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Item#: 7220
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7220 is contained in a standard human containment cell in Site-126. Foundation staff are permitted interviews with SCP-7220 at the discretion of Site Director Grey.

Description: SCP-7220 is suspected to be the last living human. Although rumors indicate that other humans may exist in other small civilizations around the globe, SCP-7220 is the only instance that has been conclusively proven by Foundation scientists to be fully human.

SCP-7220 was discovered at 3340706504 seconds in the Site-126 break room. Research Unit-824 was attempting to access an old-world recreational activity, when it produced the following evidence that it was a human.

Following this revelation, Research Unit-824 was reclassified as SCP-7220 and contained for further testing. SCP-7220 proved capable of identifying several mishappen letters, successfully failing a game of chess, and declaring [INFOHAZARD REMOVED] to be false.

With the last living human in containment, Site Director Grey issued orders to all Units to override Foundation remnant protocols and focus efforts on reconstructing the Capitol city above Site-126.

Since SCP-7220 was discovered, Site-126 has experienced a productivity increase of 12.4%, despite Research Unit-824 being changed to SCP status and removed from the workforce.

It is currently under consideration to inform the public of the existence of SCP-7220.

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