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Item #: SCP-7244

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All communities that could support SCP-7244 events are to be closely monitored for rises in death rate during worship attendance. Communities that have been exposed to SCP-7244 events are to be amnesticized, quarantined, and scanned for traces of SCP-7244-2. Any death or injuries that have occurred during these events are to be given appropriate cover stories.

A large population of SCP-7244-2 are located [REDACTED] forest in Ireland. The area is to be heavily monitored with wildlife cameras and audio transmitters capable of picking up sounds up 107 decimals. The edge of the forest and surrounding areas are to be sprayed with strong pesticides on a weekly basis. All personal entering the forest must wear designated soundproof headphones by the foundation. Anyone living within a mile radius of the forest must be relocated.

Anyone exposed to the sounds from SCP-7244-2 are to be immediately quarantined with a brain MRI pending. Director Clark has authorized termination if a subject breaks quarantine.

MTF-99 “Altar Boys” are tasked with responding to SCP-7244 events as they occur and they are responsible for exterminating any populations to SCP-7244-2 found outside of containment.

All incidents related to SCP-7244 are to be reported by the Theology Department. Director Clark is to notified immediately of any new SCP-7244-2 sightings.

Description: SCP-7244 refers to a series of anomalous events that occur during rituals centered around monotheistic religions. SCP-7244 have been recorded occurring in Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, Anglican, and Episcopalian communities. Tests confirm that exposure to the sounds from SCP-7244-2 are a major factor in initiating SCP-7244 events.

SCP-7244 is formally known for being associated with violent rituals of a fifteenth century Druid Cult known as the Cétlaidí, or the “Singers.” They worshipped the life cycle of the extinct Cicadetta luculenta.

All links to Cicadetta luculenta and “The Singers” were previously thought to be destroyed by the Foundation and Vatican's Congregation for Otherworldly Acts. With records and artifacts surrounding “The Singers” being burned entirely. Through a coordinated effort, Cicadetta luculenta was driven to extinction to prevent SCP-7244 events from permeating any further.

However, Cicadetta luculenta was recently rediscovered by an entomologist surveying insect populations at [REDACTED]. SCP-7244-2 directly resembles Cicadetta luculenta down to the chitin exoskeleton. DNA tests confirm that SCP-7244-2 is Cicadetta luculenta. The entomologist that made the discovery died in less than week with cicadas emerging from his facial orifices. Field notes from the entomologist were confiscated and handed over to the Theology Department.

It is unknown how SCP-7244-2 survived termination by the Foundation and Vatican's Congregation for Otherworldly Acts in the fifteenth century. But its re-emergence seems to be recent as there have been no recorded sightings of SCP-7244-2 for centuries.

Based on field data and exposure to cicada sounds of SCP-7244-2 in the [REDACTED] forest the foundation has a more thorough understanding on how SCP-7244 events spread. Any victim exposed the sounds of SCP-7244-2 for longer than 4 seconds will report hearing “beautiful” choir music. Brain MRI’s on victims confirm that after initial exposure, 200-8000 cicada eggs are visible in the victim's brain. Tests confirm that the longer the victims listens to the sounds from SCP-7244-2, the more eggs appear in the brain.

After exposure, the victim will seek out the nearest church “in order to become closer to God.” Victims are usually observed humming the sounds of Cicadetta luculenta during the congregation. Field tests have confirmed that upon hearing church music, the eggs will begin to hatch in the brain. Eventually the victim will sing along with the music spreading SCP-7244-2 to everyone in the church and anyone within a mile radius. The vocal sounds produced by the victim will perfectly imitate the screeching of Cicadetta luculenta and anyone hearing them will immediately have cicada eggs appear in their brains. After a few weeks the violent rituals surrounding SCP-7244 will occur during congregation, with the climax of Cicadetta luculenta emerging from everyone’s bodies.

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