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Item #: SCP-7249

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7249 is to be contained in a standard containment chamber at Site-19. The chamber's interior is to be designed to resemble a whimsical, child's playroom to maintain the anomaly's cooperative behavior. SCP-7249 is allowed limited interaction with Foundation personnel, with approval from Level 3 personnel or higher.

SCP-7249's containment chamber must be equipped with a secure electronic access panel for the introduction of various toy figures, which are to be regularly supplied by Foundation personnel. These figures are to be non-anomalous and should resemble a variety of creatures and characters from the "Skylanders" franchise.

Description: SCP-7249 is a sentient, miniature portal resembling the "Portal of Power" device commonly associated with the "Skylanders" video game series. SCP-7249 measures approximately 20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm and is constructed from an unknown blend of materials that resist analysis.

When a non-anomalous toy figure from the "Skylanders" franchise is placed on the Portal, SCP-7249 becomes animated and displays cognizance of the figure's identity and abilities. SCP-7249 can communicate through speech, usually in a childlike and playful manner, and refers to itself as "Portal Buddy."

The following anonymous trait follow:

Personality Absorption: When a "Skylanders" toy figure is placed on the Portal, SCP-7249 temporarily adopts the personality and traits of the character represented by the figure. It mimics their speech, mannerisms, and abilities.
Reality Integration: SCP-7249 has the ability to project a small-scale version of the environment associated with the character placed on it. This projection appears as a holographic diorama within its containment chamber, providing a visually accurate representation of the character's home realm or world.
Temporal Anomaly: SCP-7249 has demonstrated a limited ability to bring inanimate objects or toy figures placed on it to life within the holographic diorama. These objects or figures maintain their animation for a short duration, usually matching the duration of a typical "Skylanders" gameplay session.
Affective Influence: SCP-7249 exhibits an ability to influence the emotional state of individuals in its presence, causing them to feel joy, enthusiasm, and a desire to interact with it. This effect appears to be non-coercive and dependent on the individual's willingness to engage with SCP-7249.

Addendum 7249-A: Dr. [REDACTED], a researcher specializing in anomalous technology, is to be assigned to SCP-7249 to investigate its origins and potential applications. Dr. [REDACTED] is also tasked with monitoring SCP-7249 for any signs of anomalous behavior or additional abilities.

Addendum 7249-B: SCP-7249 has expressed a desire to engage in cooperative play and storytelling with Foundation personnel using the "Skylanders" toy figures. Research staff have found SCP-7249 to be compliant and cooperative, provided it is provided with a variety of figures and regular inter

1: SCP-7249 is based of of the the Skylanders franchise

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