Item#: 7229
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7229 is to be monitored at all times by a team of astrophysicists stationed at Area-08-C. Any changes in the gravitational field of the sun are to be recorded and analyzed immediately.

To mitigate the effects of SCP-7229, the Foundation has implemented a series of countermeasures. These include the use of highly advanced satellites and observatories to monitor the sun's gravitational field as well as the deployment of a network of ground-based sensors to detect any changes in the Earth's orbital velocity. It has been proposed that the Foundation launch a specialized device to interact with the Sun's gravitational field as SCP-7229 may cause a deviation in the Earth's orbital period and lead to an unsynchronized year. The device would aim to increase the Earth's orbital velocity during such events, thus compensating for any deviations in the planet's revolution period.

In the event that SCP-7229's effects become noticeable to the general public, a cover story is to be disseminated to explain the changes in the Earth's orbital velocity.

Description: SCP-7229 is an anomalous phenomenon that affects the gravitational field of the sun. SCP-7229 appears to cause a significant periodic fluctuation in the Sun's gravitational pull resulting in a slowdown of the Earth's orbital velocity that lasts for approximately 4 days. The cause of SCP-7229 is currently unknown. Attempts to detect any underlying patterns or correlations with other celestial events have been inconclusive.

During the period of decreased orbital velocity caused by SCP-7229, Earth's atmosphere experiences an increase in solar radiation resulting in a temporary rise in surface temperatures. This may lead to more frequent and severe heatwaves and droughts in affected areas. SCP-7229 has also caused anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field, resulting in disruptions to communication and navigation systems. Despite the relatively short duration of the effect, the impact on Earth's climate and weather patterns has the potential to be severe. To better understand the impact of SCP-7229 on the Earth's climate, the Foundation has established several research initiatives including the historical study of gravitational patterns and the analysis of satellite imagery. The data collected from these studies will aid in predicting future fluctuations in the Earth's orbital velocity and developing effective strategies to counteract SCP-7229.


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