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SCP-7228 (Close-up)

Item #: SCP-7228

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7228 is stored inside a standard containment locker at Site-17. SCP-7228 itself is to be positioned, tip pointing upwards, on a magnetic stand with a detachable glass lid. The object is not to be removed from its container except for testing purposes.

Personnel are to use forceps when physically interacting with SCP-7228. In case of unwarranted puncturing, Protocol-72281 must be implemented immediately. Otherwise, SCP-7228-A instances can be disposed or contained on discretion.

Description: SCP-7228 is a brass-coated acupuncture needle measuring 3.5 centimeters. Other than being slightly bent, the object is in good condition.

SCP-7228-A are objects punctured by SCP-7228.2 SCP-7228-A instances will undergo one of two states depending on the amount of force applied with SCP-7228.

Instances punctured with minimal force will deflate overtime. Examination of the point of entry reveals the instances' interior to be filled primarily with air. SCP-7228-A will continue to retain previous functions and traits until completely deflated. Instances are unresponsive at that point, and their exterior will become soft and highly stretchable. Instances punctured with excessive force will experience an accelerated and explosive barotraumatic reaction which damages the tissue surrounding the point of puncture.

In both cases, the instance will be retroactively changed so they are, have been, and will always be, a balloon.

Addendum-01, History: While SCP-7228's exact origins could not be traced, it is known the anomaly was in the possession of the Zeppelin Riders (GoI-1843) prior to containment.

GoI-1843 is a minor outlaw motorcycle club active in under-the-Veil drug trafficking and the smuggling of anomalous materials across the Western United States. GoI-1843 had a sizeable following, with the mother charter being considered one of the most prominent and active of the organization:

  • Todd López: Enforcer. Possesses the ability to discharge heat from his oral cavity via a thaumaturgic dragon tattoo on his neck.
  • Louise Garnett: Witch. Specializes in pyromancy and limited thaumaturgy.
  • Vance Chikatilo: Primary chemist. Also possesses knowledge on both non-anomalous and anomalous chemistry. Is Britland's main bodyguard.
  • William Brady: Enforcer. Class two reality-bender that can affect his nearby surroundings.
  • Nelson Britland: President of GoI-1843. Is not reported to have any anomalous abilities.

The Foundation became aware of GoI-1843 when they tried to expand their territory into the South Western Region of the United States. Even after numerous arrests, GoI-1843 continued to grow. Upon gaining intel Britland was somewhere in the state of Oregon, the Foundation formulated plans to apprehend him when a complication arose.

Addendum-02, Imprisonment: Undercover Field Operatives Agent Rodney, Agent Harper, and Agent Holland failed to make a scheduled check-in with designated contact at Headquarters. An Investigative Response Unit was deployed to the area, whereupon they discovered the scene of the skirmish and Agent Holland's remains. All available assets in the region were placed on high alert, and efforts to locate and rescue or recover the unaccounted-for Agents were initiated.

Dismantling GoI-1843 was deemed a higher priority. However, a lack of leads made locating the mother chapter immensely difficult. Although several personnel casted doubt on the rescue operation, Agent Rodney and Agent Harper was still alive.

Addendum-03, Escape: Agent Rodney escaped his imprisonment, obtaining SCP-7228 in the process; Agent Harper's status remained unconfirmed. The location the agents were held at was Highland Park.6 Since the property was generally isolated from urban centers Britland had repurposed it as major safehouse and hub for GoI-1843 activity.

As a result from aforementioned Foundation intervention, other GoI-1843 members were unable to arrive at the park, leaving the mother chapter solely in charge of it. Because of this, Agent Rodney would theoretically have navigated the pier without issue. Unfortunately, due to an oversight on his part, that was not possible.

Addendum-04, Confrontation: Following the raids against GoI-1843, one of the organization's road captains confessed the location of Highland park during interrogation. Foundation assets, disguised as law enforcement and medical services were deployed, seeking to quickly resolve the situation, Congruently, Agent Rodney, despite finding the means to maintain his anomalous form, was still in danger.

In spite of everything that occurred, Agent Rodney and Agent Harper survived. Both agents were send to the nearest Site for emergency medical treatment. SCP-7228 was confiscated and civilian paramedics at the scene were amnestized. The cover story involving of arson was fabricated to account for the destruction of Highland Park.

With Britland and his crew terminated, and with the lack of major leadership in the organization, GoI-1843 became much easier to dismantle. As of time of writing, most of GoI-1843 had been apprehended, with the majority of them amnestized or assigned to Class-D personnel. Agent Rodney was designated as Class-E personnel and Agent Harper requested to not be assigned to Agent Rodney as a partner in the future. Request granted.

Addendum-05, Protocol-7228: Shortly after SCP-7228 was contained it was learned that, through extensive research, minimally punctured SCP-7228-A instances can revert back to their original states if all sources of air leakage is sufficiently stopped and sealed for an indeterminate amount of time.

Agent Rodney was the first successful application of Protocol-7228; Agent Rodney lost all anomalous properties and was declared fit for duty. Upon hearing this, Agent Rodney requested a sick day. Request denied.

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