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Item #: SCP-7256

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Research is to be conducted as to the nature of SCP-7256. Researcher August Jorel has assigned himself to the study of SCP-7256. All information collected by Researcher Jorel regarding the anomaly is to be provided to an appropriate member of Foundation personnel upon Researcher Jorel's return to baseline reality.

A copy of this file is to remain inside SCP-7256, in order to inform other persons that may be transported into the anomaly.

Given current conditions and lack of information on the anomaly's causes in baseline reality, containment seems non-viable.

Description: SCP-7256 is theorized to be an extradimensional space outside of baseline reality. SCP-7256 appears to be an infinite white expanse with a solid white "floor" of unknown composition.

The only discernible landmark is a set of freestanding stone double doors. Each door is approximately 4 m in height, and 2 m in width. Both are inset in a similar stone doorway. The words "WHO GROWS LEAVES" are engraved onto the surface on the illuminated side (illumination in SCP-7256 appears to be diffuse. However, noticeable shadows are cast by objects. These shadows are consistent with light rays at approximately 80° with the ground). Henceforth the doors and frame shall be designated SCP-7256-1. No light has been observed to pass through SCP-7256-1's seams.

Transportation of persons into SCP-7256 has been observed to occur through unknown means.

Gravity perpendicular to the ground is experienced, and appears consistent with that experienced on the surface of Earth. Atmosphere composition is unknown, however, respiration in a human specimen (Researched Jorel) is unimpeded and displays no adverse health effects.

Discovery: Researcher Jorel was transported to SCP-7256 in the time period between 1400 and 1530 on 02/02/2022. Within this interval, Researcher Jorel was attending a seminar in the Southeast wing of Site-72. Subject fell asleep during the seminar, and awoke within SCP-7256, having with him garments and objects that were on his person at the time of transportation, these objects include:

One (1) backpack

One (1) notebook

One (1) trip of paper containing the Lord's prayer

Three (3) graphite pencils

One (1) black marker

One (1) wallet containing five (5) plastic cards and one (1) $50 bill

One (1) fully discharged smartphone

Note: I slept poorly the other day, alright? I just blacked out. The silver lining is that if things happened any other way, I probably wouldn't have anything to write this with.

Addendum 7256/1: Notes taken by Researcher Jorel henceforth shall be limited in length and frequency. This shall be done in an effort to spare writing implements and notebook space for relevant findings and updates.

Expedition 7256/1: Despite the apparent lack of features in SCP-7256, exploration was conducted to ascertain the surroundings. Exploration was done in an outwards spiral until SCP-7256-1 was at an estimated distance of 100 m.

Observations: No significant discoveries encountered.

Expedition 7256/2: In order to ascertain the position of the light source, an expedition was carried out in it's apparent direction, opposite to the shadows cast by it. At several points during the expedition, the length of the shadow cast by a roughly 10 cm strip of paper was measured with an improvised paper ruler.

Observations: Expedition was carried out travelling at least 1 km and was interrupted due to risk of losing sight of SCP-7256-1. No visible change in shadow length observed throughout.

Experiment 7256/1:
Description: Attempt to open SCP-7256-1. Pushing was done first on the illuminated side, and then on the shadowed side
Results: SCP-7256-1 seemed to move slightly before being stopped. This suggests the presence of a locking mechanism or other stopping force. Identical results obtained on both sides.

Experiment 7256/2:
Description: Attempt to answer the question inscribed in SCP-7256-1. Vocal answers were said aloud. Additionally, slips of paper containing drawings and words corresponding to answers were slid under SCP-7256-1.
Results: No changes were observed for answers "trees", "plants", "Plantae", "Euphyllophyta", "The suicidal in the Inferno" or any other attempted.

Note: I'm a tool, aren't I? It's not a question ("WHO GROWS LEAVES?"). It's a statement ("WHO GROWS, LEAVES."). Fuck whoever wrote this.

Description Update 7256/1: Sustenance, hydration and rest do not appear to be necessary for indefinite survival within SCP-7256. Physiological conditions of persons inside SCP-7256 appear stagnant. The significance of these findings, their microbiological meaning, and what they reveal about the nature of SCP-7256 is still unknown. Due to these effects and the general lack of features within SCP-7256, the monitoring of the passage of time within SCP-7256 is severely hindered.

Experiment 7256/3: time to get ripped
Description: Attempt to practice physical exercise, testing the extent of physiological stasis. Additional objectives included experiencing physical muscle growth, as well as mental growth tied to discipline regarding regular exercise.
Results: Following stretching, a set of thirty (30) push-ups were executed. Due to anomalous effects of SCP-7256 regarding physiology, no signs of physical exhertion were observed. A subsequent set of three thousand (3000) push-ups were executed because what else is there to do. Similar results observed.

Note: Muscle growth requires damaging of fibers and reconstruction. The old maxim "No pain, no gain" holds some biological truth to it. I must be doing something wrong, as usual. This is throwing me off. I gotta keep pushing through though.

Experiment 7256/4:
Description: Attempt to experience psychological growth through overcoming of past experiences. Previous emotionally charged experiences were orally listed in three separate categories: Harm from self upon others, Harm from others upon self, and self inflicted harm. Time was spent reflecting over each topic in an effort to "forgive and move on".
Results: Test aborted.

Note: I'm sorry, but this just isn't working. There are just too many things to list, especially my wrongs, and I still feel like I'm missing stuff. Like, I know I wronged a kid at some point, but I don't even remember what I did. This isn't helping and isn't going anywhere.

Experiment 7256/5:
Description: Attempt to ingest solid material. The objective is to ascertain the extent of SCP-7256-1's effects over digestion
Results: I ate a pen cap. I can't even feel anything. It's probably just gonna sit there in my bowels since shitting seems out of the realm of possibility.

Note: I'm stuck in here forever, aren't I?

Expedition 7256/3: A thorough inspection of SCP-7256-1 has not yet been conducted. Maybe there's something on top of it. I'm gonna climb it

I couldn't climb it.

Experiment 7256/6: Certainly it must mean something that I can hurt myself, while my body doesn't change through any other means.
Description I'm gonna try ramming the door. Either it works and it opens, or I commit some more self-flagellation to hopefully appease the entity watching over this whole situation. The judge of my "growth".
Results: I hurt my arm real bad. Probably didn't break it. Also I wasn't that stupid though. I used my left arm, so I can still write. Gonna rest for a while.

Note: It hurts

It felt good to feel anything though


Addendum 7256/2: Following deteriorating mental state of Researcher Jorel, it has been decided that the measures described in Addendum 7256/1 are to be annulled. Personal logging shall be conducted within this notebook in appropriately indicated segments.

Personal log 1:
God, I'm bored. Needless to say, there's pretty much nothing to do here. I'm alone with my mind and it's unbearable. Thankfully there's a bunch of ways of killing time, like counting, sleeping, drawing, praying, writing, REDACTED2.png… you get the idea.

the looks of things, I can't even die here unless I kill myself. I am immortal here. That's somewhat amusing, thinking that the gift sought out by so many was bestowed upon me as what I can only see as a form of personal purgatory.

Personal log 2: I'm
not sure what that shrink Dr. Stevan would say, but in my limited knowledge I'm pretty sure prolonged time spent in a featureless void cannot be good for your head. I'm trying to keep myself occupied and stimulated. The silence I hear is deafening,
so I try to fill it with humming, singing, speaking with myself and whatever other noises. I wish I could do something about the loneliness. At least back at Site-72 there were the jerks in the botany lab.

Never could quite say they quelled the solitude though.

Personal log 3: Recently I've been counting. It's one way to have some idea of time in here, although the implications of how much time has actually passed kind of frighten me. Is time passing at the same rate outside this place? Do people care that I'm gone? Are those bastards back at botany rejoicing their dead weight colleage vanished? Did I vanish? Did I die? How long do I have to wait before I grow? What am I supposed to do?

Seethe, Writhe
against the pain
hold to the light

Meat tithe
your flesh again
given as might

Heave, Rise
another day
and one more fight

Come on, surely I've grown! just open the doors! I can't even REDACTED.png anymore, if that's what you care about! It's all gone numb down there.

This is making me anxious

I think I better stop counting

Personal log 4: How am I supposed to grow? Mental change? I'm off my meds. If God is behind this, you'd expect him to know the difference SSRI's make. Well, not that taking them or not would make any difference here, considering the physiology nonsense.

God, forgive me. But why? Why this? Give me something. Anything. A tip. A guide. A book. Some company. Anything. If you are enough, then why am I like this?

Whatever it is, it's my fault, isn't it?

Personal log 5: I finally decided to sleep for once. It felt good, to dream, and be somewhere other than here. I can't even remember what I dreamed about, but simply by the different mental state I was in when I awoke, it must have been something very different from here.

How long have I been in the same place mentally here? Feeling the same things, thinking the same thoughts? I ought to seek some sort of relief, something to get my mind out of the void that surrounds me, as well as the void within.

Addendum 7256/3: Following the last dream experienced during sleeping, it has been decided that further sleeping shall be conducted, and a dream log shall be kept. This is to be done in order to reveal possible subconscious psychological insights that might facilitate "growth" as defined by SCP-7256-1.

Note: This is not escapism. This is an extension of my duty as researcher, and all done in an effort to eventually leave SCP-7256.

Dream log 1: I saw a garden. Vibrant and flourishing. I saw a child playing there, close to a small tree, still a sprout. I saw this from afar, as I stood on a barren, rocky hill. I stood next to a tree. It was clearly trying to grow, to sprout leaves and give fruit, but it lacked the roots.

Was that supposed to be me?

I don't think I'm enough of a Joseph to interpret dreams.

Dream log 2: Unfortunately, I am awake again. I guess that means logging.

This was a pleasant dream. I was at a party full of people I knew from college, but at their current ages. People I had helped through rough times. People I had laughed with. People I had grown with. I miss them. I can't even remember when was the last time I saw them after graduation. These days I mostly just remember my work at the Foundation.

Anyways, I remember seeing an old crush of mine. She was stunning, in a red dress. It's clear I haven't gotten over her as the years went by. She hugged me. But then she said something in my ear. She said I'd made a terrible mistake. That I had abandoned them. It makes no sense to me now, but in the dream, I was shaken and agreed wholeheartedly.

Dream log 3: Why am I still here? I truly thought that this was the dream for a while there. Anyways, I remember being in a crowd, avoiding someone who was reaching out to me. They felt familiar, but I don't remember them. I don't care. Now let me get the fuck back to sleep.

Dream log 4: I don't want to be here, and now my only escape from my head has been taken from me. The setting of the dream was inside this very void. I don't want to talk about it.

Addendum 7256/4: Henceforth, I shall avoid further sleeping and dream logs. This last dream, having taken place inside SCP-7256, presents a new challenge of discerning when I am awake and when I am asleep. This problem can be avoided with the cessation of sleep, which has been previously established to have no adverse physiological effects within SCP-7256.

You know when your mind wanders to all your little past mistakes? Times you misspoke, times you were rude, times you were dumb. The small slights, the unintentional errors that make you cringe and that get under your skin. Those are what have been bugging me recently.

feel like shit from my big errors, my large flaws of character, my bad choices and their consequences for my life. But on top of all that, there's the little things that hurt so much more pointedly. Going by feeling alone, I would much rather never commit a gaffe in front of Dr. Reems again than give up my time consuming and career deteriorating movie nights, even if I regret them both. Maybe it has to do with the pleasure involved. Or rather the spreading out of displeasure. Who knows.

I am a wretched little man, yes. Maybe I deserve this isolation.

You cannot reach me
You are not worthy
You're damned to fire that stings

I am entropy
I'm more than you see
I am the end of all things

To be kept from the world in such a way that I do not harm it or myself. I am immature and I recognize this. To be held off here until I grow is perhaps the best thing that could be done to me.

How do I grow up though? It hurts. I don't want to be hurt. Not like this. I guess I could always just stay here forever as an alternative.

Surely I will grow eventually.

Oh Lord
save me
from within these times of trouble
Redeem me
from beneath the tides and rubble
forgive me
for my fall from skies to puddles
And take me
beneath your wings, where I hide, huddled

The worst part is that I should be happy with all this, with leaving all the cares of the world behind and being free and in peace. This could be another man's heaven. I was miserable back at the Foundation. I hate my job there, I hate the people there, and I'm pretty sure they hate me. Sure, I don't have my movies and plants, but if I'm being honest, I barely even care about them anyways. I'm still as lonely as ever. I'm still as inexplicably guilt-stricken as ever. I'm still as lost as ever. All this place has done is remove all my reprive, my distractions, and made it plain how much my life is living hell.

Fuck this place.

Expedition 7256/4: I need to think, and the sight of these doors is starting to make me sick. I'm going for a walk, and I'm not sure when I'll be back. If ever.

I thought I'd never find the doors again. I do not know how long it took, but that does not matter now.

I thought about many things while I was gone, most of them I do not even remember now. But perhaps the most important thing to think about was leaving.

In the last dream I had, I destroyed the doors in rage, and then I destroyed myself in despair. It frightened me.

I wondered though, why leave? What awaited me if I were ever to get back? A job that I hate? Trash movies? The promise to die in the dark? Why was I so keen on returning? Why didn't I just stay here, and leave the Foundation behind.

It was in this line of thought that a sense of deja-vu took over me. Usually one's reaction to such is to ignore it and push the thought away, but having nothing else to do, I pursued it. I could not find much in my mind, but I found a hole where something should be. There was a sense of regret and longing, a shape of a person, perhaps two, but nothing else.

Amnestics exist, and are frequently used on Foundation staff, whether they like it or not. Why could I not remember my choice to stay? Why could I not remember my personal life? Something was off. Something was missing, and without that something, I am miserable.

I am leaving the Foundation. I have somewhere better to be, even if I don't know where. I'm going back to Jesus.

I now see the doors opened, and a garden before me. Leafy trees growing and giving fruit. And now I may be among them.


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