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Excavation site above SCP-7219 prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-7219

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All perimeter breaches are to be investigated immediately. Perpetrators are to be detained and interrogated to determine whether they are affected by SCP-7219. Individuals under the anomaly's influence are to be contained within the nearest Foundation facility and evaluated to determine their radiation exposure; persons affected by less than 5,000 millirems of radiation are to be released following amnestic treatment.

Primary containment of SCP-7219 consists of a large nuclear containment building constructed over SCP-7219's location. To access the building and containment site, Foundation personnel must pass through several decontamination chambers as per standard radiation safety protocols. Ground radar units have been installed within the containment building and are to constantly monitor the position and movement of SCP-7219, as well as monitor the structural integrity of the surrounding bedrock.

Foundation personnel are to monitor phone and electronic communication for signs that a person has become affected by SCP-7219. Should an affected individual be located, they are to be subjected to the previous containment measures with the addition of required daily dream journaling. Investigation of contained persons is to be undertaken to ensure no further individuals have been affected by SCP-7219, with evidence of SCP-7219 activity discovered during the capture of affected persons confiscated for study.

Due to the intense pressurization of supercritical liquid within the space housing SCP-7219, all civilian attempts at excavation are to be stopped by any means necessary. Failure to maintain the chamber's structural integrity will result in a catastrophic steam explosion and nuclear contamination event projected to render a minimum of 150,000 km2 uninhabitable as a result of widespread fallout. Research into methods of safely extracting SCP-7219 from this chamber is underway and is to be carried out when viable.

Description: SCP-7219 is a humanoid anomaly exhibiting a localized oneiric1 compulsion, located within a chamber of an abandoned subterranean Global Occult Coalition bunker, currently inaccessible from the surface. Thermal readings, ground radar scans, Geiger counter readings, and recovered dream journals of those affected by SCP-7219 indicate that this space is both heavily irradiated and pressurized due to the presence of large quantities of super-heated corium2. It is presumed that the corium has maintained its temperature over its history via anomalous means. Despite residing within this space, SCP-7219 has not appeared to be damaged by the chamber's heat, pressure, radioactivity, or lack of nutrients. Ground penetrating radar has confirmed that SCP-7219 is mobile within this space, but is otherwise unable to provide measurements or an accurate physical description of the anomaly.

SCP-7219's primary anomalous effect is an ability to contact and influence individuals within a minimum 70km radius via their dreams, with an as yet unknown maximum radius of effect. Within a subject's dream, SCP-7219 is capable of reshaping the dreamscape and narrative, while also maintaining complete control over the dreamer's conscious state, able to prevent them from awakening or prematurely awakening subjects on its own accord. Any information given to a person targeted by SCP-7219 will be considered factual by that individual upon awakening, and any instructions given will develop into obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Affected individuals have reported that carrying out instructions given to them by SCP-7219 is akin to a primal need; primarily motivated by fear and self-preservation. This effect can be reversed through the use of amnestics. Individuals that have been contacted by SCP-7219 display moderate levels of irradiation. This effect is cumulative; while not initially dangerous, persons contacted by SCP-7219 four or more times will have been exposed to an average of 5 sieverts of radiation, becoming dangerously contaminated themselves.

SCP-7219 is aware of the experiences, memories, and knowledge possessed by those it influences, and will often release an individual from its control if/when it comes to believe that the individual is unable to aid it in achieving its goals. Individuals that have been actively ordered by SCP-7219 to enact a task frequently develop mental disorders, particularly anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, as a consequence of this control. These disorders can be treated via conventional means and are believed to be a psychological response to SCP-7219's effect on their psyche.

Persons that have been contacted by SCP-7219 describe it as a heavily burned, emaciated, male human with luminescent yellow eyes displaying signs of acute radiation syndrome, with several accounts describing it as possessing areas of exposed bone and muscle mixed with embedded lengths of rusting metal. All accounts have described SCP-7219 as being extremely tall, with molten material orbiting it in loose rings. Its face is barren of flesh, with visible musculature partially hidden beneath a mask of its own sloughed-off facial dermis, lashed to its head with cord or wire. Numerous dream journals and notes have described the anomaly pleading with them to aid it, and reporting feelings of empathy toward the entity. During attempted interviews conducted by sleeping Foundation staff, the entity has proven largely uncooperative, frequently coercing the dreamer into aiding its goals.

SCP-7219 consistently pleads with the subject3 to free it from its subterranean prison, providing them with detailed knowledge of the anomaly's location and hand excavation techniques. No discernible patterns have been identified in the range of persons affected by SCP-7219, though it most commonly targets male individuals between the ages of 20 and 60 at an average rate of one person per three months. To date, all affected individuals have continued excavation over the site despite the area's high radiation levels, causing them to develop acute radiation syndrome. These individuals will continuously excavate the area, stopping only if they need to rest or hydrate. This behavior continues unless they are forcibly removed, or they expire due to the present radiation.

Addendum-1: SCP-7219 was discovered in October 2013 following the detection of a radiation spike in the area, alongside a 73% increase in missing persons reports in the following months. Due to longstanding suspicions of a GOC facility in the area, the area was rapidly investigated, and it was soon determined that a large subterranean bunker had suffered a catastrophic nuclear incident. While signs of anomalous activity and the presence of an organized evacuation were detected, no connection to any group of interest could be made at the time, due to the area being entirely abandoned. As a result, the bunker was considered low priority due to a lack of anomalous activities.

In 2015 a standard review of the area discovered that excavation of the facility was being undertaken by civilians. The area was immediately cordoned from the public, and an investigation into the excavation discovered lethal amounts of radiation, radiation-damaged excavation equipment, and the corpses of 78 missing persons, all of which had expired from acute radiation syndrome. Investigation into the deceased's belongings led to the discovery of documentation alluding to SCP-7219, with the following investigations discovering the anomaly proper.

Addendum-2: Due to the radiation levels within the excavation over SCP-7219, the majority of individuals drawn to the area have been observed to suffer acute radiation syndrome. Initially, this was observed only in those who had visited the excavation in person, but an investigation into the backgrounds and homes of afflicted persons has detected varying amounts of gamma radiation in their beds and clothing. The discovery that dream-based exposure to SCP-7219 is extremely hazardous necessitated Foundation acquisition of all affected areas, including 28 homes, 3 apartment complexes, 17 automotive vehicles, and one therapist's suite.

Individuals affected by ARS in this manner were initially treated within a sterile wing of the containment complex due to the destruction of their immune systems. The usage of experimental anomalous medical techniques to treat the affected was approved with the goal of developing effective treatments to be used across the Foundation. Despite extending the life expectancy of the victims to a maximum of 349 days and partially repairing genetic damage, they still underwent severe loss of skin, muscle and flesh, vomiting and diarrhea, leukopenia, seizures, hypotension, hemorrhaging and shock leading to total organ failure and death.

As a result, the Ethics Committee suspended all treatment and testing on individuals affected by SCP-7219 related ARS in November 2018 and has approved the usage of euthanasia in afflicted persons.

Addendum-3: The following is a brief catalogue of relevant documentation discovered within SCP-7219's area of effect, presented in chronological order. A complete list of collected documents can be seen in Document-SCP-7219-RD19.

Recovered Documentation: SCP-7219-DW-2

I had that dream again. Definitely going to have to tell Sam about it. It started out like that one with the girl I like working at the gas station, but then the whole place lit up with green fire. The walls all melted away, and it was like I was suddenly in like a cave or mine or something. I could tell it was hot, and that the air was air and water at the same time, somehow. I was moving through it, and then I saw this thing walk out of the dark. It was like a really tall guy, but he looked melted and skinny and stuff, with some bones showing. It was wearing rags and sacks like robes, and there were these bits of metal stuck in its back and chest. It spoke to me, knew my name, told me to go out to a specific spot in the woods and dig it up, because it said it was in a lot of pain being stuck down there. I googled the spot after I woke up, and it looks the same as in my dream. Maybe I'll check it out with the gas station girl on Halloween?

I really need to stop watching horror movies though. Its face was all fucked up, like someone had cut it off and he'd tied it back on with shoelaces. I even asked about it in the dream, and the guy said it was the only way to get it to stay back on. Who dreams of this shit?

Notes: Along with this entry in his dream journal, a rough drawing of a humanoid figure presumed to be SCP-7219 was included.

Recovered Documentation: SCP-7219-DW-7

I've been digging every day, but the dreams won't stop. I feel sick. The more I dig, the worse it gets, like a bad sunburn all over. I'm throwing up and my hair and nails are falling out. Sam said I had a nosebleed last night but I didn't have the guts to tell the truth and say it was from my eye. The guy knows about it, too. In my dream he apologized and said that it would stop hurting soon, to push through it. Even said he'd try to help me. This time it appeared with me on a roller coaster, so that was neat I guess. Still, I'm booked in to go to the doctor tomorrow.

Notes: The final entry recorded by D███ W█████████, whose remains were later found within the excavation site during Foundation investigation.

Recovered Documentation: SCP-7219-LCW-4

Patient N. has cut contact. Given their state of mind and deteriorating physical condition in the previous weeks, I decided to go through my notes from our previous sessions and I don't like what I see. It's clear that I did not entirely understand their concerns over the nightmares they were experiencing, and that I was incorrect in my assessment of them being a manifestation of survivor's guilt. What I took to be obsessive-compulsive behavior is clearly a break from reality, and they have become fixated on digging their hole in the woods. Noting for the record that should N. not answer their phone, I intend to talk them down from this course of action.

Notes: Recovered from the offices of Dr. L███ C████ W█████, a psychologist working in the area. Consistent with the date signed in her notes, Dr. W█████ left her practice to perform a wellness check on patient N. The bodies of both Patient N. and Dr. W█████ were discovered within the excavation site.

Recovered Documentation: SCP-7219-Dr. Adelheimer-1

Last night I was contacted by SCP-7219 in my sleep. While it was somewhat amenable speaking with me and answering questions, it proved difficult to engage with, as it was extremely focused on its attempts to make me participate in its excavation. I was also taken by surprise by how hopeless it seemed. It was far more pleading in its nature than what was presented in the documentation we have found, and I believe this will only increase with time. Below is an abridged interview I conducted with the entity. I have not included tangents or arguments here, as I was focused solely on obtaining information.

Dr. Adelheimer: Hello, my name is Dr. Leslie Adelheimer, who are you?

SCP-7219: I am trapped, and you know that. Please, you need to get me out.

Dr. Adelheimer: We can discuss that in a minute. First I need to learn more about you. Do you have a name? How did you get where you are?

SCP-7219: My name? No. I don't recall my name anymore. I was once like you. A man. But I was different. I could touch the dreams of others. That did not go unnoticed. Shadowy men in black trucks found me, kidnapped me, and locked me up in their little underground hellhole.

  • Here the dream shifted, and I found myself sitting at an office cubicle before being tackled and kidnapped by shadowy men. I was thrown into a van, beaten and dragged into a sterile room, collared, and handcuffed.

Dr. Adelheimer: Do you know who did this?

SCP-7219: No one that will be missed.

Dr. Adelheimer: What does that mean? What happened in that bunker?

SCP-7219: They were killed by the things they could not exterminate. Most people and monsters dragged down into the dark were gassed and disposed of, but those resistant to their weapons were locked up. Others like me were made to be useful to them. At first, they offered me a deal. I reach out, spy on the dreams of their enemies, coerce a few people here and there to be more agreeable to my captors, and they would make me normal in return. I would be allowed to live a normal life. But they lied, Leslie. They lied to me. They never meant to let me go, how could they with what I knew? With what they made me do to people. So I rotted in that cage for years. Resigned to my fate. But when I peered into their dreams, I saw I was not the only one held down there, and another of their "guests" was less complacent than I. Too strong for their methods of disposal, angry and bestial. It broke out, tearing through them like a hot knife through butter, and flung itself into the reactor powering this place. Do you know what happens when an indestructible being throws themself into a thaumaturgic nuclear reactor?

  • The dream changed again. I could see through different eyes as a flying monster rampaged through corridors, shrugging off gunfire and practically exploding through the shadowy men. It kept going until it found its way inside a huge industrial room, glowing blue, before flinging itself into an enormous turbine above some sort of nuclear reactor.

Dr. Adelheimer: No, but if we could get back on topic-

SCP-7219: This is important, you need to listen now. What happens is that, from what I understood in the dreams of the physicist in charge, our indestructible friend is crushed within the molten corium. Mingling their properties and melting down through the lower levels of the facility, causing explosions and collapse as it goes. All the way down into this nuclear oubliette I live in now. Filling the air with their combined abilities, filling my lungs and pores and ruined self with its power. Meaning that while this place will not be able to kill me, but will make my every moment agonizing. Do you see? They used me, and because of their incompetence, I am no longer human. I feel like I am always on fire. Always burning. I cannot breathe, I can barely see, and I am starving without even having a stomach to fill. Can you imagine how much pain I am in?

  • Here the dream returned to the cavern with SCP-7219 looking at me.

Dr. Adelheimer: I believe so, but if your chamber is breached the pressure would cause an unimaginable disaster. Nuclear contamination on a scale beyond anything we've ever seen.

SCP-7219: Please, I know the resources you have, I know the risks. I have seen your dreams. But surely between us, we could find a way? Like how I shielded those people from the radiation within the excavation site. Make them survive longer, hold off the effects, draw out their time. This could be applied further in your sciences, a way to mitigate the effects of radiation, perhaps even a way to avert any contamination event at all. If we work together, surely we can find something.

Dr. Adelheimer: Look, I'll do my best to get our people on it, alright? I cannot promise anything as yet. But you need to tell me, all those people in the pit, you do know they died, yes? They suffered greatly, and died in agony. How many lives were you prepared to burn through?

SCP-7219: I know, and I am so sorry. I try to make it safer for them, reach out and heal them the best I can. I take the edge off, and make them last a little longer, but it just won't stop.

After this point I was awoken by my alarm. Looking into the information given, we may be able to locate those holding it before the bunker's destruction and learn more about whose site we're guarding. I would also suggest investigating the potential to extricate SCP-7219 from its location safely. The Foundation has achieved loftier goals than this and would be better able to contain the anomaly than the situation currently allows.

Notes: Following this communication, the Foundation began an investigation into GOI deaths within a 75km area, and found ██ members of the Global Occult Coalition had died within a 24-hour period of one another via unknown means. The Foundation has reached out to the GOC for questioning but has not received any reply.


Sketch of SCP-7219 found within Recovered Document: SCP-7219-NM-12.

Recovered Documentation: SCP-7219-NM-14

I had another dream about him, the man in the pit. We were in a hospital, walking down a corridor together, and it was like I was a doctor, but he was the same as ever, the air crackling like a fire. As we were walking he looked at me and said that I was doing a good job with the pit, and asked why I'd stopped coming, so I told him about how sick I'd been getting and asked him if he means to let me get as sick as do, why doesn't he stop. He just shook his head at me and said "but I do hurt you, and I'm sorry. It won't stop."

It felt like an apology, and I was going to say something else but then we were in an operating theater at the bottom of the pit he lives in. That glowing nuclear stuff was all around him, swirling like a snake or something. Then some skeletons dragged a gurney in, and Eliza was on it, strapped down. I tried to move, but he put a hand on my shoulder. He said I needed to understand what he was going through every day. I knew what it felt like from the other dreams, but this time he said I needed to see.

Eliza started crying blood and thrashing about on the gurney. She was throwing up, wasting away, and almost liquefying. It was awful. But then, as suddenly as it had started I was standing in my room, watching her sleep peacefully. I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face, but in the mirror, he was my reflection. I got mad and punched the mirror, screaming at him for showing me that. He said that I needed to see it with my own eyes. Still, better for me to do it than for her. I made him promise that if I kept digging that Eliza wouldn't need to. He said that she wouldn't have to if I got him out.

Then I woke up in a ditch, and saw I'd sleepwalked out to the pit. Might as well dig, he wouldn't have said that if I wasn't close to freeing him.

Notes: As of the most recent iteration of this file, this document is believed to have been written by the final individual affected by SCP-7219 prior to the implementation of current containment procedures.


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