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Item #: SCP-7240

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All components of SCP-7240 are to be retrieved from across the continental United States. When collected, they are to be gathered and stored in a standard anomalous item locker at Site-97. Information regarding SCP-7240, as well as any photographic evidence of it, is to be confiscated by the Foundation. Junior Researcher Marcel is to remain employed within the Department of Geology until Incident-7240-1 comes to pass, the date of which must be dictated by the Temporal Anomalies Department.

Description: SCP-7240 is the soul of Junior Researcher James Marcel, which materializes through a ritual directly related to SCP-7240-1.

SCP-7240-1 is a collection of 347 rocks scattered across the continental United States1 possessing similar anomalous qualities. Namely:

All instances of SCP-7240-1 are indestructible.
All instances of SCP-7240-1 are between 15 and 250cm.
Half of all instances of SCP-7240-1 have the Foundation logo engraved on them.
Half of all instances of SCP-7240-1 have the inscription "SCP FOUNDATION" engraved on them.
Starting on September 11th, 2001, instances of SCP-7240-1 emit a flash of light only capable of being perceived by individuals who have no connection or knowledge of the anomalous.

Discovery: SCP-7240-1 instances all date back to the early 12th century, despite the inscription in modern English. Furthermore, all instances are spread out across the continental United States, with most of them roughly localized in major cities and a number matching up to a current map of US National Parks and Reservations.

Due to the immense security risk posed by SCP-7240-1, as well as the sheer scope of a containment initiative capable of locating and retrieving an unknown number of rocks related to SCP-7240, the Foundation has spent a considerable amount of resources on SCP-7240, classifying it as Keter solely due to its potential to reveal the Foundation as an organization.

Following the activation of further anomalous properties during 2001, locating extant SCP-7240-1 instances became much easier, although amnesticization efforts had to be significantly increased. Following the conclusion of a 30-year containment initiative, the last remaining instance of SCP-7240-1 was located and retrieved outside Muir Woods, California, seventeen years after 2001. Although it was initially impossible to ascertain whether this instance was the last one, all instances of SCP-7240-1 suddenly had the words "Site-97" appear engraved on an edge of the rock. All instances of SCP-7240-1 were redirected to Site-97. It was there that the main anomalous effect of SCP-7240 became apparent.

Incident-7240-1: Incident Log


[00.00] Instances of SCP-7240-1 are being put down on the floor at the Department of Geology's main headquarters within Site-97.2

[00.10] Department head Dr. Ross White brings in the last instance of SCP-7240-1. They all collectively start vibrating and levitating. They rapidly snap into place, taking the shape of a 2 meter long stone statue resembling a male phallus.

[00.25] SCP-7240 manifests.3 All members of the department react with surprise.

[00.40] Junior Rsr. Marcel Hey. You. Yes, you specifically.

[00.43] Rsr. Marcel points directly forward, at no one in particular.

[00.45] Junior Rsr. Marcel Kill yourself.

[00.48] Silence.

[00.52] Junior Rsr. Marcel Or whoever. Anyone will do. Kill yourself. I would want nothing less. My last request is for everyone in the god fucking stupid Foundation to kill themselves immediately. I was stuck in the year whatever the fuck against my will because you're all so monumentally stupid. Kill yourselves. Fucking. People who I considered friends, even. None of you gave a shit.


[53.32] The following 52 minutes listed various ways in which specific members of the Geology Department, the Temporal Anomalies Department, O5 Command, Site-97's Site director, and several other members of the Foundation could commit suicide. They have been omitted.


Addendum-7240-1: Aftermath of Incident-7240-1.

Following a thorough investigation of the incident, it was determined that Junior Researcher Marcel had not fabricated SCP-7240, as was thought immediately following the incident. Following consultation of the Departed Department, who confirmed Marcel had been dead since the year 1328, and the Temporal Anomalies Department, who confirmed both the dating of the stones and the presence of a stable time loop related to Marcel, the anomaly was conclusively defined as the result of a grudge between Rsr. Marcel and the Foundation. It is believed that SCP-7240 was created entirely due to the investigation into SCP-7240 that was conducted, which caused animosity in Rsr. Marcel. Furthermore, the Temporal Anomalies Department has concluded that, due to its nature as a stable time loop, Marcel would have to be transported back to the year 1298 the following week. To the end that SCP-7240 is not interrupted, Rsr. Marcel will be presented with a kit containing a compass, a map of the continental Unites States, as well as a map of Natural Preserves, and a knife. No food or water will be provided.

Rsr. Marcel will be informed of their mission an hour before their scheduled reassignment.

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