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Item #: SCP-7235

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All contained SCP-7235-1 instances should be kept within standard humanoid containment cells, with in-built low-Hume-level Scranton Reality Anchors. Security personnel are to be provided with local reality anchors when in direct contact with SCP-7235-1 instances.

As part of Project Horsepower, uncontained SCP-7235-1 instances are to be monitored via the use of Foundation web-crawlers and civilian reports of anomalous activity. Containment of SCP-7235-1 should be performed by MTF operatives, specialised in anti-ontological combat.

Description: SCP-7235 is a phenomenon affecting a small population of London's black cab taxi drivers who have passed a test, colloquially referred to as "The Knowledge", in which the practising driver must be able to drive from any one point in London to another. SCP-7235 is characterised by a driver (now designated SCP-7235-1) gaining preternatural abilities, which can vary wildly from instance to instance in both property and intensity. The SCP-7235-1 instance will not be majorly affected physiologically. In many cases, the SCP-7235-1 instance will gain local ontological reality-warping abilities, with reports showing that many subjects will utilise these newfound abilities to aid them in their profession.

Common observations of SCP-7235-1 instances have reported:

  • Increases in vehicle speed, mostly minor, with some SCP-7235-1 instances reaching supersonic speeds.
  • Increased perceptual capabilities to interpret a wider array of information and act with increased reaction speeds.
  • The ability to alter local infrastructure to allow for ease of transport. Changes are temporary and will return to their original state once the SCP-7235-1 instance has left the local area. Alterations will also not tend to cause any physical harm or permanent damage to any structures of civilians in the area.
  • The ability to phase through buildings, people and other obstructions.
  • The ability to manipulate local space-time to shorten transportation times.
  • The ability to influence the action of people temporarily, predominantly on aggressive passengers and for stealing fuel.

Addendum 7235.1: As part of Project Horsepower, head researcher on the SCP-7235 phenomenon, Michael Limón, was tasked with locating SCP-7235-1 instances in vehicle-dense areas in London. Due to the difficulty of capturing SCP-7235-1 instances with surveillance equipment due to their reality-bending capabilities, one method involved the random sampling of taxis and requesting rides from them to see if they were capable of performing any anomalous abilities.

Instance: SCP-7235-1-01, “Henry Chiemeka”

<Begin Log>

Dr Limón hails an SCP-7235-1 instance on Euston Road outside St Pancras New Church. He enters the vehicle, looking at the instance's licence with an inbuilt camera in his glasses, identifying them as Henry Chiemeka.

SCP-7235-1-01: Where will we be going?

Dr Limón: Just to Bell Street, I’ll tell you when to stop.

SCP-7235-1-01: Alight.

SCP-7235-1-01 begins driving down the street and stops as he encounters some congestion, only moving a few metres periodically.

Dr Limón: Hey? Um… I’m a little late for this party I’m going to, I heard there was something some cabs could do to… y'know speed things us a little?

SCP-7235-1-01 is silent for several seconds, looking at Dr Limón through the interior rearview mirror.

SCP-7235-1-01: Is that so? Who’d you hear that from?

Dr Limón: (Pausing) Just a friend. I'm willing to pay extra than what the journey would take for it if need be.

SCP-7235-1-01 remains silent for several more seconds, continuing to look through the mirror.

Dr Limón: Is that okay?

SCP-7235-1-01: Yeah I guess that would be reasonable?

Dr Limón: So how much wou…

The door rapidly folds open, the metal bending. Dr Limón’s seat suddenly angles upwards and he is rolled out the opening and onto the pavement. The instance drives away, turning transparent as it goes through the cars in front and disappears from view.

A civilian helps to lift up Dr Limón to his feet.

Civilian: What was that all about?

Dr Limón: Did you not just see that?

The civilian looks at the road and back at Dr Limón.

Civilian: See what?

Dr Limón: (Pauses) Um… Nevermind. I’m fine actually.

Civilian: (Pauses) Okay? (Continues walking)

Dr Limón is picked up by another researcher.

<End Log>

Note: "It appears that my approach was too forward, and he immediately suspected me of being up to something. Next time around we will have to go about it in a way that means the driver offers instead of me having to ask for it."

Instance: SCP-7235-1-02, "Dragoslav Thietmar"

<Begin Log>

Dr Limón hails the instance outside Fulham Broadway and asks to go to Camden Town.

The SCP-7235-1 instance begins driving, immediately entering congested traffic. They wait for several minutes slowly moving.

Dr Limón: Traffic is really bad today isn't it?

SCP-7235-1-02: Mhm.

Silence for several seconds.

Dr Limón: That's too bad, I'm actually meant to be going on a date today with someone, but I think I'm probably going to be late by this rate.

Silence for several seconds.

SCP-7235-1-02: Y'know, I wouldn't normally ask this, but seeing as you're late, I'd be willing to offer you something.

Dr Limón: What do you mean?

SCP-7235-1-02: I'll only ask this once, but if I could guarantee you'd get to Camden within seconds, would you be willing to pay extra for what the price would normally be?

Dr Limón: I don't follow?

SCP-7235-1-02: Just say yes or no?

Dr Limón: Fine. Yes, I'd be willing to pay, but I don't know what you're talking about.

Dr Limón discretely places a tracker beneath his chair.

SCP-7235-1-02: Okay then, but if you don't pay, then there will be consequences.

Dr Limón: Okay?

The vehicle begins moving rapidly down the street through the cars, pushing Dr Limón into his seat.

Dr Limón: What the fuck?

SCP-7235-1-02: Hold on a second.

SCP-7235-1-02 drives through a brick building, the structure forming around the vehicle as it moves through it. The vehicle cuts across several streets, phasing through many obstructions. Suddenly the vehicle stops and Dr Limón is thrown forwards.

Dr Limón: (Panicked) What was that?

SCP-7235-1-02: Just promise not to tell anyone. Now where's the money?

Dr Limón: Um… Oh right yeah.

Dr Limón searches around in his pocket and hands the instance two twenty-pound notes. Dr Limón promptly exits the vehicle, which speeds away as Dr Limón vomits onto the pavement.

<End Log>

Addendum 7235.2: 3 months into Project Horsepower, at least 13 SCP-7235-1 instances have been tracked and catalogued by Dr Limón and his team. This culminated in all tracked instances' vehicles being located in Hyde Park at roughly 2:30 AM. MTF teams were sent out along with the Project Horsepower personnel to perform an incursion on potentially all SCP-7235-1 instances.

<Begin Log>

36 MTF operatives are positioned in the foliage around a large wooden gazebo where a group of approximately 20-25 SCP-7235-1 instances are gathered. At one end there is a podium. An unidentified robed figure steps up onto the podium.

MTF Team Lead: Waiting for orders to move in?

Dr Limón: Hold on a second, this seems important.

MTF Team Lead: (Into radio) All units remain on standby, over.

Unidentified Man: My fellow blue collars. For too long our services have been at the mercy of the people. For too long have we been at the mercy of the system? Too long have we been walked and trodden over for simply trying to make ends meet. It's a harsh and cruel world I know. But take pride in spreading the message. Now the people know of us. They know our powers. They've seen it. Pretty soon they'll be reliant on our fast services, and will solely rely on us. None of this public transport stuff anymore, it shall all be phased away in the end. Now the industry is at our mercy. Now the people come to us.

He takes a deep breath.

Unidentified Man: Now, rise up, everyone rise. Tomorrow we…

Distant rustling is heard as a researcher trips over trying to get a better view. The unidentified man looks towards the noise and is silent for several seconds.

Unidentified Man: Everyone, prove yourselves now. Our position is under attack.

MTF Team Lead: (Into radio) We've been spotted, everyone move in for containment.

The MTF operatives move from the foliage and approach the gazebo as SCP-7235-1 instances begin to jump down from it. The operatives move in to apprehend people, using bean bag guns and stun batons. Several instances are thrown to the ground and handcuffed before being able to use their anomalous abilities. An SCP-7235-1 instance produces fire from their palms and throws it onto the grass in front of several operatives, causing them to back away. Another instance creates large bursts of air which send away several operatives. Several instances have increased strength and agility, attacking personnel. MTF personnel keep pushing forward towards the gazebo, apprehending instances and breaking apart their defensive circles.

An operative enters the gazebo where the robed man is. He holds the man at gunpoint, but he doesn't react. An SCP-7235-1 instance quickly jumps from behind onto the operative's back producing electricity from their hands, electrocuting the operative, causing him to collapse. As the operative is dazed on the ground, another instance enters producing blades from his wrists. They slowly approach the fallen operative but are suddenly stopped as Dr Limón fires a bean bag into the instance's chest causing him to fall back gasping for air. He fires another shot at the other instance's leg, breaking it. Dr Limón helps the operative up.

After roughly 5 minutes of sustained fighting, all SCP-7235-1 are apprehended along with the unidentified man, with minimal casualties to MTF personnel, with no recorded deaths. Cover story 3131 ("Film Set") is distributed to local residents disturbed by the comotion.

<End Log>

Addendum 7235.3: After the success of Project Horsepower's incursion, all captured SCP-7235-1 instances were contained. The final step as part of Project Horsepower was for the unidentified man (now designated SCP-7235-2) to be interviewed by Dr Limón. On the following morning, Dr Limón along with several Foundation guards would find SCP-7235-2 dead sitting at his desk, with both his eyes removed. Taped to SCP-7235-2's chest was a sheet of A4 paper, with the following phrase written in the subject's blood upon it:

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