It Came From Their Stars

The following file describes a Level 10 Class extraterrestrial threat. Due to its nature, variants redacting confidential Foundation information have been provided to various Foundation contacts, such as the GOC, as well as various contacts among world governments with the Foundation.
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Item#: 7223
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: As of 5/29/22, new instances of SCP-7223 are to be contained if possible, or terminated if not apprehended within 60 hours. Weaponry capable of operation outside SCP-7223's zone of influence, such as artillery or aircraft, are to be used, if possible. Should termination outside an SCP-7223 instance’s anomalous zone be infeasible, heavy weaponry such as tanks are to be used, and termination of civilians attacking Foundation Personnel is authorized. The GOC have signed a joint agreement to contain any SCP-7223 instances (see Addendum 2).

Instances contained are to be stored in lead room, surrounded by lead bricks, preferably in off-world containment1.

Description: SCP-7223 is a comet of artificial origin, measuring 2m3. Its shell is made of plutonium (deemed ‘SCP-7223-1’). Its internals are made of various shard-like structures mostly made of silicon microchips, with a tiny piece of uranium (deemed ‘SCP-7223-2’). Its lower structure contains Space Ship components, including thrusters, fuel, and an FTL drive (similar to the one found in SCP-2669).

The radiation emitted by SCP-7223-1 is harmless, with 0 reports of radiation-based damage occurring in subjects. However, when the shell is connected to the shards, SCP-7223 entrances subjects within its radius, causing blind defense and worship of the anomaly, up to, and including death. With prolonged exposure, SCP-7223 is able to rewrite subject DNA, including from DNA from species other than its host, such as Mammalian to Reptilian, and vice versa.2.

NOTICE: The following describes SCP-7223/Zeule Comet Incident.

As it stands, SCP-7223/Zeule is the only known SCP-7223 instance.

Initial Discovery: SCP-7223 landed on October 30, 2021 in the town square of Bauerheim, Austria3. Initial suspicion came when reports of Bauerheim citizens refusing to leave the town, causing an Austrian Investigation. The Foundation was notified by the Austrian government of its situation after their agents refused to leave as well.

The Foundation opened an investigation, selecting Dr. Jack Rivera as head researcher, organized from Site-54. The Foundation as well as the Austrian government ordered a roadblock of ten kilometers to isolate and prevent further civilian interaction with Bauerheim.

On November 10, 2021, D-01911 is selected for initial insights on Bauerheim. D-01911 was equipped with a recording device, as well as a parabolic microphone. Various testimonials are collected by locals of Bauerheim, found below (D-Class speech removed for brevity).

In short, the comet is most often seen as a benevolent force by the affected. It has been noted conversations invariably required the interviewer to ask about SCP-7223 for the anomaly to be mentioned. For the most part, interests and hobbies were unaffected, with the exception of creatives, utilizing the comet in their works, common themes of freedom, salvation and a second chance. Various topics mentioned by interviewees included (but not limited to):
  1. Comments about 'new' energy and happiness.
  2. Many stated the comet felt like a 'good luck charm'.
  3. Warmth and Safety.
  4. Community.
  5. The feeling of being used4.
  6. A second chance.

According to Austrian officials, data sent corroborated the stance SCP-7223 did not affect day-to-day life. After a three day period of collecting testimonials, D-01911 refused to return to Foundation custody, even after threat of termination. However, D-01911 did not destroy his camera or microphone. It was decided by Dr. Rivera to allow D-01911’s continued existence under monitoring by research staff, until their microphone and camera ceased communication.

Senior Researcher Dr. Anastasie Laurent proposed an experiment to test the strength of these noted topics through an experiment designed to interact with the bystander effect5. One D-Class, D-89172, former boxer, finds a subject of similar strength and assault said individual. D-89172 is given heavily padded gloves to reduce possible damage.

Results: D-89172 found a male subject, 5cms taller, and visibly stronger, and punched directly in the chest. Once the first punch is landed, the nearby civilians immediately turn towards, and charged D-89172. Before D-89172 is restrained, subject lands blows on the eye and face of target, before being carried to the outskirts of town. Once reaching the edge of SCP-7223’s zone, D-89172 is thrown, as the community forms a Human wall. D-89172 is returned to Foundation Custody.

The following is an audio log from Dr. Laurent

"After our experiment, the bystander effect was entirely ruled out, as the community helped. In this instance, however, the community—all at once—came together and, without hesitation, swarmed D-89172. The subject D-89172 was larger and — in all likelihood — this was unneeded, as the two seemed evenly matched.

The concerning issue, however, is the coordination and, more crucial, immediacy in their response. This was initially considered mob mentality6 by my colleagues. However, it cannot be, their response happened in unison after the first punch was dealt. They all threw the D-Class out of the town together. Mob mentality manifests with context, not without, after seeing the group. Imagine—the main test, is noting which sentence is longest, if I remember. But, after 11 paid off to say the shortest sentence of multiple is the longest, the 12th will sometimes pick the same; it’s wrong, obviously, but, they think maybe they’re the one wrong.

This is more similar to a hive mind, if anything. Seemingly soft, but their united response is too fast for individuals to make decisions from information. If their reaction time was that fast, D-89’s punch would’ve been blocked. But a hive mind, at least a soft one, however, makes sense, perhaps a partially shared conscious.

We looked into some other possible answers, but they were fruitless. Kant Counter reported nothing notable, XACTS we gave a shot, but found no temporal funny business. As well, we kept trying to mention fifthist filth, 5s, stars, uh…starfish, but they didn’t bite. SCP-1425 had reality bending properties, so it was already considered unlikely, especially considering a lack of grand changes, such as Ojai syndrome from 1425. Because of this, we believe it is something else. We have no idea yet, but alas, this is where we’re at.”


A week later, it is noted the man assaulted by D-89172 has their bruised areas replaced with patches of what appear to be purple skin. As well, part of their eye has slowly turned, resembling that of the alligator genus.

A new set of tests were devised, the intention to lure subjects away from Bauerheim. The tests are logged below:
Test Method Results
Reaction to weapons D D-Class is armed with an unloaded airsoft weapon, its orange tip painted, to see the reaction Community immediately took the D-Class' weapon, forming a Human wall to prevent entry. D-Class was assaulted when approaching the wall, but subjects refused to chase the D-Class.
Valuables A D-Class is to steal various valuables, brandishing them outside SCP-7223's zone. D-Class stole 16 valuables, and hovered outside the zone. The citizens demanded their items back, but refused to chase, even as the D-Class ran away. The D-Class eventually gave the items back, noting a lack of aggression on the part of the subjects.
Leaving for gain An Austrian official, with ID, awards 10 million dollars, but requiring leaving Bauerheim At first, subject was ecstatic. However, once realizing they were required to leave Bauerheim, they informed the Official 'sadly, I have no interest in the money now'. When inquired, no answer was provided.

Experiment Log, 7223/11/18/21: One D-Class was sent to the center of the town with a camera and parabolic microphone to touch SCP-7223. The log is as follows:

This log is most definitely getting edited to hell and back but man did I have fun writing it this way.

Following this, more D-Class tests were done to test community reaction to different actions.

Test# Variable Result
Test #1 D-Class instead assaults SCP-7223 D-Class is found crucified the following day
Test #2 Two D-Class, only one touches the comet Both D-Class are swarmed and killed
Test #3 Previous, but D-Class assaults the comet toucher The community kills the D-Class who touched the comet. The other D-Class is thanked
Test #4 2nd D-Class leaves before the comet is touched Half the village swarms the center, while the other half swarms outward. After an hour, the Community is gathered around SCP-7223 on their hands and knees.

Following test #4, the D-Class is ordered to return to Bauerheim. Upon return, the community creates a Human wall, attacking when the D-Class reaches with 1 meter of the perimeter.

On November 22, 2021, Dr. Jack Rivera received a promotion upon request to head a different project, personally selecting Dr. Anastasie Laurent as the new Head Researcher, with her background in Psychology and Biology, and current familiarity with the case itself.

NOTICE: The following was under Dr. Laurent's tenure.

Experiment Log 7223/11/25/21: Dr. Laurent’s first experiment was utilizing a drone to scan SCP-7223. Drone was a standard civilian-class RC Car to blend in with the populous, outfitted with a WiFi-6 signal to be controlled remotely from Site-54, as well as an XR Deepground scanner.

Results: Comet was analyzed over a period of 9 minutes, discovering the plutonium shell was only 15cms deep, while the innards were made entirely of silicon-based shards. Further scans noted these silicon structures resembled microchips.

However, further scans show the plutonium shell contains a structure of silicon shards in the top half of the item (A). The halves were separated by a golden band of titanium containing various computer components (E), with the lower half containing a fuel tank ((B), with approximately 58% remaining), thrusters (C), with various fuel pipes routing through the plutonium shell (D).
(Note: Landing Gear not shown. Drilling systems not found.)


Diagram of SCP-7223, according to scans (components not to scale).

The drone was retrieved and its recordings reviewed. Since this, many researchers noted the community staring at the drone once it reached with ~5 meters of SCP-7223.

Experiment Log, 7223/11/28/21: A new test was devised to evaluate loyalty towards SCP-7223. Three D-Class were placed in the back of a trailer, connected to a truck. These D-Class were given 14 days worth of food and water each. After 7 days, a Foundation staff member would arrive on-site to drive the D-Class to a standard Foundation checkpoint. Trailer had various additional addons, such as a Geiger counter.

Upon placing the trailer on-site, the Geiger counter detected immense amounts of radiation, analysis showing sufficient amounts to kill subjects within days. However, analyzing various community members spotted no discernable changes were found among the community, or the D-Class. It was, however, noted the vast amount of mutations, various members with patches of purple skin, as well as protrusions of mass, most often from knees and elbows.

Results: Driver arrives on-site, and climbs into the vehicle without issue. Truck starts, driving at 30 km/h. D-Class in the back acknowledge the truck beginning its motion, but contain only neutral reactions. However, upon reaching the outskirts of town, the D-Class are seen staring directly at SCP-7223's location. Similarly, later analysis shows the town was staring at the approximate location of the truck. Upon exiting the area, the villagers resume their tasks. However, at this point, D-Class started slamming and shouting against the walls, begging and pleading to stop. Soon, they return to the door closest to SCP-7223 and begin clawing at the wall, streaks of blood appearing on the door. Upon reaching the location of the Foundation checkpoint, the driver shows his Foundation ID to checkpoint guards. After waiting for ten minutes, commotion among D-Class stops, and the guards open the back of the truck. The D-Class are all on the floor, their hands having been replaced by blood and bone. Later autopsy determined cause of death to be blood loss.

Following this, Laurent writes an afterword: "I believe we have our answer. Subjects will do anything possible to remain under SCP-7223's influence. I cannot say what other situation this is analogous to, whether it is some type of dependence or addiction, or an anomalous need."

Operation Broken Shard

Procedures: A blizzard was estimated to occur on December 2-3. A Foundation-Austrian collaboration to remove shards from SCP-7223, as well as possibly remove civilians from the afflicted area. The following operation included:

  • Emergency systems in Bauerheim would announce the disaster, persisting until its end.
  • Austrian Emergency Relief personnel would be on-site to evacuate any civilians wishing to escape the situation7. They are to leave after one day, with replacement personnel. With permission from the Austrian government, the disaster relief personnel were amnesticized after finishing their shift.
  • 4 Aerial Drones are tasked with drilling through the crust and retrieving a shard, with 10 accompanying land drone support. Land drones were armed with tasers and tear gas. Said drones are capable of operation in winds up to 70km/h, up to two meters of snow.
  • Greater measures: - if necessary - are on the table, up to, and including, causing another disaster.

Operation: Blizzard warnings began on the morning of December 2, with further weather confirmations of the upcoming blizzard. Bauerheim's warning system repeated an announcement on the Public Address System of an incoming blizzard with winds of 50km/h. The snowing started around 12:00, with winds reaching 50km/h at 13:27, with the PA system switching its message from imminent blizzard, to one in progress, as Austrian Emergency Relief forces arrived at the outskirts of town. The Foundation began utilizing their drones, with all drones swapping to heat-based visions. However, the cameras revealed a total of 0 civilians were moving beyond a walking pace.

At this point, the 'Greater Measures' clause was activated, with an approved forest fire on the corner of town, with Firefighters coming from Innsbruck. After a quarter hour, various members concentrated near the fire formed a Human wall, as various members began running through the streets of the town, with vocalizations announcing 'fire' followed by 'Southeast'. Upon hearing the vocalizations, members would hurry towards the region of fire. After another 15 minutes, the town was gathered around the fire, employing various makeshift instruments, such as water buckets and blankets, to contain the fire on their own. Using this opportunity, the 4 aerial drones arrived and began drilling through the outer shell of SCP-7223, while land drones began encircling the perimeter. Mission lead, Matt Schmidt, ordered drone operators to prepare tear gas, but to not fire until community members begin attacking the drones.

Once the drones reached an average drilling completion of 68%, the fire was 60% contained. One land drone was sent to observe the fire being put out. According to aerial drone scans, ~95% of the population was involved with the fire at this point.

When 95% of the fire was put out, Aerial Drone #1 extracted one shard and flew towards a Foundation Checkpoint. The rest of the drones were tasked to collect multiple shards for testing purposes. Upon the fire being neutralized, the community dispersed, returning to their previous activities.

Aerial Drone #2 acquired 3 shards, ordered to return to base. Aerial Drone #3 acquired 3 shards, ordered to return as well. Aerial Drone #4 was still drilling through the crust.

At this point, community members spot light coming from the the drilling of SCP-7223, falsely beliving it was SCP-7223 itself. They began gathering, as land drone operators prepared for an assault. Aerial Drone #4 finally reaches inside the crust, ceasing its drilling, causing the light to cease as well. Community begins to investigate as three walk towards SCP-7223. Aerial Drone#4 collects its first shard, as a member spots the drone, beginning an assault event.

Land drones launch tear gas around SCP-7223 and stun all subjects approaching the target. However, the subjects appear unphased by the tear gas, assaulting the land drones. Aerial Drone #4 collects a 2nd shard and is ordered to return immediately. Operator complies, flying upwards, out of reach. Following an assault by the community, all 10 land drones were destroyed. The PA alarms were cut by city officials, with Austria pulling its personnel in light of the Foundation's mission being complete, as well as the community being wholly unwilling to leave. The following day, it is noted many citizens with burns from tear gas have their affected areas being replaced by purple skin, with eyes appearing to be of reptilian origin.

Experiment Log, 7223/12/5/21: Multiple D-Class with backgrounds in construction work are selected to represent a new project. With official Austrian government seals, signatures and permissions, a permit is acquired to build a structure around SCP-7223 made entirely of lead and concrete8. The group brings the proposal to the mayor, who immediately requests their presence to discuss the project in private with city planners. On the way, the mayor notes the event where, quote 'he was attacked'.

Upon review of the proposal, however, the realization the structure lacks windows or doors causes concern. When informed it is non-negotiable, the proposal is swiftly declined, and the builders are ordered to inform the government of this. The following day, the builders return, informing the town the deal is non-negotiable. The builders are arrested and tried in court under the act of blasphemy. After an hour, the verdict is guilty, citing heretical actions and misguided intentions. However, their sentence is only exile, citing 'lack of malicious reasoning'. The group is escorted out of town.

Further attempts cause plans to be denied upon mention.

Research into the shards revealed each shard has a miniscule amount of uranium attached. Experiments giving D-Class shards with uranium caused attachment similar to the base SCP-7223 instance. However, these affects were not replicated when a D-Class subject was given a shard without uranium or vice versa. After attachment, restraining D-Class far from the shard would cause the loyalty affect to cease after approximately one week.

Foundation Summit, 2021: In the weeks preceding the yearly Foundation Summit concerning threats to Humanity, SCP-7223 was greenlit a presentation. On December 21st, day three of the summit, Dr. Leon Schwartz gave a presentation on SCP-7223. The transcript is as follows:

(Dr. Schwartz takes to the podium, taking a deep breath) "Good day, researchers. My name is Dr. Leon K. Schwartz of the SCP-7223 project. Current project lead is Dr. Anastasie Laurent, though the information pertaining to today's presentation is more linked to my field of expertise." (Dr. Schwartz takes a deep breath.) "SCP-7223 has shown changes to DNA in subjects alongside psychology, the fields Laurent is most versed in…" (Schwartz gives a brief summary of events) "…and now, we are at the shards. Scans have revealed these shards are made of silicon chips. We originally believed the other materials utilized in its composition were anomalous, but we were able to synthesize various compounds we had never seen. After further, extensive research, we determined these were not shards, but SSDs. Solid-State Drives, with a massive capacity of a thousand terabytes. The technology does not appear anomalous either, as creating new drives with the principals of the 'shard' SSDs, we were able to create a 128 Terrabyte drive, and we believe it can go higher. This is not an anomaly, as replication of its principals has already improved our drives by an amount the mind only wishes it could fathom.

Our current conclusion is these drives are not anomalous, they are simply years ahead, supported by our successful efforts to reverse-engineer them. What matters is what's on these drives. These immense spaces, yet an average of 2.9% free space on each. So, the contents. We did not know what to expect, hell, we had a D-Class open the files, but nothing happened. What amazed us was the the files, they all had weird extensions, uh…think one was like…'ölzzt' or something? When opening the files, we got…strange results, one file would bug, unless opened with a video-playing software, it would display 'unrecognized format - extension not supported'. This may sound, to most, a shame. But to us? It meant something - the software recognized the file was, in fact, a video! It can tell! We had, among others, text files which opened in random gibberish, but it was consistent, random gibberish. We later dissected the file and found the file is based entirely on binary. More accurately, it appears to be a hexadecimal of some sort, but at its core, it was non-anomalous 1s and 0s. Finally, there were some picture files which opened up normally. They cannot be transferred, but the error message is in broken — well, I did these tests in German, but it was broken in any language.

What is stranger is the contents - these contents - the pictures open fine, that was a bit of a pain, but broken down the code is storing information on pixels, issue is the images were in essentially 16k, they take a long time to load. However, we cannot copy these. Among the few images we saw, purple skies. Wildlife we had never seen, trees glew — glew? Glowed bright, eels 'swimming' in mid-air and, most commonly, bipedals. They resembled sharks and dragons — komodo, that is, among others, but they wore items. Many of the images were underwater — including homes, in fact, a world we have never seen. What's strangest, however, is the attached memetic effect to every image. On an image-by-image basis, we have noticed different feelings. Except, these aren't feelings, but more…nostalgic, I — " (Schwartz laughs to himself) "I'm IT, not a psycologist — right, I remember what Laurent said. The feelings we usually had were more…past tense feelings. Not Sadness, but Regret. Not Happiness, but Fondness. There were some more…eternal feelings, like sorrow and regret - one was a picture of someone on what appeared to be a deathbed. One image, a D-Class — I swear this happened — made a comeback. Like a debate years ago you looked for something better. She, admittedly, didn't know why she did so, but…the point is, we think we know what these images are. Memories. Memory files, an image and we — we no longer believe it is necessarily a memetic effect, but an attached emotion.

Which is where my conclusion comes: this is not a wholly anomalous force, at least for our belief. Many of these images are civilian imagery in nature, so it's possible some alien Foundation is using a thaumiel on us, or containing their own keters by making it our problem. It's entirely possible we were the wrong target, as…as crazy as it sounds, but, I do not believe a random anomaly was sent by a god because he wanted to see O5 groan again. We already know it's extraterrestrial, but this newest data has confirmed it was made by life, and, funny enough, the team believes we know what they look like. Their intentions, however, we do not know. Their goal could be slavery, extermination, or just wrong shipping address. Whoever made it, it comes down to progress. Anomalous or scientific, what it is, its purpose, its…whatever, the most important part is simple: there is another species out there. They know we exist, and where we live, and can hit us. But, we do not know where are, and we cannot hit back."


Following the presentation, many anomalies involving, or possibly being involved with extraterrestrial life, (Such as: SCP-2399, SCP-2460, and SCP-22229) to search for any possible link between them, and SCP-7223. However, no possible link was found besides extraterrestrial origin.

Following another scan of Bauerheim, subjects on average displayed 70% of their composition being non-Human.

December 23, 2021: After learning the trance of SCP-7223 can be broken, a plan is devised to take one subject displaying a severe lack of Human DNA to collect a sample of DNA, as well as learn if they can be broken from the trance as well.

The plan was run by Sgt. Schmidt as supervisor. A van of eight foundation personnel are to apprehend a subject and bring them outside SCP-7223's zone, followed by sedation and analyzation, collecting tissue and blood samples, as well as scan with various medical and anomalous equipment including (but not limited to) X-Rays, Retina scans, and Brunning-Kant Viewer. The operation is considered failed at the six hour mark to prevent SCP-7223 entrancement, followed by debriefing, rewriting the plan based on data, and a new run with fresh personnel.

The plan succeeds within two hours. While driving towards the checkpoint, it is noted the town reacts later than normal10, indicating SCP-7223's zone of influence may be expanding. However, as before, the town stares in the general direction of the van. Once leaving the zone of influence, captured subject begins screaming incoherently, sporadically interrupted by gibbering vocalizations and occasional aggressive shouts. Upon sedation, no anomalous scans find any peculiar behavior11, but medical tests found various inconsistencies, including dual heartbeats, finding the heart was half Human and half Shark-like in nature, bone structure was changing, as well as internal mass being of non-Human tissue, though much of it was similar in composition to, once more, sharks12. Multiple samples were collected, noting their composition being scale, not skin.

Upon waking, subject ignored all stimuli from personnel, followed by further incoherent vocalizations, searching the area. Subject grabbed their chest, continuing their screams while attempting to break free of their restraints. Foundation Personnel drove the van back into SCP-7223's area of influence, as their screaming abruptly stopped. Upon being released, subject searched the area calmly, followed by inquiring their location. A conversation between Dr. Jacques Stern and the subject followed:

After multiple days of analysis, much like the Shards, nothing unusual has been found with the samples collected. The main thing noted is this the slightly higher Keratin composition, but this is an insufficient amount to deem anomalous. The scales are most similar in composition to shark scales, dermal denticles. These scales are waterproof and capable of sustaining greater damage than skin. While we do not know what will happen upon completion of the transformation, the test has shown an unfortunate reality: it appears infeasible to remove subjects from SCP-7223's influence at the current moment. Because of this, our only option is to wait out this event, preparing for anything bad happening.

-Dr. Anastasie Laurent.

Blackout Event:

December 24, 2021: Human DNA now makes up the minority of various subjects. Notable changes include: Heads have begun elongating, with similarities to sharks, as well as some reptilian species. Gills have grown on the neck.

Due to noted zone increasing, personnel guarding SCP-7223 are to be cycled daily to avoid loyalty to the comet. However, it is believed the comet's influence wanes after periods without exposure, such as the case with the shard.

December 26, 2021: Multiple subjects affected by SCP-7223 were seen spontaneously collapsing. Conscious subjects ignore collapsed subjects, except when bodies are near immense danger, such as collapsing on a roof.

December 28, 2021: All subjects of Bauerhim have collapsed to the ground. Cameras report a rapid decline in body temperature.Scanners report near complete death of all subjects, including heart, kidneys, blood, liver, stomach, and all muscle systems. However, brain usage heightened to 95-100% usage at once.

January 5, 2022: Subjects are noted to have accelerated genetic changes over the past week. However, on the 28th, multiple subjects have been completely changed, without any Human DNA. When the change is complete, brain power reduces to 1% usage, as vital systems reset.

January 9, 2022: All subjects have finished their transformation. At 15:37, every subject stood in unison. Rapid glances, touching self, staring and deeply inspecting everyday objects, such as TVs, Computers, Pencils, Windows, and even entire houses ensues. Many look to the sky, constantly panning to look around. Subjects are also seen pinching themselves, as well as cautiously pinching each other.

Approximately 2 hours later, multiple subjects meet in the center, discussing something in an unknown language. Soon, however, the group exclaims, unanimously pointing at one of the members.

January 10, 2022: Member selected by the others is seen armed with a sidearm. Subject leaves area, hands in the air, constantly looking around. Soon, subject is attacked by a lynx. However, lynx is quickly dispatched. Upon reaching various agents, subject demands 'take me to the Foundation', slowly squatting to the floor, before quickly dropping weapon to the ground. Subject slowly stands up, hands reaching for the sky, announcing 'I promise we meant no harm.'

Subject, who identified himself as 'Mokkdo Rask', was placed under various scans, such as X-Rays, blood and genetic testing, as well as anomalous tests, such as Kant Counters, as well a Fulmann-Breaker Anomalous Optical Enhancement device. However, no anomalous features were found. Blood and organic tests showed various features from reptiles, particularly amphibious, as well as larger ones, such as komodo dragons, though many features were shark-like, such as fins on elbows and knees, a similar heart, as well as aforementioned scales. Most notably, the body had the ability to breathe air, as well as water, thanks to neck gills. When asked about these features, Rask remarked 'Zeule live in water as well'.

January 12, 2022: Dr. Laurent formally requested an interview with Rask. Due to Rask's general compliance with Foundation personnel, clearance was granted.

Interview Log: Dr. Laurent and Dr. Rask

Addendum 1: Soon after, a list of demands are made by the Zeule: demands include an FTL-capable ship, various elements similar to SCP-2000, including, but not limited to:

  • Air treatment and purification systems
  • Renewable energy, capable of working space (such as solar and hydrogen)
  • Water treatment systems
  • Housing for up to 10k personnel
  • Resources to create Zheuli copies (these systems, upon review, would be similar to Bright/Zartion Hominid Replicators, able to create Zeule copies. However, these would be built by Zeule engineers.)
    • This system would be tested to recreate one Zeule, but no more, to prevent an SK-Scenario. However, personnel reviewing files found Zeule military technology was, in reality, farther behind than previously stated by Dr. Rask15.
  • Shards are kept by the Zeule, data is instead copied to Foundation Deepwell servers.
  • A slice of anomalous plutonium is to be kept on Earth for Foundation study. However, the rest is to leave with Zeule.
    • Dr. Rask would inform what the aliens used and how to deal with them.

March 29, 2022: It is agreed by Foundation scientists there is no logical reason to terminate, or contain the Zeule as a species, as they are not anomalous, as should by ZACE and civilian Zeule files, found in SCP-7223's databanks. However, none of the data is translated. SCP-7223 is re-designated 'SCP-7223-Zeule' and any further instances are to be reclassified as SCP-7223-Unknown instances, until the species can be determined from the new instance, or the instance, in dire circumstances, can be terminated. All anomalous radioactive materials are kept in foundation storage away from Zeule drives in an act of goodwill. Testing by giving a storage drive Human memories, DNA, and other such info, causes the same affect on a Zeule subject tested, before being restrained, as the device is removed, and all its info wiped.

April 2, 2022: After much deliberation, the debate between the ZACE and SCP Foundation is concluded with the following terms:

UPDATE: Dr. Rask has been made head researcher of SCP-7223, with Dr. Laurent moving on to new projects. Note: Dr. Rask wrote new containment procedures as of May 29, 2022.

Addendum 2: From April 8-11, 2022, The SCP Foundation and GOC met, discussing SCP-7223, coming to an agreement on dealing with further SCP-7223 instances, due to the danger they provide to Humanity as a whole.

The following terms were ratified on April 14th:

  1. AGREEMENT TO DISCLOSE: Any SCP-7223 instances are to be immediately disclosed to all parties, even if landing in classified locations
  2. FINDERS' RIGHTS: The Foundation is allowed to contain the anomaly, if possible. The GOC is allowed to terminate the anomaly. Note: should the instance land within 100km of Foundation or GOC controlled areas, ownership goes to whose area of operations it landed to, rather than who discovered.
  3. SAFE LANDING: Should the anomaly land in an uninhabited region, the GOC is to bring the anomaly to the Foundation. The GOC has agreed learning what creatures are made from the anomaly is more important than neutralization, as it allows weapons and defense measures to be more properly assessed and developed.
  4. PRESERVATION: An SCP-7223 instance lasting at least 60 hours becomes a Keter-class instance, and both sides are to terminate the anomaly.
  5. IMMEDIATE DANGER: Should an SCP-7223 instance land in a major population center, it is considered a Tiamat-class object, and apprehension/neutralization becomes Alpha-level priority for both parties.
  6. PREPARATION: After disclosure, both parties are to prepare their forces in the event an SCP-7223 instance is not apprehended within 60 hours.
  7. TOGETHER: The Foundation and GOC has agreed to set aside their differences for the anomaly, as the threat is poses as a possible SK or XK is the most important part.
  8. PREVENTION: After 60 hours, all instruments (including weapons, vehicles, tactics etc.) are authorized in the interest of containment of SCP-7223 instances if needed.

NOTICE: The following was written by Dr. Rask.

Addendum 7223-3: LEVEL 5 EYES ONLY

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