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Still image captured from SCP-7237.

Item #: SCP-7237

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter Thaumiel Apollyon Maksur

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7237 is stored in a standard anomalous object containment locker when not in use. Personnel are required to file notice of use with Extremely Important Containment Director Gardenia Richards.

Description: SCP-7237 is the designation for an anomalous Sony 44" Flatscreen Television. SCP-7237 continuously displays what appears to be a live feed of a woman preparing a bouquet of flowers with text overlaid reading "WHAT KIND OF FLOWERS DO YOU LIKE?"

SCP-7237 will remain operational even when unpowered. To date, the feed has not experienced any interruptions.

SCP-7237 exhibits an extreme memetic effect in those that view its programming. Affected subjects will subsequently believe the object to be extremely unimportant, unambitious, unremarkable, and otherwise undeserving of continued attention. Despite this, SCP-7237's content feed will continue to display material suggesting a high degree of efficacy in bouqet creation.

Gardenia Richards was appointed head of SCP-7237 research due to year upon years of stellar performance and academic excellence. Gardenia Richards performed at the top of her class throughout her academic career and was described by many colleagues and professors as being """"destined for greatness.""""" Despite this, Gardenia Richards' post-graduation professional life has been a universal disappointment, until her appointment as Research Head for SCP-7237.

Many individuals say that SCP-7237 will be a momentous breakthrough for Gardenia, as she tirelessly works to uncover the hidden depths of SCP-7237. Due to this, it is advised for personnel to praise Gardenia and give her words of commiserations instead of engaging in antisocial behaviors such as questioning the importance of her research, her ambitions, her merit, or any other unsavory and insensitive comments. Even though you might think you are being constructive with your criticism, this can adversely affect productivity.

Gardenia Richards is a human being

assigned to research SCP-7237

Workplace productivity is essential and a top concern above all others, including emotional wellbeing.

Addendum-1: Supreme Researcher Gardenia Richards had previously been appointed as the head of SCP-7237 research and had placed a focus on identifying the world-destroying universal truth hidden within SCP-7237's feed.

Gardenia had been tirelessly and thanklessly working on trying to further efforts in our understanding of this cruel universe, and was doing extremely good and high quality work, though no one was around to witness it. This can be corroborated by Anna Weis, who is Gardenia's best friend and the only person who truly cares.

In an incident that occurred at 1:33 AM EST on 07/07/2019, Richards experienced an emotional spiral on her computer while reviewing SCP-7237 documentation. Her inner monologue reads as following:


Addendum-2: SCP-7237 emits a cognitohazardous effect on everyone except Gardenia Richards that causes nothing she does to ever be good enough for them, no matter how hard she tries. This results in 97% of affected individuals being subject to large, violent outbursts that seem to strengthen these effects. Gardenia Richards is trying very hard to determine an effective counter-agent to this effect but doesn't know what she is doing or how to fix everything after years of it all piling up. Gardenia Richards has filed many requests for additional support that have been denied due to aforementioned cognitohazardous effects.

Addendum-3: On 10/10/2019 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace.

Addendum-4: On 13/10/2019 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace.

Addendum-5: On 21/10/2019 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace.

Addendum-6: On 03/11/2019 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace.

Addendum-7: On 16/12/2019 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace.

Addendum-8: On 05/16/2020 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace.

Addendum-9: On 10/29/2020 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace.

Addendum-10: On 04/19/2021 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace.

Addendum-11: Gardenia Richards Di

Do you think anyone would notice

I could do it right now

And no one could stop me

Would everyone cry

say, I wish I had treated her better

Would they come looking for me?

I wonder.

I never wanted to be Gardenia

On 30/07/2021 Gardenia Richards Disappeared without a trace

Who am I kidding

Its just a joke!

I'm just joking!

im never gonna go through with it

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