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Item #: SCP-7231

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7231, known as "The Reflection Paradox," must be contained within a specially designed containment chamber at Site-██, measuring 5m x 5m x 3m. The chamber must be lined with a matte black, non-reflective coating, and all lighting within the chamber must be diffused to prevent the creation of reflective surfaces. Surveillance cameras must be equipped with non-reflective lenses.

Personnel handling SCP-7231 are required to wear non-reflective clothing and eye protection to prevent accidental eye contact with the reflective surface of SCP-7231. Direct visual contact with SCP-7231's reflective surface is strictly prohibited outside of approved testing. SCP-7231 must be transported in a specially designed, non-reflective containment crate, and all personnel involved in transportation must adhere to the handling procedures.

Access to SCP-7231's containment chamber is restricted to Level 3 personnel and above. Any personnel entering the containment chamber must undergo a psychological evaluation prior to entry and a debriefing following exit. All testing with SCP-7231 must be approved by at least two Level 4 researchers, and a detailed test plan must be submitted and approved prior to any interaction with SCP-7231.

In the event of a containment breach, the containment chamber must be sealed, and Site-██'s emergency response team must be deployed, equipped with non-reflective gear and trained in SCP-7231's containment procedures. Monthly inspections of SCP-7231's containment chamber must be conducted by trained maintenance personnel wearing appropriate non-reflective gear, and any wear or damage to the non-reflective coating must be repaired immediately.

The exterior of SCP-7231's containment chamber must be monitored for any signs of SCP-7231's influence extending beyond the primary containment area, with additional non-reflective barriers installed as needed. A dedicated research team must be assigned to SCP-7231 to study its properties, effects, and potential applications or threats, with regular reports submitted to the Site Director and the O5 Council. Any public knowledge or suspicion of SCP-7231 must be suppressed using standard information containment protocols, with amnestic treatment applied as needed.

By adhering to these containment procedures, the risk associated with SCP-7231's unpredictable nature can be minimized, ensuring the continued safety and understanding of SCP-7231.

Description: SCP-7231 is a mirror, measuring 1.5m x 0.9m, with an ornate frame made of an unidentified metal alloy. The reflective surface of SCP-7231 appears to be standard glass but exhibits anomalous properties when observed directly. The surface is unbreakable by any known means, and attempts to analyze the composition of the glass have been inconclusive.

Upon direct visual contact with SCP-7231's reflective surface, subjects report seeing reflections that do not correspond to the physical reality in front of the mirror. These reflections vary widely among individuals and appear to be influenced by the subject's subconscious thoughts, emotions, and memories. Prolonged exposure to SCP-7231's reflective surface leads to a deeper connection with the anomalous reflections, allowing subjects to interact with the entities or objects within the mirror.

SCP-7231 was discovered in ████, in the estate of [REDACTED], a known collector of anomalous artifacts. The initial containment team reported seeing their reflections performing actions independently of their movements. Further testing revealed the mirror's ability to reflect alternate realities, timelines, or dimensions, the exact nature of which remains unclear.

Subjects interacting with SCP-7231 have reported various experiences, ranging from mundane to highly disturbing. In some cases, subjects have seen reflections of deceased loved ones or alternate versions of themselves. In more extreme cases, subjects have encountered hostile entities or witnessed apocalyptic scenarios. Several tests have resulted in psychological trauma, and as such, interaction with SCP-7231 is restricted to D-Class personnel under strict supervision.

The most notable incident involving SCP-7231 occurred on [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the loss of two researchers and the temporary containment breach of SCP-████. A full incident report is available to Level 4 personnel and above. The details of this incident have led to a revision of SCP-7231's containment procedures and a reclassification to Euclid.

Further study of SCP-7231 has revealed a pattern in the reflections, suggesting a form of intelligence or consciousness within the mirror. Communication attempts have been largely unsuccessful, but ongoing research aims to understand the nature of this intelligence. Some researchers have hypothesized that SCP-7231 may be a gateway to a parallel universe or a manifestation of the collective unconscious.

Further study of SCP-7231 has revealed a pattern in the reflections, suggesting a form of intelligence or consciousness within the mirror. Communication attempts have been largely unsuccessful, but ongoing research aims to understand the nature of this intelligence. Some researchers have hypothesized that SCP-7231 may be a gateway to a parallel universe or a manifestation of the collective unconscious.

Analysis of the frame of SCP-7231 has revealed intricate carvings and symbols, some of which correspond to known occult practices. The origin and creator of SCP-7231 remain unknown, and all attempts to trace its history have been met with dead ends or [REDACTED]. The metal alloy of the frame has proven resistant to all forms of analysis, further obscuring the object's origins.

In addition to its reflective properties, SCP-7231 exhibits a low-level telepathic influence over individuals within a 10-meter radius. Subjects report feelings of unease, curiosity, or compulsion to look into the mirror. This effect is mitigated by the containment procedures but remains a subject of ongoing study.

SCP-7231's potential applications, threats, and connections to other SCP objects are still under investigation. Its ability to reflect alternate realities or dimensions, coupled with its telepathic influence and potential intelligence, makes SCP-7231 a subject of great interest and concern to the Foundation. The full extent of SCP-7231's capabilities, its purpose, and its potential risks remain unknown, and further research is required to unlock the secrets held within "The Reflection Paradox."


Addendum SCP-7231-1: Incident Report


Location: Site-██, Containment Chamber 17

Personnel Involved: Dr. ██████, Researcher ████, four D-Class personnel, Security Team Delta-3

Incident Summary:

The incident began during a scheduled testing session with SCP-7231. The objective of the test was to explore the potential communication with the entities within SCP-7231's reflective surface. Four D-Class personnel were selected for the experiment, each with varying psychological profiles.

Approximately 30 minutes into the testing session, D-4521 reported seeing a reflection of an unknown individual, later identified as [DATA EXPUNGED]. The reflection was observed to communicate with D-4521, providing information that was both highly sensitive and previously unknown to the subject. The nature of this information led to immediate concern, and Dr. ██████ ordered a halt to the testing.

Despite attempts to end the session, D-4521 became increasingly agitated and fixated on SCP-7231. The subject's behavior escalated to violence, resulting in the injury of Researcher ████. Security Team Delta-3 was called to restrain D-4521, but upon entering the containment chamber, all members of the security team were affected by an unforeseen anomalous effect of SCP-7231.

The chamber's lighting began to fluctuate, and the reflective surface of SCP-7231 displayed a rapidly shifting series of images, including scenes of [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The remaining D-Class personnel became catatonic, and both Dr. ██████ and Researcher ████ reported hearing whispers in an unidentified language.

Security footage shows a shadowy figure emerging from SCP-7231's reflective surface. The figure interacted with the physical environment and [REDACTED]. Attempts to communicate or restrain the figure were unsuccessful, and it proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the loss of two researchers.

The Site Director initiated a full lockdown, and a specialized containment team was deployed. After a three-hour standoff, the figure retreated back into SCP-7231, and the anomalous effects ceased. A thorough examination of the containment chamber revealed residual energy readings and physical alterations consistent with [REDACTED].


The incident resulted in the death of two researchers, the permanent psychological impairment of three D-Class personnel, and significant damage to Containment Chamber 17. The containment procedures for SCP-7231 were revised, and the object was reclassified to Euclid.

A full investigation was conducted, including interviews with all surviving personnel and analysis of all physical and digital evidence. The information provided by the reflection during the initial testing was confirmed to be accurate and led to [REDACTED]. The nature of the shadowy figure, its intentions, and its connection to SCP-7231 remain unclear.

All surviving personnel involved in the incident were administered Class-B amnestics and reassigned. The containment chamber was repaired and modified to prevent a recurrence of the incident. Ongoing research into SCP-7231 has been restricted, and further testing requires approval from the O5 Council.


The incident involving SCP-7231 has raised significant concerns regarding the object's capabilities, risks, and potential connections to other anomalous entities or organizations. The information revealed during the incident, the appearance of the shadowy figure, and the subsequent effects on personnel and the environment have opened new avenues of inquiry and concern.

The incident has demonstrated that SCP-7231 is not merely a reflective surface but a complex and potentially dangerous anomaly. The full extent of SCP-7231's properties is still not understood, and further research must be conducted with extreme caution.

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