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Item#: SCP-7250
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: All attempts to contain SCP-7250 have resulted in failure. As such, procedures are focused on preventing SCP-7250 access to Foundation Site-50 and all items potentially contained within. Local Foundation departments handling security, personnel training, external relationships, counterintelligence, and anti-ontological research are to receive increased budgets according to perceived need. Budget increment is locked to Site-50 and adjacent facilities. Any personnel who believe could assist in containment efforts must contact the East Asian Regional Management Department in order to file the proper paperwork.

Foundation web crawlers are to analyze all information over regular and under-the-veil networks related to raided Foundation facilities, especially regarding key concept “Lucky Powder”. Agents embedded in other anomalous groups are to be on the lookout for possible raids where the phrase, or any product that resembles the concept, is used.

Description: SCP-7250 is an individual or group of individuals that has infiltrated Foundation Site-501 and other facilities under their purview, with the objective of extracting anomalous items under their control. SCP-7250 is able to accomplish this by using one or more anomalous items and/or techniques (hereafter referred to as SCP-7250-1) that allows them ingress and egress through each location without being detected. The nature and composition of SCP-7250-1 is not known either, and can only be estimated using evidence collected post-egress.

The method through which SCP-7250-1 allows SCP-7250 entry into each facility is believed to be either probabilistic or ontological in nature, with the following statements being able to be made about it:

  • SCP-7250-1 is able to disable all electronic devices that would capture the identity of SCP-7250, alert any personnel of their actions, stop their advancement, injure them, or any other action that would prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Of note is that said malfunctions are all the result of previous faults committed by members of the Foundation when developing or installing said systems. It is believed SCP-7250-1 either retroactively alters reality to accomplish these results, or manipulates probability such that these faults occur in the first place.
  • All actions taken by SCP-7250 have thus far not been perceived by any member of the Foundation until after they’ve left the facility, despite the highly unlikely nature of this. SCP-7250-1 is thus believed to be able to disrupt reality to conceal them, or alter probability such that windows of opportunity conceal them. Of note is that some disruptions have been perceived at the time they occurred, but have not led to the direct perception of SCP-7250. Thus, the exact requirements for this anomaly to affect personnel aren’t fully understood.
  • At a certain time, believed to be the exact time SCP-7250 decides to exit the facility, some sort of incident occurs within the building being raided. This is believed to serve as a distraction. As SCP-7250 has not been perceived before the incident occurs, it’s not believed to be necessary to their egress. Whether SCP-7250 knows this, or if this incident occurs regardless of conscious decision, is not known. No incident has resulted in the deaths of any personnel or humanoid anomaly, regardless of the degree of destruction caused by it.

Once the event is over, all left at the scene are remains of non-anomalous tools used in the raid (grappling hooks, stolen keycards, broken drill bits, etc.) and an info-noospherical label of a concept only known as “Lucky Powder”. The specific meaning of it has not been identified, but the label indicates it is tied to the concept of SCP-7250-1 as well as SCP-7250; specifically as what allows them to be able to enter each facility without triggering any alarm. Why this label remains at the scene when no other consciousness identifier does is not understood.

SCP-7250’s motives do not appear to relate with other groups of interest that have raided Foundation facilities before. SCP-7250’s actions have led to the loss of 19 anomalous items, with 12 of them presumably being taken by them, and the rest lost during post-raiding incidents. None of the items have had any clear connection with each other, most of them being low-clearance items. SCP-7250 has had access to Level-5 clearance on several occasions, but has neither used said clearance to access higher-clearance items or weaponry, nor have they used it to access any information, despite having used access terminals before.

SCP-7250’s identity, motives, and connections to any known group of interest remain unknown.

Addendum SCP-7250.1

Post Incident Interview Log regarding first known SCP-7250 case

Date: 2017/08/17

Interviewed: Chief of Security, Site-50’s Chief of Security2

Interviewer: Sesshou Mamiya, Site-50’s Director

Chief of Security: How necessary is this, really? We already prepared a written report.

Mamiya: Part of the procedure. Any problems with it can be taken to the East Asian Regional Council. You know the drill.

Chief of Security: [Sighs] Just start with the questions.

Mamiya: Let’s start from the beginning then: When did the raid start?

Chief of Security: Investigation will tell you at some point around 9:25 to 9:30 AM, but we first noticed something weird going on at around… 9:17.

Mamiya: ‘We’ being…?

Chief of Security: The security team. The boys at security control B sent a report to Central Command- Which is where I work- about several cameras malfunctioning on Sector B.

Now, this isn’t really all that weird. Those cameras are from the Bubble era; they glitch all the time. Usually, only about one or two glitch at a time. This time though? Sector B lost 14 of them at once. And all of them formed a perfect path towards the containment wing.

Mamiya: What happened after?

Chief of Security: Well, it was suspicious activity, so a security team was alerted. I also called up the maintenance team, who quickly called… Your secretary, I assume, about needing to change the cameras?

Mamiya: I assume that was the process, yes.

Chief of Security: … So you don’t know?

Mamiya: Look, I’ve had to deal with a lot these past couple of days. Whether that message got anywhere isn’t important. What matters is what happened after the camera glitches.

Chief of Security: Right. So, we’re trying to figure out what’s going on, when suddenly, all communications systems turn off. This is the point where we drop everything, and put the whole site on lockdown, because we’ve definitely been breached.

Mamiya: This would be around… 9:20, correct?

Chief of Security: Correct. At this point we open the weapons cabinet, grab guns, and rush towards the scene.

Mamiya: Did you get there?

Chief of Security: Funny thing is that we did, and we didn’t even realize that shouldn’t have been possible. The lockdown is, well, a lockdown: The full wing should have been locked, but it wasn’t. Only after the fire did we figure that one out so… I think the guy we’re looking for has some- Some sort of antimemetic property to their actions.

Mamiya: Or you didn’t realize it at the time.

Chief of Security: We do repairs on the lockdown system twice per week. Trust me when I tell you I wouldn’t have forgotten. And even if I had, the full security team not realizing what we’d just activated wasn’t working?

Mamiya: … Do continue. What about the fire?

Chief of Security: Alright, so… We probably got there at around 9:30. We didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. At this point we’ve met with Kuroko, from maintenance, on the way there, so we do recon work while he’s figuring out what happened to the cameras. Then… Around 9:45, he’s on the third camera, and hasn’t found anything weird yet, when we hear this huge explosion. And… Well, you’d know more about what happened. I didn’t get there until the fire was out so you tell our audience what happened.

Mamiya: [Silence] … So the exact time was 9:43. Location: The administrative staff parking lot on Sector B. This is… Three floors above the Chief of Security’s location, and about ten above where I was. As far as I understand it, someone set explosives to my car, and three others, and they went up in flames. Or that’s what I thought at the time, anyhow.

Chief of Security: A total of thirteen cars were lost during the fire following the explosions. Now, two funky things happened: First, the cameras and comms began working as soon as the explosion happened. The lockdown barriers began working as well, which slowed our return to the surface, but that’s neither here nor there.

Second, there isn’t yet any proof that any external tools were used in the cars. As far as we know, the cars decided to ignite at that exact moment. Now, obviously, that makes no sense, so there’s anomalous forces at play. We just don’t know ‘what’ kind of forces they are.

Mamiya: So what do we know?

Chief of Security: We know someone was at Site-50, walked past 9 faulty doors, stopped 14 cameras, walked past 7 lockdown barriers, accessed a low-risk locker, extracted two items, and left without being caught. They didn’t cross paths with anyone else either, as far as we know.

We also know they were capable of igniting the fuel in four cars while most likely being nowhere near them.

Mamiya: And the lucky powder thing?

Chief of Security: Right, that. How do I even explain that?

Mamiya: Use your own words.

Chief of Security: [Silence] So, at the locker room, we uh, we used an informational analyzer. Useful tool for picking up ‘thoughts’ that have been ‘thought’ about at any certain location. We, uh, we found nothing but a label: “Lucky Powder”. Whatever it is, it’s what the one behind all of this used to get here.

Mamiya: No other thought left behind then.

Chief of Security: Nothing else. Not about pulling anything of what they pulled, nor any feelings about their actions. Only ‘lucky powder’, which is odd, might I add. It’s not typical for people to not think. Sometimes it happens, but then we would find nothing instead of just “one thing”.

Mamiya: … Which means?

Chief of Security: I have no idea.

Mamiya: Is that our conclusion?

Chief of Security: No one here is a noosphere professional. We have oneirologists, but it’s not the same. So we… We have nothing, yeah. We didn’t have any answers when it happened, and we certainly don’t have any answers now. Someone waltzed right into the core of our site, robbed us blind, then dipped. And we’ve no idea how they pulled it off, or why.

[Pause] So yeah, that is my conclusion. Should we wrap this up so we can get a more qualified team to investigate as soon as possible? Or do you have anything to add?

Mamiya: … No, I do not. Interview’s over, then. Let’s get back to work.

Further investigation by the Intelligence Bureau did not yield any concrete result. 8 more raids attributed to SCP-7250 occurred between this event and 2019/07/01. During this period, several additional measures were taken in an attempt to perceive and/or contain SCP-7250:
Measure Result
Standard Reinforcement Personnel on guard duty was increased, and several upgrades to Site-50’s security systems were implemented. No noticeable changes in raiding patterns.
Reality Anchoring Reality anchors were installed in several key points of Site-50. Following a raid, it was shown that, while the anchors did not fail, the sensors that activate them had fatal flaws that prevented them from activating.
Mnestic usage Upon the belief that a raid was taking place, Type-F mnestics were administered to three agents. Agents were deployed, but had no encounters with SCP-7250. Blood analysis showed mnestic drugs to be ineffective due to mismanagement during the factory processing stage seven weeks prior.
Premonition Premonition anomalies used to predict SCP-7250’s behavior. Unclear answers, indicative of uncertainty, were obtained. SCP-7250-1’s abilities are believed to be the cause of this.
Non-euclidean security Attempts to restrain a possible SCP-7250 raid through the usage of ever-shifting, non-euclidean self-locking corridors were conducted. Due to a measuring mistake during the installation process, failsafe in locking mechanisms siphoned into the center of the corridor, collapsing it, and turning the location euclidean, effectively disassembling itself.
Probability Anchoring Probability warding systems believed to be able to counter a probabilistic anomaly were to be installed at Site-50. Vetoed on a 2-1 vote by the Site’s Chief of Security and Chief of Research due to historical functionality issues.
Lethal autonomous weaponry Systems controlled by complex anomalous AI was programmed to shoot to terminate any target not programmed into its database. During a raid event, the internal Site database pushed for a mandatory update of optical systems. While programmed, the update was not meant to occur for another three days.
Burial Low-risk items were stored inside a polygraphite sphere, two meters in diameter, and buried ten meters underground. Items have not been targeted by SCP-7250-1. While proven effective, this method is not believed to serve any actual practical purpose.

Addendum SCP-7250.2

Following a 10th raid, on 2019/12/11, the Intelligence Bureau prepared a list of possible involved groups, as well as countermeasures either taken or to be taken to minimize involvement of these groups.

A list of the most relevant groups is included below:

Group Countermeasure
Mujin-Getsudō-Shū, anomaly-using mercenary group trained in ninjutsu. Hired by the Foundation to carry out espionage and assassination-related activities, but have also been hired by other groups to conduct these jobs on Foundation staff. Tools and methodology of entry used by SCP-7250 bears resemblance with past MGS raids. Trustworthy members have been tasked with investigating branches of the group in search of key SCP-7250 labels. Additional Foundation agents have been tasked with supervising the investigation.
Chikage-Kai (薙景会), anomalous branch of the Yamaguchi-Gumi (山口組)3. Also known by the label “Chicago Sake”, they are active anomalous drug and arms traffickers. Known to have raided Japanese Foundation sites before. Meeting between members of the East Asian Regional Council and members of the Yamaguchi-Gumi was held. Agreement believed to have taken place regarding SCP-7250. No public information available.
Chaos Insurgency, poorly understood para-terrorist organization with esoteric goals, especialized in the raiding of paranormal research facilities. Have been known for infiltrating and raiding Foundation sites on multiple occasions. The Chaos Insurgency is already a group heavily looked after by the Foundation. Other than reporting of any information regarding key SCP-7250 labels, no extra measures are believed to be needed.
Inside job carried out by Foundation personnel. Agents from within the Foundation, using Foundation-made technology would have an easier time raiding Foundation sites than those from outside groups. A full-scale staff investigation is being carried out under purview of the Chief of Security. Mnestic treatment and enhanced interrogation methods are to be applied when necessary.

Despite these measures, a total of 4 raids have occurred since then. No new information regarding SCP-7250 or SCP-7250-1 has been obtained.

SCP-7250 Update

On 2021/02/10, a new raid on Site-50 took place. Unlike previous attempts, installed reality anchors were able to function normally, leading to a direct encounter between Site-50’s Chief of Security and an unknown individual. The unknown individual engaged the agent, who fatally shot the individual twice.

Testimony - Site-50’s Chief of Security

“Yeah, of course I was expecting him. I mean, we’ve- We’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out when a raid is happening, because everything stops working. So when I saw the cameras break, I grabbed a gun, and made my way to the location. I didn’t actually expect anything to come out of it. You know, it’s our job to be there, to react to the threat. But we haven’t accomplished anything since this started, so I didn’t actually expect to meet the guy. So then when I turn a corner and I meet face to face with him? I… I froze up.

I don’t think he thought anything of it. He looked at me, then just kept moving. I guess he thought I couldn’t see him? I think… I think I followed him with my eyes, and that’s when he noticed.

I don’t think he expected anyone to actually perceive him either. We’ve been trapped at this cat-and-mouse game for years now, except the cat’s the blind one. Why ever think we’d have the upper hand for once?

He was carrying a duffel bag full of tools. I only reacted when he dropped it. It made this loud noise, and I remembered where I was, what I was doing and, well, that someone was in front of me. I don’t know if that freezing up was something the powder caused or not but… Well, point is, I saw him pull a gun. One of those nambus the cops use. He points it at me and fires. One, then two, then three. I remember ducking. I remember pulling out my gun and shooting at him. I remember my gun jamming. These things aren’t really supposed to jam, and when I took it back for a check-up, there was no evidence it had ever jammed but… Well, the guy can bend reality so I wasn’t too surprised.

After that? I threw the thing at him. I wasn’t thinking straight, but hey, it worked, no? The guy got the wind knocked out of him, stumbled back, and tripped over his own bag. He fell to the ground, and I saw his gun fall as well. I took the chance. I grabbed it, and shot at him. One, then two, then click. Out of rounds. It didn’t matter though cuz, well… I didn’t mean to shoot to kill but the guy tried to get up and I, uh, I emptied the whole thing on his face.


… I personally- I don’t think that was SCP-7250. Or, ok, no, he was. He most definitely was, but something doesn't feel right about it. You don’t go from making a laughingstock of the most secure place on earth to just… Dying, you know? It doesn’t make sense.

Then again, we didn’t… We didn’t really find any “Lucky Powder” on him. Maybe his luck literally ran out?… But if so, why would he risk going into the Site without what made him succeed in the first place?”

Record analysis show that the individual’s identity was that of Hiroshi Nagayama, a person of interest associated with GoI-893 (“Chikage-Kai”). Nagayama was a known paradrug smuggler, mostly active in both Freeport FP-03 (“Eurtec”) and FP-14 (“Xin Kowloon”). This discovery prompted the formation of a task force in order to investigate Chikage-Kai regarding SCP-7250 and SCP-7250-1.

With the help of the Chikage-Kai, Nagayama’s personal laboratory was accessed. Inside, all anomalous items stolen by SCP-7250 were found, cementing Nagayama as SCP-7250. The remains of seven desiccated corpses were also discovered at the site. These corpses had been ground into a fine powder, with only half a corpse remaining intact. These corpses are believed to have been used by Nagayama to produce SCP-7250-1. Based on religious imagery also found at the site, these corpses are believed to belong to the Seven Gods of Fortune4, or, at the very least, Nagayama believed this to be true. It is not known how Nagayama obtained these corpses, and involvement of other groups is being investigated.

Testimony - Chikage-Kai’s Matriarch, Ibaraki-dōji

“I can’t say I knew the guy personally. I talked to him a couple times, yeah, but Hokuto’s the one who manages the guys at Eurtec. I don’t like meddling with junkies, personally, so I can’t tell you anything related to who he was on a personal level. I can still tell you what I know.

So, this guy, Nagayama? He was drowning in debt. Usually if a guy gets to us to sell shady shit, it’s not because they’re in a good place. We lend them money, we lend the product, and they go on their merry way. Now, sometimes you don’t sell what you need to sell, or you get your product taken from you by someone else. It’s hard to be at the bottom, especially at the kind of places the guy dealt at. Eurtec, you gotta pay both the police force and any guy already established there to even begin dealing. Kowloon? We’re not the strongest organization there. Gotta pay the Dragon Lord some respect, else your head rolls.

So yeah, he was just a desperate guy who acted upon said desperation. Kinda admirable, how he managed to fool both yours and my people. I mean, snorting corpses to become lucky? That’s some crackhead logic, and it actually worked. Really wanna know what was going through his head when he thought of it… And why he didn’t sell the crap he stole from you. I mean, what was he waiting on? Did he think he could keep doing this for longer? Was there something else he was gonna do with them? Was he too out of it to even think about it in the first place?

[Pause] … Well, whatever. A seller snorted his own shit, used it to steal more shit, and died for it. It’s not an uncommon sight. The only weird part’s the drug, but it’s not like we don’t see some weird stuff from time to time… Guess it’s also weird that he decided to rob the Foundation, but that’s not really our problem. That’s yours.”

While it is understood that Nagayama used these corpses to produce SCP-7250-1, further uses of the powder have not yielded similar results to those attributed to SCP-7250-1 usage. It is theorized that produced SCP-7250-1 partially or fully lost its powers at some point between the 14th and the 15th raid. Evidence of Nagayama mixing SCP-7250-1 with other paradrugs, as well as several smashed house shrines and other imagery seem to support this.

An unknown audio log has been saved to the database
Awaiting Security Team Review

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