Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7225 is to be kept in the personal locker of Junior Researcher Timothy Kratchitt1 at Site-512. SCP-7225 is stored in a Gravitationally Stable Anomalous Item Containment Locker at Site-19. Extreme care must be taken when removing the item from the locker and transporting it for testing, as even minor disturbances to the 'snow' within the item can instigate localized weather anomalies. Any anomalous meteorological events tied to the item's use are to be suppressed in local and national news outlets, with standard Cover Story 19 "Cold Snap" disseminated to the local population.

Description: SCP-7225 is a snow globe of standard size and design, with an inscription on the bottom reading "Snow Craft Products, Aurora, CO.3" The diorama within the snow globe appears to be an accurate recreation of Foundation Site-514, including figures representing various Foundation personnel standing outside the building. Notably, one of the miniature figures appears to be wearing a long purple argyle scarf, similar to the one that Junior Researcher Timothy Kratchitt5 was known to wear.

Discovery: SCP-7225 was discovered by personnel at Site-516 when it was used to create a localized weather anomaly on December 22nd, 2017. An area roughly 6km north of Phoenix, AZ, USA7, experienced a snowfall with a total accumulation of approximately 6.25cm, despite the local temperature being 14.6° Celsius. Foundation security personnel discovered Junior Researcher Timothy Kratchitt8 outside the site, holding SCP-7225 in his hands and shaking it. Junior Researcher Timothy Kratchitt9 was apprehended, and SCP-7225 was recovered and subsequently contained. Junior Researcher Timothy Kratchitt10 was appropriately reprimanded for breaching several Foundation protocols and potentially endangering all of Site-5111.

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