

[Avalerra looks over at the crowd, seeing the rampant excitement amongst them.]

Johnston: I can't believe they are buying that crap. We theorized that bringing the books together would do something, but a doorway?

Samsara: You all are too kind, please enjoy our snacks and drinks. Don't forget to buy our merchandise to show your ever-growing support! Every dollar we get is another that can be used to locate the Nine of Nine! We'll begin reading from our text in the next thirty minutes, so please stand by.

[Avalerra gets up from her seat and heads towards the exit but is stopped by Lady Samsara.]

Samsara: Ah I recognize you. You must be the Tlahuelpuchi of this area.

Avalerra: (In Spanish) That's me, yes… were you looking for me, Lady Samsara?

[Samsara put an arm around Avalerra and begins walking with her down the pews.]

Samsara: I was, child. I'd heard the Foundation had come for you. Killed three of our boys and when we investigated you were nowhere to be found.

Avalerra: My Lady, are you implying that I'm a snitch? I merely turned into a flea and escaped from one of our Great Adversaries.

Samsara: That's what I would hope. But you can never be too careful in my line of work, child.

[One of the cultists pushes a child into the camera’s view. A young boy no older than 4.]

Samsara: Are you thirsty? One of our new initiates, Esmeralda here has been eager to move up in our organization. I told her she could make an offering and well… here he is.

[Avalerra clears her throat.]

Avalerra: My lady… I can’t take this woman’s child. If this is to make up for my brother, I’m just not ready to adopt a child. Can barely pay the bills as it is.
[Samsara laughs.]

Samsara: He is not for adoption, but rather consumption. You are weak, illuminated one. You need to sup.

[Director Richter comes over the comms, Avalerra is not privy to the following conversation.]

Richter: Johnston, I’m currently monitoring the mission feed. I order you to terminate SCP-7261-1 if she touches that child.

Johnston: Just give her a moment, we don’t know what she is going to do.

Avalerra: Weak? No, I’m fine. I’m just…

[The mother pushes her child towards Avalerra.]

Child: Mommy? Whose this? What’s going on?

Avalerra: My lady, this is ridiculous. You can’t expect me to do this with so many people watching… and in front of his mother?

Samsara: Our flock is more than aware of what an illuminated one like you needs to do. Come on now.

[Samsara pushes the child up against Avalerra.]

Samsara: Doesn’t he smell delicious?

[Avalerra drops down to her knees and the child appears terrified.]

Richter: Johnston! Why haven’t you pressed the detonator?

Johnston: Director please, just have faith in her.

Richter: You are disobeying a direct order, Johnston. The explosive used is targeted enough that the child will not come to harm. Press the button or I'll be forced to send Omega-45 to clean up your mess.

Child: A-are you a Tlahuelpuchi, ma’am?

Avalerra: I-…

Child: D-don’t eat me!

Avalerra: dios mio, your flesh smells like chorizo…

Johnston: Avalerra! What if he has a sister? Are you going to take another brother away from someone?

Avalerra: Wait I…

[Avalerra stands up.]

Avalerra: Can I take my blood cold? I just… am not in the mood for warm stuff.

Samsara: That confirms it, you’ve strayed from the path. I can smell the rot on you. You’re dying.

Avalerra: I’ve never felt more alive in my life.

[A cultist hands Avalerra a chalice and she drinks it down, throwing it to the ground.]

Avalerra: Now, are you going to let me leave? Or do things have to get ugly?

Samsara: There is no need for bloodshed this day, you served us loyally in your time with us. You've earned a crumb of peace. However, you are to never step foot in a Sepulchrum church again, and if you are caught interfering with our activities-.

Avalerra: I promise to be a good girl… relatively.

[Samsara walks off with her cultists as Avalerra begins walking toward the exit.]

Johnston: Michaela. Are you alright?

Avalerra: (In English) Alright? No, I’m not alright. I was this close to eating that kid back there, why didn’t you pull the trigger?

Johnston: Trigger? I don’t know what you-

Avalerra: I can smell the explosive in these flowers, Johnston. You should have done it.

Johnston: I had faith that you wouldn’t and you proved me right.

Avalerra: I guess so, perhaps I really am worthy of life after all. Do you think we could keep doing this? Perhaps God shepherded me to you as a sort of… penance.

Johnston: We’ll see what we can do, get to the meeting point a few blocks down the road. Hopefully, no one will follow.

[End Recording]

Note: After the sermon, it was determined that a widespread amnesctization protocol was unfeasible to due to the spread and influence of GoI-4586. Instead, Foundation efforts are to be concentrated on monitoring GoI-4586 activity and taking necessary action when a veil breach is likely.

In light of SCP-7261-1's actions in the undercover operation, Researcher Johnston has sent a request to Site-78 director Richter to recruit SCP-7261-1 into the ranks of MTF Omega-45. This request is still pending.

Addendum 7261.06: Excerpt from a GoI-4586 Grimoire, "The Way of Undeath".

Hark, and Know: Nine Gnostical Tomes
The Snake has Spread From Sea to Land
Ten that Must be Gathered ‘Fore in Purga’try we Stand:
A Skald’s Demise, Strong Arms of Ohms,
The Meme Disguise, Mighty Trombones,
The Muse of Truth, The Knowledge Lost,
The Fire that Defies the Frost
To Index Inconvenient Set
The Eighth will Find the Unfound Yet
Ultimate Unlocks the Door of Death
For Those Who Wish Their Final Breath
The Snake has Spread From Sea to Land
Ten Must be Gathered ‘Fore in Purga’try we Stand!

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