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Item #: SCP-7239

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7239 to be locked in a small glass case in a medium wooden walled room personnel are not to fall asleep within a 1 mile radius. this SCP is to be under surveillance at all times SCP-7239 may occasionally rotate its head 360 degrees in this event if a small tear appears on its neck the facility is to be locked down within 2 hours all staff including d-class are to be evacuated and removed from a 10 mile radius and a MTF is to be sent in.

Description: SCP-7239 is a stuffed brown dog with a rusted toy car in its mouth attempts to remove this car have all failed its fur is very shaggy and matted occasionally it will twitch but unless its head starts rotating this is not a concern.

primary anomalous properties: SCP-7239 will randomly turn its neck 360 degrees if a small tear appears in its neck exactly 2 hours later a rift to an alternate dimension all attempts to replicate this rift to explore the dimension have failed the main problem with the SCP summoning these rifts is there is a high chance for a bipedal hell dog entity with a torn open chest containing a void to exit the rift just before it closes this void seems to fill with rep drifting wisps of light as it kills these wisps seem make it progressively harder to kill the neck tearing only started happening when the we had to separate it from its original owner the main thing and strangest is what drew it to our attention anyone who falls asleep within one mile radius seems to have dreams about forgetting to pay their car insurance and the next morning anything that they own that resembles a car strangely disappears and will return up to a month later covered in blood and feces the dog was triangulated as the source when the owner moved into a different town and it only followed them when the stuffed do arrived at their new house we have attempted to send a d class to sleep within a car and the result was immediate implosion all further testing has been prohibited until further notice

Addendum: addendum log date: 1940 june 19th (3 days after the incident)
people present: surveillance crew 12 (consists of 3 people elliot robinson ravi leal and freya kean)
dr ████ ██████████

dr ████ ██████████: "so tell me what exactly happened?"

elliot:"we'd been going through the usual procedures when we looked away for a second when we looked back at the SCP the wheels of the toy car in SCP-7239's mouth were spinning. "

ravi:"we didn't think much of it we thought it was just our imaginations messing with us as its never been recorded before. but we notified our superiors anyway. "

freya:"we heard sirens blaring soon after and followed the normal evacuation procedure"

dr ████ ██████████:"well what happened after that event was the chaos insurgency was somehow notified of a weak point in the outer fence that was under repair after SCP-096 breached containment and used that as an entry point to steal three different SCP's. Thankfully the chaos insurgency members were terminated the wall resealed and the SCP's reclaimed. if this event ever happens again you are to notify us immediately as it is possible these events were linked. understood?"

Elliot Kaleb Ravi: understood
addendum log end

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