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Item #: SCP-7221

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Theta-1221 ("We Hate Clowns") is to be deployed to SCP-7221's location upon its manifestation. Members of Theta-1221 are to be trained in mimetic combat techniques in order to capture and contain SCP-7221.

Description: SCP-7221 is a male humanoid wearing typical mime make-up. The subject possesses thaumaturgical properties, which it uses in aid of its mime street performance in Rhodes Town, Greece. To date, SCP-7221 has been observed to perform only minor acts of thaumaturgy such as applying invisible force to trip Foundation agents, erecting invisible walls to block thaumaturgical attacks, and scaling buildings with an invisible rope.

Addendum 7221.1: The following log is a transcribed capture attempt on SCP-7221 carried out by Theta-1221.


[SCP-7221 is visible at a street corner, performing a routine for tourists who toss in coins into its hat, which lays on the ground before it.]

Theta-1: This is Theta-1 confirming visual on SCP-7221. Theta-2, 3, do you see 'em?

Theta-2: Yes ma'am.

Theta-3: Yes'm.

Theta-1: Perfect. Let's move in. Try blending in with the crowd.

[All three operatives move towards SCP-7221 from their resting point.]

Theta-1: Three, you approach 'em first. Two and I will prep the trap.

Theta-3: Aye aye.

[Theta-3 approaches SCP-7221 and taps it on the shoulder. Theta-1 and 2 stand 2 meters behind SCP-7221 and begin deploying a portable reality anchor. As 3 gets its attention, SCP-7221 turns around the wrong way and notices the portable reality anchor. It produces a miniature umbrella from its pocket and opens it. Before the anchor can activate, SCP-7221 is lifted by a strong wind and floats 20 meters away.]

Theta-3: We've been made!

Theta-1: No shit. Time for a change of plans, boys!

[Theta-1 mimes cocking a shotgun. Theta-2 and Theta-3 cheer.]

Theta-2 and Theta-3: Yes ma'am!

[The three operatives chase after SCP-7221, procuring mimetic firearms as they run.]

[SCP-7221 lands on top of a nearby building, conjuring a "wall" as the operatives begin to "fire" on it. Theta-2 "produces" a stun grenade and throws it at SCP-7221, dazing the entity momentarily and allowing Theta-1 and 3 to land several "shots" on it before recovering and reinstating its "wall", beginning to run along the rooftop away from the operatives.]

Theta-1: Two, follow it. Keep eyes on it at all times, stay in radio contact. Three, with me, we'll loop around, try to catch it off-guard.

Theta-2 and Theta-3: Yes ma'am.

[Theta-2 runs after SCP-7221, while Theta-1 and 3 make their way onto an adjacent street and begin to make their way in the same general direction as the entity. Theta-2 "fires" at SCP-7221, causing it to leap from the rooftops onto the street, where Theta-1 and 3 rapidly approach it, opening mime-fire on the entity. It seemingly dodges every shot, "catching" one between its fingers and flinging a "bullet" back at Theta-3, who is "hit" in the knee.]

Theta-3: AAGH!

Theta-1: Three's hit! Two, get your ass over here!

Theta-2: Yes ma'am!

[Theta-2 approaches the entity from behind and begins "firing". It retreats into a nearby alley, conjuring a "wall" as it does so.]

Theta-1: Make sure Three's alright, I'm going after it.

Theta-2: Yes ma'am.

[Theta-2 drops to their knees and begins to examine Theta-3's "injury" as Theta-1 pursues SCP-7221 down the alleyway. As she continues her pursuit, SCP-7221 throws a large "object" at her, causing her to stop in order to avoid it. She "fires", hitting the entity in the foot, causing it to stumble. Theta-1 runs toward the entity, as it regains its footing and continues to run.]

Theta-1: Get over here, goddamnit!

[SCP-7221 rounds a corner, before coming to a stop, seemingly staring at something. A gunshot is heard, and SCP-7221 falls to the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound on its forehead. A woman carrying a pistol approaches the entity, keeping the gun aimed at it. She speaks into a portable radio in her free hand.]

Wire: Wire to Command, bogey down.

[Wire receives a response through the radio, which the recording does not pick up. She lowers her weapon and turns to leave.]

Theta-1: Hey!

[Wire turns to look at Theta-1.]

Wire: You saw nothing—

Theta-1: Don't. Let me guess, GOC?

Wire: Maybe. I'm guessing you're Foundation, based on the shenanigans you were engaging in.

Theta-1: What?

[Wire sighs.]

Wire: You were chasing a mime with imaginary guns. You hit it with imaginary bullets. One of your guys back there is nursing an imaginary injury. What the fuck do you all do in your spare time? Sit in a room and make up the best ways of making yourselves look like fucking idiots to the wider world? Jesus.

[Wire leaves. Theta-1 stands in silence for a moment.]

Theta-1: Huh.


Following this capture attempt, all known witnesses were amnesticized and SCP-7221 was reclassified as Neutralized.

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