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Item #: SCP-7260

SCP-7260 awaiting a walk.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7260 is currently contained in an unfurnished standard containment chamber. Personnel are to escort the entity to the Site-16 D-Class exercise yard and allow it to walk for 30-45 minutes once daily.

Description: SCP-7260 is a pair of size thirteen hiking boots. They are capable of movement and possess a degree of sentience. SCP-7260 will respond to words and phrases such as 'Stay', 'Go', 'Come', 'Walk'1, and 'Daisy.' The entity has been observed to engage in what is believed to be 'play behavior' with assigned personnel, in which SCP-7260 will nonviolently kick objects it is presented with.

Discovery: SCP-7260 was discovered on 07/26/1994 at the Maroon Bells hiking trail. The Foundation was alerted of SCP-7260's presence following reports of a 'pair of ambulatory boots' approaching civilians along the trail. The dispatched recovery team located SCP-7260 and followed the entity to a secluded ravine, where the remains of a barefoot male hiker2 and canine3 were discovered.

Mulls was found to have suffered several bone fractures and a concussion prior to expiring, likely caused by an accidental slip or equipment failure. Autopsies reveal that Mulls expired from his injuries while the canine expired due to dehydration.

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